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Why did God not forgive Adam and Eve and destroy Satan instead?

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The crime here, in essence, is like telling your kids not to have snacks before dinner, but they steal a couple cookies from the cookie jar. And for that, you are incensed by their disobedience and kick them out of your house, change the locks, and discontinue their health insurance. For the minor infraction of eating a cookie that daddy told you not to and daddy’s ego can’t take that. You have to suffer. Badly.

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@Jack Ryan 

The example you gave was a weak one (but I thank you for it because now I have another “cookie” that can be used against you, for the 8th time). The answer to this question can simply be found in Genesis chapters 2 and 3, as is with anything pertaining to God’s goodness and justice found in, for instance, Psalm 31:19.


  • [A] God created all things good - the thought of badness or sin to enter to what is good was something unknown or something that would come to anyone’s mind, hence being caught off guard, of what we can see in Genesis 3.
  • [2] Original Sin – If you read Genesis 2, you’d see what led up to Adam and Eve’s actions, only after God dealing with the disobedience of Adam and Eve, the information he gathered from her, which led to the first promise God has ever made and what he plans on doing with Satan the Devil.

To answer this question, the long way. Now as for you atheists, you will alluded to the omnipresent notion and the fact that God is indeed omniscient.

  • Omnipresent - widely or constantly encountered; common or widespread.

The word/meaning concerning God:

(of God) present everywhere at the same time. Essentially, it is related to the concept of ubiquity (meaning the fact of appearing everywhere or of being very common), the ability to be everywhere or in many places at once.

Now, many people often ask this question, even atheists, such as yourself. Such a question is asks since mainstream Christendom teaches that God is Omnipresent. This “Omnipresent” belief is the idea that is everywhere at once (i.e. being literally there when Adam, Eve was taking every action, as is with all the beasts, flora, etc.). The other notion is, in which everyone can agree on, is that God is both Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omniscient (all-knowing), which further leads on to the conclusion of the one asking questions to come under the assumption that if God knows everything that He may easily must have known beforehand that Adam and Eve would inevitably disobey him, that if God truly had foreknown that this perfect human couple would commit sin (otherwise dubbed Ancestral or Original Sin).

This notion would conjure up a plethora of negative traits to God, which results in the ideas that he is unloving, unjust, and or insincere. It goes on even further that some will begin to state that God was cruel to Adam and Eve regarding something that was foreknown to a resulted bad end, hence the idea of God being responsible for badness, which is where you and the question pressers come in to paint The Most High as the foolish villain.

[1] God created everything with Just and Righteous intent, and everything was good in abundance



We should not be ignoring that fact. For from the start of man and beast, God was and still is, a lover of righteousness and justice as Psalm 33:5, as is with goodness (Psalm 31:19), hence what is mentioned in James 1:13 is 100% correct. Going back to Adam and Eve, God even gave them instruction, and regarding the Tree of Knowledge (Tree of Good and Bad), he told them clearly in this regard, read Genesis 2:16, 17. This brings us back to the Omnipresent belief. Clearly, God did not have in mind that something of this scale would take place, and more so, he was nowhere near Adam, as is with Eve, would stumbled upon the snake of which the Fallen One (Fallen angelic son) is controlling.

We know this because Adam was to himself whereas Eve was dealing with fruitage, hence where the snake comes in. We see in Genesis 3:1-5, Eve had in mind of what God instructed, but you see that the Fallen One by means of a snake has persuaded her otherwise – The power of persuasion. Due to this brief encounter, Eve’s mindset has changed, as seen in Genesis 3:6, she had eaten some of the fruit, and eventually, among the fruitage picked, fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was also given to Adam to eat. There eating of the fruit resulted in their “eyes being opened” and the sudden realization of them being in naked, or as the term you atheists like to use, birthday suits, hence Genesis 3:8-9, which is an extreme opposite of Genesis 2:25. The next verse, Genesis 3:8, God was looking for them, and eventually found Adam, and the humorous conversation between God and man transpired in Genesis 3:10-11. Onward, the remaining verses in Genesis chapter 3 sums up everything, as is with God’s original promise found in Genesis 3:15. Clearly, although they had sinned, God had only blocked off the Tree of Life and booted them from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve continued to live throughout outer parts. Evidently, God took note of the what Eve had said, granted he never created a beast, let alone a reptilian creature to speak, in addition, the one who controlled the snake would also be punished, hence what he will do to the Fallen One, Satan the Devil, in the future – again, Genesis 3:15 pretty much tells us what God has in mind; it also connects to the chosen Christ/Messiah, Jesus.


