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On 12/16/2018 at 8:28 PM, TrueTomHarley said:

I haven’t the slightest notion of how to go there. It seems to me that the Light Web is dark enough.

One thing for certain, those who gain access to the dark web do so by means where their ISP cannot track them. Some tech savvy tech users, video gamers, even some hackers who are well aware of this can get access to such, however, some of them tend not to dwell too far off on the not so happy part of the internet.

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Outside of the context of the Christian organization, anybody can say that they are anointed. I can say it. You can say it. Anyone can say it. They might be genuine. They might be deluded. They might even be lying through their teeth, angling for future prominence. How would anyone ever know? In theory, that could also be true of any member of the Governing Body. In practice, it is next to impossible. They have supplied evidence of their anointing through decades of time. They have sup

@Arauna I was thinking about the frustrations you expressed earlier. I will create a club on here for JW's that feel as you do. I too sometimes feel frustration when conversations are constantly being turned back into pedophilia etc. on unrelated topics.

Yes of course, Satan is in control of the world, and that perfectly explains the "mess", but by discussing these things we are not making ourselves a part of it are we? Not only that, but notice that my reason for my initial comment was because I have someone who is interested in the Bible, but who is actually involved in one sector of what we are discussing. The reason for me to "educate" myself, at least with what the various terminology means, is so that I can better understand what this pers

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Looked into Theosofist teachings - just a drop - and got the shock of my life.  They believe that Lucifer did an act of unselfish love when he rebelled.  This is the religion behind the Lucis Trust.... which writes a daily blog on the UN website to bring "sustainable living" to the world. (Lucis  (theosophy) is also part of the new age movement of  light - "enlightenment."   It is nothing other than pure spiritism with  kabbalism, hinduism and buddism (the meditation) smacked in between the sandwich.)

I met a woman in a shop and we started talking; she comes to my house when she wants answers from the Bible when she has seen something in internet.  She is a good example of people who now go on internet and get sucked in on these "esoteric" websites which spout ideas similar to theosophy.   They are in actual fact worshiping the fallen angels (the ones which fell before the flood). 

Many websites talk of god-men as aliens who came to earth and refer to ancient Sumerian writings as mentioning this hidden knowledge. This happened to be one of her questions as well. It is quite something to see that theosophy has similar ideas. The word occult means hidden. 

Spiritism is absolutely rife in Africa - it is everywhere!  It seems it has now got a foothold in the West through all these weird "esoteric" - hidden knowledge philosophies.  

Good people used to hold back the full power of Satan....... Satan has been ruling behind the scenes but it seems he and his angels will soon be a tsunami which openly will rule everything! It is the hidden force behind the UN. 

Hope this is not too boring to you .... but I thought I will mention it for those who are active in field-service.  It is good to be aware of these trends then one can answer accurately and swiftly from the bible.

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