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    • No. Followers of Mr. Fearon stated weapons of such are found underneath the churches of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as other devices of assassination and or cold bloodied-murder, hence the claim of poisons used to their own members of the church to kill them off – absurd conspiracy. Moreover, the Warwick location of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, their headquarters, is also a place of dwelling and worship – a church (larger one on the countryside), it is highly unlikely that they harbor weapon bunkers underneath such a place, granted of how the people of Passaic and Orange County view firearms in the hand of suspected strangers and the like, swiftness to act also, even in their own neighborhood, for they did have an incident at one of their schools sometime ago, and took part in events regarding gun control, knowing people of Passaic County myself and the area itself for half a decade, very close to Orange County (Warwick), their words on such speaks in volume. Therefore, it is unlikely that a Millenarian Restorationist Christian Denomination, a minority, with Non-Trinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity, having a weapon bunker(s) hidden below their headquarters which is pretty much a large church. So a possibility is absolute 0.00%, and if such was indeed true, the Warwick facility would have been done away with, raided, raised and shut down, seeing how the people of the area are, mainly those in the Borough – again, conspiracy, but it is no surprise that Rick has some believing such things that even those who are not fan of JWs dislike. As for Brooklyn, it is not a mystery that there are various tunnels underneath the city. The tunnels near the facility of this faith had tunnels connecting to pedestrian walkways that are private, the tunnels, being a series of 4-5 subterranean tunnels connecting several of the properties in that area, some of them used in regards of utility services. It is also good to mention how long those tunnels have been there for and the fact the city makes money off said tunnels, collecting thousands for their use. Somewhat related to subject, it is also known Jehovah’s Witnesses have a presence in Pennsylvania, another area of theirs, and like the others, they do not have weapon bunkers, however, there are churches of the mainstream of that area, who also have a following outside of Pennsylvania, who not only have a stash of weapons away in their churches, but freely carry them around the church, for they believe that guns, specifically, the AR-15 Assault Rifle is a gift from God and use them even in their ceremonies (they are Trinitarian for they believe Jesus is God), this has caused fear and quite the stir in the community, even having an affect on a nearby School and the actions they made due to such churches (not to mention the bullet laced crown of theirs):  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/02/28/pennsylvania-church-ceremony-guns/383815002/   The same can be said about Christian Militant groups scattered throughout the United States, who are in favor of assault rifles, as well as quick draw weapons such as revolvers and pistols, granted such ones train themselves to fight, such falls in the category of Christian Terrorism. Yes, The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) link is broken, in fact, 2 links not just 1, however the archives can freely be accessed, only few manage to gather, fragments of what ceases to exist, moreover, some information that can be accessed you really don’t have to be a member and/or create a login, especially when the information is out there for one to read and make the research for themselves. Also I can spot the top Google search links away, I've been in the Lion's Den in search of information, so I know better to see that.   It is also good to know some facts about Henrietta M. Riley (33b006006 FBO), the Trust itself and the like. The Riley Trust that is independent, for the trust was hers, not the Watchtower’s. This trust is a United States trust that has the Watchtower as the sole beneficiary. Now, a Trust can be set up to make you the individual, a company (of any kind), an organization of any kind (education, religious, etc.) or anyone else a beneficiary. For one has no control over what the Trust does financially, mainly if they are a beneficiary. The only thing that you or any beneficiary can do is to decline any benefit from the Trust in question. A Trust is able to operate while the person who initiated the Trust very much alive and well. Another known fact about the trust in question, the Riley Trust, is that it has done its investing prudently, acting with or showing care and thought for what is to come. Moreover, this Trust is a mutual fund and mutual funds are typically fluid and careful with their investments. Basically, for the assets left by Henrietta Riley is the generating force regarding income by the trust, which is transferred to the Watchtower by means of donation. Around April 30, 2002, the trust generated income of around $1,740,127 USD and donated nearly $1,945,645 USD to the Watchtower. Majority of the income of the trust is from two main sources such as oil and gas. The trust also has almost $2 million of investments in various stocks and other vehicles. Regarding the Watchtower, they, have received a donation (as mentioned above), and it is already known that the Watchtower accepts donations, for such ones do not apply the law of Levites on to themselves, known as the tithe, which does not apply to Christians (Hebrews 7:5, 18; Colossians 2:13, 14), but free will offering is acceptable