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Child sexual abuse has been found in most major UK religions

Srecko Sostar

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15 hours ago, Anna said:

I think in secular terms the word elder falls under the umbrella of clergy, despite the fact that our "clergy" do not hold matters confidential (as you and pudgy pointed out) to the same extent as a Catholic priest for example.

If I'm not mistaken, there is an even more significant difference between them. A Catholic priest does not form a Judicial Committee of 3 priests, nor does he make a decision on transgression and bring punishment, but as a kind of advocate “liberates / forgives” sins in the name of God, expecting the sinner to be a penitent and no longer commit sin. Is such practice, from both side, good or bad? 

A sinner can be “thankful” if word of his behaviour does not spread further. But this is a criminal act (CSA) and it is no longer an important question whether the perpetrator will feel "embarrassed", but how to help the victim.
For JW elders, it should not be decisive how a Catholic priest acts and how they are treated by the Law and the Court. JW elders, because of their view that they are “true servants of God” placed by God in a leadership position, should have a more enlightened knowledge of merciful and just action / reaction for both parties involved. "Forgive whenever you can, punish whenever you need to." 

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Yes, we have discussed this on the forum before. I think this issue is taken to be viewed from the secular perspective only. They, the secular authorities, designate JW elders as having a clerical role as ministers (of religion). Therefore, under official circumstances, such as in a court of law, elders are viewed as "clergy". Whether they themselves, or the congregation view them as clergy in the traditional sense or not is irrelevant in these secular circumstances. (JWs view everyone who is ba

Laws and regulations about issue is available to see and you said well. Of course, when we speak about JW elders then it is notable to understand how we have to put clear picture on question; Do they, JW elders, clergy or not? If they are clergy then they have "right" to call themselves on Catholic Clergy privilege and ask for same "rights" as they do.  Is an elder in the JW congregation the same as a priest in the Catholic Church? Do they have the same role and obligations and status

So, we could say that it is a matter of decision, In this case by JW elders, how much they want to be principled. The three Jews from the book of Daniel were so principled that they were thrown into the furnace of fire. Some are principled and refuse blood transfusions or military service. But WTJWorg lawyers are the ones asking the court that JW elders should have the same status as Catholic priests. It is not the court that grants them that status (perhaps court try to understand and make comp

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On 9/13/2021 at 4:29 PM, Patiently waiting for Truth said:

( @Witness mentioned something about the Org making payment to a politician some time back )

She was incorrect, basing her source from reddit, in turn, the source being a known conspiracy theorist. The information regards to the politician, in both cases, were false, even attested by ExJWs who called it out after looking into it further, in addition to Smurf Girl's negative credibility in conspiracy, which isn't too far from Fearon.

This is why you need to be carefully with conspiracy theories. As for paying off, I doubt that. The last time conspiracy theorists connected them to Soros and Rothschild when the protest against JWs in the borough took place, equating them to ANTIFA.

That being said, there is a reason as to why Far Left leaning types are painting some people as such. Police officers and even Judges are subjected to CSA too as some didn't think it was possible.

On 8/11/2021 at 10:45 AM, Space Merchant said:

The same outcome as to which even misinformation and lies are professed as truth, i.e. someone just days ago used an illegitimate source known as Smurf Girl in an attempt to prove a point regarding a Leftist political power, not realizing her own camp called her out for falsehood and wild accusations in parallel to Fearon and Zelda, also deemed false.


As for Child Sex Abuse, it will only get worse for the UK, granted the gangs revolving around CSA are only creating more abusers and victims, in the Truther Community, there was talk about a man arrested in the UK for calling out pedophilia, a legitimate abuser in the person's neighborhood. What makes it even tricky is the fact the abuser is no affiliated with a  school or a church, therefore, less coverage, even more due to the person in question being an immigrant. Although I do not like the Left or Right paradigm, just to point out an exact comparison, this is exactly the same outcome for a UK Right-Winger, Tommy Robinson an activist, who had the same thing happen to him a few years back but this was right after a court case whereas the pedophiles were left free and Tommy was arrested, which puts more evidence on the nature of Status and Protection in the UK just as it is in some areas.

Tragically enough all institutions, including the JWs, were and will again be hit by this, mainly due to the fact that more and more random folks enter said institutions. In the coming months, CSA will be bad, for it is the case with Australia right now due to Authoritarianism.

