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"Jehovah’s Witnesses will not enjoy freebies under my government" – Akua Donkor

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    Hello guest!

The flagbearer of the Ghana Freedom Party, Akua Donkor, says since the religious beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not allow them to exercise their franchise, they will not enjoy any benefit under her presidency.

Justifying her decision, Madam Donkor explained that because they have refused to exercise their civic duty, they don’t deserve to enjoy any freebies from the State.

Therefore, should she win the December 7 general election, her first action will be to expel all Jehovah’s Witnesses from the civil and public service and also prevent their children from enjoying free education.

Madam Donkor, who was speaking during the first Akan presidential debate in Accra Monday maintained that they cannot benefit from government and will not be allowed to work in the public sector.

The only opportunity available for Jehovah’s Witnesses in her government, she added, is for them to engage in private business.


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You almost think that she would use her talents to root out villainy and solve a few problems in her country instead.

I suspect they would still be allowed the opportunity to pay taxes. She's not thinking it through if she really thinks that voting is "buying" the governments services. Most people think they are buying representation by paying taxes and they therefore vote as a way to try to manipulate the government to have the best chance of representing their own interests in how that tax money is spent. Yet, here we have a group of people who pay taxes but are not clamoring for special favors that one party

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2 hours ago, 4Jah2me said:

The only opportunity available for Jehovah’s Witnesses in her government, she added, is for them to engage in private business.

I suspect they would still be allowed the opportunity to pay taxes. She's not thinking it through if she really thinks that voting is "buying" the governments services. Most people think they are buying representation by paying taxes and they therefore vote as a way to try to manipulate the government to have the best chance of representing their own interests in how that tax money is spent. Yet, here we have a group of people who pay taxes but are not clamoring for special favors that one party offers over another.

Also, having only partisan people among your government workers results in many problems. There are times when you really can't trust partisan people to tell you the truth about what is happening in their government departments. The USA has begun to have this trouble for last couple decades, especially. And in this last election, one party is supposed to be always untrustworthy when it comes to counting votes (in the eyes of the other party). A leader should be happy to have neutral, non-partisans in government jobs. Taken to the extreme, every time a new party comes to power, it could also end up meaning that all persons of the other party must now lose their jobs and training and efficiency must always start at the bottom again.

There is a danger in this type of rhetoric which is probably a kind of "populist trial balloon" to see how much attention it will get her. It might be designed to get attention only because it seems outrageous to most, and she will add other things as she thinks of them if any of these get her some "airtime." I suspect she has picked this one (perhaps it's already one of many such issues) only because of a personal grudge against a particular relative's conversion (or a Witness' grudge against her for getting into politics, or a specific doctrine that she doesn't like. Or she's seen something negative in the news about Witnesses.

She is probably hoping that it gets some attention, but it isn't likely to gain her enough. The two major parties are leading with the current president running again, and a past present running again. 99.9% chance that it ends up being one of those two.

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On 11/24/2020 at 8:19 PM, JW Insider said:

would still be allowed the opportunity to pay taxes.

LOL......so she is wrong in saying they do not do their civic duty......... except, not voting for her.  This is a problem in Africa..... if you do not vote, you are persecuted, if you vote wrong, you are also persecuted....  so it is good that this civic duty is one JWs refrain from. No mark of the beast. 

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On 11/24/2020 at 8:19 PM, JW Insider said:

only partisan people among your government workers results

What outsiders do not understand is that tribes in Africa vote according to tribal parties.  Everything is partisan. That is why there are always low-key genocides going on. Elections are always unfair even if they are certified by so-called independent watchers. This is how Mugabe ruled for 37 years and could starve all the tribes that voted against him.


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