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On 11/20/2020 at 10:15 PM, Srecko Sostar said:

First picture shows what was criteria in the year 1991/92.

According to text:

1) NGO is to help the build public understanding and support for UN programs and goals

2) NGO must have national or international standing

3) NGO must have to support the Charter of UN 

4) NGO must have broadly based membership

5) NGO must posses the resources for effective outreach


The following quote bears repeating, posted two days ago, on another JW forum:

Please see the study article, “Their Refuge–A Lie!” in the June 1, 1991 Watchtower, noting paragraphs 1, 10 and 11.
Paragraph 1 calls Christendom “that apostate religious organization.” Why apostate?
Paragraph 10 asserts that “she insinuates herself into the favor of the political leaders of the nations–this despite the Bible’s warning that friendship with the world is enmity with God.”
To support that assertion, paragraph 11 quotes an unnamed “recent book” which reports that “no fewer than 24 Catholic organizations are represented at the UN.” How were such organizations represented at the UN?
The unnamed book quoted in paragraph 11 is New Genesis by Robert Muller. (See attachment #1.) The sentence immediately preceding the portion quoted by Watchtower states, “All major world religions are accredited to the United Nations as non-governmental organizations.
Why did Watchtower omit that significant statement?
In the same year as that 1991 study article, the Watchtower Society also became accredited to the United Nations as a non-governmental organization, and served as publicity agents for the UN for the next 10 years–reapplying each consecutive year–until the alliance was exposed by the Guardian newspaper in October 2001, whereupon Watchtower withdrew its membership. (Watch Tower admits its affiliation to its Branch Committee in attachment #2.)
Notice that Watchtower’s letter refers to the Guardian article as “published allegations by opposers,” yet later states that “we are grateful that this matter was brought to our attention.” No mention, however, is made of the June 1, 1991 study article.
According to a public statement issued the UN’s Department of Public Information (UN/DPI), registered NGO’s had to “share the ideals of the UN charter” and “have a demonstrated interest in United Nations issues and a proven ability to reach large or specialized audiences.” (See attachment #3.)
What is Watchtower policy regarding individual JWs who do what their organization did?
“A person might renounce his place in the Christian congregation by his actions, such as becoming part of an organization whose objective is contrary to the Bible, and, hence, is under judgment by Jehovah God. So if one who is a Christian chose to join those who are disapproved of God, it would be fitting for the congregation to acknowledge by a brief announcement that he has disassociated himself and is no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” (Sept. 15, 1981, Watchtower, p. 23, par. 15)
“In joining the YMCA as a member a person accepts or endorses the general objectives and principles of the organization. . .Hence for one of Jehovah’s Witnesses to become a member of a so-called “Christian” association would amount to apostasy.” (Jan. 1, 1979, Watchtower p. 31)
According to the standard by which it judged Christendom to be apostate, and in light of Jesus’ words at Mathew 12:37 that “by your words you will be condemned,” should the Watchtower Society be viewed as an apostate religious organization?
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The following quote bears repeating, posted two days ago, on another JW forum: Please see the study article, “Their Refuge–A Lie!” in the June 1, 1991 Watchtower, noting paragraphs 1, 10 and 11. Paragraph 1 calls Christendom “that apostate religious organization.” Why apostate? Paragraph 10 asserts that “she insinuates herself into the favor of the political leaders of the nations–this despite the Bible’s warning that friendship with the world is enmity with God.”

Yes! It's called getting access to world views, which the Awake! Relies on. Back then, there was NO INTERNET access. Now, everything is digitized for internet access. The Watchtower, was only interested in the library. There is nothing wrong with having access to a huge government library. The fact that ex-witnesses submit and attach confusion, demonstrates the lack of knowledge. It would be no different with the library of congress, or any museum library that deals with ancient scrolls. 

Not necessary, according to the U.N.  So, what was their reason for joining Watchtowers prophesied Beast, as an NGO?  What is their reason today for doing so in other countries.  How many JWs will continue to turn a deaf ear to Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  excuses?   

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24 minutes ago, Witness said:

Notice that Watchtower’s letter refers to the Guardian article as “published allegations by opposers,” yet later states that “we are grateful that this matter was brought to our attention.” No mention, however, is made of the June 1, 1991 study article.

To whom they are grateful? To Guardian or to opposers? :))) 

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Then if that is the case, do you have any information of an legitimate NGO Resolution and or Charter? If there is no Charter and or Resolution (something that majority of NGOs have) then the claim is nothing but a whistle in the wind, as you, have been corrected on this already. To resurrect the dead in terms of the current discussion, isn't good for anyone's health, unless you are trying to undermine newcomers on this platform.

Everyone to this day know how the Guardian operates, which seems to be the case with recent events concerning the 2020 Presidential Election in the US

That being said, people who know this stuff are right on this matter, people who aren't, tend to Frankenstein the matter.


Now, to repeat myself from the last time; last year - Jehovah's Witnesses/The Watchtower was an NGO (registered without signature in the 1991 after being informed to gain access to library resources, having registered as a DPI NGO in 1992) with a DPI status only, let alone go into detail of the DPI NGO documents regarding any one registering as an DPI NGO. A DPI means Department of Public Information. There is also another meaning regarding other things, UNDPI which stands for United Nations Department of Public Information. It is a department of the Secretariat of the United Nations that is tasked with raising public awareness and support of the work of the United Nations through strategic communications campaigns, media and relationships with civil society groups, as it stands today, the information on this matter can be found on their own website: 

    Hello guest!

In the United Nations' system, there are NGOs who are associated with ECOSOC which stands for and or means Economic and Social Council, and there are NGOs affiliated with, as already mentioned, the DPI, again, meaning Department of Public Information (DPI). In the history of the Jehovah's Witnesses affiliation with being an NGO, to which they were verified as to registering without a signature, for in the early 1990s, no signature was ever require in those days for the form that they used, for such was a simply fill in what is being asked of you.

Furthermore, most people, even those who buy into conspiracy tend to quote and confuse what a DPI is to an ECOSOC, vice versa confuse the two when in reality, both of such are different - ECOSOC I will go over shortly in my other response. To be brief and simple - They do not know the difference in NGOs affiliated with DPI status and a ECOSOC status, which is [this status] in fact quite common with NGOs nowadays.


