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$1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill has been approved by the House, $1400 Checks going to US Citizens Soon 💵


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Remember a clean $2000 was passed under Trump (Because Trump said he'd sign it!) & the Senate is still sitting on it.

Anything other than a budget reconciliation needs 60 senators to pass in the senate. Otherwise the other party can filibuster. I think they are going to do this through budget reconciliation


Our economy is based and backed by the faith in the United States economy and the ability to pay its debts. That's why we see little to no inflation now. How much longer can that be true? Maybe a couple more trillion bills, maybe more ...

If only everyone could understand that these money created out of thin air are diluting the buying power of all the other dollars people hold... I bet it would not have been received so joyfully.


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