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On 9/12/2021 at 4:06 AM, JW Insider said:

Thanks for posting this. On this forum one might even forget that the Catholics have a problem. Also, I've seen statistics that are surprisingly detailed for some religious organizations, reminding me that JWs aren't the only ones who keep records on such issues, including from among their congregants/laymen/parishioners.

Unfortunately CSA is going to get worse from here on out. The UK is known to have problems regarding CSA, even to the point where abusers end up causing a lot of damage directly and indirectly to anything and everyone around them, not just the children. Immorality is a contributing factor to this too.

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17 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

The UK is known to have problems regarding CSA,

But I keep coming back to the point that here in the UK we have had two investigations. The Charity Commision and the IICSA. What are the authorities doing in the USA ? What investigations ? 

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4 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

Tragically enough all institutions, including the JWs, were and will again be hit by this, mainly due to the fact that more and more random folks enter said institutions.

Do you know how, in which way and after how much time "random folks" become JW members?

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2 hours ago, Srecko Sostar said:

Do you know how, in which way and after how much time "random folks" become JW members?

If you know how pedophiles operate, they go to an institution of their choosing in order to gain access to children, and they go for the ones who are unaware of what sex actually is.

The HOW is they know of said institutions and they take their pick, as well as businesses and clubs, academics, etc. They become a member of said community and gain a position

The WHEN is when they choose to act and the time it takes for them to earn the trust of the people in the community, even the children and from there they seek a target. This is when the mind games and manipulation comes into place.

An example of this is the abuser Larry Nassar. He got into an institution, did his time, and took action, earning everyone's trust. Reasons why the FBI, one of their branches, were exposed to being caught off guard regarding the situation, and now it costed them and the USA sport team. Another example is a Judge of the Law committed an act of alleged child abuse, he killed himself afterwards.

Does not matter the position or institution, they will come. even on social media, which Facebook and YouTube are dealing with right now, as with other media.

In relation to child abuse, abuse take a lot of time before they commit an act, be it several months to a year. Reasons why is they need to build trust first while hiding their intentions. This is with every abuser's intent and action, even when they go to JW churches. Often times the abuser is a blood relative usually male, and race wise the FBI attested to that.

That being said, you were told this numerous times.... Why is this very notation regarding child sex abuse is now unknown to you concerning how pedophiles operate and take action?

In turn, they are random folk, looking for a victims. I recommend you learn how to combat abusers, for asking for a HOW and WHEN when it was said numerous times is problematic. If you want to reach a  child, help them even, you need to know how the enemy moves.

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11 hours ago, Patiently waiting for Truth said:

But I keep coming back to the point that here in the UK we have had two investigations. The Charity Commision and the IICSA. What are the authorities doing in the USA ? What investigations ? 

This surpasses those two things entirely, The Charity Commission and the IICSA, it seems you focus on these things because that is what the media has been getting their information from. The media themselves will not tell you those affiliated with high status and or the gangs themselves who abuse children and even fi they did, the law won't do much to them, if anything, for example, they injure the Dragon, they can't kill it and are overwhelmed by it. Moreover, if that was the case concerning them, the situation with Mr. Robinson would have been dealt with in Oxford years ago, as with similar ones in which some of these child molesters end up returning to their grooming gangs and pedophiles over the years, hence why not dealing with the problem properly will only result in more problems, granted, most British people are unaware of what is taking place down their block. Likewise with the IOPC, they knew how bad CSA was online and how it can spill over outside of the Internet, and at times, would not go about doing anything about it in some cases. Weakness at this level encourages more pedophiles to act, some coming out of the woodworks, and see targets anywhere in any institution.

This will continue, granted that some abusers can easily get away from the law, if it status plays a role, they are out without much jail time or none at all. This also created a powder keg of things too regarding Muslims, in correlation with something incorrect Robinson did was to blame all Muslims for grooming gangs they have no affiliation with or know about - long story short, this got a lot of people into fights, people being hunted, accused, beaten and killed, and it later sparked some to commit such action against British people if they can't get their hands on an unaware Muslim person who has nothing to do with these gangs or kidnappings who not only abuse children, but also set them up in a way to sell them off for sex to that of those who are ill pleasure seeking immoralists, not even pedophiles themselves. This also led to misinformation and conspiracy they begets problems.

