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JWs believe that God set up the Watchtower Society as His visible representative on earth.

JWs are constantly reminded that people are utterly unable to know the true meaning of
Scripture without the Society and its vast literature.

JWs are expected to obey the WT as the voice of God. (Watchtower, 15 June 57, p 370).
The WT says, ‘We must recognize not only Jehovah God as our Father, but his organisation
as our Mother.’ (Watchtower, 1 May 57, p 274).

JWs are not to think for themselves to interpret the Bible. They are to submit their minds to
the Watchtower (WT). If a JW disobeys WT instructions, they assume that he is ‘apostate’,
and the punishment is ‘disfellowshipping’, whereby his WT friends are forbidden to talk to
him. This fear of disfellowshipping is one of the WT’s most effective means of keeping
members obedient to its teachings.

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