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The Future Is Bleaker Than You Think


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Our star will expand into a red giant in about 4.5billion years.
At this point will extend to 0.8AU or more.


500,000 years later it will shed the outer layers of gas(think of it like an onion) and the end result will be two things.

1: a planetary nebula


2: a White Dwarf


A white dwarf is the core of the star and since it was the core, it is still very very very hot.
It can easily be about 40,000K which is about 4000 x the boiling point of water.
Since these objects are no longer generating heat they’re cooling down.
But since space has no air they only way they cool down is via radiating the heat out.

The time it will take for a white dwarf to cool to 2K is over 10,000,000,000,000 years, yup.
They will take longer to cool than the universe has been around for.

In the future when their is not enough Hydrogen to form any new stars the only thing that will be left is these white dwarfs.

Once these reach 0K the universe will be dead, black.

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