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Former conservative Chief Justice of Supreme Court Warren Burger in 1991: The 2nd Amendment...

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9 hours ago, admin said:

@James Thomas Rook Jr. isn't going to like this guy. 😉

I thought he was DEAD!

The Constitution says '...the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed ..."

This statement acknowledges that before the United States came into existence, man ALREADY had the NATURAL right to keep and bear arms.  The Constitution sought to guarantee rights ALREADY IN EXISTENCE .... AND UNIVERSALLY RECOGNIZED, EXCEPT BY TYRANTS.

Our current miasma of laws and regulations was invented in the beginning by Democrats in the South, after the American Civil War, to keep Negros from having the right to keep and bear arms for their self defense. 

The restrictive laws applied to everybody, in theory, but for white people, they were pretty much ignored.

As the Blacks learned more about the legal system, and how to use it, they forced everybody to be treated fairly (sometimes), in the eyes of the law, and forced enforcement of those heinous laws to apply to everybody.

The right to keep and bear arms is a NATURAL right of all things ... but willy-nilly, only primates have opposable thumbs (unless I missed something ...) and even cats have retractable claws, and Eagles have talons.

Before the United States came into existence, man ALREADY had the NATURAL right to keep and bear arms.

The Constitution sought to insure those natural rights were not infringed upon by tyrants, or tyrannical laws.

 The  " ... shall not be infringed ..." tacitly acknowledges that this natural  right ALREADY existed.

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Back then, all free, white male citizens were the militia .... you were expected to show up when called with your own gun, your own ammo, your own kit, and supplies, and if you were an Officer, with your own horse, and saber.

The militiamen could be 250 men in a county who had never come together, and had never met each other (although unlikely).

The militia were the INDIVIDUAL MEN who needed to be well regulated ... not their personal firearms.

After Patrick Henry gave his famous speech in St. John's Church, in Richmond Virginia, the Colonial Legislature sent a small army (militia) to Boston, Massachusetts to assist the Rebels to fight the British Army. A battle already in progress.

In the British Army, weapons were supplied by the Crown, and both the weapons and the men were well regulated.

In the Colonial militia, the MEN were somewhat well regulated, but their weapons were their own, and NOT regulated. Some estates even had their own cannon.

My great grandfather had several cannon for his farm, when the Civil War started ... and used chain, nails and rocks as projectiles. He used to make his own gunpowder.

Virginia did have a weapons stash in Colonial Williamsburg, but it was being secured by British troops, and unavailable to the Colonials.

That's why the legislature was meeting in secret, in Richmond, Virginia.

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