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Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked At South Africa Charity Event

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Law and order has been deteriorating but has reached fearful proportions of instability in South Africa.  The criminal element is rampant and police stand by and do nothing. Transportation trucks are being burnt and looted on highways and black foreign workers are murdered daily in xenophobia while farm owners are seen as fair game for torture and murder due to them being viewed as "colonizers". 

The infrastructure,  which has not been maintained for 20 years, is soon to collapse.  It is said that soon there will only be 4 hours of electricity per day. Most water sources are now contaminated by sewerage. This will affect all business.  Rioting is already rampant and it is not a safe country any more, especially if you are a white tourist.

Most of the ANC leaders have stolen the wealth if the country and put it in foreign off-shore accounts.  Individuals in government are constantly exposed for theft of hundreds of millions but no court cases ensue, and if they do, the perpetrators get away with it. 

Who has suffered the most in all of this?  The poor who cannot get jobs.  Whites cannot get jobs because of BEE (black economic empowerment). And blacks cannot get jobs because of BEE. Whites who start a business with staff must have a black partner who (by law) has to own 51% of the business and the staff must reflect an inordinately high quota of black people.  Hence very little new businesses are started because the business is not your own and you cannot choose skilled workers because of the color quota. 

With so much rioting at universities where students pass with 30%..... the accreditation is non-existent and one cannot employ a worker knowing they have the skills for the job.

South Africa is in chaos yet the news in the West is censored to downplay the bad news about SA  (South Africa). China is buying up a lot of the key resources in Africa and may buy the electricity grid in SA. The ANC leaders will pocket the money (as with all underground mineral rights) and China will annex and protect their assets with Chinese police on the ground - as they have done also in other African countries.

My son got a job offer in New Zealand but the new (anti-emigration) laws cause terrible delay for leaving the country. He has not received his last month's salary and must wait 8 weeks for it. His pension which should pay out (hopefully he will get it)  is so highly taxed that it will be hard to make up for the loss in a new country...... and to crown it all..... if he does manage to keep the job offer and leave the country - he will have to pay taxes in SA until he becomes a citizen of the new country.  

Have you seen any of this in the foreign press?

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14 hours ago, Arauna said:

Have you seen any of this in the foreign press?


...sounds like a good time to sign on as a Merchant Seaman on a ship going anywhere else.

In Africa, they catch monkeys and eat them.

The way they catch them is they take a dried gourd, hollow it out, put a banana inside, and tie the gourd to a tree. The monkey comes along, smells the banana, and sticks his hand through the hole to grab the banana ... but now .. the banana in his fist is too large to get out of the hole.

He will not let go of the banana, and he is captured and eaten.

There is a lesson there for humans .. let go and run like hell.

The Jews in Poland during WWII stayed with their ancestral inheritances ... businesses and homes ... and left Poland up a crematorium chimney.



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We call it a private pension fund in SA but it is similar to a 401k.   He is almost 43...... but he wants to leave.  They are planning to force private pension funds in SA to invest in governments projects- which will land up in the pockets of corrupt officials.

This is just symptomatic of what is waiting for the rest of the world when lawlessness takes over.... 

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If it is that bad, I would cash in my 401k, take the penalty hit, make sure my passport was in order, and exit, stage left!

When they start rounding up people .... it's too late to make preparations, and execute plans.

By the way ... I did exactly that, once in my life.

I had no choice.

If memory serves, it was a 20% penalty, AND I had to pay income tax on the proceeds.

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