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  1. There is another shooting in a place called Philly in El Paso, Texas? Going on Live right now?
  2. In ANY country for that matter. I love to hear of advances like this.
  3. @JW Insider What about all the "heat" that the ship produces to make such energy? it is dispersed up there in the arctic. so in addition to the ice sheets being cut up into smaller sheets allowing for a much larger solar energy "edge" surface area by the hundreds of miles on each side of the ship.... The nuclear power (heat) of the ship itself radiates / elevates the overall heat up there... And I think I read that Russia has a dozen or so of these things? The USA one or two? And what about all the other countries? Maybe they are tearing it all to shreds? Maybe that is why it is disappearing?
  4. And we were worried about the Amazon forest? Although I read another story recently about Cambodia being stripped of trees. I guess they compensate for all the SUV's in the USA. Yeah for India.... saving the world.
  5. The world news media is blowing up over conspiracy theories as to who killed Jeffrey Epstein.
  6. Couldn't these guys (How many are there total?) be responsible for much of the article ice sheet destruction over the past 50 years? If they keep destroying the ice "sheet" then how can it ever grow deep and strong. I wonder if this is a bigger reason than too many cows farting somewhere in Iowa.

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