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    • By Patiently waiting for Truth
      I was answering C.C. about 'When did God actually speak to the people"  And of course we need to go to scripture for answers, but what i found raised a couple of questions.
      I'll quote scriptures first. 
      Matthew 3 v 16 & 17.
      After being baptized, Jesus immediately came up from the water; and look! the heavens were opened up, and he saw God’s spirit descending like a dove and coming upon him. 17  Look! Also, a voice from the heavens said: “This is my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved.”
      Luke 3 v 21 & 22
       Now when all the people were baptized, Jesus too was baptized. As he was praying, the heaven was opened up, 22  and the holy spirit in bodily form like a dove came down upon him, and a voice came out of heaven: “You are my Son, the beloved; I have approved you.”
      John 1 v 32 -34
      John also bore witness, saying: “I viewed the spirit coming down as a dove out of heaven, and it remained upon him. 33  Even I did not know him, but the very One who sent me to baptize in water said to me: ‘Whoever it is upon whom you see the spirit coming down and remaining this is the one who baptizes in holy spirit.’ 34  And I have seen it, and I have given witness that this one is the Son of God.”
      Mark 1 v 9- 11
       In the course of those days, Jesus came from Nazʹa·reth of Galʹi·lee and was baptized in the Jordan by John. 10  And immediately on coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens being parted and, like a dove, the spirit coming down upon him. 11  And a voice came out of the heavens: “You are my Son, the beloved; I have approved you.”
      What I'm wondering is, who saw the Holy Spirit in the form of the dove 'coming down upon' Jesus ?
      And, Who heard the voice of God from heaven speaking ?
      The Matthew scripture shoes it as God speaking to the people, but Mark and Luke show it as God speaking to Jesus. 
      The scripture in John (Apostle John) , tells us that John ( the Baptiser ) saw the spirit 'coming down' and 'remaining' on Jesus.
      Whereas Mathew and Mark say that he saw, that is Jesus saw, the spirit 'coming down' and remaining upon him.
      My point being here that Jesus came to be baptised when many others were being baptised. For instance, if 500 people were present and all 500 saw the dove descend and heard God's voice, then all 500 would have known (and believed) that Jesus is the son of God. But, if only John the Baptiser and Jesus saw the dove and heard God's voice then only the two of them would have known (and 'believed') it. 
      Also am I right in thinking that Jesus wanted his 'work' kept secret at first ? Didn't Jesus tell some that he cured to 'tell no one'
    • By The Librarian
      I like her cover choice..... I can see the feminine influence on some of her decorations.
      Part of the ...
      Luke 10 v 21  In that very hour he became overjoyed in the holy spirit and said: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have carefully hidden these things from wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to young children. Yes, O Father, because this is the way you approved.
      This seems to show that 'higher education' was not needed to learn, understand and teach, the truth from God, at that time. 
      It seems to be a well know thing within the JW Org and by people outside of same, that JW's are 'told' not to aim for higher education. I say told, although some will say strongly advised, with a possible caution of being disfellowshipped. 
      Now I've noticed on here recently that deep conversation about many things has been and is taking place. Politics earthwide. religious beliefs earthwide and the latest thing seems to be Evolution (from a very deep standpoint ). ( These things were never taught to me at school. )
      I left school at 15 years old, as soon as I was able, for reasons previously mentioned. Here in UK now teenagers have to remain in education until they are 18. The three years from 15 to 18 seem to me to be almost 'higher education', but compulsory.  How much they learn at school now I've no idea. 
      My feelings are, and yes ok i cannot put proof to these feelings, but, my feelings are, that all forms of higher education are advised against by the GB and the JW Org. Some of you may have some proof of this in writing. So, where does this leave JW's ?
      If a young person leaves school to go into full time 'service' ministry, they do not get a higher education. Their 'basic' education may have been just that, very basic. They are then not 'qualified' to talk to others on a higher education level, and this might even be to the point of not understanding such things as are being discussed on here lately. 
