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Just now, Thinking said:

Do you think Jehovah lacks the power to correct the errors you talk about?




Reminds me of the guy who tried to steady the ark and got zapped for his trouble.

 But when they came to the threshing floor of Naʹcon, Uzʹzah thrust his hand out to the Ark of the true God and grabbed hold of it,

    Hello guest!
for the cattle nearly upset it.  At that Jehovah’s anger blazed against Uzʹzah, and the true God struck him down
    Hello guest!
there for his irreverent act,
    Hello guest!
and he died there beside the Ark of the true God. - 2 Sa. 6:6-7

Someone didn't follow instructions, someone thought "here! let me help!" - Wrong choice! Thanks for playing. :)

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I have noticed that the desire to see God's promises fulfilled (nothing wrong with that of course), drives the human spirit to "predict" or "hope for" the end always in their life time. The pattern is clear: Russell hoped for the end in 1874 then 1914, Rutherford 1925, Franz 1975, the 80's GB by the end of the 20th century, today's GB between now and aprox. 2035. Each generation would say their children aren't going to make it to school....now those  children have children of their own...and g

I don't think you're a bad example. I find your posts encouraging and I'm sure a lot of other people here do. I think some of the "complainers" may just be working out their own demons, or I hope they are. Jehovah knows we cause most of our problems just fine all by ourselves.

One thing I've had hammered into me over the past decades of pioneering, studying w/mentally ill people, people who were out of jail, homeless people, professors of anthropology, teachers of farsi at the local mosque, chinese buddhists from hong kong (using me to practice english), professors of astrophysics, ranchers, ex-football champs, a hip hop artist and so-called normal people is that I'm not more worthy of survival than any of these. In fact many are arguably better people personalit

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2 minutes ago, Anna said:


What are you talking about? Nobody is saying anyone should avoid the anointed.


You can accept the anointed without inquiring about their anointing surely? Or do you need them to talk to you about their anointing before you accept them? As for talking to them about how they feel about the truth, why on earth should you not be able to do that?

My questions are out of curiosity. I think some just imagine there's some hierarchy and their little feelers don't like being down some imaginary totem pole. "Where are YOU on the totem pole?"

Like if I was in the desert for 40 years and there was a pillar of fire out there all the time, I mean wouldn't you if you were a kid, throw a stick into it to see what happened? No one talks about that. I mean you get out of your tent at night to take care of business and "Yaaaawwwn! There's that pillar of fire. Hmmm! Looks slightly different tonight. Must mean the weathers changing"...

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I see a lot of concern for hierarchy in every society and JW's are no different in that regard. Of course people are not simply JW's but they have other social hierarchies they're intersecting in as well. Their families growing up. The schools and this environment. Sports, if they played sports. Work environments too.

The lobster has a part of it's brain which is similar to ours in it's serotonin system. This system is activated and suppressed by perceived rankings in social hierarchies. Now the following video discussing this includes evolutionary ideas with which I part company (I prefer the idea of Jehovah as a sophisticated object-oriented engineer making reuse of previously solved problems as to why these are seen)

So when people are worried about hierarchies in the congregation, I just think of lobsters.

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13 hours ago, 4Jah2me said:

Why on Earth would the GB suddenly decide that ONLYTHEY are the Faithful and discreet Slave ? When the teaching was that ALL ANOINTED ONES were the Faithful and discreet Slave

Why on Earth would the GB then say that the Anointed SHOULD NOT GATHER TOGETHER as it would be WORKING AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT ?  

Why ? Well I think it shows jealousy or fear on the part of the GB and maybe others too. 

I can't say that I know this last statement to be false. It could very well be true. Maybe this is what old threatened lobsters do. :) I have to be honest that to me all the anointed talk sounded like this to me:


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49 minutes ago, Anna said:

What are you talking about? Nobody is saying anyone should avoid the anointed.

 I remember I asked an anointed brother once, how he knew he was anointed.  This allowed him to share his feelings and his desires to serve Christ.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it is exactly what your leaders are telling JWs not to do.  

Do you think, under this circumstance, that all anointed are going speak up and say, yes I am anointed?  Or, is there a huge possibility that many refuse to even partake, for fear of being judged as fakes, or mentally imbalanced?  Take those words, mentally imbalanced.  Since the organization stresses that there is a large possibility that anointed are not authentic because of this, don’t you think that many JWs will give someone a wide berth if they heard the person was anointed - thanks to the lies said about them?