There was also footage of even debates going on about this regarding CSA and the UK as a whole concerning these pedophilia gangs, even the more focused on on Robinson's warpath on pedophile grooming gangs, but mistakenly assuming all Muslims did this when a Muslim who knew the Law spoke up (granted the majority often went for unaware people instead of those knowing law). I believe I posted this before, if anything I would have to find that information again.

Normally regarding CSA, I seen a lot in this realm, even in the Truther Community, CSA is among the top things, alongside missing persons cases, talked about other than the UN, political paradigm, etc. Concerning the situation in the UK, which isn't being dealt with, how these gangs operate is that they groom the kidnapped for forced indoctrination after raping them. These gangs consist of religious and non-religious folks and among the pedophilia chain and they're of many races, some even overseas, i.e. if an abuser cannot commit his or her action in the US or Asia, they'll go to the UK, to commit these acts, and or somehow gain access to victims through experienced groomers, etc. These people are out to inflict pain with their ill intent, and are remorseless.

This also overwhelmed the Police in the UK to not be as prepared when it came to CSA, for in some instances, they can stop a crime or be involved resulting in a decent outcome, in other instances, they do nothing because they weren't prepared for it and or a fallout that could come from it, defend the abuser(s), and or succumb to bystander syndrome, and sadly, some of those who uphold the law end up as the abuser themselves acting upon their victims; for women and children are potential targets in this case.

As I said before, abusers can exploit anything, likewise with forgiveness being exploited, an abuser can exploit secular law themselves, which can backfire on the justice system. In the UK is the age of consent being 16, which is still deemed underaged whereas 18 years of age for a boy or a girl becomes a young adult. There the system can be toyed with and the abuser can use that to his or her advantage. Although in the US some states share this age range, it is still technically illegal whereas in the UK it is not.

Now going into the United States, it is similar but different, granted each state operates differently when it comes to child abuse, some states, have laws that can factor in to CSA when it comes to the abuser vs the abused, sadly, some laws allegedly can put the abused child and or teen in a life scaring path. The justice system isn't perfect and can be corrupt in some instances concerning child abuse, depending on the people involved, i.e. the Judge who can punish an abuser and or defend the abuser, when status comes into play the abuser, even before going to court has a technical win, or as of recent, a judge who was found out to have allegedly abused a child, and when discovered he later committed suicide. Americans tend to suffer from bystander syndrome the most when it comes to these things, as for others, they go about with vigilante justice, which can result in a bloody situation, mainly if the information is deemed false, i.e. someone being called a child abuse when it is not true, yet the person is beaten and or killed, and more complex problems come from that. This is why most people tend to educate their kids, granted they know they can't stop dangers when not supervising their kids, but they can teach their kids to protect themselves when the guardians have no view on the child.

That being said, concerning CSA, the rabbit hole goes deeper, some of which things are unknown to you. Because of how deep such things are, I am more so attacking the problem itself, and always have been when given the chance while at the same time profess solution to better protect children, as I mentioned before, such I passed on to some young people, they can protect themselves with said information, even now granted higher education is essentially mentally abusing kids and young adults with brazen conduct. The very reason I am Anti-Establishment to a degree, as is with Anti-Agenda.

That said, although CSA is worldwide and everyone can be effected by it, many things concerning it most do not know and or are unaware, i.e. abusers affiliated with status. Which is proven true because the one pedophile that was booted off of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook was reinstated, Facebook's new method makes it difficult to track child abuse online; everyone uses Facebook, but even they themselves can't spot Red Flags of child abuse. Then you have Twitter who cannot do much to block and erase explicit content concerning child abuse, this goes for social media as a whole.

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18 hours ago, Space Merchant said:

The Charity Commission and the IICSA, it seems you focus on these things because that is what the media has been getting their information from.

I focus on them because they are the official channels, not just hearsay. I have also given information to the IICSA and had direct emails from them and from Police departments. Perhaps I'm slightly more involved than most people think, but I don't tend to spread it all over the internet. 

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6 hours ago, Patiently waiting for Truth said:

I focus on them because they are the official channels, not just hearsay. I have also given information to the IICSA and had direct emails from them and from Police departments. Perhaps I'm slightly more involved than most people think, but I don't tend to spread it all over the internet. 

