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  • Emergency Survival / Preppers



    "Those who prepare today will survive tomorrow."



    Mobile / Emergency Roadside Preparedness


    • Have access to the phone numbers of friends, both near and far.

    • Make and rehearse an escape plan. Know the nearest exits in your building, as well as the emergency plan of your children’s school. Set up family meeting places—such as a school or a library—one nearby and another outside your neighborhood. Authorities recommend that you practice walking with your family to those meeting points.

    • Plan to help others, including the elderly and the infirm.

    During—Act Quickly

    “When fire broke out, most people didn’t panic—they delayed,” relates Joshua, quoted at the outset. “Some turned off a computer or filled a water bottle. One man said, ‘Maybe we should just wait.’” Despite the hesitancy of others, Joshua shouted: “We need to get out of here now!” At that, his coworkers snapped out of denial and followed him down the stairs. “If anyone falls, pick him up and keep moving,” Joshua kept calling out. “We’re all going to make it!”


    • In a fire. Stay close to the floor, and move quickly to the nearest exit. Smoke makes it hard to see, and most fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. Leave behind personal items. Seconds can make the difference between life and death.

    • In an earthquake. Get under sturdy furniture or next to an inside wall. Expect aftershocks, and get outside and away from buildings as soon as you can. Trained rescuers may not arrive for hours, so try to rescue others if you can.

    • In a tsunami. If the water suddenly rushes away from the shore, move quickly to higher ground. Expect more and larger waves.

    • In a tornado or a hurricane. Go to a storm shelter without delay.

    • In a flood. Stay out of flooded buildings. Avoid wading in or driving through water. Floodwater can contain sewage and conceal dangers, including debris, open manholes, and downed power lines.

    • Did you know? Two feet [0.6 meters] of moving water can carry a car away. Most deaths in a flood result when people try to drive through moving water.

    • If the authorities order evacuation, leave immediately! Let friends know where you are, or they may risk their lives looking for you.

    • Did you know? Text messaging may be more reliable than telephone voice service.

    • If the authorities direct residents to remain at home or shelter in place, stay inside. In case of an outdoor chemical, biological, or nuclear accident or attack, stay indoors, turn off ventilation, and seal all doors and windows. In a nuclear event, go to the lowest internal part of your building to reduce exposure to radiation. Listen to local TV or radio news. Stay indoors until authorities announce that the threat has passed.


    General Supplies 

    glow sticks (12 hrs)

    flashlight (see above)

    liquid candle


    mylar thermal blankets 

    hand warmers 

    AM/FM radio

    whistle and lanyard

    sewing kit

    blank notebook


    extra batteries (for flashlight and radio)

    zip ties

    P-38 can opener 

    trash bags

    N95 dust masks

    duct tape

    small tarp


    safety goggles

    split leather gloves

    Hygiene Supplies

    Hygiene supplies are packaged inside their own separate bag. These basic supplies should look familiar – it’s similar to a toiletries bag you might take on vacation.

    bar soap



    baby shampoo

    hand lotion




    feminine hygiene pads


    toilet paper


    First Aid Kit

    The first aid box is packaged with a list of contents taped to the inside of the lid. Moist towelettes and antiseptic towelettes and latex gloves kept on top so you can clean your hands before digging through supplies.

    basic first-aid guide

    moist towelettes

    antiseptic towelettes

    latex gloves

    acetaminophen (Tylenol)

    ibuprofen (Advil)


    diphenhydramine (Benadryl)

    loperamide (Imodium A-D)

    burn cream

    sting relief towelettes

    hydrocortisone cream

    triple antibiotic ointment (Neosporin)

    cough drops


    instant ice pack


    nail clippers


    digital thermometer

    cotton balls

    waterproof adhesive tape

    gauze rolls

    gauze pads



    butterfly bandages

    ace bandage

    triangular bandage

    hand sanitizer


    petroleum jelly

    RAD sticker (personal radiation dosimeter) 

    potassium iodide (radiation emergency thyroid blocker) 

    Lifestraw ultracompact Water Filter 

    24-inch Pocket Chainsaw 

    3600 calorie ration bars with 5 year shelf life 

    4-in-1 Emergency Gas & Water Shutoff Tool 

    12,000 Strike Firestarter and whistle 

    Hand-crank Flashlight 

    Everstryke Match (15000 uses) (get one free)