The best safety measure then, is to leave them alone.  Don't ask them questions, especially what they may think about the teachings of the GB.  This is the message the GB is projecting.  Of course, the anointed are also told not to gather together to study the Bible.   Your leaders who receive "special treatment" tell JWs not to give this to any anointed one.  Why?  They will have a hard time remaining humble, as if those arrogant men have insight into the hearts of Christ's servants.

w16 January p. 24


Christ's word tell us how to treat anointed ones.  We should seek them out and learn from them, for they are the priests of God.  (Mal 2:7; 1 Pet 2:5,9) 


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4 hours ago, Witness said:

  Eight men hold power over all, that is why.  This is opinionated persuasion of men who have a devious underlying reason, for teaching JWs to avoid the anointed.


4 hours ago, Witness said:

So, the Wt wants the anointed to remain anonymous.

It turns out that the only important thing is to recognize those on JWTV who are set to teach the lessons. :) 

4 hours ago, Witness said:

Whatever the Spirit of truth placed in the heart is not used, since they cannot act upon who they are - as someone Jesus sent to reveal truth. (1 John 2:20; Mal 2:7)

The job of the Administration is to silence any objection to their work, and to eliminate possible "competitors".

3 hours ago, Anna said:

You can accept the anointed without inquiring about their anointing surely? Or do you need them to talk to you about their anointing before you accept them? As for talking to them about how they feel about the truth, why on earth should you not be able to do that?

Yes, people can do that, surely. Perhaps is better to "taste" their deeds and words before we unconditionally (or conditionally) accept them as "distributors of spiritual food". 

Now one more thing. And when you accept them, it is not for eternity. Because anyone can go the wrong way, so it would be good not to follow him when we realize something is wrong.

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16 hours ago, Thinking said:

Do you think Jehovah lacks the power to correct the errors you talk about?




Once again a JW sidetracks and does not answer the questions.

But no matter as i proved the point I was making. The GB and others ARE jealous of the True Anointed ones. 

Thinking, I know Almighty God has the power, and I know He will work through Jesus Christ, and i have previously said what i think God will do in this case.

But please remember that John Butler was removed from this forum for saying just that. 

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22 hours ago, Anna said:

But things were different back then, there wasn't the taboo surrounding anointed ones like there seems to be today. Everyone just accepted they were anointed and that was it. We could talk about it.

Yes indeed Anna.  But isn't it strange that as we are nearer to Armageddon and we need to be more united, the GB place more restrictions on the Anointed ones, and more restrictions on anyone asking the Anointed ones questions.

Why would the GB do that ? 

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It is sad to see how so many JWs have been brainwashed by the GB through the Watchtower magazine and through the talks / videos etc. 

If you don't want to believe in the scripture at Zechariah 8:23 that is your choice. 

This is what the LORD Almighty says: "In those days ten people from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, 'Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.'"

The True Anointed ones are that JEW.    Each of you must choose whom you will 'go with'. 

Yes, we serve God through Christ, but God is here showing that there IS a JEW, a True Anointed, to go with. How will you know that JEW if you do not inquire ? 

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3 hours ago, 4Jah2me said:

But please remember that John Butler was removed from this forum for saying just that. 

He was not removed for that reason.

Look, nothing has changed with this new identification of the GB with the faithful slave. Before that was made the situation was the same. Headship came from a small group of under a dozen who, for practical reasons, physically gather together. Should they need a replacement, they look into the ranks of anointed worldwide, and select one. It was that way before. It is that way now. 

Who do you think they are going to select? Someone who just recently began to partake, or one who has done so for a long time? Someone with relatively little experience in the Christian preaching work, or one who has specialized in it full-time for decades?

This is not hard to answer. Even before this arrangement, anointed within the congregations knew, were content with, and deported themselves, that their assignment was to rule in the new system, not now. But it has apparently become the thing that there are now some anointed, whether for real or “self-promoted”  I know not, whether associated with a congregation or on the outside I know not, who want to be NOW seen as having authority. It has never been that way. 

As far as I am concerned, Witness’s non-response to my request that she arrange the car group says it all. She bitterly complains on how sisters with many children are “ignored.” When I ask how would she handle the situation she herself presented she is silent. Yet she is not silent on everything. She continues to chime in about her being “cheated” out of her anointed status.

Someone really anointed, someone really concerned with the sheep, would not ignore the scenario she presented herself as a complaint. She would tell how it is solved. She may have been like that at one time. But she appears far too interested in self-promotion” these days for her to be so now.