Mainstream Media/MSM connects are not always 100% so you need to be very careful and do an independent search; take things like that of a grain of salt In the UK, mainly the IICSA, falls into that category. Reasons being some people they have ties to, persons of interest, such as Theresa May, granted her and children do not mix, for there was talk regarding her in the UK Truthers community in the past, something of which I brought up to you before by remark, insisting you to look into. In addition, the IICSA was very silent on this several years back because Teresa May was essentially among their top contributors, granted, their existence and history is in connection to her. As I mention, people of Status in relation to CSA do not truly face justice, therefore the people are vocal.

Anyone can sent and receive tips/emails, etc to an organization and or law enforcement. This was the case with the Sophie incident I was involved in, however, since it was in my location at the time, I and a few others took action. Likewise with missing persons cases, hence at times I am absent. Steps can be taken online to even educate, even through social media, granted you said before you like Facebook, I encouraged you to profess solutions.

However, as said before, a warpath only adds more fuel to the fire that is CSA. This is why, going back to the grooming gangs, British people, most of them, want to have a conversation regarding CSA and how to tackle the problem itself, mainly due to the fact the UK government is corrupt to some extent - this was brought up after 23 years of people being fed up, and after the situation with Mr. Robinson.

That being said, if you dealt with children directly who speak of these issues or nearly become victim of sex abuse, even rape which prompts something disastrous in the aftermath, these young ones look to people to speak up regardless of the platform, not only the action counts in helping them know how to fight an enemy, but by word also. CSA was very clear on said solutions, and this is what I, as many are doing concerning the people, to have conversation on how to go about the problem, therefore, it is not wise to cherry pick said CSA prevention methods.

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      Is the ban of WTJWorg in 34 countries around the world an attack by a “coalition of nations”? Was it, Is it "timing is Jehovah's"? Who cause suffer for JW in Russia ? Russia or because JHVH brought them against "his land"? Is this Russian attack on " JW True Religion" contrary to GB idea how "UN will attack false religion first and at the end they will attack the "true religion"? Because in reality, all sorts of religion ("true and/or false") have experienced attack through the centuries. 
      Does the attack of the "coalition" at this time, not recognize the difference between "true and false religion", and mistakenly persecute WTJWorg? What is wrong with their "attack timing"? Didn't they read the WT study magazines, because according to it, they must first start destroying all "false religions" and not create problems for "true religion"? 
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      “Representing the royal priesthood are appointed elders, who serve in positions of responsibility in congregations of Jehovah’s people around the earth. These men deserve our respect and wholehearted support, whether they are of the anointed or not. Why? Because, through his holy spirit, Jehovah has appointed the older men to their positions.
       Rather than challenge their authority, we truly appreciate our hardworking elders!  W02/8/1 pp 9-14”
       With representation of God’s priests, comes apparent authority.  It is interesting that God would bless this non-biblical position, since nowhere in the Bible does scripture say God would allow His priests to be represented or replaced.
      But then, do JWs care what God thinks?  I wonder.
      “The Lord said to Aaron, “You, your sons and your family are to bear the responsibility for offenses connected with the sanctuary, and you and your sons alone are to bear the responsibility for offenses connected with the priesthood.
      You are to be responsible for the care of the sanctuary and the altar, so that my wrath will not fall on the Israelites again. 6 I myself have selected your fellow Levites from among the Israelites as a gift to you, dedicated to the Lord to do the work at the tent of meeting. 7 But only you and your sons may serve as priests in connection with everything at the altar and inside the curtain. I am giving you the service of the priesthood as a gift. Anyone else who comes near the sanctuary is to be put to death.”  Num 18:1,5-7
      Since the anointed are the sanctuary Temple/House of God, the GB has allowed others  (“Gentiles”) to come “near the sanctuary”, and act as God’s priests.  Elders “sit” – rule with authority – over/in,  the Temple of God.  2 Thess 2:3,4; 1 Cor 3:16,17; 1 Pet 2:5,9; Eph 2:20-22; Rev 13:5-7
      The Lord said to Moses, 6 “Bring the tribe of Levi and present them to Aaron the priest to assist him. 7 They are to perform duties for him and for the whole community at the tent of meeting by doing the work of the tabernacle. 
      “Appoint Aaron and his sons to serve as priests; anyone else who approaches the sanctuary is to be put to death.” Num 3:6,10
      Will Queensland challenge the authority of the elder body? Should we let Queensland know who are the acting priests of the WT?
      Will the elder body back down and refuse to be called “priests” when they are confronted by their actions of not reporting child abuse, and the promise of jail time looms before them?  Or, for “Jehovah’s organization” will they do their time in jail, instead of obeying the laws? 
      Every JW should challenge the authority of the elder body over them.  It is lawlessness. 
      “His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation. 32 With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him.” Dan 11:31,32
      Priests in Queensland will now be compelled to break the seal of confession to report child sexual abuse or face three years in jail.
      Key points:
      The law was passed with the support of the Opposition It enacts a recommendation of the child sexual abuse royal commission Police Minister Mark Ryan says it will help protect vulnerable children New laws passed through Queensland Parliament will force members of the clergy to report known or suspected cases of abuse to police.
      The legislation means religious institutions and their members are no longer able to use the sanctity of confessional as a defence or excuse in child sex abuse matters.
      Police Minister Mark Ryan said the laws would ensure better protection for vulnerable children.
      "The requirement and quite frankly the moral obligation to report concerning behaviours towards children applies to everyone everyone in this community," he said.
      "No one group or occupation is being singled out.
      The laws apply to information received from now, even if it relates to abuse that occurred in the past.
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      August 5th 2020  Old news revisited, but this must be costing the CCJW a bit of money. 

