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Organ Harvesting, Falun Gong, Tibet, etc. (The WEST vs. CHINA)

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40 minutes ago, Anna said:

But anything is possible.

I actually did no more than scan it. It wasn’t forwarded specifically to me, but it was thrown out there by someone I know and have regard for.

This is a little like how after I watch a movie, I will say to my wife how I intend to read some reviews to see if I liked it or not.

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I have learned to live with it, and perhaps even acquiesce that it must be that way. Of course, I don’t know what examples you may have in mind, but... Do you think I can persuade anybody that th

Not quite having the resources just yet to plow through all of the above, just skimming it quickly instead, understand that what I say are but preliminary impressions. I know next to nothing about FG.

This is more and more true as the world gets more divided, more partisan, and more nationalistic. Pride in one's own cause, nation, religion or ideology causes one to be more apt to defend one's POV w

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16 hours ago, Anna said:

But anything is possible...

After reading about MKULTRA and all the goings on behind the scenes and how history has been hidden from us - I do not trust any government and  think that those career politicians who have been in congress for 30 or more years are part of the problem - they have been totally corrupted.

The CIA and other secret organizations charged to keep us safe has so much powers that there can be a large part of it that could go rogue without the other good agents knowing  it.  They can be running a double organization because there is no-one to check up on them.....   This is when unlimited powers are given to people - they abuse it and become a law unto themselves. 

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These things are really happening but the apologists for China here on this forum do not understand how information is suppressed in these countries... it is leaking out even under heavy death penalties for citizen reporting......and by the way it is coming to the entire world.

Neo -communism is spreading. Why do I call it communism?   the purpose of Marx was to subvert ALL religion so that no person may get any redemption of god. To destroy all family values and morals..... 

Marx wanted revenge on God on a world-wide scale.  I listened to some of his poetry today and his purpose is stated absolutely clear in his poetry.  .... He wanted the whole world in the hands of Satan.  How do those who love atheism and materialism intend to do it?  By materialism.  They promise everyone a utopia where everyone will have the same stuff.  Nothing for the soul.... just stuff. ... But with it comes oppression which destroys all old culture (like Mao se Tung destroyed the real Chinese culture in China and replaced it with materialism.) Now the last step is total mind control - no religion and worship only of the state.

We are on our way to this outcome in the West on a pretty fast track. a totalitarian system where everyone will be forced to accept the state morality (no religion allowed) and only worship of the state.  Daniel 11 from verse 36.  Not even love of "women "  allowed....... rings a bell with this transgender culture. 

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