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    • Georgia USA, or Georgia, Russia? Yeah, I know full well what can happen when you "half learn " Swedish. Here is a short documentary about that ........ best when viewed full screen with speakers turned up.   Half Learning Swedish .mp4
    • This is  not about individual properties  " between other properties in suburbs" who can lose their homes.   This is about large areas where the people are deliberately targeted to get the land free from any homes...  This is different.... not a property tax issue but a "environmental code" issue.
    • James - I am living in Sweden at present.  Next year we are moving to Georgia.... I have already started to learn the language. Stopped learning Swedish.  It is sufficient to get by for now.  I am in Arabic congregation at present.  There are individual adherents to the "religion of peace" which are attending meetings but they often change their name... and friends... 
    • The heavenly woman which gives birth to a "heavenly kingdom" is not earthly congregations!  It is the same woman which is referred to in Gen 3:15...a heavenly woman - just as the 'bride' will be heavenly.   Galations  compares the two covenants (Moses and Jesus) to show that we are no longer under law - and are free from any "laws" under Christ - the woman "above" is free!   We are now under principals which we ourselves need to put into action.   Total freedom - but with responsibility..... even now I think the earthly class to not grasp that they are similar to anointed.  They have to follow the principals and love of Jehovah by free will and self-control.... and they can also be taught by Jehovah because we are already under Zion.  We do not need rulers.  We are already under total freedom under rule of Christ.  Our obligation is justice and love...... and keeping without blemish from the world..... and we all learn this from the bible and improve our behavior daily. The woman is not earthly.    
    • The Russian government were covering up their atrocities - this is why it is so hard to determine how many really died.  Even if people are wicked - they still try to cover up what they are doing because somehow they know it is wrong.... Do not be misled......  this kind of power in the hands of few together with the philosophy that the death of few is for the greater good - is satanic.  This new world order speech looks similar.... this is why it is much more insidious than we expect.  The far left youth in America is talking this way. Because I am vigilant I notice it immediately.  Have you seen what Ms Cortez has been saying? This is an indication of the thought of the new generation. Use it  but do not trust Wiki - the pedia.  It is edited by scholars who come from these universities which are pushing the gender engineering agenda.  I have seen history rewritten when the agenda changes.   A good example is UNESCO - see how they are rewriting history to suit their agenda.  In South Africa, the history has also been rewritten.  I lived it - I know what is true and false.  Similarly, the scholars at all major universities are saying there is a wonderful religion of "peace". Hence, all the killers who are committing a real genocide in North Africa and middle east against Christians (large percentages of Christians are not getting refugee status and are being killed - but nothing in the news about a genocide) are called isolated cases by people who are mentally ill.  I know the religion and the history (I did my homework) .....I 'know' the university scholars are rewriting the 1400 years of war history.  ( Note: I hate the religious ideology of this religion - not the people......  I love the people but feel extremely sad to see them exploited by a bad mental state and the lies they are indoctrinated with). Fortunately there are the odd few who become JW but they all have a terrible time from family and a lot of suffering.  I live in a socialist Europe and I see how and when socialism works..... Communism is much different - it is extreme socialism - you do not want to live under it. There is a trend now to whitewash the history of communism. Why?  It is underestimated by the West and it is getting a better reputation...... Why? So despite the death tolls - this philosophy is back in another, more acceptable form.......And it was carefully engineered back!  Perestroika was a short aberration.  The Frankfort school left Germany (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_School) and came to USA during the second world war. Its ideas were taken up by the French and changed to the new post modern way of thinking. This new way of thinking is "rebranded" communism but much more dangerous......the French revolution and the Russian revolution comes to mind.  The second phase of both revolutions killed many people. Why is this new philosophy so appealing to all students, colors of people and genders?  It promises total equality, dignity and acceptance.  Why are they so militant about it?  It teaches that social revolution is good for the greater good of all.  Communalism (the new philosophy of Agenda 21) fits in with this like a glove. This philosophy has  been undermining the west since the sexual revolution of the sixties. I know this is not going to work.  They will call 'peace' when they get the major part of the agenda done.... and then bring in the morals that all will have to adhere to - ONE human religion which accepts all creeds and all religions (and morals) and one may not protest it.  If you do not cooperate and preach your own religion - big problems for you!! With surveillance capabilities now available and already in operation - there is nothing they cannot do. This is how I see this unfolding...... Bible prophecy being fulfilled - exactly to the letter.    When one watches TV and sees the indoctrinated youth then one gets an idea what is lying ahead.   These riots in France started with the elderly and spread to others as they are sick of the social injustices of the governments who are only telling the news they are filtering.  Rapes, no-go zones, attacks, daily mentally sick people are killing others with knives... People are already afraid of the future and the new citizens have all the rights.  No matter how much they protest - behind the scenes the plan is going ahead as governments have committed to the agenda (Agenda 2030 is on internet too!) and the new migration compact which guarantees the rights of immigrants at financial expense and the rights of its citizens. (godly justice? - I call it human justice.....)  This is my take on the events happening.  I could be wrong.... but I am not taken in by this new diabolical philosophy.    I believe that all people will be equal under Jehovah - but it is a loving and willing process...... not forced on people.  It is a willingness to share at expense of self and yes - it will be a form of communalism - but loyalty to Jehovah and is principals will make people cooperate unselfishly to get the earth back to its previous condition.  No-one will tell others what to do.  The elders will be facilitators, inform and ask us to cooperate. explain the reasons. Unselfish love is no part of any human philosophy - only in the teachings of Christ. (So this Agenda 21 sounds wonderful!  it will not meet Jehovah's standards and will bring the great tribulation.) The 144000 will oversee from heaven but society here will be like loving sheep - no nasty qualities. Cooperation will be there in loving way.  This is the way of Jehovah.  (by the way - this is why I do not buy the story that the real anointed are outside the congregation now)..... The real anointed are going to heaven and elders are now being trained to take their place.  The 144000 do not need important places in the congregations right now.  They share in a precious heritage - but their focus should now be on preaching not ruling/teaching the congregation as individuals.  We do not need human rulers...... this is the message throughout the bible.  Jehovah and Christ are our rulers - with the understanding of the previously imperfect 144,000 in heaven.  Each person will have self-control and correct themselves according to Jehovah's laws.   Their happiness at receiving "life" during the 1000 years will be their most cherished gift.     

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