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. A report into the handling of sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses does not have be removed from a government site, a court in Arnhem has decided. It is the second time the Dutch branch of the church has gone to court over the report. In January it tried to stop publication but at the time judges ruled it should be published in the public interest.
      Just 25% of victims said they were satisfied at the way their complaints against the community had been handled and only 27% of cases were ever passed on to the police or other officials. Most of the reports related to abuse in the past, with just 32 covering the past 10 years.

    • By Srecko Sostar
      part of text:
      Collaboration between Church and state
      The importance of collaboration between the Church and state is a fourth aspect covered in the Vademecum. It brings up, for example, that “even in cases where there is no explicit legal obligation to do so, the ecclesiastical authorities should make a report to the competent civil authorities if this is considered necessary to protect the person involved or other minors from the danger of further criminal acts.” In addition, it reiterates that “the investigation should be carried out with respect for the civil laws of each state”. - 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • By Patiently waiting for Truth
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  
      Don't know if this is exactly new news. but it 'sort of' sounds interesting.
      Trump Delivers on Promise to Advance Religious Freedom Abroad 
      This week, President Trump issued a historic executive order that ensures international religious freedom will be a major piece of his legacy. The new directive gives the U.S. government more tools than ever before to advance religious freedom globally and to penalize foreign nations that perpetrate or allow religious persecution.
      Link to article at top. 
    • By Srecko Sostar
      In the age of this Corona contagion, the term "social distance" emerged. In recommending how to protect their health against this virus, health care providers have introduced some measures regarding the behavior of people in their interactions with each other. One of them is famous "social distance".

      What does it mean first of all to have "social distance" in this Corona context? This means that the physical distance between persons must not be less than 1 meter, or 2 meters or similar. This is actually about physical distance, not social distance. Because, no one forbade people to talk and exchange thoughts. By any means, directly or virtually, using technology.

