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Jehovah's Organization and the 40 year refinement periods...


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Jehovah's Organization and the 40 year refinement periods...


Soon, all the inhabitants of the earth will have to know God's Name Jehovah. "I will not allow my holy name to be profaned any longer; and the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah" (Ezekiel 39:7)

The refinement periods of 40 years are a repeated pattern throughout the scriptures that are often applied to God's People. The first pattern was applied to all the inhabited earth in 1914. The 40 year pattern thrice. (1914 + 120 =2034). It's during this period that specific and overlapping refinement periods can be applied. Jehovah is a God of order and not one of chaos. (1 Corinthians 14:33)

There are many refinement periods, but I will speak of the ones about the anointed and great crowd that will be ushered into Christ Millennial Reign. In 1919, the faithful and discreet slave of anointed ones were chosen to take the lead of God's People upon the earth and bring a Public Announcement of Denunciation upon Babylon The Great. The time period for this can easily be obtained by applying the three 40 year periods. (1919 + 120 =2039) We know the anointed do not live on earth indefinitely, each anointed person must finish their earthly course successfully to realize their heavenly reward. Today, we know that Babylon the Great is on borrowed time, she has been on fire and burning since 1919. Each year that gets closer to 2039, we SEE the nations growing agitated with her as she cannot bring prosperity and peace to the Earthly Kings. Rather, she has embezzled luxury and riches from her suitor. It's not likely she will survive 2039 but come to her end, never to be found again.

In 1930 the Bible Students took on the name 'Jehovah's Witnesses' as God's Organization upon the earth. Jehovah's Organization entered into three refinement periods since 1935. In 1935 we entered into a New Era. *** w15 2/15 p. 32 “A Very Precious Season” ***

"The year 1935 marked a dramatic change that affected future Memorial observances, for the meaning of the “great multitude” (KJ), or “great crowd,” of Revelation 7:9 was clarified. Until then, Jehovah’s servants had viewed this group as consecrated Christians who were less zealous. Now this vast throng was identified as faithful worshippers who hope to live on a paradise earth. Following this clarification and after some careful self-examination, Russell Poggensee acknowledged: “The heavenly hope had not been awakened within me by Jehovah through his holy spirit.” Brother Poggensee—and many loyal ones like him—stopped partaking of the emblems but continued to attend the Memorial."

The book Life Everlasting—In Freedom of the Sons of God, released at a series of district conventions held in 1966, pointed to 1975. Right at the convention, as the brothers examined the contents, the new book triggered much discussion about 1975.

At the convention held in Baltimore, Maryland, F. W. Franz gave the concluding talk. He began by saying: “Just before I got on the platform a young man came to me and said, ‘Say, what does this 1975 mean?’” Brother Franz then referred to the many questions that had arisen as to whether the material in the new book meant that by 1975 Armageddon would be finished, and Satan would be bound.

He stated, in essence: ‘It could. But we are not saying. All things are possible with God. But we are not saying. And don’t any of you be specific in saying anything that is going to happen between now and 1975. But the big point of it all is this, dear friends: Time is short. Time is running out, no question about that.’

The third and final 40 year refinement period began in 2015 with a plethora of understanding to the regards of the overlapping generation about 'this generation'. In the early weeks of January, 2015, at one of our midweek meetings. A Brother quietly and calmly walked up to the podium and stated, "New partakers that start partaking are not part of 'this generation'. With that 10 second announcement my eyebrows raised and thinking to myself that those anointed sometime after 1990 or 1995 are not contemporaries of those alive that saw Christ Presence in 1914. Then for clarification, Brother David H. Splane gave the explanation in the video titled, "Close to the End of This System of Things".

From this point on, we can start emphasizing these two scriptures in this manner.

"... and then the end will come." (Matthew 24:14)

"... and from these turn away. " (2 Timothy 3:5)


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Jehovah's Organization and the 40 year refinement periods... Soon, all the inhabitants of the earth will have to know God's Name Jehovah. "I will not allow my holy name to be profan

Refinement periods .... finishing periods .... periods of training. Who and what needs those periods? As the title of the topic itself clearly indicates, alleged “improvements” are something that

@Srecko Sostar  that comment is perfect. And as you say, translations do differ and possibly contradict each other.  That is why I feel that only inspired Anointed ones could translate the Bible

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Refinement periods .... finishing periods .... periods of training. Who and what needs those periods?

As the title of the topic itself clearly indicates, alleged “improvements” are something that needs, an organization, that is established by people.
Terms like “God’s Word is truth” are often associated with a literal book, and that is the Bible. But it goes on, so the idea is promoted that everything published by WTJWorg is also “God’s Word” or “the truth”.

The “Word of God” is not something that can only be tied to a book, the Bible. First of all, the reason why one should be careful with the Bible itself is the large amount of translations of the Bible that are often a source of misunderstanding for today's man. Not to mention that some translations are often times contradictory to each other and promote a particular ideology of a religious community. It follows that "the truth" is not seen or recognized from the book we calls too as "the Word of God."

So we have two parallel journeys in “refinement”. One embraces the Bible itself as the Word of God, and the other embraces the doctrines and theology of a particular church, in this case WTJWorg.

The questions logically arises: Who claims that "the truth" must undergo "refinement" ??? Why is the "truth" not in itself pure, unquestionable, without a doubt ???
If “truth” needs improvements from people in the 20th and 21st centuries, specifically, from people in WTJWorg, has that kind of “truth” ever been true in the past? Is it today?

WTJWorg connects the term “knowledge of the truth” with the Bible obtained by learning according to WTJWorg theology. Such "knowledge of the truth," they say, leads believers to "eternal life." We see that the WTJWorg “truth” needs to be reworked and modified and re-modeled. But not to make their “truth” become true, but to continue the illusion that this organization is the only one on Earth that knows how to come to a “new truth” and a “new light”. At the same time, the organization counts on the loyalty of the members, because only in that way can it continue with the "wandering in the desert", which is only possible if it continues to be financed with financial contributions from naive and deceived members.

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@Srecko Sostar  that comment is perfect. And as you say, translations do differ and possibly contradict each other. 

That is why I feel that only inspired Anointed ones could translate the Bible properly and could teach true meaning from the Bible... The GB admit to not being inspired. 


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