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Queen Esther

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Jeremiah 10: 23

All prelates, philosophers, leaders of the world,
I sit with my bearded thoughts, and look impassively:
"The world is in slumber, people are mortal,
The species disappear on th e planet, above all science! "

The planet is devastated, fauna and flora jam,
Cancer, infectious diseases, yearly victims ask!
The world is worried, milled by "curse"
Make a cross, tear, and look up to heaven!

Rich countries, freedom, orgies, street scams,
Robberies, violence, crimes, attacks, revolutions,
It's the incompetence of the world that lets it see
That he can not drive and has no solutions!

Poor countries, bare bones, "skin hanging in the stick,
Children who die of hunger and thirst, life in the wind,
Rich countries, obedient world, much food and debauchery,
It is the pitiful government of man on earth!

When will we recognize that what JAH is God.
Will He lead our lives, without death without torment?
That from Adam and Eve, we are all brothers
That only the Creator can lead us sublimely?

Now it's too late for the world to change its plan!
Jehovah has a king, a people, and - His purpose!
On the world, the throne thrones, having the scepter
Satan, "the prince of darkness" that is the god of the world!

Soon, Jehovah sends His Son,
To fight war with the world, and her rebellious king!
He will save his people, all that the holy spirit is "alive"
Establishing "The Love Age" for all who hope in Him!

( unknown author )

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