      From this we could conclude that the term/word and the means used to prevent infection is deficient in clarity, is wrong. Having a "social distance" would mean refraining from making intellectual and emotional contact with other people. It would mean that we do not want to talk to them, that we do not want to accept them as people belonging to a particular "social" group. It would mean that don't want to see them, literally and transmitted. Specifically, we see that these disease measures primarily seek to reduce physical contact between people. This is about "close physical contact". Anything less than 6 feet. :))
      What is interesting about Corona measures? WTJWorg using both sort of measures to control "disease" inside Organization for very long time, and without possibility to "relax" this measures. With "shunning" policy JW's members using social and physical distance on people who are not JW members any more. That could mean how "Corona" existing constantly inside WTJWorg, long before Wuhan :)).
    • By Witness
      Grand jury investigators are ‘dead serious’ about revealing sexual abuse cover-ups among Jehovah’s Witnesses
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. , Updated: February 14, 2020- 5:00 AM           TIM TAI / FILE PHOTOGRAPH Brian Chase listened carefully from his Tucson, Ariz., home last July as an investigator from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office introduced himself over the phone.
      After some idle chitchat, the investigator asked: Was Chase familiar with the office’s 2018
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. , which showed that priests had sexually abused thousands of children at six Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania? “Just what was in the papers,” Chase responded, “and what I saw on Facebook.”
      The investigator explained that the AG’s office was now working on a similar state inquiry, this time focused on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. But the agency was unsure of the scope of sexual abuse within the often-misunderstood religion, which was founded in Pittsburgh in the 1870s.
      Chase, 52, had been raised a Jehovah’s Witness in Corry, a small town in Erie County. In the 1980s, when he was a teenager, Chase said he was drugged and raped by a man who belonged to his congregation. Decades would pass before Chase understood that their stories were common within Witness communities across the country, but rarely reported to police.
      “The scope,” Chase told the AG’s office official, “is pretty big.”
      The existence of a Pennsylvania grand jury investigation into the Witnesses’s handling of child sex abuse cases — the first of its kind in the country — was only disclosed a week ago, in 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  which was met with a no comment from Attorney General Josh Shapiro. But The Inquirer this week interviewed five ex-Witnesses who have already testified for the grand jury, including Chase, and their recollections paint a portrait of an investigation focused on shattering the wall of silence that has long surrounded the religion’s reclusive leaders, and unearthing secretly-maintained records about suspected pedophiles.
      Investigators have traveled to several states as part of the grand jury probe, and recorded testimony from former elders — the Witnesses’s equivalent of parish priests — as well as abuse survivors.
      “I can tell you firsthand, I’ve been up to the grand jury a couple of times now, and I’m testifying next week,” said Jeffrey Fritz, a Philadelphia attorney who represents Chase and his wife, as well as several other ex-Witnesses.
      “They are dead serious about going after [the Witnesses’ leaders] in any way they can, similar to the Catholic Church.”
      TIM TAI / FILE PHOTOGRAPH Jeffrey Fritz, an attorney with the Center City-based law firm Soloff & Zervanos, represents multiple ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who have testified in front of a Pennsylvania grand jury within the last year. Such a declaration would have seemed unthinkable for much of the past two decades, which saw a muted law enforcement response to ex-Witnesses who described in the pages of court documents horrific sexual assaults they suffered as minors, and the religion’s ongoing efforts to hide their accounts from the public.
      Sarah Brooks is another of Fritz’s clients; when she alerted her parents in the early 2000s to the fact that she was being abused as a teenager by a family friend and a relative, she was publicly shamed by an elder at her York County kingdom hall, and then shunned by other Witnesses. She twice reported the assaults to police, and her abusers were ultimately arrested in 2013, and pleaded guilty to corruption of a minor.
      Brooks, now 32, testified before the grand jury in Harrisburg last year.
      Investigators asked her to explain the Witnesses’s inner hierarchy, the system of elders and overseers who ultimately take direction from members of a small governing body whose orders must be closely followed by the religion’s 8 million followers, which number more than 7,000 in Philadelphia.
      At least three grand jury witnesses said investigators want to question governing body members, who work out of the organization’s sprawling headquarters in Tuxedo Park, N.Y., where they relocated several years ago, after selling their former Brooklyn headquarters for more than $1 billion to a real estate company run at the time by Jared Kushner, President President Trump’s son-in-law.
      “I am completely ecstatic," Brooks said. "It’s all I can do to not skip everywhere. I just feel like after all of the numerous people I’ve gone to, I finally have gotten to a point in my life where someone is listening.”
            JESSICA GRIFFIN / FILE PHOTOGRAPH Sarah Brooks testified before the grand jury about the sexual abuse she suffered as a teenager in Pennsylvania at the hands of a family friend and a relative. She first shared her story with The Inquirer in 2018. Martin Haugh, a former Witness elder whose 4-year-old daughter was molested inside a Red Lion, York County, kingdom hall in 2005, was so relieved to have testified before the grand jury that he recently tweeted a photo of the subpoena he received beforehand.
      “They are so close to you, the jurors,” he said. “When I was talking to the investigator about what happened to my daughter, one [juror] dropped his pencil. I heard a couple of gasps.”
      Haugh’s daughter had been abused by an adopted relative, John Logan Haugh, who was finally arrested in 2018, after another
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  that detailed the case, and then shared the man’s whereabouts with police. Martin Haugh, 42, said investigators were particularly interested in discussing how elders compile child abuse records, and the direction they receive from the religion’s lawyers.
      “We need the FBI to break down their doors,” he said.
      Mark O’Donnell, a former Witness who has twice testified in front of the grand jury, told The Inquirer he spoke last year to an elder who had been alerted to an instance of three children who were being sexually abused by their father.
      The elder told O’Donnell, 52, he had contacted the Witnesses’s legal department, which advised that he shouldn’t share the information with police. The same department later instructed the man to destroy handwritten notes he had taken about the conversation.
        “He became so distraught that he resigned,” said O’Donnell, who has spent years collecting and publishing documents about abuse cases that the Witnesses never reported to police.
      Pennsylvania investigators traveled to meet that former elder in Missouri, and later flew him to Harrisburg to testify.
      O’Donnell’s second appearance in front of the grand jury centered on Witness documents, some of which date back to the 1980s, that have been leaked by whistleblowers, and show how Witness leaders instructed their underlings to stymie law enforcement inquiries and withhold information about suspected pedophiles from unsuspecting congregations.
      The religion has faced increased scrutiny in recent years, from a 2018 episode of an A & E series, “Cults and Extreme Belief," to 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  last year that focused on O’Donnell’s efforts, and a recent Oxygen documentary, Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  which highlights ongoing reporting from Trey Bundy, a reporter at Reveal, from The Center for Investigative Reporting. For years, many ex-Witnesses had little choice but to grapple with their trauma silently. Survivors eventually began forming communities on social media — Reddit, YouTube, Facebook — and hoped that the religion’s leaders would be held accountable, either in a news story or a courtroom, for enabling abusers.
      Meanwhile, in Arizona, Brian Chase can still trace the fallout from the rape he survived. He was reprimanded by Witness elders who learned that he had been abused, and then kicked out of his house by his parents, who mistakenly believed he was abusing drugs. He was shunned by those closest to him, and had to muddle through a period of homelessness and years of heartache and confusion.
      He now works with nonprofits that advocate for legislation to benefit and protect abuse victims, a tangible way of healing and helping others who have had to dig out of their own personal hells.
      Traveling 2,000 miles back to Pennsylvania, to testify for the grand jury, offered another chance to make a difference.
        “I felt relief, and that I was doing a good thing,” he said. “I want to do whatever I can to prevent this from happening to other people."

