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    Deborah Watts reacted to Va pozz in Did Noah have brothers and sisters?   
    So this weeks watchtower study mentioned lemech Noah's father.  And it got me wondering if Noah had siblings? And was his father alive when the flood came. Genesis 5:30 answers some questions. 30 After becoming father to Noah, Laʹmech lived for 595 years. And he became father to sons and daughters.  31 So all the days of Laʹmech amounted to 777 years, and then he died. It appears that Noah may have been the oldest of the siblings and since Laʹmech is said to have sons and daughters Noah would have had at least 2 sisters and 2 brothers. According to genesis 5:32 Noah became father to his 3 sons after the age of 500. So Laʹmech was around for their births. Genesis 7:11 states Noah was 600 when the rain began. If it took 40-50 years to build the ark....Laʹmech was around for much of the building but since he lived another 595 years after Noah's birth he would have died 5 years before the flood came. But still Noah's brothers and sisters were likely around. Unless of course they were casualties of nephillim violence. I wonder if they thought about getting on the ark. Obviously they didn't but I wonder what Noah will tell us about preaching to his family. Just thoughts are rattling around my brain.
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    Deborah Watts reacted to Melanie Sue Washington in George Benson & Sheila Hutchinson on JW Broadcasting   
    #Jay Witness, this song is not sung by George Benson. The Brother is Phillph Ingram 

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