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Leah Remini Tackles Jehovah's Witnesses for 'Scientology and the Aftermath'

Jack Ryan

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No one is forcing anyone to stay in the religion, just like no one is forcing anyone to pay ransom in a kidnapping situation.

Did you forgot when the Pharoah asked Moses why he should let the Jews leave? Moses just replied with "JW.org"

TTH was in LlOYD's  HOUSE. The "homeowner" sets the rules about what speech is permitted. That is also true at the Kingdom Hall, and at my house. It is also true with The Librarian, and

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5 hours ago, Jack Ryan said:

Interesting that Leah Reminis Twitter acct is fraught with accusations that she only interviewed fmr DUBS and not active ones. But she begged the GB for interviews... and they declined.

I think Leah must have said she wanted an interview re JW beliefs. And the answers are of course on the jw.org website. If she asked to interview about something NOT on the website, then I suppose, she had her day!  Maybe at the very least, a 'responsible' brother will be willing to be interviewed.


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Guest Indiana

We finally got a chance to catch up with Lloyd Evans to ask him about his appearance on Leah Remini’s special Aftermath episode about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Lloyd was understandably grateful for the opportunity to appear with several other ex-JW activists in a 2-hour show in an Emmy-winning series. But we had to ask, how significant was this program in the history of the subject?

Lloyd: I think many ex-JWs are still trying to process this, but I think the Aftermath Special is the most significant piece of TV journalism ever done on Jehovah’s Witnesses. We’re just not used to this level of exposure in the movement. Every now and then there will be a news program (like NBC Dateline and BBC Panorama in 2002) but this is the biggest and most comprehensive exposure there has been so far. And thanks to A&E’s reach it’s being shown in multiple countries. I’ve even seen a version of our show dubbed into Italian, which is surreal! Leah and Mike have really done us a huge favor. I’m still getting messages about the impact it’s having.

The Bunker: What else would you have liked to see in the show? Some people were telling us it only scratched the surface, but it sure seemed pretty packed.

Lloyd: We hit all the main issues. Child abuse, shunning, blood transfusions, domestic violence, treatment of women, doomsday fear-mongering. But there is so much more to go into in each of those subjects and the impact the policies are having. There’s enough material, not just victim’s stories but actual policy documentation, court cases and Watchtower propaganda video footage, to sustain an episode on each of those subjects.

The Bunker: We went to the JW Broadcasting website and watched some video — wow, JW is grim. At least Scientology has some wackiness and craziness. These JW guys are so monotone and one-note.

Lloyd: Yes, Scientology is super cheesy and quite duplicitous. What you see and the reality of Scientology are so different that it’s almost comical. You do get a bit of deception in JW propaganda but mostly they’re very up front about how manipulative they are and how much they expect from followers. They’re so deluded that it all makes total sense to them.

The Bunker: When it comes to Christian preaching, we’re used to the charismatic preachers, so the JW stuff was just so determinedly dull. Keep calm while you wait for the world to end.

Lloyd: Yes. Interestingly these people were raised in what was called the “Theocratic Ministry School,” which was supposed to hone their skills as teachers and communicators. But frequently we’re finding through the propaganda videos (which are a relatively new thing, mostly since 2014) that the men who rose to the top are terrible speakers and orators. I can only imagine that they’ve succeeded due to being yes men.


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