[2] Satan The Devil


The original name of this angel is unknown; however, he was among the other angels in Heaven, along with God. Over time, he became jealous of God, wanting what he has when it comes to reverence. What better way to get back at someone then to commit to meddling to shift or ruin what was perfect? This angel was the one who came forth to control the snake and spin the narrative to Eve, and succeeded in doing so, hence Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge, having their eyes open up and realizing their nakedness. Over time, this angel was called “Satan” as well as “The Devil”. From what we gather from Genesis 3:15, God already had a plan in motion to deal punishment to this rebellious angel. Yes, as your title puts it, he is going to destroy the Devil.

[3] God is NOT Omnipresent and despite the God is Omniscient, he was, essentially caught off guard in what he molded with goodness



God is indeed Omniscient (all-knowing), there is no question about that regardless of any faith, be it religious or not, whatever. However, if we recall from the Genesis Act of Creation, God made ALL THINGS GOOD, so the action of badness and sin was not something to expect or come to mind, especially from his creations. Only afterwards, later in Scripture we begin to see the Laws coming into play, and a list of other things that separate just action with unjust action at the hands of man, whereas God’s laws and example creates the divide between good and bad. Regarding our early parents, there action was nothing unknown to God until his confrontation with Adam, who was both

  • [A] hiding his nakedness and
  • started to pin blame on a person who was recently played, in addition, the fact that God was calling out to them and they went into hiding was also another factor.

God is not Omnipresent. The Bible tells us clearly, he has a dwelling place, as the Bible points out as having a very clear and distinct location (Isaiah 6:1, 2; Revelation 4:2, 3, 8), in addition, this dwelling place of his is nothing of physical originality, it is in the heavens (1 Kings 8:30), even so, that the Bible often states that the angels and or spirits come in and enter to station themselves before The Most High (Job 1:6). Now, God is able to see everything and to act anywhere he chooses as noted in the following verses (Proverbs 15:3; Hebrews 4:13), however, as stated, we see nowhere in the Bible that it teaches that God is Omnipresent. As is already known, regarding God, Jesus mentions in John 4:24 (also tagging John 1:18) that his Father is a spirit, therefore, making him not visible to common man. Even if possible, to see God in all his glory, one would surely not live.


[4] Although Adam and Eve had committed to disobedience, God did not outright abandon them.


God was not wrong when he said the day, they ate from the treat that they would die, and Adam and Eve lost perfection, and are capable of growing old and dying. God, as stated, removed them from the Garden, however, he informed them, essentially in the remaining verses of chapter 3 of what they are to expect, nothing is handed to them this time, so when it comes to food, and now the need of clothing, they had to take care of that themselves, hence the loss of perfection, resulted in such a cost in regards to the land and to beasts. And of course, Adam and Eve began having a number of children during this time, all of whom who inherited sin, but throughout Bible times, in our present and onward until the day God sends his Son to return here to correct things.


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@Jack Ryan Normally you would have something to say at this point... Will this end up like the misconceptions you proposed in the Islam Club in regards to Muhammad and his wife, the Qu'ran, likewise with not being aware of Ehud?

That being said, be it The Bible or the Qu'ran, does not matter if you agree with it or disagree with it, at least get the facts straight.

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