in its place – voluntary, Leviticus 23:38 (Deuteronomy 12:6, Numbers 29:39,1 Chronicles 29:9, 2 Chronicles 35:8 and Ezra 2:68), so it is no surprise they do what the early Christians have done to contribute to their works without being paid for it, but receive/make voluntary donations. Furthermore, one, if not more, Trust(s) have a number of religious organizations including the Watchtower itself. In addition, it would be unlikely they are aware of what a trust tends to invest in, but it is no mystery they tend to accept donations, regardless. Back on to the Riley Trust, it tends to shift their investment information and the stock selection changes as time progresses. It is also known that the Riley trust is also the source of the Philip Morris Companies Inc, an accusation against the Watchtower, which is also shrouded in conspiracy and has been debunked. Another accusation is that it is said, by those clearly against them, that The Watchtower has used stocks, bonds and trusts as investment vehicles. One such trust was the H M Riley Trust, from the deceased estate of Henrietta Riley, when it is known that the Riley Trust itself was given to the Watchtower, financial donation, as for stocks and bounds, the answer should be evident. Another accusation is that it is said that the stocks in Phillip Morris is owned by the Watchtower, then in reality, the stocks in question is owned by the Henrietta Riley Trust, not the Watchtower. Another thing is it would seem some have caused confusion of the official tax returns vs. a tax return for a charitable trust, which is a separate entity created with somebody else's money, is ever so evident. And once again, like the Henrietta Riley trust, the money invested is hers. Under tax laws of the United States, the beneficiary of such a trust has no say in the management of the trust. It is managed by a trust company and regulated by the legal instructions of the person who established the trust, in this case Ms. Riley’s Trust. JW opponents are even unsure themselves at times, and consider Riley to be a member of the faith, but would seem it is a guessing game for them to this day. But as with all who receive donations, be it this faith and or other groups and or organizations, they tend to not have any control over what people gift to them. Source from 12 years ago by someone who is neutral with JWs, and clearly among one of the speakers of the former members of the faith (links may be updated): https://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/109731/setting-record-straight-re-riley-trust-tobacco-compan-stock-wts And yes, because those who donate are not normally known to the person and or group that receives the donation, mainly when such is anonymous, the only reason the Riley Trust is known because the owner of said Trust literally donated to the religious group (a choice made by owner, no doubt) in question, not really deception and or a mystery, but many tend to twist the information and stick to one-sided information, hence the top searched links provided by you. The Raytheon Company one, as stated before, is deemed a hoax, thus being a conspiracy, moreover, the Watchtower clearly has no connection to the Navy and or some kind of contract with them, for that alone would be absurd. Unless you got accurate information on Navy Contracts and or deals, as some who cite what you mention have said – I am all ears. The charitable navigator availability was around 2002, not sure about 2003.   I don’t think they are getting desperate because they are still growing, I believe around 8.4 million members now and growing fast I checked, and the money they have now has been building more churches and contributing to their missionary work, again, for that is what the majority of their money is used for, anything to contribute to the Great Commission, mainly in the eyes of Restorationist, I believe I brought up Great Commission to you before. As for the religious heads of this faith, it does not seem like they are nervous when the work is being done, for if they were nervous, such information would have caused them to stumble some years ago, for as I said, such claims have been debunked time and time again, even by those who are former members and or neutral. For the donations, as said before, such ones accept donations, regardless, so there isn’t really a new arrangement, perhaps just another person with money who decided to contribute to a person, group and or organization of his or her choice, just happens to be the Watchtower. They may not have a big area like they have in Warwick, but there are JW churches in that area, there is no question about that, for there is always a JW church, with a variety of languages other than English that goes there. The churches of Jehovah’s Witnesses are as common as the Fast Food Restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s – all over the place. If one of their churches goes down, they build it back up, if they sell one of their churches, they end up building another elsewhere, after all, they have the financial ability to do such, at the same time maintaining themselves in the realm of Great Commission Missionary work. As for the so called source on the bottom of the page, I had already seen it, as well as the other information that counters such. Ironically, the truth itself comes not from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but former members who are well aware of how Trust, Funds and donations work by those who own it and how it is handled when someone and or a group is chosen as a beneficiary. Perhaps next time, it is best to read into something more than accept as is conspiracy, which was the case before, some of the