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Watch Tower Sues Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg for Contempt of Court, Demands Daily Fine

Jack Ryan

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11 hours ago, BillyTheKid46 said:

Just like any other religion. How many religions will give you full access to their own private practices and procedures?

You made an excellent point ... WTJWorg is: just like any other religion

So, it seems how my bible verse answer is less important for you or any other person similar to you because, subconsciously, you accept second reality about JW religon, and that is .... just like any other religion and corporation

By this claim of your how WTJWorg basically Operate just like any other religion, JW idea how your organization is spirit-guided coming to next level conclusion. WTJWorg is under same "spirit guidance" just like any other religion.

Next question about what is needed to think is: Does "spirit" guiding so called organization as legal entity, or real question is: Does "spirit" guiding person/persons in some social group?

If second is real answer, and I believe it is, than problem is not society, organization or corporation itself, but leadership.

By that "spirit-guided organization", in this case WTJWorg not existing and it is impossible to exist, because "spirit, spirits" of any sort is not interesting to have influence on imagine legal or illegal entity of any sort, but main task of any sort of "spirit, spirits" is to have influence, power OVER PERSON or GROUP of PERSONS who are or are not "organized". Because "organizing" is creative work of "spirit, spirits".

Important thing that you negate, by laughing on bible verse in Mathew, is in fact that WTJWorg leadership, every single person in that group, and of course every JW member in the World, have to find The Truth about self and than The Truth about other members inside same group (family, friends, congregation etc. ... all long to a Top Hierarchy in Warwick) This sort of Truth is more important, essentially important than (in comparison to) "WT Organizational Doctrinal Truths" about this and that teachings, instructions, rules.   



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Thanks for sharing this, Jack. I have a friend who has been involved with the setting up of jw.org from the beginning and he knows that they have spared no expense to make sure the site is never hacke

Wow, Jehovah is suing facebook!

n a bizarre battle between two corporate superpowers, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania has filed a motion for contempt against Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg for failure t

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19 hours ago, Matthew9969 said:

I was only mocking the governing body who claim to be Jehovah.


On 2/26/2019 at 2:14 PM, Matthew9969 said:

Wow, Jehovah is suing facebook!

Next time be more direct if you are referring to Religious Leaders because in the days I was absent, I've witness an Israeli become very offended by such remarks. This is but one of many, many situations, some of them have gone off the rails to fist fight street. God doesn't sue things of this world. Lucky for you I am of all mildness right now.

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22 hours ago, BillyTheKid46 said:

Unfortunately, people think it’s so simple to run a big corporation, and the corporation isn’t governed by local, state and federal laws. At least in the US. Oh Well!

quote fact 1) people think it’s so simple to run a big corporation,

quote fact 2)  people think ...., and the corporation isn’t governed by local, state and federal laws.

If i understand enough what you said, i am coming to conclusion how God have very hard, complicate job in running WT big corporation (emphasize is on "big"). And also, how God must be careful how to run WT,  because He's corporational decisions need to be in harmony with local, state and federal laws.

So much about "spirit directed/guided organization". :)))

In WTJWorg  case, when they talking about "spirit" who directing  WTJWorg organization, they mean - JHVH God is that one who directing -guiding  organization.  But, after reading comments by JW people, we see how they assure us of true reality: how, in fact, some people and local, state and federal laws directing this big organization. 

Thanks to all JW defenders who by this sort of defending WTJWorg reveals us how things works. And more important Revelation is, how some JW members participating here "have little or no FAITH at all, that God's Spirit Directing their Organization. Coming From their mouth, not from "apostate" or "worldly" mouth.

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