Claim: that the NGO share the ideals of the UN Charter;

According to the 1946 General Assembly Resolution 13 concerning the purpose and activities of the DPI, which is to, according to the link to the website, to promote to the greatest possible extent and informed understanding of the works and purposes of the UN among the people of the world. For they are to use NGOs to provide the public with information about the UN.

It is not a resolution about NGOs supporting the charter of the UN nor is it a resolution about NGOs supporting the goals of the UN, or the sharing of ideals within the charter itself, more so NGOs part of the system posed by the UN.

The core purpose of DPI NGOs was primarily to provide the public with information about the UN. Which is vastly different from the opposite affiliation, ECOSOC. Resolution 1296, which was the first thing to have been written in the charter itself (also check out Article 71) to summarize, it says ECOSOC may make suitable arrangements for consultation with non-governmental organizations which are concerned with matters within its competence. Such arrangements may be made with international organizations and, where appropriate, with national organizations after consultation with the Member of the United Nations concerned.

A later resolution was later integrated by ECOSOC concerning NGOs,

ECOSOC, regarding Article 71 of the charter, recognizing that arrangements for consultation with non-governmental organizations provide an important means of furthering the purposes and principles of the United Nations. Considering that consultations between the Council and its subsidiary organs and the non-governmental organizations should be developed to the fullest practicable extent, Approves the following arrangements, which supersede those set out in its resolution 288 B (X) of 27 February 1950 — ECOSOC Resolution 1296 (XLIV) Arrangements for Consultation with Non-Governmental Organizations; 23 May 1968

This same resolution states about an ECOSOC NGO(s)  that one shall undertake to support the work of the United Nations.

Those who skip upon details to mislead and or confuse people, who boast that your faith community has agreed to support totally the United Nations were not taking in anything and everything regarding a DPI, but rather, using information regarding ECOSOC resolutions to go after some gullible Jim and Tom who would take information without dwelling upon more information for themselves, therefore, such ones tend to confuse the two, an NGO with a DPI status, and an NGO with an ECOSOC status, more so, they also fail to see how DPIs are totally separate from the UN department.

Since the NGO status of the Watchtower was only a DPI, and never was an ECOSOC (which if they were, it would have destroyed the Jehovah's Witnesses long time ago), so since resolution 1296 never applied to them since, again, never was an ECOSOC NGO.

have a demonstrated interest in United Nations issues and a proven ability to reach target or specialized audiences, such as educators, media representatives, policy makers and the business community;

To be brief, I never seen them promote and or bring to claim anything in terms of a single world government that is Orwellian under the hands of man. Nor has it ever been seen among them showing support and or promoting things such as Agenda 21 for example, for such things are of the United Nations interest, and the majority knows what the United Nations is attempting to do.

have the commitment and means to conduct effective information programs about UN activities by publishing newsletters, bulletins and pamphlets, organizing conferences, seminars and round tables; and enlisting cooperation of the media.

This is often brought up, but to be brief, this can be refuted, that is, if you have said books or what have you in your possession, specifically anything in connection to whatever you have in the 1990s. Back in 1991, the Jehovah's Witnesses were informed of how they are able to gain access to library resources, and we know the result, they had to apply to be a DPI NGO in 1991, and finally verified in 1992, which allows them access to said resources, still a DPI NGO - not an ECOSOC NGO. Because of said access, they have been using the resources to their benefit, using the facilities available to them for the purpose in harmony with the DPI itself — to educate the public on the role and activities of the UN. To prove the organization is doing so, they must send copies of the organization's journal to the DPI as proof, which some on this notion tends to draw the conspiracy of UN area 52-qsue, Alex Jones level of conspiracy. After all, their purpose was to gain access to said resource. There is nothing wrong said action of acquire this resource, and it shows that they are making use of the resources, and attempt to promote values contrary to the UN charter. It is a sensible precaution on behalf of the DPI and completely appropriate. Those who dwell in conspiracy tend to focus on 1990 books and state that JWs are pro-UN and promoting to the public, not the resources they seek, but instead, the ideals of the United Nations. They also bring claim JWs are of the New World Order, again supportive of Agenda 21 - which as someone as myself who has dwelled on NWO information for a while, a long time, this can be spoken of as falsehood information to mislead people. And that being said, I well end it there should you feel the name to say something.

As for other information because I know this is brought up to - 

Only registered representatives of participating States, Partners for Co-operation, OSCE Institutions, NGOs, think tanks or others can submit documents to the ODIHR Documents Distribution System for distribution during the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting. ODIHR bears no responsibility for the content of such documents received for distribution, and circulates them without altering their content. The distribution by the ODIHR Documents Distribution System of documents received does not imply any endorsement by ODIHR and is without prejudice to OSCE decisions, as set out in documents agreed by OSCE participating States.

DPI NGO have representatives and they are able to send those who represent them to OSCE meetings. And regarding their history, it is in regards to Religious Rights, the freedom to practice faith and to profess it in the face of religious persecution and or discrimination.

To quote myself because I did speak on this before:


Now, OSCE. Because the fact that the Jehovah's Witnesses have representatives there and or any religious denomination who attended the OSCE, does not automatically make them part of the World's Religious System, UNLESS, said religious groups are the one's pulling the strings behind everything and aiding that of superpowers, governments, United Nations decisions, and the like, those who have been upgraded from their DPI NGO status of course. In addition, the JWs, were an NGO with a DPI status - not an ECOSOC status, and the focal point in regards as to why such a thing is in this sense is in terms of Religious Human Rights - the ability to preach, proclaim, profess, pray, read, observe, essentially - the ability to practice one's faith without any form of consequence and or opposition.

In addition, it wouldn't make sense that the Jehovah's Witnesses helped in making decisions either besides defending religious/human rights regarding their own community, for instance, a French NGO had robbed them financially, Russia has been targeting them prior to the Kremlin Election and the Pope visit with Cyrill, Spiritual Power gain from Antarctica and the eventual ban. When it comes to the religious restorationism denomination of Jehovah Witnesses, for they, and others, had to deal with one category in the realm of persecution, to the Jews, they had to deal with Anti-Semitic actions from various folks, even from the likes of, to some extent, the UN’s; a convolution of discrimination and persecution as SoG puts it, on the other side of the spectrum, it is also the same case with other Christians and even those of Islam in the past in other instances.

