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Jamal Khashoggi versus Saudi Arabia

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As a follow up to this story outline here:

Tuesday, October 16 - Saudi Arabian King and Crown Prince now admit the journalist never came out of the embassy. They also both claim to have no knowledge of the killing team sent in.

This is ONE VERY EXPENSIVE KILLING for Saudi Arabia. It has already cost them billions and now threatens major projects of theirs worldwide. Investors worldwide are pulling back investments out of anything Saudi Arabia related.


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When you hire an out of town hit man, the cost is significant.

Then you have to hire a SECOND hit man to kill the first hit man.

Then you have to hire a THIRD hit man to kill the second hit man, etc.

...but ultimately ... it's all FREE!

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There is a lot more about Jamal that the media does not speak about, an example, his relationship/and or how close he was with Osama Bin Laden. The US will not do a thing the Saudis because they are allies, and they got plans for 2030.

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This is Christianity at its best. Evangelicals becoming stormtroopers. I guess not, they always been.



It makes me wonder if good old Pat has deals with the Saudis. The next crusaders.

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Jamal Khashoggi  in his early years was a journalist.  He later became a gun runner, outspoken critic of the Saudi regime, terrorist wannabe, and all around manipulative "bad actor", with REALLY bad and evil friends.

He walks into a Saudi Embassy in TURKEY and gets killed, knowing what the ground rules are, and what the M.O. is for the lifestyle he has chosen.

He did have permanent residency in the United States ... but HE WAS NOT IN THE UNITED STATES! ... and was NOT a United States Citizen.

Do you think the United States does not torture and kill if necessary confirmed terrorists, and other "bad actors"?

Or the UK, or France, or Israel?

Jamal Khashoggi played a game of chess with people that were playing "carve the turkey" ... IN TURKEY ... a country well known for its barbarism and prison atrocities.

When you bring an Apple watch and iPHONE to a knife fight ... YOU LOOSE!

I cannot get upset about this any more than I would be upset if he were double-parked.

When the Saudis and Turks want you dead .. you have a better chance of winning the US lottery, to escape that fate.

And about Piers Morgan .... gimme a break!

He is so divorced from reality, you wonder if he sleeps with the Seven Dwarfs, in Disneyland.


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