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The disciples of Christ had the Hebrew scriptures. Ah but they had more, they had the direct words of Jesus himself. They were also anointed of God's Holy Spirit.

So what of today ?  Well we have the 'Bible' 'in full', but translated by probably hundreds of different people, in many different ways. 

Most people (hopefully) have a reasonable education and therefore can read, and hopefully have a printed Bible available, or internet access. But what more is necessary ?  With Bible knowledge one can build faith in God, and with prayer one can upbuild that faith.  But what more is needed ? 

I'm asking because this forum is becoming an arguement centre of those that think they have superior knowledge. It's also becoming a place of insults and ridicule. Even some (so called ) JW's here are arguing with each other.   So, I'm asking, how much knowledge is realy important ?

We have the other problem of course. It would be realy good if people that lacked true knowledge about God and Christ could find truthful advice and teaching. But there is no 'God inspired' knowledge being given to anyone right now, or so it seems. Those arguing on this forum are quoting 'men' not God. 

There are scriptures that advise people not to argue over dates and times. There are also scriptures that tell us to be humble. And I keep looking for some 'spiritual' content on this forum but I see none. But then in the past I looked in JW organisation for spiritual content and found none. 

The idea of keeping awake and keeping on the watch has only led to false predictions. Each person 'keeps on the watch' in their own way. The JW org does the same. Time 'may' move along quickly soon, and we may find ourselves without any organised 'religion' then our faith will be between each person and God through Christ. However I have my own idea what will happen first, but for those that just put their faith in the GB and the Org, what will they do once it's gone ? 

Will any of the arguing on here upbuild your faith or mine ? I doubt it. I think it is the devil's way of dividing people that are looking to serve God. So i think it more important to be sure of the very basic teachings of God's word, not to be so worried about dates or years. I think if we live long enough we will know when the end is here. 

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