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      Since income standards vary widely throughout the world, you can attend a 1 percenter convention and find people across a range of income levels. Bloomberg crunched the numbers...
      India: $81k China: $105k UK: $290k U.S.: $478k Singapore: $694k UAE: $891k
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      I guess I would call this the "Upper-class"

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      A review of global poverty in The Economist makes the claim:
      Reference: http://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2017/05/economist-explains-1?cid1=cust%2Fddnew%2Fn%2Fn%2Fn%2F2017053n%2Fowned%2Fn%2Fn%2Fnwl%2Fn%2Fn%2Fap%2FDaily_Dispatch%2Femail
      However, The Economist predicts that it will be more difficult to make further reductions in the number of people living in extreme poverty.
      Poverty reduction in India:
      We could think that India would be able to quickly make quick progress in poverty reduction. But a closer examination makes this doubtful, the illustration below shows a scene that is all too common in India.

      As this attempt at mapping Indian poverty seems to indicate:

      and its in some of the areas mapped as suffering from extreme poverty that the long-running naxalite rebellion continues. 
      Why is it that India has this persistent problem? The answer seems to be rooted in the political and social problems which the Indian ruling elite have not been interested in solving.

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