    Foldable Drybags 

    Foldable credit card knife 

    High Power LED flashlight 


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    • Not hardly!! Did you take note at how I knocked the formidable JTR out of the ring? I’ll have you for lunch!   By the way, I’m reading a new author of science fiction, Darth Dethway. In a very exciting chapter, the evil alien says: ”Surrender, earthlings! You have no chance!   Zip...zero...nada!” Do you think?
    • Just in case anyone is interested here are the 'closed club' rules: This club is intended for active publishers associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses only. Anyone who does not fall into this category will be denied membership. Members should keep in mind that an opinion on something of a doctrinal nature that is not in line with current understanding does not mean that the current understanding is wrong. Therefore it’s not necessary to take offense, or start defending current understanding just for the sake of it, without actually presenting a reasonable counter argument.   Members must realize that one of the objectives of this club is that members should feel comfortable expressing their ideas and discussing things which can be viewed as controversial, as long as these do not become dogmatic and/or are aggressively promoted. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it works both ways. Biblical principles to keep in mind: (2 Timothy 2:23-25) Further, reject foolish and ignorant debates, knowing that they produce fights. For a slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be gentle toward all, qualified to teach, showing restraint when wronged,  instructing with mildness those not favorably disposed.. (Titus 3:9, 10)  But have nothing to do with foolish arguments and genealogies and disputes and fights over the Law, for they are unprofitable and futile. As for a man who promotes a sect, reject him after a first and a second admonition (1 Peter 3:15) . . .always ready to make a defense before everyone who demands of you a reason for the hope you have, but doing so with a mild temper and deep respect. (1 Thessalonians 5:21) Make sure of all things, hold fast to what is fine. (1 John 4:1) Beloved ones, do not believe every inspired statement, but test the inspired statements to see whether they originate with God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. Not allowed: obscene, vulgar, and/or hateful talk, racist remarks, ad hominem attacks (against anyone, which includes the GB), trolling, and links to apostate websites.
    • I hope to God you will one day understand the significance of 1914. The misapplication of The Bible Students analogy however different end up being the same, but with less clutter. In order to understand, you would have to investigate what the prelude was in 1874, 1878, 1881, 1898, 1901, 1904, 1906, 1910, 1911 or wait that’s a firearm, 1913, 1914, 1915, and their correlations. What was the experience between 1916-1919? Russell, while still learning was insightful. There are many publications to research. Be not surprised, then, when in subsequent chapters we present proofs that the setting up of the Kingdom of God is already begun, that it is pointed out in prophecy as due to begin the exercise of power in A.D. 1878, and that the "battle of the great day of God Almighty" (Rev. 16:14), which will end in A.D. 1915, with the complete overthrow of earth's present rulership, is already commenced. The gathering of the armies is plainly visible from the standpoint of God's Word. STUDY IV THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES What are Gentile Times?—Their Beginning; Their Length; Their End A.D. 1914—Attendant Events—Events to Follow—Literal and Symbolic Time—A Remarkable Type—Present Indications—God's Kingdom to Overthrow Gentile Rule—Therefore Organized Before It Ends—Before A.D. 1914—Why Opposed by Gentile Kingdoms—How and Why All will Finally Accept it Joyfully—"The Desire of All Nations Shall Come." Was he talking about an earthly kingdom? No that came from opposers in his time. Did it mean the world would end in 1914, No, that’s an ex-WJ’s excuse and those that oppose the Watchtower? The coined phrase " SETTING UP OF THE KINGDOM" means what? The time stamp, meant, preparation for Christ to take his rightful place in Heaven and enthroned at the appropriate time. But if you are one of those that only believe in one 1260, then it won't make a difference, and there's no reason to debate it here or in a closed forum.
    • As far as I am aware we haven't mentioned you once John, sorry.  But we can change that, how about the topic "John the cry baby"  . And you are funny with your assumptions. You don't take a break.  Remember though that members of the "closed club" still comment here too.
    • It's called the "closed Club" . Are you able to read the rules of the club? If yes, then you will notice you do not qualify. That's just life John, and that is the prerogative of the club's owner. He can determine who gets to join. I can't join our local golf club, because I don't qualify. As for your other sentiments, well you are assuming a lot. You have no idea what we cover in there.  Same goes for @Shiwiii just assuming things. But that seems to be what you guys do.

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