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So, they have full-on Trump uniforms now.

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I "talk" with my brother, Robert, on the telephone about politics .... well.... he talks .... and I listen.

My brother, who lives about 250 miles away, hates Donald Trump with a salivating and spittle, foaming at the mouth passion, and nearly goes into stroke-mode lambasting him, at which time I cannot get a word in edgewise.  After about 45 minutes he slows down, and I can hear his wife in the background telling him to calm down, Robert, calm down, calm down.

Today he called, and I casually mentioned he seems to have a dilemma .....as currently it seems Bernie Sanders, avowed true believer Socialist and Communist, who got married in Moscow, seems to be the front-runner for the Democrat Primaries going on, and may be the Democrat Party Candidate for President of the United States!

I told him ... "Hey Robert ... it looks like you have a choice between Bernie Sanders, and voting for Donald Trump, to keep the USA from going Socialist !"

Even though he was on the phone, I thought I heard the "AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!," outside my house.


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    • By Bible Speaks
      Organization Stand at the book fair Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2017.
      Curious to see how the sisters dress in uniform.

    • By The Librarian
      One of the mens version seems to have a zipper on it.
      The women's version seems more like a jw.org apron or a sleeveless 'over shirt'. 
      The only text I saw with this photo was:
      "Ayer nuestros hermanos tuvieron el privilegio de dar la bienvenida a una nueva hermana, Sri Yanti!:
      suggesting to me that the entire congregation / assembly (small) was dressed this way.
      Is this going to go worldwide? Covering our suits with aprons?
      Anyone know the story behind this photo? Where? When? 
    • By The Librarian
      I've noticed a few photos recently of JW women all donning some sort of uniform similar to how airline stewardesses (I should say flight attendants) are typically dressed.
      She looks fine above according to today's dress standard. I would call this a modern business look. However would it be wrong for her to wear pants below?
      The suit jacket she is wearing (obviously made for a woman) would have been denounced as a woman dressing in men's clothes years ago.
      Have our standards changed?
      This brings up many questions about fashion standards and whether all JW's should sport an official uniform or not?
      Would Jesus have wanted his apostles to be dressed in a uniform?
      Some might think I am being too picky talking about such issues. However I was raised with very strict JW dress guidelines so I am used to always questioning the appropriateness of apparel.
      Just some quick thoughts...
    • By The Librarian
      I think I've seen some other similar photos in recent years...
      A new phenomenon among JW's?
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