Defending religious rights to prevent a cease of worship and or practicing of a faith doesn't equate to being part of the world and or the world’s religious system, for anyone with some sense and logic can see that i.e. if someone took all your bibles and burn them and commit to harm and injury, even torture to stop you from partaking your faith and worship – surely you’d speak up and go about things prayerfully. You really need to understand what OSCE even is (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), there is information about it that can be found online (easily), but it seems you are one-sided, always, and surprisingly, you get your information from a guy who cannot tell the difference between a trust fund and a cereal box, thus misleading information misleads, and you, have been misled, hence why I called you ignorant, as is the same with the trust fund discussion, therefore the actual OSCE source itself should be looked at thoroughly, it should be examined, act least get a majority of information together to make a case and or to better understand something.

The OSCE conference the representatives of civil society sit with governments on an equal footing. Its extensive attendance list also included representatives of Jehovah's Witnesses at the time, in past events regarding OSCE, some individuals from Poland, Russia, Germany, and or any personnel in the European area(s) that attended i.e. an OSCE event in September 24 - October 5, 2007, which is equal to in this sense to most if not all events.


And finally this old quote:


Now, it is no surprise regarding the state of the Watchtower in the early 2000s and their status as an NGO associate. To be very brief, they never met a criteria, nor have they ever been sponsored/affiliated to the point whereas they have been or is obligated to do the bidding of the United Nations – which will be quite a monster of a nightmare to which they will end up abandoning their beliefs; after all, there mistake has not led them to become a faith that is open to Interfaith practices and ideologies. For this is quite obvious granted a Religious Movement (all of them the fruits of the same tree) within the United Nations that has been gathering religions of the world to enact on the agenda of the United Nations, i.e. never once you have seen the Watchtower advocate for unifying of all religions for the betterment of co-existing, seeking world peace by means of man’s hand rather than God’s, for, this is obvious because they have alienated themselves from Mainstream Christendom, reasons why they are seen and or called a sect and or a cult by others because, as Trinitarians put it, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not follow Mainstream Christendom (The core being the Triune Belief and practices) or the fact that Christians need not be organized because such is not something a Christian should do (and yet this form of thinking negates the First Century Christians and their practices as read in ancient church documents and the history we see in the Bible) or there is no need to proclaim the message (and yet the ministry and spreading of the gospel is riddled in the Greek New Testament), they never took a stance with other religious leaders for religious goals to satisfy the United Nations, they never had their say collaborating with any agenda presented to them.

The only thing they have done was take any information they get in order to cite something and or the like in terms of the resources in of itself – as is with everyone else, furthermore, The Watchtower, or Jehovah’s Witnesses in general tend to do anything and everything in order to prevent a cease in religious worship, and this is where OSCE comes in in terms of Religious Rights, which includes the right to and or the freedom to practice, which they have, which I have, which you have.

Someone defending their faith and preventing it from being ceased isn’t being part of the world, nor is it in connection to the Globalist Agenda, or the United Nations conquest for peace in terms of a One World Religion (for there is credible information on the religions who 100% side with the United Nations is with the conquest in play by the UN in terms of religion, which is in connection with their agenda).

It is also hypocritical, granted if you were in that position, you’d do the exact same to prevent a cease of your faith to practice, to cease anything and everything in connection with religious worship to God, and so forth, or in short – a total cut of and or alienation from God 100%, therefore, you end up dying Spiritually without even succumbing to anything sinful act that lands you a position of Expelling, therefore an Excommunication by means of allowance of termination of worship, of faith and service, depriving you, purposely. And I am 100% sure, Witness, you would never want that to happen to you, or would anyone want that to happened to them, but granted with the conquest for peace and number of movements and actions taking place, this is the case for some people, even Christians.

Now, The Wild Beast consist of those trying to reshape a couple of things, education, government and religion (as I have told you before, as to others), in addition, we have the financial system regarding world banks as well, now regarding religion, this is why I said a number of times and before that NGOs who are sponsored and signed up, including as to what they are affiliated by, to be on board with the United Nation's planning, their agendas, are the ones to look out for, for they are the real threats, mainly if they dip their hands in what has already been mentioned. There are well over thousands upon thousands of NGOs, the number of NGOs worldwide is estimated to be 10 million and counting, and some of them do not/has not signed on with the United Nations (but in this day and age, the majority join because they want more, hence why they shoot for the requirements for the criteria), for they want access to something and or resources to use for their own benefit and not having to do any legwork for the United Nations while others have that same milestone, but affiliated with decision making and the like for the UN. Those who do sign on, are the ones taking action in various areas of the world, i.e. Africa, The Middle East, Greece, Italy, majority of the EU, The Caribbean, and most importantly, The United States of America, whereas the United Nations have several cards up their sleeves regarding the Americans, to which one of these cards caused an abundance of anger back in August 11-12 of 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia regarding their response to the First Amendment; to which we know what will happened to Christians should that be tampered with. Regarding religion, there are many big players who are sponsored NGOs with an affiliated status i.e. ECOSOC or UNESCO, UNICEF, etc. who is on the side of the United Nations and doing the work of the United Nations, a DPI can’t really do much if they do not have the other ones mentioned tied down to them. We have examples out there who known, there is the Elijah Interfaith Institute, otherwise known as the E.I.I.

They’ve been around since the late 1990s, and what makes them a threat is the direct connection they have with powerful religious leaders, one in question, Pope Francis. They are affiliated in regard to United Nations affairs by means of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

NOTE: UNESCO participates and fully supports the work of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) – which is the UN principal body for coordination, policy review, policy dialogue and recommendations on economic, social and environmental issues, as well as for implementation of the internationally agreed development goals. It further serves as the United Nations’ central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development where many of UNESCO’s mandates and priorities are being discussed.

NOTE: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) or in French, Organisation des Nations unies pour l'education, la science et la culture, is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) based in Paris, France. Its declared purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms in order to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter. It is the successor of the League of Nations' International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation.

