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What an advertisement for a high end computer system looked like in the 1980’s....

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Ah those memories. I bought an Apple IIe back in 82 or so for too much money even though I bought it used. I used it with a modem to submit my programs to the "mainframe" at school. My first work "PC" was also an Osborne, that looked much like the above picture, but it was running an early MS-DOS by then rather than CP/M. I bought it from my boss, and it was not something to take on trips. Took it to Boston once or twice. A luggable, they called it. In 1985 my job at ADLittle/Trump bought me one of the first HP laptops.

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I remember when a 100 MEGABYTE hard drive was awsome, and so was the price.

I paid $329 dollars for a 300 baud modem for the Osborne 01, that as the text came in over the phone line, you could easily read it on the monitor as it downloaded.

Before that, I worked for Wilma Slaghoople's father, who ran a small computer shop, until she married Fred Flintstone.

My first Computer Assisted Drafting computer (CAD) was an Etch-A-Sketch.

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