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Cruise operator bans Chinese nationals from its ships

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The cruise line operator Royal Caribbean has said it will refuse any passengers with Chinese, Hong Kong or Macao passports, regardless of when they were last in China.

The remarkable statement comes after reports that about two dozen passengers aboard a cruise ship that docked in Bayonne, New Jersey, on Friday morning were screened for coronavirus and four were sent to a local hospital for further screening.

In a statement published on its website,  https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas-updates Royal Caribbean said that none of the four passengers tested showed clinical signs or symptoms of coronavirus, although one tested positive onboard for flu. However, the company said it would be adopting a number of health screening protocols, including the following:

Regardless of nationality, any guest or crew member traveling from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau less than 15 days prior to their sailing will be unable to board any of our ships.

  1. Any guests holding a Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport, regardless of when they were there last, will not be allowed to board our ships.

  2. Any guest or crew member that has been in contact (which the CDC defines as 6 feet or 2 meters) with someone that has traveled from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau less than 15 days.

Additionally, there will be mandatory specialized health screenings performed on:
a. Guests who are unsure if they have been in contact with individuals who have traveled from, to or through mainland China or Hong Kong in the past 15 days;
b. Guests who report feeling unwell or demonstrate any flu-like symptoms;
c. Any guest presenting with fever or low blood oximetry in the specialized health screening will be denied boarding.


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Welcome to the Royal Caribbean,

Such a lovely place (such a lovely place)

Such a lovely face.

Plenty of room at the Royal Caribbean,

Quarantines are here (this time of year) you can find it here

Last thing I remember, I was

Running for the door

I had to find the passage back to the place I was before

'Relax' said the CDC man,

'We are programmed to receive.

You can check out any time you like,

But you can never leave!'

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@Health and Medicine, Clever Eagles remake. But yes, "too soon."

By a strange coincidence, we traveled on the "Anthem of the Seas" mentioned in the above post, about 10 years ago.  https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas

I already called it "Anthem of Di Seas." [pronounced: disease] because a "norovirus" breakout was affecting dozens, and even my own mother and father had to be quarantined in his room instead of being allowed out to the daily activities or meals. All the cruise personnel worked overtime standing around offering squirts from bottles of Purell saying: "Washy-washy? Washy-washy? Washy-washy?" Hard not to make fun of the experience.

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