And speaking about the Vatican, they have several NGOs stem from their own branches from the E.I.I. such as the Carmelite, an NGO, who is sponsored, and it is not just a DPI, but also affiliated with ECOSOC, hence allowing a voice of theirs to be intertwined with UN affairs, they also have met the criteria to actually take part in any action and or dealings of the United Nations, in turn, being in total submission to them, in addition, this NGO , is comprised of religious lay men and women from around the world who are members of the Religious Order of Carmelite and or its affiliated Congregations and Institutes within the Catholic Church itself, for it is at the service of the people they serve and the people to help them meet goals for the betterment of themselves; the supported and the supporters, and the goal for them is the exact same as all religious NGOs who are on the side of the United Nations – Issues of Peace and unifying of the faith; as I told Mr. Butler before – Interfaith.

NOTE: It can be said that the Catholic Church has well over 15-20+ NGOs with affiliation to and or sponsorship of ECOSOC, all of whom maintains in total submission to the United Nations goals and decisions and so forth, even into this very day and onward.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower, who were formerly an NGO (no one is a former NGO, the status is ink to paper, paper to ink), and DPI affiliated, however, it was never sponsored at all. Nor do they have a DPI status that has never, if not, ever been flagged for renewal or changed into or tied with ECOSOC and or other. The Jehovah’s Witnesses became associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) back in 1992.

The library card statement is indeed true in regards to them, for they wanted to have access on health, ecological, and social problems from a United Nations library, of which they had been using for many years prior to 1991, for in this year, that is when they have been told in order to gain access to these libraries and or resources, they must be an NGO to gains aid access and they have submitted an application of NGO registration which during those days took time to be verified (in 1991 an NGO to sign a DPI requires no signature), this was the case with any and every NGO prior to the changes made regarding the United Nations and NGO relationships in 1994, to which said relationship has been worked on, and a new foundation being created, that being said, this is the result of their status of being an NGO with DPI status in 1992, more so, due to this new found status, they had access to these libraries, in addition, in the year 1998 (parallel from 2014-2005 revisions in the world of NGOs) during the 53rd United Nations General Assembly regarding a new era and partnership with NGOs, as seen by this source (Paragraph) which shows us clearly how everything and anything pertaining to the world of NGOs is on a crash course for change: 

    Hello guest!

NOTE: The Jehovah’s Witnesses and or entirety of the Watchtower, unlike ECOSOC sponsored and or affiliated ones does not support and or has shown ANY support to the Agenda 21. Let that sink in. Nor have they mentioned anything pertaining to ECOSOC sponsorship and or affiliation, hence, promoting United Nations’ agenda, ideologies, and resolutions, more so, a lone DPI, regardless of whichever NGO cannot do such unless they are also tag-teamed with ECOSOC (and all in connection with ECOSOC)

We can also pinpoint that there is a visible and yet obvious reveal that the United Nations relationships with NGOs be it ECOSOC and DPI is among said changes according to that document. Furthermore, in the late 1990s regarding global policies, an ECOSOC affiliated NGO has been publishing information regarding the United Nations, that both the worlds of the ECOSOC and DPI NGOs world is rapidly shifting into new territory, for there is all that pertains to activities, the needs, and changes of office. As with other events regarding documents, both lost and found in conjunction with what was mentioned in the last sentence.

The United Nations itself even stated that association of NGOs who are of a DPI status doesn’t constitute their incorporation into the United Nations’ system, nor does it entitle associated organizations or their staff (staffers) to any kind of privileges, immunities or special status and or other.

The only reason Jehovah’s Witnesses got cut-off the latest version of NGO criteria rules was the result of the Jehovah Witnesses’ resignation [resigning]. For if they had continued, they’d break everything they stand for should they take in the sponsors and be affiliated with UN groups that allows them to have their voice in the matter of world affairs on the behalf of or in behalf of the UN itself and their circle of allies, and the Jehovah Witnesses’ religious faith and it’s community would not be under control of their church leaders whose dwelling place is in Orange County Warwick, rather, that of which they would have submitted themselves to if they had not resigned, meaning, all the world religious leaders, even its branches and connections, the Jehovah’s Witnesses would be a part of it, even affiliated with ECOSOC and their connections, in turn, they’d break away from their Restorationist roots like their counterparts and being open to and embrace Interfaith teachings and practices, even, ironically enough, be open to the belief of Mary being the Father of God (accepting it because they are of the interfaith), they’d be open to Triune Godhood Doctrine thus becoming Trinitarian (for currently they are primarily Non/Anti-Trinitarian and should they accept since most religious ECOSOC NGOs accept this, the JWs have no choice but to embrace the Trinity), they’d be open to holiday celebrations coming back into their churches (because interfaith counterparts partake in said holidays) and they would also submit to the Interfaith practices of the One World Religion (being among the religious leaders for seeking and being on a conquest for peace and religious co-existence), they have no choice but to submit, more so, you’d see their leaders at the Summits with other religious leaders and perhaps even the Kairos and Together events, side by side with Kenneth Copeland and the other Charlatans, which takes place on a yearly basis, as well as throwing their political neutrality in Gehenna itself, in which they will encourage all active and practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses to partake because they are in total submission to the One World Religion Banner of the United Nations, and all things, they will get sponsor after sponsor, one after another, even renewals of status, making the Jehovah’s Witnesses in this “Else-World based scenario” of a reality a big threat, and an enemy against True Christians, a big one due to those on said conquest on the behalf of the UN.

Surely this would be a victory for you, Witness (a fairly good one), if that was the case, if that was the reality, but unfortunately it is not. True Christians know who their enemy is, we know how the United Nations have been operating since the day CNN founder, Ted Turner said what he said in the early 2000s, we know how to evade the governmental, financial, the educational system and the religion of the Wild Beast, but you cannot see past your fingers on your own hands or the toes on your foot, on this matter, therefore, if you are as unaware of this matter and who is who, who is truly the real enemy in the battle of Christendom, let alone being acceptive of conspiracy (which I believe this is about the 10th or so time I called you out on this), then I say you, truly, your ignorance casts bigger shade of shadow than the stones of old that sit, to this day, in the ruins of Babylon.

