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A teenage boy in Indiana charged with intimidation after he told Siri that he had planned a school...


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This morning my cereal box informed me in no uncertain terms that it expects to be replaced with a full one, by TOMORROW! I suppose I will have to comply so there is no evidence of me being a hab

Don't we all feel safer now that our Big Brother has taken away our privacy and freedom of speech?

In this case of course I understand it is a sensitive subject.....

Freedom of Speech is not being able to yell FIRE! in a movie theatre.

However... this boy MAY have been joking with what he felt was a "robot" toy.......   OR NOT?!?!

Apple made the decision....I'm sure they would stand behind it.


However this does bring up certain rights issues..... Can someone curse someone else in the privacy of his own home?

Can someone wish someone else dead?

In this case.... we now have listening devices everywhere. And we gladly bought them 


Funny how in 1984 this would have freaked us all out.

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