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NOTE: This investigative story was purposed by Natalie O'Brien, a senior reporter. This is probably, assuming, the same Natalie who had quite the confrontation with ABC, I will have to look into this out of curiosity.



The article in question is referring to News Corp’s attempt to expose the complexities of legal and financial entities in connection to the group, they deem it as obscure. They also added that the charity status may be revoked if it does not sign up to The National Redress Scheme.

The special investigation sub-focus is a call back to the ARC situation in Australia regarding allegations, to which what ARC provided correct vs. the over exaggeration of those who think they know everything pertaining to ARC. The article also claims that Jehovah’s Witnesses are hiding money before the June 30th joining of the scheme.

Again, as the article can be read, it speaks more and more about ARC regarding institutions, the churches of the Jehovah’s Witnesses are obviously among them, in addition, it states that there are 1,800 potential victims and more than 1,000 alleged pedophiles, as is with the number of those that confess to the crimes they committed themselves.

The article continues to state that the number of pedophiles as well as victims outstrips [rapidly surpassing that of or has] that of the Catholic Church at an exponential rate, however, if anyone is aware of ARC, the percentage of pedophiles/victims within the churches of Jehovah’s Witnesses is minuscule compared to the Catholic Church, as well as others under the gaze of ARC during that time, so that is information here that is catering to the right (going back to ARC the evidence speaks for itself) It goes on to speak of financial compensation, the possibility of $132 million.

Within the area alone, the article states that there are 68k (68,000) adherents to Jehovah’s Witnesses, did not state that they will sign up for the scheme or not. As pointed out, this is what was speculated in relation to the claims of News Corp.

Back to News Corp again, they claim that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were rearranging finances and legal entities. News Corp also revealed this announcement since Nov. 2012, a claim made by them.

The claims as followed:

  • Quote


    • Restructured its legal charities and entities
    • Grown from a handful of charities to 836 separate small basic religious charities (766 active right now) listed as registered on Dec. 3, 2012 on The Australian Charities and not for profits commission (ACNC) site. Small basic religious charities are not required to provide financial information.
    •  It appears to have had only one charity (The Watchtower and Bible Tract Society Australia Ltd) supplying financial reports to ACNC.
    • Reported to the ACNC $150 million in income for The Watchtower since 2014.
    • Submitted financial reports to the ACNC for the Watchtower showing almost $100 million from 2014 to 2019 in allocated donations and overseas aid.
    • Made a loan of about $6 million (without short term repayment plans) to the UK International Bible Students aka IBSA (listed in UK as IBSA 2015 accounts).
    • Submitted Watchtower financial reports to the ACNC stating it is operating at a loss of $1.9 million deficit in 2019 and $1.2 million in 2018, after making a surplus for the previous 3 years.
    • Been reported to the redress scheme by whistle-blowers as allegedly selling off more than $24 million in related properties since 2012.
    • Not declared in the past 6 years of Watchtower financial reports to the ACNC any potential financial implications from The Redress Scheme.
    • It states that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were contacted, and their response was:


    “We have considered your request, however, as your questions appear to be based on factual inaccuracies and incorrect assumptions, we respectfully decline to participate”

    • New Corps continued to press them of course to no avail.


The position of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and or the organization itself (granted the article is focused on Australia) is that, as even pointed out by ARC, they abhor child sex abuse and that it will not protect any perpetrator and the key submissions made on behalf of the Watchtower itself was familial child sexual abuse, which is not (also not to be confused with) institutional sex abuse (again ARC gives us this evidence).

The article continues, with a former member of Jehovah’s Witnesses in question, to which I will abbreviate: L.K., S.U, who are founders of a website (I assume Witness and Srecko are aware of them if they read the article and or recall the events of ARC). They attempted to contact AUSTRAC with no success, authorities, etc. They even failed to contact Australian Federal Police amid growing fears and an attempt to dodge obligation to victims. A member of AUSTRAC and a member of Australian Federal Police stated

“They [We] do not confirm or deny specific activity the agencies may be undertaking.”