Anyone can make claim the Watchtower was an NGO, ink to paper, that is and will forever will be with them for an NGO is still an NGO, although some see such as a mistake, but not realizing at all about the biggest bullet they had dodged when the changes have been set in motion within the world of NGOs according to the UN document. But one cannot claim them being affiliated with the United Nations affairs and the agenda that will soon come to pass, 2020 and onward, especially Agenda 21 of all things, for if they are not and or have no affiliation to and or sponsored to ECOSOC (for if that was the case, any JW who speaks of the UN, even debate strongly on the matter til the sweat of their brow hits the ground, should the Watchtower having been in connection with ECOSOC which is the puppet from the branches of the UN – all their words would be of hypocrisy, all their words would be indefensible to which the Jehovah’s Witnesses would end up as fools, jesters in the court), only then your claim of affiliation – would have been very true, however, since this isn’t the case, it falls flat, and using conspiracy befits the claim of you being ignorant, as you were before, as you are now, as is with any conspiracy you bring forth in continuous beckoning calls with no legitimate information on what has been brought up.

It is one thing to accidentally be misinformed of something or someone. But to go to great lengths to use the backing of one-sided information when the truth is actually out there in this matter, mainly when it comes to NGOs, this can be said – the information regarding NGOs as with DPIs cuts like a hot knife through butter.

But seriously, the constant beating of a dead horse is getting old, mainly when the non religious can even see it, it is absurd....

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On 11/21/2020 at 2:32 PM, César Chávez said:

I guess you refuse to read the letters you just posted correctly. How about reading it through a truth eye. 

It also seems, you don't read my response to well either. How about posting the "1991 application form" versus what the misguided UN officer sent on his remarks. That person made no distinction between the 1991 form and the "revised" form he was talking about.

Was the UN language changed? YES! The Watchtower was not aware it had and when it was time to renew, THE WATCHTOWER REFUSED BECAUSE OF THAT NEW LANGUAGE!!

Therefore, POST the 1991 application or let it go, srecko. Ex-witnesses have no claim no matter how hard you try to subvert the truth.

Watchtower NGO_ Letter_Email to The Guardian.pdf 256.38 kB · 2 downloads


Essentially the point, no Resolution/Charter defeats the claims. The irony of this is that this is the same game play last year, but this time corrected twice.

The amuses me to see people who have no idea of the UN and it's history, explain it, mind you, one of these people say "they don't know nothing and don't make an effort to learn anything" pertaining to the UN.

A lot of us knew the changes the UN has gone through as well, especially for the NGOs.

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      Remerciez Jéhovah, louez son nom ;
      parmi les peuples, faites connaître ses actions grandioses !
      Chantez pour lui, chantez-lui des louanges,
      méditez sur tous ses actes prodigieux.
      Soyez fiers de son saint nom.
      Que le cœur de ceux qui recherchent Jéhovah se réjouisse.
      Recherchez Jéhovah et sa force.
      Cherchez constamment son visage.
      Souvenez-vous des actes prodigieux qu’il a accomplis,
      de ses miracles et des jugements qu’il a prononcés,
      vous, descendants de son serviteur Abraham,
      vous, fils de Jacob, ceux qu’il a choisis !
      Il est Jéhovah notre Dieu.
      Ses jugements s’appliquent sur toute la terre.
      Pour toujours, il se souvient de son alliance,
      pendant mille générations, de la promesse qu’il a faite,
      de l’alliance qu’il a conclue avec Abraham
      et du serment qu’il a fait à Isaac,
      serment qu’il a établi comme décret pour Jacob
      et comme alliance permanente pour Israël,
      en disant : « Je te donnerai le pays de Canaan ;
      ce sera ta part d’héritage. »
      C’était lorsqu’ils étaient en petit nombre,
      oui, peu nombreux, et qu’ils étaient étrangers dans le pays.
      Ils circulaient d’une nation à l’autre,
      d’un royaume vers un autre peuple.
      Il ne laissa aucun homme les opprimer;
      pour eux, il réprimanda des rois,
      en disant : « Ne touchez pas à mes oints
      et ne faites aucun mal à mes prophètes. »
      Il appela une famine sur le pays ;
      il les priva de pain.
      Il envoya en avant d’eux un homme,
      Joseph, qui fut vendu comme esclave.
      On lui lia les pieds par des entraves,
      on lui mit le cou dans les fers ;
      la déclaration de Jéhovah, c’est ce qui l’affina,
      jusqu’au moment où la parole de Dieu s’accomplit.
      Le roi ordonna de le libérer,
      le chef des peuples le relâcha.
      Il l’établit maître de son palais,
      chef sur tous ses biens,
      pour qu’il ait autorité sur ses princes comme il lui semblait bon
      et qu’il enseigne la sagesse aux aînés.
      Alors Israël vint en Égypte,
      et Jacob résida comme étranger au pays de Cham.
      Dieu rendit son peuple très fécond ;
      il le rendit plus fort que ses adversaires,
      dont il laissa le cœur changer pour qu’ils haïssent son peuple,
      pour qu’ils conspirent contre ses serviteurs.
      Il envoya son serviteur Moïse,
      et Aaron, qu’il avait choisi.
      Ils accomplirent ses signes parmi eux,
      ses miracles au pays de Cham.
      Il envoya l’obscurité, et le pays s’enténébra;
      ils ne se rebellèrent pas contre ses paroles.
      Il changea leurs eaux en sang
      et tua leurs poissons.
      Leur pays fut envahi de grenouilles,
      jusque dans les chambres royales.
      Il ordonna aux taons de les envahir
      et aux moustiques d’infester leurs territoires.
      Il changea leur pluie en grêle
      et envoya la foudre sur leur pays.
      Il frappa leurs vignes et leurs figuiers
      et brisa les arbres de leur territoire.
      Il ordonna que les criquets les envahissent,
      de jeunes criquets sans nombre.
      Ils dévorèrent toute la végétation du pays,
      et ils dévorèrent les produits du sol.
      Puis il abattit tout premier-né dans leur pays,
      le début de leur puissance procréatrice.
      Il fit sortir son peuple chargé d’argent et d’or;
      et parmi ses tribus, personne ne trébucha.
      Quand ils partirent, les Égyptiens se réjouirent,
      car la terreur qu’Israël inspirait s’était emparée d’eux.
      Il déploya un nuage pour dissimuler son peuple,
      et un feu pour l’éclairer la nuit.
      Ils demandèrent, et il fit venir des cailles ;
      il les rassasiait du pain du ciel.
      Il ouvrit un rocher, et les eaux coulèrent ;
      elles coulèrent dans le désert comme un fleuve.
      Car il se souvenait de la promesse sainte qu’il avait faite à son serviteur Abraham.
      Il fit donc sortir son peuple dans l’allégresse,
      ceux qu’il avait choisis, dans un cri de joie.
      Il leur donna les terres des nations ;
      ils héritèrent de ce que d’autres peuples avaient produit en peinant,
      afin qu’ils respectent ses décrets
      et obéissent à ses lois.
      Louez Yah !

