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Patiently waiting for Truth

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A man calls himself a TRUTHER. 

Another man calls himself TRUE 

And an Organisation says they have the TRUTH.

But Jesus says (recorded at Matthew 9 :13.

Berean Study Bible
But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

God's word is TRUTH, that is real truth.  The Pharisees had the Hebrew scriptures, so it could be said that the Pharisees 'had truth'.

So why did Jesus condemn the Pharisees ? Because the Pharisees were hypocrites. They knew those scriptures well, but used it to be dictators of the people. 

Hence the scripture above. Almighty God and Jesus desires mercy not sacrifice. That scripture proves it. 

Unfortunately those words TRUTH or TRUE are now thrown about so much they have lost their real meaning. And if a Person or an Organsaition needs to use it as a title then what does it show ?  

Well here on this forum it seems to show that such people could easily be the type very similar to the Pharisees. Sticking to the Law, but avoiding the Mercy.  

Of course no true Christian would condone immorality. No true Christian would take part in immorality either. But, no true Christian would lack that Mercy that Jesus instructed either. 

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A man calls himself a TRUTHER.  Another man calls himself TRUE  And an Organisation says they have the TRUTH. But Jesus says (recorded at Matthew 9 :13. Berean Study BibleBut go an

Oh, well, the topic is "TRUTH TRUTHER TRUE. THE WORDS LOSE THEIR MEANING IN OVER USE", and in this rare case, I thought I actually stayed on topic!

Actually it was I that took up the challenge because you made a point of saying that I should start a new topic.  Well I started a new topic !  BUT once again you miss the whole point of it.

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1 hour ago, Patiently waiting for Truth said:

A man calls himself a TRUTHER

[Segment I] If you are going to make a reference to me, at least explain to everyone in the class what a Truther is. You will not have a good time using the google searches either because prior to various events in the last 10+ years and the formation groups, the legitimate actions of such persons has been changed, as is with added slander and accusations, many edits, which came to light briefly because of January 6th to the general public.

For I told you, if you are going to make an accusation like that again, you will be debated on it, and you did so in a way that prevents you from seeking aid be it from a JW or an ExJW because they are unaware of the community in question. Now here we are. Granted to go for one, you go for all of them in this regard - and to that I accept the challenge, although didn't doubt you would actually take up the warning.

You can start with [Segment I]


The other stuff can be dealt with afterwards. And of course in a debate, no outside help from others on the forum. You'll be speaking as if you are in public discourse, so there is no need to induced anything of your former faith or mention since we will keep it Bible and Fact base only, excluding what a Truther is for that is in regards to a community.

That being said, 


As follows:

  • Segment I - What is a Truther
  • Segment II - What is Truth concerning Scripture
  • Segment III  -  What is the Full Context of Matthew 9:9-13 concerning Matthew in this gospel.
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Patiently waiting for Truth

1 Corinthiens 5

5:9  In my letter, I wrote to you that you should have nothing to do with people living immoral lives.

5:10  I was not including everybody in this present world who is sexually immoral, or everybody who is greedy, or dishonest or worships false gods -- that would mean you would have to cut yourselves off completely from the world.

5:11  In fact what I meant was that you were not to have anything to do with anyone going by the name of brother who is sexually immoral, or is greedy, or worships false gods, or is a slanderer or a drunkard or dishonest; never even have a meal with anybody of that kind.

5:12  It is no concern of mine to judge outsiders. It is for you to judge those who are inside, is it not?

5:13  But outsiders are for God to judge. You must banish this evil-doer from among you.

That it!

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On 8/12/2021 at 9:23 AM, Space Merchant said:

@Alzasior Lutor C'est bien, mais en ce qui concerne Mr. Butler ici, je lui ai dit que s'il faisait une accusation concernant la communauté que je joue un rôle en aidant, cela entraînerait un débat entre lui et moi, et il l'a fait ici.

That's fine, but as far as Mr. Butler is concerned here, I told him that if he made an accusation regarding the community that I play a role in helping, that would lead to a debate between him and me, and he did. did here.
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On 8/12/2021 at 8:36 AM, Space Merchant said:

and to that I accept the challenge,

Actually it was I that took up the challenge because you made a point of saying that I should start a new topic. 