The article continues to blame authorities now, stating that the authorities have let them down. Moreover, L.K is claiming that the Jehovah’s Witnesses, although not joining The Redress Scheme, that they are also saying they do not have enough money for any Redress, but the claim is that they have, and so forth - a mixed bag of potatoes chips right now.

That being said, gather for now, and I thank Bible_Spy for getting the information for me, but clearly there is more, which isn’t easy for her to get.

Again, granted this is right-centered bias catering to the right, I am seeing some inconsistencies, i.e. The misconception of ARC’s percentages regarding child abuse in religious institutions, for as I recall, the Jehovah’s Witnesses were very low, as is with others, compared to the Catholic Church there is no possibility of 68k in one area to surpass Catholics concerning the issue of child abuse, they are at, last I checked higher in the number of adherents - 5,439,268, which is a 5,371,268 difference. The faith in question are a minority. Looks like we would have to go back to ARC because New Corps is not only attempting to shed light on whatever second-handed sources they received, but, they are also throwing more and more ARC into the article.

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A pretty good guess, I would imagine. I like to think that is still quite low, in view of Invisiblechild.org  reporting that 1 out of every 5 children in the US will be suffer molestation before age 1

So much can go wrong with trying to read too much into the numbers. Even if there is a database of 12,000 or more pedophiles, this does not mean that all of them were found to be actively committing c

"A News Corp investigation into the global Christian sect Jehovah's Witnesses has revealed they have allegedly pushed cash offshore to avoid paying compensation to Australian child sex abuse victims."

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56 minutes ago, Witness said:

Thank you for your warning, but the bottom line is, it very well could be true. 

And, I should remind you, I am not interested in "mainstream religion", in the least.  My focus is on the Watchtower and the people inside. 


I was not referring to mainstream religion....

That being said, you have to be paying attention because when it comes to the Right-Centered bias, likewise with the Left, you are going to run into problems when you take an inconsistency as a truth, or something that is actually true as false.

Also are you aware of the individuals by name in the article you have linked? They were mentioned in ARC - one of them mentioned church property, she is the obvious one because she was mentioned time and time again elsewhere.



An alleged 3rd individual now, which, as stated by said source, is more focused on ARC than the latter information. Are you also aware of this soul, granted it is in relation to ARC? As I had told John Butler again, this is a different situation - COCSA for it is a bit different compared to the norm CSA. 

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                                                      year 2019               year 2018 

TOTAL INCOME:                         28,156,175   .........  27,205,582

Expenses: Donations and Overseas Aid 21,138,521........ 20,853,359

TOTAL EXPENSES:                    29,693,500   ......... 28,384,247 

SURPLUS / (DEFICIT) :              (1,537,325)   ........ (1,178,665)

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@Srecko Sostar Alright. But compared to the article and the information you cited, it has to line up. If you read the article (I mean read it, not just look at the title), Remember - News Corp has made some claims, even called Jehovah's Witnesses. The Jehovah's Witnesses themselves deemed New Corps to speak of inaccuracies. The fact you linked those 3 links, you just helped everyone to line things up with the article in question to see what is actually the correct information, which, to the article's credit, as some information that is different, hence the right-centered biasness of the article in question; most AU articles revolving around this story possibly by the same Journalist from the way I see it. Granted no one here is talking about apostasy, but rather, a right-centered bias article from a journalist, who, has some run-ins in the past, granted, most of her articles cater to The Right.

That being said, I believe I address you a question, if you read the article, who are the former Jehovah's Witnesses mentioned in the article, as is with the website they are affiliated with? I have my reasons to asking both you and@Witness this. Also, are you aware of, in this article, that regarding one of these former Jehovah's Witnesses, why would both The AUSTRAC The Australian Federal Police (AFP) be branded as unhelpful, for, these authorities have even been blamed by said former Jehovah's Witnesses. I recall you had a statement about law enforcement, however, the person in question sees it differently, to add more fuel to the fire, even the Journalist had issue with law enforcement, namely, The Australian Federal Police (AFP).