      ( Much of what is being discussed leaves me miles behind. I'm a very simple person. Plus at 69 I forget more than i learn. Yes I do write lots of notes and have books for recording different things, but the mind boggles. )
      With respect for those I knew and loved in the past, within my ex congregation, many of them were 'simple country folk'. And I think Tom said about not having the time or inclination to do research online or or otherwise. So let us go back to the scripture at the top. 
      So many questions. Does God reveal more to those of a lesser education ?  Is higher education and greater knowledge a disadvantage when wanting to serve God properly?
      Or is it that those of higher education are too stubborn to learn God's way ?  Too proud maybe ?   
      There are many things that the Bible doesn't tell us. is that deliberate ? Does God want to keep it simple for us ? So, should we pursue more knowledge about worldly things ? 
      A problem may occur when talking to others about God, in that they may have more knowledge on a certain subject than we do and therefore believe something different. Should we then educate ourselves to their level on the same subject, or just pass them by ?  Bearing in mind the scripture at the top of this page. 
      There has to be a balance of course. But my feelings are that the GB would like JW's to be educated only by the Watchtower studies and by the 'workbook' evening meeting studies. And of course by personal Bible reading.   But do JW's do as they are told in this respect or do a lot of them 'educate themselves', or take further education elsewhere ? 
    • By BroRando
      Some notes for John 1:1c to Christ Divinity for those who love the deeper things of God.  An Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible commentary notes:
      “This second theos could also be translated ‘divine‘ as the construction indicates “a qualitative sense for theos”. The Word is not God in the sense that he is the same person as the theos mentioned in 1:1a; he is not God the Father.”
      WHen trinitarians can’t show a scripture of three separate persons make up one God, they then switch to Modalism, saying “Jesus is God”. The trinity is like a three legged stool. Remove one leg and the trinity comes tumbling down.
      So they hurl insults and accusations. When the teaching of the demons get expose, they tend to taunt, scream, and hurl accusations. But very soon they will be abyssed. So now let’s carry on to John 1:1c.
      Other translations:
      1808: “and the Word was a god” – Thomas Belsham The New Testament
      1822: “and the Word was a god” – The New Testament in Greek and English (A. Kneeland, 1822.)
      1829: “and the Word was a god” – The Monotessaron;
      1863: “and the Word was a god” – A Literal Translation of the New Testament (Herman Heinfetter [Pseudonym of Frederick Parker], 1863)
      1864: “and a god was the Word” – The Emphatic Diaglott by Benjamin Wilson, New York and London (left hand column interlinear reading)
      1867: “In the beginning was the gospel preached through the Son. And the gospel was the word, and the word was with the Son, and the Son was with God, and the Son was of God” – The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible
      1879: “and the Word was a god” – Das Evangelium nach Johannes (J. Becker, 1979)
      1885: “and the Word was a god” – Concise Commentary on The Holy Bible (R. Young, 1885)
      1911: “and the Word was a god” – The Coptic Version of the N.T. (G. W. Horner, 1911)
      1935: “and the Word was divine” – The Bible: An American Translation, by John M. P. Smith and Edgar J. Goodspeed, Chicago
      1955: “so the Word was divine” – The Authentic New Testament, by Hugh J. Schonfield, Aberdeen.
      1956: “In the beginning the Word was existing. And the Word was in fellowship with God the Father. And the Word was as to His essence absolute deity” – The Wuest Expanded Translation[16]
      1958: “and the Word was a god” – The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Anointed” (J. L. Tomanec, 1958);
      1970, 1989: “…and what God was, the Word was” – The Revised English Bible
      1975 “and a god (or, of a divine kind) was the Word” – Das Evangelium nach Johnnes, by Siegfried Schulz, Göttingen, Germany
      1975: “and the Word was a god” – Das Evangelium nach Johannes (S. Schulz, 1975);
      1978: “and godlike sort was the Logos” – Das Evangelium nach Johannes, by Johannes Schneider, Berlin
      2017: “In the origin there was the Logos, and the Logos was present with GOD, and the Logos was god;” – The New Testament: A Translation, by David Bentley Hart.[18]
      John 1:1c is rendered in the feminine sense relating to Christ divinity. Words like Deity, Divine, Wisdom, Beginning are all feminine nouns that describe Christ’s Divinity as a Divine Creation. 