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    • By Witness
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    • By Baruq JW
      Souviens-toi… Sydney. Roman dont la trame se déroule dans une congrégation de témoins de Jéhovah lausannoise.
    • By Patiently waiting for Truth
      Jehovah’s Witnesses go to court to block sex abuse report publication

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    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
    • By Patiently waiting for Truth
      Point 1. I really do laugh at this term "Only game in town"   As I've said before the JEWISH RELIGIOUS LEADERS would have said that serving God by obeying THEM and the Mosaic Law, was the only game in town. Jesus however proved those Religious leaders to be wrong. Jesus and his disciples carried over the good points of the Mosaic Law and discarded the bits no longer needed. (Such as animal sacrifices, circumcision etc). 
      Russell & Co came out of former religions. I presume they must have carried over some good points from those former religions, then made adjustments or changed doctrines.
      So why would it not be possible for people that have left the JW Org to form a new religion ?  Carrying over the good and disposing of the bad, of which there seems to be plenty....
      I'm not saying it will happen but it does dispose of this idea of 'the only game in town' brainwashing. JW's seem to be taught that there cannot be anything else ever. What if Russell had believed that, the Bible Students would have never been formed. 
      Point 2.  The 'Truth' / JW Org.
      As I read more and more on here I am finding out that the Governing Body / Writing Dept'  / Legal Dept' et al,  have deliberately told many lies.
      The latest I'm reading (on a new topic on here) but the info stems back a while, seems to contain information whereby the 'Org' / those in charge at the time, implied, that children cannot get baptised, and that blood transfusions were acceptable to the Organisation. It seems that this was written in order to get favours from a certain government. 
      Both of those things are lies but seem to be deliberately used for some form of dishonest gain.
      Then of course we have lawyers telling lies in court about shunning. 
      And C.S.A court cases have proved that elders and others have deliberately lied. And the American 'section' of the JW Org deliberately withholding information regarding such matters.
      Link this to misuse of scriptures, such as, Superior Authorities, which deliberately took away people's conscience / freedom of choice, in WW2.
      And I'm sure people here can come up with lots more examples of lies, deliberate wrongdoing, mistakes, misinterpretations, 'new light' corrections et al.
      Why am i writing all this ?  Well I am proving two points. 
      1. If it's your 'only game in town' then it's not a good one. 
      2. That calling it 'The Truth' is totally deceptive.
      I do not think you would like it if I gave you a meal that was three quarters yummy, but a quarter poison. The poison might well contaminate the good food !
      So, saying that the Org / GB are three quarters right does not help. 
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      ¡Despertad! 8 de agosto de 1981.pdf

