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  1. There was even Bond movie based on this premise: The Scheme: Rather than stealing gold from Fort Knox, and facing the logistical nightmare of transporting the bulky and heavy metal, Auric Goldfinger planned to detonate an atomic bomb inside the US gold repository. The "dirty bomb" would irradiate the US gold reserve, thereby increasing the value of gold and his own stockpile. BOND: "$15,000,000,000 in gold bullion weighs 10,500 tons. 60 men would take 12 days to load it onto 200 trucks. Now, at the most, you're going to have 2 hours before the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines move in and make you put it back." GOLDFINGER: "Who mentioned anything about removing it?" Atomic Bomb (Goldfinger) Gadget: Atomic Bomb Movie: Goldfinger Owner: Chinese Government Status: Seized This small-scale atomic bomb, its intended use was to be detonated inside the vault at Fort Knox. The bomb was build and supplied to Goldfinger by the Red Chinese Government national Mr Ling. Use: The atomic bomb was placed in the main vault of Fort Knox, and was set on timer to detonate, thus rendering all the gold radioactive for 58 years, putting the world economy in disaster. As time was running out and Bond was trapped in the vault, without skills to defuse it, however, all was fine when an army official arrived at the last minute to defuse the bomb, stopping it at an ironic "007" seconds. Specs: The atomic bomb was housed in a steel case about 6 foot long, by 3 foot high, the timing device was built into the case, which was on top of a wheeled trolley. The core of the weapon was a combination of cobalt and iodine, which enabled the device to initiate a small scale nuclear explosion.
  2. In case of "limited nuclear war" however Bitcoin would be the preferred store of value. The Internet itself was designed (or I should specify email specifically) to survive limited nuclear war scenarios by re-routing messages around the world with a TTL (time to live) of 72 hours. We can also put Bitcoin in Cold storage in a bunker somewhere which would survive any nuclear blast. I've also heard that some in cold storage will be heading to the moon one of these years.
  3. Gold that has become radioactive is not usable. Bitcoin cannot become "radioactive" .... Ok... ok.... worst case scenario; The entire world is consumed in a Nuclear war and there are no longer any power grids and the "internet" as we know it has been destroyed.... then we probably won't know the difference.
  4. After noting the Chinese and Russians are excellent allies and have engaged in several military drills together of late, Japanese State Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama, in a press interview, had this to say, “[Russian naval forces] are really exercising just right in front of the western part of Honolulu, and so I don’t want to remind the [sic] seventy years ago, but we have to be careful of the exercising of the Russians.” Russian ships just practiced sinking an aircraft carrier roughly 35 miles off of Honolulu’s coast Russia and China are engaging in a large number of military drills together
  5. Just this week: • BNY Mellon partners with Grayscale • BoA approves Bitcoin trading futures • Square will launch Bitcoin DeFi • Fidelity will add 100 crypto employees • Visa to approve BTC debit card in Australia
  6. The first 200,000 units will be hosted in Alberta Canada, powered by natural gas wells at an energy cost of three cents Canadian per KWH.
      Hello guest!
  7. 21 : Bitcoin Millions (Intangible, virtual world) + 21 (Everything tangible in the universe) ======== = 42 Any questions?
  8. Paul Tudor Jones: "Bitcoin is math. Math has been around for thousands of years. 2+2 will equal 4, and it will for another thousand years. I like the idea of investing in something reliable, honest, secure, and hundred percent certain. Bitcoin is a way to invest in certainty."
  9. He is the co-founder of the Weather Channel.... interesting take.
  10. The broke spend. The middle class save. And the wealthy invest. It’s really just that simple.
  11. "To achieve this level of decentralization and immutability, ION is built on top of the shared database that's used for recording bitcoin transactions, which is known as the blockchain. Though Microsoft is contributing most of the work, the company would have no control over who participates in the system."
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