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How many ribs did Adam have?

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Guest Indiana

Wow, 2 ribs, I was told we have 24 ribs, at least for what I know in Spanish is costilla in humans

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It is logical that men and women would have the same number of ribs. The rib cage protects the vital organs within the rib cage. Surely a Creator could replace Adam's rib once he had made the point that Eve would walk beside Adam, not above him nor below him but she was of his flesh and was his helpmate.


One young German Celebrity Sophia Wollersheim, now VEGAS, had alot luck....  was removed for dangerous beauty reasons, 4 ribs !!
She got pregnant and was very lucky -
She gave birth to a healthy girl.
Her bust is ca. XXXL and the waist was about 45cm / what a life....
The old world is often unbearable ;-(


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I agree, that both men and women have the same  number of ribs .... what I was TRYING to explain that the Bible says Jehovah took A RIB (not a portion of a rib) from Adam.   That left him short, one rib.

His children would STILL be born with the usual number of ribs.

There is NO EVIDENCE ANYWHERE about "a portion of a rib ...", or that " his rib grew back".


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Guest Indiana





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In the labors they are able today, making nearly all they want.  They only need a hear, and some less other things.  Yesterday I saw in TV, they already made clone horses...

Jehovah made all, also Adam & Eve. Please read, that HE needed only a little peace from his rib, that was enough and Adam had all ribs soon again.  Jehovah is the best Creator of all,  I won't make jokes from HIS genious Masterpeaces! 🙏❤️  ~~ I also will read that once more in my new Bible!

Good night for today 😴💤💤



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11 hours ago, Queen Esther said:


Jehovah himself invented joking and  laughs at his own:

Awake April 8 1979: "When you observe the playful antics of baby kittens or watch otters zipping down a mud slide and splashing into a pond, do you not discern something about their Maker? He must be a happy Person. Certainly a God that created a monkey must himself have a sense of humor."

Jehovah also uses humor in his teaching. We can see this at Isaiah 44:14-17

Jesus followed this pattern and injected humor into his teaching also, paticularly in the use of hyperbole (rafters, camels, etc):

WT August 15 2003: "Jesus was not a tight-lipped martinet. He was warm and friendly. For Christians today, a sense of humor can lighten the gloom in times of stress."

And also, a good sense of humor and a positive disposition can help us cope with health problems:

Awake April 22 2005:  "Why is a good sense of humor effective as a healer? Because it is a quality that allows us to handle situations in a positive way, even in the face of unfavorable circumstances.“By including humor and laughter in our daily lives, we maintain our energy level, we alleviate fatigue, and we expel self-pity,” "

It is important to recognise that humor is very personal, just like taste and color. I understood @The Librarianto be injecting a bit of humor with this post, but what may be funny to one person may be taken seriously by someone else, and even seem like an insult to another.  The Awake 8 Sep 1980 is enlightening on cultural differences in humor, and we should, of course, be sensitive to the feelings of others in this regard. Rom.14:1.

But it is important to keep a sense of proportion and not to take ourselves too seriously. Otherwise we may feel unecessarily upset when the other person was only ribbing us!


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@James Thomas Rook Jr.

Haha, x-rays are not proof, right?
I spoke today with a very competent brother.
For Adam, Jehovah did not need a rib...
and there is no Bible passage for Eve ;-(

I also heard about some contradictory biblical passages,
(there are miscellaneous ..)
Jesus certainly did everything right, but the later ones
Writers did not always have it easy ....

My feeling is very mixed - and I'm sorry!
That's it for today ...
Warm regards from Germany 


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6 hours ago, derek1956 said:

The rib is the only bone that grows back

... especially if you are a laboratory mouse, and your "Surgeon Rodentia" has sufficient grant money.

I looked up your statement, and it appears to be mostly true, depending on the skill of a surgeon in removing the bone, and leaving the sheath that surrounds it mostly intact. Apparently the cells in that envelope "remember" how to rebuild bone.

Thanks ... I learned something new today.

I know you are  new here derek1956,  and I hope you do not mind me challenging every statement made for detail.    It's not personal, ... I challenge everybody and everything, and am generally a colossal pain in the butt.

I am 72 years old, and feel entitled to be obnoxious.


Mice I catch in the house, I Fedex to Disneyland, to meet Mickey, who only has three fingers on each hand.


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