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Should I use QuickBooks for my household accounting instead of Quicken?

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    • By Money & Finance
      On one of Apple’s support pages about the Apple Card, it now says, “Exporting data from Apple Card to a financial app like Mint is not currently supported.”

      I think I would have liked to try the new card out.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      My Quicken today told me I needed to upgrade to their new software and get a new "Quicken ID". That process itself did not go smooth since there was no email for them to forward the "confirmation code" to.
      To make a long story short... after WAY too many attempts and finally just creating a new ID via their website.... my software will not connect to any of my banks or brokerages.
      Sorry Quicken folks... or those who bought them.... Intuit sold you a lemon.
      Anyone have any suggestions for a good bookkeeping program that will work on MacOS?
    • By The Librarian
      I have been happy with Quicken since at least 1995. 
      I fell in love with Quicken Home & Business and used it for years. Even after my switch away from Microsoft to the Apple world I kept a Windows machine around just to run Quicken.
      I recently decided to ditch the Windows machine and try out Quicken for Mac 2016. 
      Overall I would say that this product continues to lose functionality and ease of use compared to previous versions. Nevermind the delays in the modern version. 
      Now I am noticing my first big glitch. I gave my BofA savings account a nickname via their app and my Quicken stopped downloading any transactions. I called Bank of America and they said that they stopped supporting Quicken last August and that I would have to have Intuit "reset" my account in order to download anything.
      When I went to quicken.com to look for customer support... I find out that it is only M-F 8-5. How is that good customer service when practically everyone will be doing their "quickening" after work and on the weekends?
      I tried to get through on their 24/7 chat support feature....let's just say that it is now 24 hours later and at least 6 attempts later and I still cannot connect with anyone. 
      Shaking my head Quicken/Intuit.  Something must be deteriorating over there.
      Anyone have any better solutions?
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