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    • Eric Ouellet

      Nous ne pouvons rien cacher à Dieu, Droite est la vision de Justice de Jéhovah 
      Louez Yah !
      Remerciez Jéhovah, car il est bon ;
      son amour fidèle est éternel.
      Qui peut proclamer tous les actes puissants de Jéhovah
      ou annoncer toutes ses actions dignes de louanges ?
      Heureux ceux qui agissent avec droiture,
      qui se comportent toujours avec justice.
      Souviens-toi de moi, ô Jéhovah, quand tu accordes ta faveur à ton peuple.
      Occupe-toi de moi par tes actes sauveurs,
      pour que je savoure le bien que tu fais à ceux que tu as choisi ;
      Pour que je me réjouisse aux côtés de ta nation,
      pour que je te loue fièrement aux côtés de ton héritage.
      Nous avons péché, comme nos ancêtres;
      nous avons mal agi, nous nous sommes conduits méchamment.
      Nos ancêtres, en Égypte, ne comprirent pas le sens de tes œuvres prodigieuses.
      Ils ne se souvinrent pas de ton immense amour fidèle,
      et ils se rebellèrent près de la mer, la mer Rouge.
      Mais par égard pour son nom, il les sauva,
      afin de faire connaître sa puissance.
      Il réprimanda la mer Rouge, et elle s’assécha ;
      il les conduisit à travers ses profondeurs comme à travers un désert;
      il les sauva de la main de leur adversaire,
      il les racheta de la main de l’ennemi.
      Les eaux recouvrirent leurs adversaires ;
      aucun d’eux ne survécut.
      Alors ils eurent foi en sa promesse ;
      ils se mirent à chanter sa louange.
      Mais ils oublièrent vite ce qu’il avait fait ;
      ils n’attendirent pas son conseil.
      Ils cédèrent à leurs désirs égoïstes dans le désert;
      ils mirent Dieu à l’épreuve dans les solitudes.
      Il leur accorda ce qu’ils demandaient,
      mais il les frappa ensuite d’un mal qui les fit dépérir.
      Dans le camp, ils devinrent jaloux de Moïse
      et d’Aaron, le saint de Jéhovah.
      Alors la terre s’ouvrit et engloutit Dathan,
      et elle recouvrit ceux qui s’étaient rassemblés avec Abiram.
      Un feu flamba parmi leur groupe,
      une flamme consuma les méchants.
      Ils firent un veau en Horeb
      et se prosternèrent devant une statue en métal;
      ils échangèrent ma gloire
      contre la représentation d’un taureau, d’un mangeur d’herbe.
      Ils oublièrent Dieu, leur Sauveur,
      qui avait fait de grandes choses en Égypte,
      des œuvres prodigieuses au pays de Cham,
      des actes redoutables à la mer Rouge.
      Il allait ordonner leur anéantissement,
      mais Moïse, celui qu’il avait choisi, intercéda auprès de lui
      pour détourner sa colère destructrice.
      Puis ils méprisèrent le pays désirable ;
      ils n’eurent pas foi dans sa promesse.
      Ils n’arrêtèrent pas de grogner dans leurs tentes ;
      ils n’écoutèrent pas la voix de Jéhovah.
      Alors, levant la main, il jura
      de les faire tomber dans le désert,
      de faire tomber leurs descendants parmi les nations
      et de les disperser dans tous les pays.
      Puis ils prirent part au culte du Baal de Péor
      et mangèrent des sacrifices offerts aux morts.
      Ils provoquèrent sa colère par leurs actions,
      et un fléau éclata parmi eux.
      Mais Phinéas se leva pour intervenir,
      et le fléau s’arrêta.
      Et cela fut porté à son compte comme justice,
      de génération en génération, pour toujours.
      Ils provoquèrent sa colère aux eaux de Meriba,
      et, à cause d’eux, les choses tournèrent mal pour Moïse.
      Ils aigrirent son esprit,
      si bien qu’il parla avec ses lèvres sans réfléchir.
      Ils n’anéantirent pas les peuples,
      contrairement à l’ordre de Jéhovah.
      Mais ils se mêlèrent aux nations
      et adoptèrent leurs manières d’agir.
      Ils servirent leurs idoles,
      et celles-ci devinrent un piège pour eux.
      Ils sacrifièrent leurs fils
      et leurs filles aux démons.
      Ils firent couler le sang d’innocents,
      le sang de leurs propres fils et de leurs propres filles
      qu’ils sacrifiaient aux idoles de Canaan;
      et le pays fut profané par le sang versé.
      Par leurs œuvres, ils se rendirent impurs ;
      par leurs actes, ils pratiquèrent la prostitution spirituelle.
      Alors la colère de Jéhovah éclata contre son peuple,
      et il en vint à détester son héritage.
      Maintes fois il les livra aux nations,
      pour que ceux qui les haïssaient dominent sur eux.
      Leurs ennemis les opprimèrent,
      et ils furent soumis à leur pouvoir.
      Bien des fois il les secourut,
      mais ils se rebellaient et désobéissaient,
      et ils étaient abaissés à cause de leur faute.
      Cependant il voyait leur détresse
      et entendait leur appel à l’aide.
      Pour eux, il se souvenait de son alliance ;
      dans son grand amour fidèle, il avait pitié.
      Il éveillait envers eux la pitié
      de tous ceux qui les tenaient captifs.
      Sauve-nous, ô Jéhovah notre Dieu,
      et rassemble-nous du milieu des nations
      pour que nous puissions glorifier ton saint nom
      et te louer dans la joie.
      Que Jéhovah, le Dieu d’Israël, soit loué
      pour toute l’éternité.
      Et que tout le peuple dise : « Amen ! »
      Louez Yah !