      <~~ Back to JW Forum
    • By Micah Ong
      New World Translation
      Isaiah 45:23 "By myself I have sworn; The word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness, And it will not return:Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. To me every knee will bend, Every tongue will swear loyalty
      Philippians 2:10 "so that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend—of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the ground
      2 Corinthians 13:14 "The undeserved kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the sharing in the holy spirit be with all of you." (Interlinear says: "fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all you.")
      Interlinear John 1:1 "In beginning was the Word and the Word was with - God and God was the Word)
      It doesn't say and 'a' God was the Word.  It reads how it reads and both mentions of God start with Capital letters.
      The only Translation that I am aware of that puts "a god" is the the translation by a Spiritist who claims that the Holy Spirit came upon Joseph and they conceived Jesus.
    • By Bible Speaks
      (Prov 3:5, 6)   Where can we look for guidance when making decisions, even seemingly trivial ones?
      How wonderful it would be to have a reliable consultant to advise us when we face a difficult decision! You can find such an adviser.
      An ancient book with a message for today has this to say: “Your own ears will hear a word behind you saying: ‘This is the way. Walk in it, you people,’ in case you people should go to the right or in case you should go to the left.” (Isaiah 30:21)
      What motivates us to make decisions that will show respect for the conscience of others?
      Love for our neighbor. Jesus Christ taught that loving our neighbor as ourselves is the commandment second in importance only to that of loving God with our whole soul.  
      However, we are living in a self-centered world, and our sinful tendencies incline us toward being selfish. So if a person is to love his neighbor as himself, he has to make his mind over.
      Apart from Bible principles and the conscience of others, what may we consider when making decisions?
      We need to consider how our decisions will affect our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being in the future.
      Be they major or trivial, your decisions matter. A decision you make today may mean the difference between success and failure, even life and death in the future.
      You can make wise decisions if you take into consideration Bible principles, the conscience of others, and the long-range effect of your action.
      Make decisions God’s way. The decision about what course to follow now is yours to make, truly a decision that is a matter of life or death.
      Would you welcome help in making the right decision, the wise one?
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.

    • By Bible Speaks
      "Pay attention to wisdom with your ear, that you may incline your heart to discernment." (Prov. 2:2)
      "By making your ear attentive to wisdom, And inclining your heart to discernment." (Prov. 2:2)
      At the start of Solomon’s kingship, God appeared to him in a dream and invited him to make a request. Aware of his limited experience, Solomon requested wisdom. (1 Ki. 3:5-9) 
      Pleased that the king asked for wisdom rather than for riches and glory, God gave Solomon “a wise and understanding heart”—as well as prosperity. (1 Ki. 3:10-14) 
      We personally do not expect to receive wisdom miraculously. Solomon said that “Jehovah himself gives wisdom,” but he wrote that we should strive to gain that godly quality. He used expressions such as “call out for,” “keep seeking for,” and “keep searching for” wisdom. (Prov. 2:1-6) 
      Clearly, we can gain wisdom. It would be good to ask: ‘Am I taking to heart Solomon’s example of treasuring divine wisdom? Do the choices I make indicate that I am treasuring and seeking divine wisdom?’ 

    • By Bible Speaks
      "I shall certainly give you a wise and understanding heart."—1 Ki. 3:12.
    • By Bible Speaks
      "For a bagful of wisdom is worth more than one full of pearls."  (Job 28:18)

    • By Jack Ryan
      JW's use the term "undeserved kindness" while the rest of the christian world generally uses the term "grace".
      Is there a difference?

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