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Queen Esther

The sadness of the world .... photo, text / poems

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The sadness of the world ....

Everywhere, the hate system
It's shaky like a cardboard!
The weak people,
With a baritone voice!

The whole system is breaking up!
A "dysfunctional" system,
Children left without mother,
Chairs with glasses!

People are fed with fairy tales,
Aziam, with basil,
And they collect fantasies instead,
And warfare "from place to place"!

Everywhere, it's anarchy,
From concepts and ideas,
Life in spirit is not alive,
Serving the false gods!

The world is simandic,
And she's a queen!
But by nature, it's creepy
And idols worship!

The world has no state,
Good news to hear!
Ignorant, as it seems,
In fact, it's deaf!

By Jehovah, he often hears,
But their ears are deaf,
Unskilled, through wet meadows,
She eats raw poles!

"You have your teeth streaked,
You have a stomach in the stomach!
Good news you avoid
And you remain eternal arid! "

Only JEHOVAH, and the people,
They have a purpose, and a chosen meaning!
"- You to" sense "the world you want,
And in sadness you fall often! "

( unknown author )

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