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    • folens  »  Eric Ouellet

      Hello Eric merci pour tes sujets et partages. Bonne journée Michel
      12 SECRETS POUR MAINTENIR LA JOIE DANS l organisation de Jéhovah.pdf memoire_vivante56.pdf Un athée.pdf
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    • Eric Ouellet

      Que nos sacrifices de paix venant du coeur soit pur aux services de Dieu
      Le Lévitique a été écrit il y a 3 500 ans, mais Jéhovah l’a préservé pour nous instruire  (Rom. 15:4). Ce livre nous aide à comprendre ce que Jéhovah pense et ressent. Nous devrions donc nous y intéresser de près. En fait, nous pouvons tirer beaucoup de leçons de ce livre inspiré de Dieu. Examinons-en quatre.
      Première leçon : nous devons avoir l’approbation de Jéhovah si nous voulons qu’il accepte nos sacrifices. Chaque année, le jour de la Réconciliation, la nation d’Israël se rassemblait et des sacrifices d’animaux étaient offerts. Ces sacrifices rappelaient aux Israélites qu’ils avaient besoin d’être purifiés de leurs péchés. Mais avant d’entrer dans le Très-Saint avec du sang provenant des sacrifices, le grand prêtre devait d’abord accomplir une autre tâche, une tâche dont l’objectif était bien plus important que le pardon des péchés de la nation.
      (Lire Lévitique 16:12, 13.) Imagine la scène : Nous sommes le jour de la Réconciliation. Le grand prêtre entre dans le tabernacle. C’est la première des trois fois où il va entrer dans le Très-Saint ce jour-là. Dans une main, il tient un récipient contenant de l’encens parfumé, et dans l’autre un récipient à feu en or rempli de braises. Il s’arrête un instant devant le rideau du Très-Saint. Puis, avec un profond respect, il entre et va se placer devant l’arche de l’Alliance. De façon figurée, il se trouve en présence de Jéhovah lui-même ! Puis il verse avec soin l’encens sacré sur les braises, et la pièce se remplit d’un parfum délicat. Plus tard, il va de nouveau entrer dans le Très-Saint avec du sang provenant des sacrifices pour le péché. Remarque qu’il brûle l’encens avant de présenter le sang des sacrifices pour le péché
      Qu’apprenons-nous de ce que le grand prêtre devait faire avec l’encens le jour de la Réconciliation ? La Bible montre que, pour Jéhovah, les prières de ses fidèles adorateurs sont comparables à de l’encens (Ps. 141:2 ; Rév. 5:8). Comme nous venons de le voir, c’était avec un profond respect que le grand prêtre apportait l’encens jusque devant l’arche de l’Alliance, qui symbolisait la présence de Jéhovah. De la même façon, quand nous nous approchons de Jéhovah par la prière, nous le faisons avec beaucoup de respect. Nous sommes très reconnaissants au Créateur de l’univers de nous permettre de nous approcher de lui comme un enfant le fait avec son père (Jacq. 4:8). Il accepte que nous soyons ses amis ! (Ps. 25:14). Nous apprécions tellement cet honneur que nous ne voudrions jamais le décevoir.
      Souviens-toi que le grand prêtre devait brûler l’encens avant de pouvoir offrir les sacrifices. Ainsi, il faisait le nécessaire pour avoir l’approbation de Dieu au moment où il les offrirait. Qu’est-ce que cela nous apprend au sujet de Jésus ? Avant de pouvoir offrir sa vie en sacrifice, il a fallu qu’il fasse quelque chose d’essentiel, dont l’objectif était bien plus important que le salut des humains. Qu’a-t-il dû faire ? Il a dû rester fidèle à Dieu et obéir à ses commandements durant toute sa vie sur terre, ce qui permettrait à Jéhovah d’accepter son sacrifice. En restant intègre, Jésus prouverait qu’accomplir la volonté de Jéhovah est la meilleure façon de vivre. Et il justifierait la souveraineté de son Père : il apporterait la preuve que sa façon de gouverner est bonne et juste.
      Durant sa vie sur la terre, Jésus a toujours obéi parfaitement aux normes de Jéhovah. Aucune tentation ni aucune épreuve, ni même la mort atroce qui l’attendait, n’a pu affaiblir son désir de défendre la façon de gouverner de son Père (Phil. 2:8). Dans l’épreuve, Jésus priait « avec des cris puissants et des larmes » (Héb. 5:7). Ses prières intenses venaient d’un cœur fidèle à Dieu, et elles renforçaient son désir de lui rester obéissant. Pour Jéhovah, les prières de Jésus étaient comme le parfum délicat de l’encens. Par sa façon de vivre, Jésus a grandement réjoui le cœur de son Père et a justifié sa souveraineté.
      Nous imiterons Jésus en faisant le maximum pour rester fidèles à Jéhovah et obéir à ses lois. Et dans l’épreuve, comme nous voulons lui plaire, nous le supplierons de nous aider. Nous montrerons alors que nous soutenons sa souveraineté. Nous savons qu’il ne répondra pas à nos prières si nous avons une conduite qu’il n’approuve pas. Cependant, si nous respectons ses normes, nous pouvons être sûrs que nos prières sincères seront pour lui comme de l’encens au parfum délicat. Nous pouvons également être certains que notre fidélité et notre obéissance réjouiront notre Père céleste (Prov. 27:11).
      Deuxième leçon : nous servons Jéhovah parce que nous éprouvons pour lui de la reconnaissance. Pour développer cette idée, parlons des sacrifices de paix, un autre aspect important du vrai culte dans l’ancien Israël. Dans le livre du Lévitique, nous apprenons qu’un Israélite pouvait offrir un sacrifice de paix « pour exprimer sa reconnaissance » à Dieu (Lév. 7:11-13, 16-18). Il offrait ce sacrifice, non pas parce qu’il était obligé de le faire, mais parce qu’il le voulait. Il s’agissait donc d’un sacrifice qu’une personne faisait volontairement parce qu’elle aimait son Dieu, Jéhovah. Cette personne ainsi que sa famille et les prêtres mangeaient ensuite la viande de l’animal sacrifié. Mais certaines parties de l’animal étaient réservées exclusivement à Jéhovah. Lesquelles ?
