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BBVA launches service for trading and custody of Bitcoin in Switzerland

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"BBVA has begun to roll out the trials of what will become its first commercial service for the trading and custody of digital assets. The new service, which is to be offered through BBVA Switzerland, will make it possible to manage bitcoin transactions and have deposits in this cryptocurrency."


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      According to the document signed Thursday, both current civil servants and people about to assume a government position must disclose which digital assets they own, as well as in what quantity and from where they were purchased. The first reports must be provided from Jan. 1 through June 30, 2021.
      The reports must include all types of digital assets – including cryptocurrencies, digital securities and utility tokens – owned by a current or prospective civil servant, as well as their spouses and children. People seeking government roles will also have to make a crypto disclosure during the application process.
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      After the Real Estate implosion of the spring of 2021, and subsequent Bond and stock market crashes the debasement of the US dollar is at an extreme point of hyperinflation and lack of confidence. The IMF call for a new Bretton Woods agreement (that part has already happened btw).   At this historic meeting Gold is deprecated as a base asset due to counterfeiting and the arbitrary and sometimes fraudulent daily spot pricing by the 5 nefarious banksters who gather via speakerphone each morning in London.   This fulfills Bible Prophecy in Ezekiel 7: "They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will become abhorrent to them."   All countries within the UN (IMF / World Bank) can only agree on an international standard that can't be manipulated by China, Russia or the USA. Bitcoin.   The SDR's (Special Drawing Rights) of the IMF are now based on Bitcoin alone. Each day they publish the currency of each nation in the amount of Bitcoin it is worth.   Once adopted, the government of each country begins to dismantle and reengineer their central bank's role versus the role of the Treasury. Banksters are being imprisoned around the world on charges of exploitation and "crimes against humanity".   The individual currencies of the major nations begin to become less relevant by the year.   Someone should make a movie about this ..... PM Me. 😉
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      Guggenheim, the global investment firm with over $295 billion in assets filed an amendment with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, saying that it’s considering investing in Bitcoin through its Macro Opportunities Fund.
      The firm would invest up to 10% of the Macro Opportunities Fund's net asset value in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

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      Alistair Milne (British investor and entrepreneur)  $120,000 USD by 2021 Max Keiser (Founder and CEO of Heisenberg Capital): $400,000 USD Anthony Pompliano (founder of Morgan Creek Digital): $100,000 USD by 2021 Tim Draper (Bitcoin advocate and venture capitalist): $250,000 by 2022 Raoul Pal (CEO of an investment strategy research service The Global Macro Investor): $1 million by 2025 Jeremy Liew (partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and the brain behind Snapchat): $500,000 by 2030. (Citibank) Fitzpatrick's prediction is $318,000 for Bitcoin price in December 2021
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      “This is another insanely big story,” said Davis, referring to recent crypto adoption announcements by firms such as PayPal and Square. “It’s a big story for adoption, especially considering this is a Chinese state-owned bank that is officially accepting bitcoin in exchange for their bonds.”
      However, Davis questioned the fiscal wisdom of trading bitcoin for paper – many analysts believe bitcoin will be worth six figures in a year’s time.

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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Madrid, 15 nov (EFE).- En la expresión "testigo de Jehová", la voz "testigo" se escribe con inicial minúscula, señala la Fundación del Español Urgente promovida por la Agencia EFE y BBVA.
      En los medios de comunicación es frecuente encontrar frases como "Ejecutan a balazos a un Testigo de Jehová", "Un Testigo de Jehová gana la batalla por una cirugía sin transfusión de sangre" o "La Testiga de Jehová imputada fue declarada inocente tras cinco años de juicios".
      Como indica el "Diccionario general" de VOX, "testigo de Jehová" es la 'persona que pertenece a una iglesia cristiana cuyos seguidores tienen un profundo conocimiento y estudio de la Biblia y se caracterizan por la absoluta obediencia a los preceptos bíblicos'.
      En esta denominación, la palabra "testigo" se escribe con minúscula inicial, al igual que los nombres de las distintas religiones y que el conjunto de sus fieles, tal y como se indica en la "Ortografía de la lengua española".
      Por otra parte, se trata de un sustantivo común en cuanto al género: "el testigo" y "la testigo", mejor que "la testiga".
      Por lo tanto, en los ejemplos citados habría sido más apropiado escribir "Ejecutan a balazos a un testigo de Jehová", "Un testigo de Jehová gana la batalla por una cirugía sin transfusión de sangre" y "La testigo de Jehová imputada fue declarada inocente tras cinco años de juicios".
      Se recuerda, no obstante, que cuando "testigo" forma parte de la denominación de un organismo rector o de una entidad, se escribe con mayúscula inicial: "Asociación de los Testigos Cristianos de Jehová".
      La Fundéu BBVA (www.fundeu.es), que trabaja asesorada por la Real Academia Española y cuyo principal objetivo es el buen uso del español en los medios de comunicación, cuenta con la colaboración, además, del Instituto Cervantes, la Fundación San Millán, Accenture, Gómez-Acebo & Pombo y Prodigioso Volcán. EFE

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