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China’s censors have scrubbed more than two minutes of LGBT content from Queen biopic...

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I saw the movie with my wife, and I could have done without those scenes ... but it helped to show what a scumbag pervert Freddie Mercury had become, even with, and in spite of his INCREDIBLE musical talent when combined with the OTHER musical talents of the rest of the Band.  His perversions and excesses destroyed him and this incredible music, his Band, and eventually killed him, from AIDS.

There were certain things about that movie I found repulsive, but I think to tell the story of the rise and fall of the band "Queen" it was important, and the truth  enhanced the intellectual integrity of the movie.

I personally would have NOT edited out those truly awful scenes.

One thing I did learn from the movie was that each of the four Band members CONSTANTLY disagreed with each other about EVERYTHING, and that synergy is what made their music so profoundly GREAT!  When Freddie Mercury went solo, and had people that agreed with everything he told them to do, and they did it ... his talent died as if snuffed out with a rag.

It confirmed what I already knew .... that when everyone is speaking in agreement, it is clear evidence that NO ONE is thinking.

In this case ... the Chinese censors.


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