      Troisième leçon : par amour pour Jéhovah, nous lui donnons ce que nous avons de meilleur. Jéhovah considérait la graisse comme la meilleure partie de l’animal. Il a aussi fait savoir que d’autres parties de l’animal, comme les rognons, étaient particulièrement précieuses pour lui (lire Lévitique 3:6, 12, 14-16). Cela lui faisait donc très plaisir quand un Israélite lui offrait volontairement ces parties de l’animal et la graisse. Cet Israélite montrait qu’il désirait vraiment lui offrir le meilleur. De la même façon, Jésus a offert à Jéhovah ce qu’il avait de meilleur en le servant de toute son âme et par amour (Jean 14:31). Pour Jésus, faire la volonté de son Père était un plaisir ; il avait un amour profond pour la loi de Dieu (Ps. 40:8). Comme cela a dû réjouir Jéhovah de voir son Fils le servir avec autant d’enthousiasme !
      Comme ces sacrifices de paix, notre service pour Jéhovah est une façon de lui montrer ce que nous ressentons pour lui. Nous lui donnons ce que nous avons de meilleur, et nous le faisons parce que nous l’aimons de tout notre cœur. Comme cela doit le réjouir de voir des millions de personnes le servir avec plaisir parce qu’elles ont un profond amour pour lui et pour ses normes ! Cela nous réconforte de savoir que Jéhovah voit non seulement nos actions, mais aussi nos mobiles, et qu’il y accorde de la valeur. Par exemple, si tu es âgé et que tu ne peux plus en faire autant qu’avant, sois certain que Jéhovah comprend tes limites. Tu penses peut-être que tu n’as pas grand-chose à lui offrir. Mais lui, il voit que ton profond amour pour lui te pousse à faire ce que tu peux. Il accepte avec plaisir ce que tu as de mieux à lui donner.
      Que nous apprennent les sacrifices de paix ? Alors que le feu consumait les meilleures parties de l’animal, la fumée s’élevait vers le ciel et cela faisait très plaisir à Jéhovah. Tu peux donc être sûr que Jéhovah est vraiment content de toi quand tu fais tout ce que tu peux pour le servir (Col. 3:23). Imagine son sourire d’approbation. Il considère comme très précieux les efforts que tu fournis à son service, qu’ils soient grands ou petits, et il ne les oubliera jamais (Mat. 6:20 ; Héb. 6:10).
      Quatrième leçon : Jéhovah bénit la partie terrestre de son organisation. Rappelle-toi ce qui est arrivé en 1512 avant notre ère, quand le tabernacle a été dressé au pied du mont Sinaï (Ex. 40:17). Moïse a présidé une cérémonie durant laquelle Aaron et ses fils ont été établis prêtres. La nation d’Israël s’était rassemblée pour voir les prêtres présenter leurs premiers sacrifices (Lév. 9:1-5). Comment Jéhovah a-t-il montré qu’il approuvait cette nouvelle prêtrise ? Alors qu’Aaron et Moïse bénissaient le peuple, Jéhovah a fait descendre du ciel un feu qui a complètement consumé le sacrifice sur l’autel (Lévitique 9:23,24)
      Dans quel objectif Jéhovah a-t-il provoqué ce spectacle impressionnant à la fin de la cérémonie durant laquelle Aaron a été établi grand prêtre ? Il voulait montrer par là qu’il soutenait pleinement la prêtrise aaronique. Et les Israélites ont clairement vu qu’elle avait son approbation. Ils avaient donc toutes les raisons de la soutenir eux aussi. Est-ce important pour nous de savoir cela ? Oui ! La prêtrise en Israël n’était qu’une « ombre » d’une prêtrise bien meilleure. Le Christ est le Grand Prêtre par excellence et 144 000 humains seront prêtres et rois à ses côtés au ciel (Héb. 4:14 ; 8:3-5 ; 10:1).
      En 1919, Jésus a choisi un petit groupe de frères oints pour former l’« esclave fidèle et avisé ». Cet esclave dirige la prédication et donne aux disciples du Christ « leur nourriture au bon moment » (Mat. 24:45). Avons-nous des preuves que Dieu l’approuve
      Satan et son monde font tout ce qu’ils peuvent pour empêcher cet esclave d’assumer ses responsabilités, à tel point que, sans l’aide de Dieu, il n’y arriverait pas. Toutefois, malgré deux guerres mondiales, des persécutions incessantes, des crises économiques mondiales et des traitements injustes, il continue de fournir de la nourriture spirituelle aux disciples du Christ sur la terre. Pense à toute la nourriture spirituelle qui est aujourd’hui disponible gratuitement dans plus de 900 langues ! C’est une preuve incontestable du soutien de Dieu. Et voici une autre preuve encore : la prédication. La bonne nouvelle est prêchée « sur toute la terre » ! (Mat. 24:14). Il n’y a pas de doute, Jéhovah guide et bénit abondamment son organisation.
      Demandons-nous : « Suis-je reconnaissant à Dieu de pouvoir collaborer avec la partie terrestre de son organisation ? » Jéhovah nous donne des preuves qu’il la soutient, des preuves aussi convaincantes que le feu qui est descendu du ciel à l’époque de Moïse et d’Aaron. Nous avons de nombreuses raisons d’être reconnaissants à notre Dieu (1 Thess. 5:18, 19). Comment pouvons-nous soutenir l’organisation qu’il utilise ? En suivant les conseils basés sur la Bible qui nous sont donnés dans nos publications, aux réunions et aux assemblées, ainsi qu’en participant le plus possible à l’activité de prédication et d’enseignement (1 Cor. 15:58).
      Soyons déterminés à appliquer les leçons que nous avons tirées du livre du Lévitique. Cherchons à obtenir l’approbation de Jéhovah pour qu’il accepte nos sacrifices. Servons-le par reconnaissance. Continuons de lui donner par amour ce que nous avons de meilleur. Et soutenons de tout notre cœur l’organisation qu’il bénit. Nous lui montrerons alors que nous chérissons l’honneur de le servir et d’être ses Témoins !
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