      ¡Despertad! 8 de agosto de 1981.pdf

    • By Shiwiii
      Why does it take the Inquisition into the CSA by governments around the world, lawsuits in many countries and  the threat of non-profit status in a few countries to FORCE the wt/gb to amend the CSA policy?  The article is in the May 2019 WT and the title of the article is "Love and Justice in the Face of Wickedness". 
      "13 Do elders comply with secular laws about reporting an allegation of child abuse to the secular authorities? Yes. In places where such laws exist, elders endeavor to comply with secular laws about reporting allegations of abuse....So when they learn of an allegation, elders immediately seek direction on how they can comply with laws about reporting it."
      I can see that they still won't enforce reporting to the police each and every CSA case only if required by law.  Key word is "REQUIRED" .
      "14 Elders assure victims and their parents and others with knowledge of the  matter that they are free to report an allegation of abuse to the secular authorities. But what if the report is about someone who is a part of the congregation and the matter then becomes known in the community? Should the Christian who reported it feel that he has brought reproach on God’s name? No. The abuser is the one who brings reproach on God’s name."
      Finally, they finally get it that it is the wrong doer who is the bad guy and not the reporter.......but, I'm sure this is just lip service. And here's why:
      16 When they learn that someone in the congregation is accused of child abuse, elders endeavor to comply with any secular laws about reporting the matter, and then they conduct a Scriptural investigation. If the individual denies the accusation, the elders consider the testimony of witnesses. If at least two people—the one making the accusation and someone else who can verify this act or other acts of child abuse by the accused—establish the charge, a judicial committee is formed. 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  
      And there you have it, two witness rule still in effect and no mandatory reporting of CSA unless mandated by law.
      However, what is the true gain here? Not much, but some is better than nothing, the fact that whoever reports is not the bad guy, the abuser is.  What a wonderful provision made by the loving Jehoverning body. I hope that one day the gb/wt will be on par with humanity in reporting ALL accusations of CSA or any abuse for that matter. 
    • By Bible Speaks
      Would you have the courage to speak out to police about your work, even if they oppose you? It may happen again...yet we do not use the placards anymore...."Religion a Snare and a Racket"? 

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Polls conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post revealed 36 percent of U.S. respondents in 2017 term themselves as Protestant faith members. A sharp drop from 2003's 50 percent. The statistics include a drop of eight points in evangelical white Protestant numbers. The number of Christians all in all has mirrored the predicament of Protestants. From the 83 percent of 2003 to 72 percent in 2017, the declining numbers are in stark contrast to the section of the U.S. population responding with “no religion” which have almost doubled to 21 percent. Self-identification of Catholics at 22 percent remain constant during this time. The number of adults who identify with other strands of Christianity like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses went up marginally, from 11 percent to 14 percent. Trends are more pronounced among the American youth; only 19 percent of all adults under 30 years of age in 2003 claimed to have no religion. In 2017, that percent went up to 35 percent. These figures can be compared with the 22 percent who term themselves to be affiliated with any kind of Protestantism. These figures are significant as they denote a perceptible shift in power.

      Read more at World Religion News: "Sharp Drop in White Evangelicals in U.S." https://www.worldreligionnews.com/?p=51977

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    • By Anna
      The God delusion- are Jehovah's Witnesses the exception?
      Religion seems to be more divisive and destructive than any other belief system. Why does the belief in a superhuman power bear such "rotten fruit"? 
      Each religion claims they are the one and only true religion. Is there such a thing as the only true Religion, and one that actually bears "good fruit"?
      Please watch the documentary below and feel free to share any observations you might have, or comment on the problem of religion and belief you have identified and/or the areas where Jehovah's Witnesses differ....etc.
      At the end of the video Dawkins asks imploringly, appealing to our sense of gratitude: “People sometimes say there must be more to this life....but how much more do you want”?
      I guess you can present that question to someone who was born in poverty and disease, and has no way out. Or you can ask someone who has been diagnosed with a fatal illness and has no way of getting better. Or you can ask someone who has lost loved ones who cannot be brought back.  I am sure they would tell you they wished for more.....  
    • By The Librarian
      Belote Dage - Is There a True Religion From Gods Standpoint.mp3
      @The Librarian

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