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NPOV a Thing of the Past at Wikipedia?


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17 hours ago, Michael Krewson said:

be so frustrating for someone who likes the idea of logic and more black or white thinking.

The WHOLE world is in the power of Satan - and all the governments are part of the beast.  This is why it is important to look at the world as if one is analyzing trends - in order not to take sides.  Trends can tell us where things are leading to - so as to see where it looks possible for bible prophecy to go into fulfillment and one can stand aside and look on.

I do like to know what is going on..... but very careful not to get involved in the sides.  One cannot take sides between parties or countries because they all are the beast.  BUT it does not mean one is taking sides when one points to realities going on in countries or areas where people do not have access to much information.  A lot of bad information is deliberately covered up in this world - such as child trafficking; human rights abuses; killing in the name of religion; corruption in justice systems;  abuses perpetrated by science corporations etc.  These are carefully covered up and compromised leaders are all given a pass s - even if their hands have been involved in dirty deals and they are financially compromised. 

It seems as if the top echelons of society all know each other and cover for each other.  They even get sweet deals when they have been criminal. This thugocracy is going on in most countries.  I cannot think of a country or major organization where top people have not invested in the corporations that are advising governments; or are supposed to give oversight and are compromised financially  - which actually is a form of fascism (corporatism with government together in the same bed).


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