Well I started a new topic ! 

BUT once again you miss the whole point of it. It's not that you are 'blind' to what i write. But I can read in your words that you deliberately twist things. 

This is not only with me. You do it to @Witness and you do it to @Srecko Sostar .  

Now my point about people giving themselves or their Organistion a 'title' relating to the word Truth. 

Anyone can use that word Truth. Tom Harley calls himself @TrueTomHarley  You call your self a Truther

The JWs say they are in the 'truth'. 

The word TRUTH therefore loses it's meaning, ( especially concerning the Watchtower / JW Org.

I have no interest in what you Truthers say or do, as to me it is just part of the 'world'.  

And I am also not interested in digging into politics, one side or the other. I'm not interested in calling people 'Left' or ' Right' as that is getting involved with the world. 


And I repeat, the word TRUTH has lost it's original meaning, because to many People or Orgs misuse it. 

Maybe that is part of the Devil's plan. Words get diluted, they lose their original meaning, that can mean if we are not careful, when we read scripture we might lose the true sense of it. 

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@Patiently waiting for Truth You are in a DEBATE, Butler.

I told you if you make an accusation against a community I am part of, it would come to this, therefore challenge accepted the second you utter a 3rd Truther accusation.

@TrueTomHarley @Witness @Srecko Sostar @Puddlez @Kick_Faceinator @JW Insider @Equivocation and everyone else did not make the such an accusation - ever, in your case, 3 times in succession you made concerning the community.

You have to start with the first segment, hence a debate. You can't put all segments into one for in a debate, segments and or subject matter is of strict focus -  again, you sought out the debate, so now you have to play by the rules of said debate because the spotlight is on both of us. In a debate, facts must be stated, not personal opinions alone. Facts in this activity are anything learned from research by means of article sources and or video, etc. In a segment focused debate, there is no outside help, in this regard, everyone is a spectator for the debate is between you and I.

The first segment is the following

16 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

Segment I - What is a Truther

Since I asked the question first, as seen here

16 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

[Segment I] If you are going to make a reference to me, at least explain to everyone in the class what a Truther is.



Out of respect in the realm of debate, you can follow the below.

Rules Of A Debate

That being said - Respect the Rules of the Debate. For this is a classic because this forum was originally Controversial Posts.

As stated, anything pretraining to Jehovah's Witnesses can't help you here, this is Segment focused debate, so anything pertaining to the Bible or about Truthers and the word Truth can only be focused on.

Since the first question in segment I was presented to you, put forth your information.



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13 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

@Patiently waiting for Truth Please address Segment I. We are not playing the game of going around the focus subject. Debates do not play the same rules as discussions often professed here.

Man to man, stop hiding behind a mask. a Space Merchant, a Storm Trooper, a Truther. 

You are a person just as I am. Stop pretending that you make the rules, because you don't. 

You say we are in Debate. I say I'm not interested in your 'debate'. 

In fact you act like a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. you give orders and your expect people to obey. You've tried in on with @Srecko Sostar and with @Witness  and with me. 

BUT, you only have 'power' IF people allow you to have such power. And I do not allow you to have that power over me. 

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@Patiently waiting for Truth What you are doing is Evasion/Ethics Question dodging is a rhetorical technique involving the intentional avoidance of answering a question. Often times it does work in a debate when notable and factual points are presented, however, since nothing is said, it can post as a negative.

That being said, as stated, you were told if you made the accusation again in relation to even make a negative utterance to anything pertaining to or someone of the Truther Community. You also took personal note when you spoke of debates with him, so why not the tables suddenly cannot turn themselves?

Again, if you can't answer Segment I, I will conclude so we can go to Segment II.

This has nothing to do with power, it is in relation to claims, for you were the one who began this thread adding such assertions.

I do not give orders, I speak facts and truth. If I make a mistake, I call it out.

@Srecko Sostar or @Witness can't help you here. The same reason I refused @Alzasior Lutor here.

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