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  1. Empire State Building - New York City - New York - USA (by nestor ferraro) World News - Money
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    Banking the “Unbankable” World News - Money
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  5. A report by Oxfam suggests Europe’s largest banks have registered over a quarter of their profits in offshore tax havens last year. The continent’s top 20 lenders avoided paying tax on an estimated €25 billion, the study finds. World News - Money
  6. theglobalelite: “World bankers, by pulling a few simple levers that control the flow of money, can make or break entire economies. By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends, the power elite are able to not only tighten their stranglehold on this nation’s economic structure, but can extend that control world wide. Those possessing such power would logically want to remain in the background, invisible to the average citizen.” - Aldous Huxley was an English writer, novelist, philosopher, and prominent member of the Huxley family. World News - Money