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Which Religion will be the first to embrace Bitcoin?

Mic Drop

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And since I know there are a lot of JW's on this site:... this is for y'all 😉

Interesting @Mic Drop....You did get me to thinking.... Bitcoin is the first international currency that isn't biased to any one government, head of state or nationality so "truly impartial".....

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Interesting @Mic Drop....You did get me to thinking....

Bitcoin is the first international currency that isn't biased to any one government, head of state or nationality so "truly impartial"..... but we have always had gold which does the same thing.

Interesting thought occurred to me that it would be a currency without a "false set of scales" since it is based on purely mathematical computations as you have shown previously.

I can't really see where the Bible or Jehovah God would have anything against using such a system... after all he made the very math it uses. Isn't the Fibonacci used sometimes even referred to as "God's fingerprint"? 

In the end .... it is just money.... so just beware of loving it. 

I guess it remains to be seen if we will have the "Internet" during the Great Tribulation or even into Paradise. It might be part of the "olive oil and the wine" of luxuries that will not disappear during the GT. 

Thanks for the thought experiment.

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@The Librarian - It's not just money as you say... it is also a "store of value" and even a "payment network". Some even refer to it a a new form of digital "energy" that can be captured and frozen.

You should also notice that Bitcoin holders don't rely on "interest" to make money as the modern fiat banking system is designed to run. Isn't interest against God's law? So it would be better for y'all. (or at least more ethical / moral. Right?


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Well... to be fair @Mic Drop JW's do not have a problem charging or collecting interest. You must be thinking of Islamic banking. 

We probably shouldn't charge our brothers interest ... but that rule is really based on the older Mosaic law (from which Islam copied) 

So no JW really has a problem with interest per se. To be honest JW.org makes millions on invested cash, stocks etc in traditional fiat banks around the world. 

But you never know... maybe Bitcoin is already getting a strong look as a "store of value" that is outside the purview of courts and governments to confiscate over frivolous lawsuits?

Now you have me thinking down a whole other path.... 

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As long as it isn't Universal basic income (UBI). Governments are trying to get their hands into Crypto after the FTX/SBF situation. Aside from Crypto, gold and silver are notable assets people are collecting as we speak. The US dollar is on the decline, but people have enough time to reap what they can get before it goes down further. So I do not see the reason for any faith group to go about it differently when it is still money to be used as a tool in whatever they are doing. It does not rule out the idea that some individuals may think different because they have little to no knowledge of Crypto.

Just be careful with your money, in whatever form it might be, with this woman:


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    • Hordes of small and mid-size banks are now in trouble, and that is really bad news because those institutions issue most of the mortgages, auto loans and credit cards that our economy runs on.  The other day, I asked my viewers to “imagine what our country will look like if the banking system implodes and the economy plunges into a depression”, because if our banks continue to collapse that is precisely where we are headed. JPMorgan Chase & Co analysts estimate that the “most vulnerable” U.S. banks are likely to have lost a total of about $1 trillion in deposits since last year, with half of the outflows occurring in March following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. There are more than 4,000 banks in the United States right now, and the vast majority of them are rapidly losing deposits. As a result, U.S. banks are being forced to turn to the Fed for help at a very frightening rate… Banks have been flocking to emergency lending facilities set up after the failures of SVB and Signature. Data released Thursday showed that institutions took a daily average of $116.1 billion of loans from the central bank’s discount window, the highest since the financial crisis, and have taken out $53.7 billion from the Bank Term Funding Program. Meanwhile, the banking crisis in Europe has taken another very alarming turn. Deutsche Bank shares fell on Friday following a spike in credit default swaps Thursday night, as concerns about the stability of European banks persisted. The Frankfurt-listed stock was down 14% at one point during the session but trimmed losses to close 8.6% lower on Friday afternoon. The German lender’s Frankfurt-listed shares retreated for a third consecutive day and have now lost more than a fifth of their value so far this month. The emergency rescue of Credit Suisse by UBS , in the wake of the collapse of U.S.-based Silicon Valley Bank, has triggered contagion concern among investors, which was deepened by further monetary policy tightening from the U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday. But what is going to happen to our economy when the flow of mortgages, auto loans and credit cards is greatly restricted? Our country is already being torn to shreds like a 20 dollar suit, and economic conditions are still relatively stable. So what is going to happen when we do fall into a very deep economic depression? These are such perilous times, and they are only going to get more difficult in the months ahead.
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