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      L'Amour éros est une énergie très puissante, car d'elle, d'une seule image non réalisée, l'éros active cette image en rêve, uni à notre pensée et propulse dans notre vision, un rêve ultime qui nous pousse à chercher au fond de nous, le sentiment qui nous anime puissamment.
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      Pour guérir notre personnalité, une petite recette intérieure doit être préparé avec minutie et avec conviction, en voici la composition:
      En premier, prend le temps de prendre conscience de l'amour que tu t'attribues à toi même. L'amour désintéressé, celle qui te lie en toi le mérite vrai de la beauté intérieure, celle de la lumière qui vibre dans ton coeur. Cette amour doit être le fondement de ta personnalité, car plus tu consacres le temps nécessaire à épanouir tes forces et que tu perpétues cette puissance universelle envers autrui. Ainsi, tu t'élèveras au-dessus de la souffrance et Il te guidera vers le chemin de l'accomplissement de ta vie.
      En deuxième, prend le temps de travailler la qualité de la patience. La patience est une vertu primordiale à ta personnalité, car elle te fait comprendre les étapes de la vie et que pas à pas, une chose à la fois tu redresseras tes faiblesses. La patience te guidera vers la maîtrise des étapes à la victoire des buts, que tu entreprends. Cette vertu t'aidera à accepter les erreurs de ta personne et de celle des autres.
      Troisièmement, trouve en toi la joie de vivre. La joie est une petite qualité à quatre lettres. Elle se situe en toi, car chaque moment de ton quotidien elle se manifeste et elle vibre de tout ton être. Elle se manifeste, dans les moments où tu vois un coucher de soleil éblouissant, dans les activités avec tes amis qui te sont chère. Quand tu réussis un travail qui t'inspire et que tu réussis l'accomplissement avec brio. À plusieurs moment la joie se manifeste et tu dois prendre conscience de ces moments, car il font parti de la positivité de ta vie. Elle t'aide à oublier les épreuves que tu dois traverser.
      Quatrièmement, une clé primordiale doit être insérée en toi, celle de la confiance. La confiance est la synergie de l'amour désintéressé. Sans la confiance ton amour vacillera avec le temps. Bâtir la confiance est un travail acharné à ton travail personnel. Cette vertu t'aide à prendre conscience de tes mérites, de te rassurer que les actions que tu fais son juste et t'empêche de regarder constamment en arrière. La confiance te donnera la force d'avancer vers l'horizon de la lumière et croire en toi. 
      Cinquièmement, le courage, est le courant qui aide à te reprendre dans les moments difficiles où la vision de tes buts que tu entreprends devient très ardu. Il t'aide à ne pas baisser les bras dans les moments où tu ne vois plus la manière de franchir une étape, un examen de conscience qui illumine ta pensée à trouver une solution réfléchit et te dire, je vais être capable de réussir. Le courage est le deuxième souffle dans ta course vers le sommet de ta personnalité intérieure.
      Sixièmement, La force fait partie du courage, l'un ne va pas sans l'autre. Le courage est le souffle, l'oxygène qui activera ta force intérieure. La force t'aide à gravir les montagnes et même à certaine étape de ta vie à soulever les montagnes pour trouver les trésors qui y sont enfouis. La force te donne la chance à balayer les nuages de la tempête et de retrouver la chaleur du soleil du bonheur venant de Dieu.
      La septième étapes , la maîtrise de soi, une vertu qui est au sommet de ces étapes intérieures. La maîtrise de soi est l'étape ultime de ta vie  (les actions justes) car par cette vertue plus rien ne fera barrière dans le chemin que tu auras voulu suivre, car les épreuves que tu auras surmonté, te guidera à devenir maître de toi même et ne faire qu'un avec toi même, unis à Dieu et à son Roi.
      La maîtrise de soi te donnera un trésor inestimable qui est celui de l'harmonie. Équanimité ( équilibre parfait) dans tous les sens de ton âme. Tu trouveras la beauté ultime de chaques éléments de la vie, ta conscience sera dans ta pensée comme un métronome parfait; La vrai vie celle de nos rêves deviendra réalité, nous deviendrons un être de lumière. La lumière qui sommeillait en toi jaïllira de toute ta personne.
      Même dans la nuit des plus grandes tempêtes, tu seras un phare éblouissant de Dieu.
      2 Timothée 3: 16-17, Proverbes chapitre 1-3,Galantes 5:22,23  1Corinthien 13: 4-(8 premier phrase)

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