That being said, you just made the job a little bit more easier, granted, some of us actually have access to the full article, hence what I stated above. The next focus is now News Corp for the claims began with them.

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1 hour ago, JJJ-AUSTRALIA said:

I mean a deficit 1.5 mil after donating 26 mil to themselves how dodgy is that...

GB manage over/WITH "all of Jesus' belongings" is very negligent. :))) Making deficit is not faithful nor discrete. Perhaps that is why "Jesus" aka/in fact WT study edition magazine removed Them from 1919 appointment. Allegedly ! :))

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@Srecko Sostar Regardless of the institution, a deficit is always something of concern, be it revenue, donations, etc. This is something that is minor, within large institutions, it is not something that is isolated.

That being said, the focus here is ARC, News Corps claims within this article, as well as the former Jehovah's Witnesses that are involved. As the question stated:

7 minutes ago, Space Merchant said:

if you read the article, who are the former Jehovah's Witnesses mentioned in the article, as is with the website they are affiliated with?

There is for good reason, again, as to why this is asked, it is not merely their involvement with the police or ARC.

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2 minutes ago, Space Merchant said:

But compared to the article and the information you cited, it has to line up

Article alone is of not such interest to me after insight in financial documents. Article giving idea about where and why money is going. Speculative idea or not, that is what we can accept or not.

Official Financial report/document giving picture of massive money income in one Branch Office (Australia) and how almost same massive amount of money was used for  Donations and Overseas Aid.   
WT Society speaking about transparency of own activity. It would be useful to know who received Donations and Overseas Aid. Some Third World JW entities? Perhaps. For building KH and other facilities for primary benefit of WT Legal Entities and for members to be gathered under "roof" for meetings .... but in same time to giving own donations as loan repayment for real estates that stay in WT property. 

How is possible that  millions $ DEFICIT is result of Spirit Guided Organization and Spirit Guided Elders ? :)))

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@Srecko Sostar Can you please answer the question regarding the former Jehovah's Witnesses. Granted they have a role in this.

That being said, I do not see as to how suddenly the article is now of no interest to you, since, were quite adamant from the start of this thread. You even considered Right-Center Bias as mostly factual, granted when it comes to anything pertaining to financial items and or religion, they are not so great, hence the history of right-center bias regarding religion in general - this involves Christianity, this even involves the faith in question, Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia. For, such media are mostly factual when it comes to, the next new song from a rapper, or the swimsuit worn by a celebrity vs. the latter in question and or anything similar.

This is in connection to ARC, as is News Corp, who were the ones who made the claims (financial claims as pointed out above)

As for deficit, some institutions try to hit a goal, they can succumb to a deficiency in whatever it is they are trying to accomplish, mainly when they need revenue to tackle a primary goal of some sort. Again, this involves revenue, hence why I mention donations, for these things are not rocket science.

Also for that other remark, check the claims made by News Corp. After all, it is there, and it is rather questionable. I also pointed out as to when they began the claims, the date and year.

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9 minutes ago, 4Jah2me said:

There are two facts for sure. The CCJW don't want to apologise for Child Sexual Abuse, and, the CCJW don't want to pay compensation. 

Granted the article is ARC heavy, and information from everything pertaining to ARC, that statement of yours holds no water. The issue here is the accusation from News Corp itself and the whole Redress situation, however, the article is catering to the right, therefore, they are pressing the News Corp claims, i.e. the whole overseas thing, of which is deemed having inaccuracies. Thanks to Srecko here, some people can connect the dots.

Moreover, are you aware of the former JWs mentioned in the article? Because somehow those linked it, have no idea who they are, as is their dealings with the police, which is mentioned in the article, to the point, they're blaming law enforcement and an authoritative entity, not just JWs.

If you are unaware of the claims by News Corp, check out the copy of the article I cited, it is in the quotation.

That being said, I do not understand as to why suddenly the article here is of anyone's interest, granted, Witness brought up the link, I merely had the article addressed in a small chunk here.

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