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  1. LNN says he's from Oregon and im living in Berlin. And im having problems with neighbours?✂?✌
  2. I also feel they should not permit the animals there.
  3. Poetic..the light didn't stop coming here from the stars becouse of our time. Our time is limited but not if we speed enough. ?.
  4. I read somewhere that if push an object from here to outer space it will start going faster and faster. And then flame. Like an Asteroid. The stars are shining to us with or with out speed of light?:(
  5. Anna Rajala

    How were the pyramids built?

    Yes. Im just finishing a Bible Kurse.
  6. Anna Rajala

    How were the pyramids built?

    Maybe starting from one side and then another. And by using slaves.
  7. Anna Rajala

    BAD TIMES AT THE El Royale

    Have to wach it later..
  8. Welcome @Anna Rajala :D

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    2. LNN


      What time is it in your part of the world? 

    3. LNN


      When you get a chance add yourself to the country where you are located here; ;-)

      Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 10.20.26 AM.png

      (you don't need to be super exact on the location for security sake) ;-)

    4. Anna Rajala

      Anna Rajala

      18:19. But im a newbie..

      And you have to wait for a photo i need make up. My topic would be Medium or Psychics. Becouse i would be intrested on studying. One more topic could be disturbing neigbours and this shitty eletric sound or sounds at my home  that are driving me mad now all ready for tree months.??


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