links you posted came from top Google searches, which is no surprise, I took the other route, into the Lion’s Den, and the evident religious infighting in such a place is visible, mainly to those who profess actual information to claim. Also I completed the list for you, majority having been spoken of and dissected upon – with the actual truth out of conspiracy being made known (that of which has been mentioned is also included), moreover, in the span of 3 to 19 years, perhaps more, such has been talked about: Note: There was a Girl Scout’s Cookie one, that one was a bit silly. All below have been dealt with over time, even the ones included. Yes I am aware of Rand Cam, fits the bill like the others, friend. And I am 100% sure JWs had nothing to do with the destruction of Christians in the Middle East either. Adobe Sys Inc Amazon Com Inc American Express Co American-Intl Inc Nintendo Apple Inc Avery Dennison Corp Bank of America Corp Victoria Secret Baxter Intl Inc Berkshire Hathaway CL B BioGen Idec Inc Blackrock Inc Boeing Co Bristol Myers Squibb Co Celgene Corp Conocophillips Constellation Brands Inc Devon Energy Corporation Disney Walt Co Dow Chemical Co EOG Resources Inc Ecolab Inc Express Scripts Hldg Co Facebook Inc Fisery Inc General Electric Co Gilead Sciences Inc Google Inc CL C Harbor Intl FD Hershey Co Common Stock Home Depot Inc Honeywell International Inc International Flavors Johnson & Johnson Kansas City Southern Kimberly Clark Corp Kraft Foods Group Inc Lions Gate Entertainment Corp Lockheed Martin Corp MFS Intl New Discovery AMG Southernsun Small Cap-Inst Medtronic Inc Merk & Co Inc New Microsoft Corp Molson Coors Brewing Co CL B Monsanto Co Monster Beverage Corp Morgan Stanley Newell Rubbermaid Inc Nike Inc Nothrup Grumman Corp Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund - Y PNC Financial Services Group Pepsico Corp Inc Pfizer Inc Principal Midcap Blend Procter & Gamble Co Qualcomm Inc Rollins Inc Roper Inds Inc New Starbucks Corp Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc Time Warner Inc United Technologies Corp Verizon Communications Viacom Inc Visa Inc Wabtec Corp Wells Fargo & Co New Lazard Ltd Fixed Income BHP Finanace USA Ltd Federal Home LN BKS Lowes CCS Inc Merk & Co Inc Microsoft Corp Oppenheimer Intl bond Pimco Total Return FD Instl Pimco High Yield FD Instl Proctor & Gamble Co NT Target Corp Vanguard S/T Corporate FD-ADM Alternative Investments The Arbitrage Fund R Cohen & Steers Realty SHS Federated Prudent Bear Fund Absolute Strategies Fund Goldman Sachs TR Strategic Income FD NY FDS Inc Asset Strategy FD CL Mainstay FDS TR Market Field Fund Pimco Commodity RR Strat Ins Strategy Fund-Ins I will make more comments, but on the military response, for there is quite the information out there, as always, most information is one-sided, it is never a share of both sides, obviously.  
    • Space Merchant, If there is any possibility of a "weapon bunker", it would be at Warwick, not under kingdom halls.   Before that, the Brooklyn tunnels, maybe....  All speculation. Maybe this research will help.  http://www.die-vierte-wache.eu/EN/share-earnings-of-the-watchtower.html The link, “Website of NCC” is broken This is the one I used: https://nccs.urban.org/ I clicked “Charity Navigator”, typed in “Henrietta M Riley Trust 33b006006 FBO” and opened the documents below.  I had to sign up in order to gain access.  We all know this Trust “supports the Watchtower”, and that this stock is “shared”,  but no one has them chained to it.  They freely profit from the listed companies, no matter what they stand for, no matter what they sell; and they have done so for a number of years now.    The Raytheon Company was on the 2009 tax return (see link above) which is not available on Charity Navigator any longer. http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990pf_pdf_archive/386/386043103/386043103_201504_990PF.pdf http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990pf_pdf_archive/386/386043103/386043103_201504_990PF.pdf http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990pf_pdf_archive/386/386043103/386043103_201604_990PF.pdf http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990pf_pdf_archive/386/386043103/386043103_201704_990PF.pdf For 2017, there is not a comprehensive list of companies as do the other returns, but only the title, “Various Stock Funds”.  The GB must be getting nervous.  😊  At one time, these documents were available on Charity Navigator back to 2003, I believe. I typed in Watchtower Bible and Tract Society just to see what pulled up.  Interestingly, I am guessing a rogue kh, in Cortez, CO was available for donations.  Is this the new “donation arrangement”?  Are they getting that desperate?  Cortez is a very small town, and having been there many times, there isn’t any Watchtower complex on the edge of the Colorado/New Mexico/Utah border to warrant the need to rake in charity monies.   You may already be aware of Watchtower’s interest in Rand Cam: https://www.watchtowerlies.com/watchtower_owns_warfare_technology.html See the sources at the bottom of the page  
    • Qué lindo este niño 😍 WhatsApp Video 2018-07-15 at 7.18.40 PM.mp4
    • The trick will be, through social media and the like, to make this the beating known around the world. It won't be easy, because atrocities are a dime a dozen today. Countermanding this is the fact that everyone knows Jehovah's Witnesses have done nothing deserving of this. There will be none of: 'Well, he must have done something wrong.' Everyone knows he did not. You can be sure that those doing these things would like to do it in secret. Do not let them.      
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