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  1. The Federal Reserve Board on March 15, 2020 announced that starting March 26, 2020, no U.S. depository bank will need to keep fractional reserves of any kind. We are talking 0% reserves. No matter how big their gambling losses in the derivative markets become (and they are rapidly piling up), they can stay in the banking business forever. U. S. Government will never shut them down. And if they should "temporarily" run short of a little cash to pay the light bill and their executive bonuses, they can confiscate all of the depositor's money with a "bail-in", no questions asked. Zero fractional reserves also allow all banks (big and small) to create an endless supply of money for themselves. There will be no control on the U.S. money supply. It's going to start "raining money" very shortly.
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  2. @Leander H. McNelly No. It had nothing to do with Watchtower in this case.
  3. @TrueTomHarley Actually.... it was rogue lawyers looking to sue people who post other people's photos in this case. In the past they only had to ask .... maybe file a DMCA request to the admin of the site......that was all that was necessary. IP Lawyers in Europe and elsewhere have upped their game to skip the normal steps above straight to sending out threatening cease and desist letters with "penalties" they are asking for in the thousands per photo. Needless to say for such low budget sites like this one..... you do the risk / reward calculation in your head. Hence.... closed to new members..... and closed to the public and hopefully their snooping attorneys. I am hoping the ad revenue from existing users will pay for itself / storage etc....
  4. The whole site also became closed no new members. try logging out to see what you can see. the landscape has changed in the last few years and this became necessary. Sorry folks.
  5. Interesting to see the "flow" doing its damage slowly like that...... The entire time electricity is flowing through the wood.
  6. If you think about it.... why is Manhattan island so valuable compared to other islands? Location, location, location..... And in the cryptocurrency world most have decided that Bitcoin is that location.
  7. The US has less than one million inpatient acute care beds. You read that right. Source, American Hospital Association:
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    What will happen is cots in gymnasiums. Next, if 50m Americans get COVID in the next several months (which is not impossible short of Wuhan scale quarantine) then 5m will require hospitalization. Setting aside we don't have the facilities, this will bankrupt the private insurance world. Goodby private healthcare model - it's toast. Even the reinsurance world will collapse.
  8. Think of it like "digital gold" Does gold "Produce" anything? Or imagine buying up many of the top level domains of the "Internet" back in the day...... and how much they are worth nowadays. Digital "real estate"
  9. So cool.... inflammatory bowel diseases could be treated by introducing these “missing” acids into the colon. Dr Aida Habtezion, a co-author of the study from Stanford University, told the Guardian the findings suggest a new approach to treating ulcerative colitis could be developed, based on introducing microbes or the substances they produce. Many patients find current treatments do not work or have side-effects. “I think it brings another mechanism, a natural way, in which we can reconstitute and hopefully treat our patients,” Habtezion said. Writing in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, the team report how they studied two groups of patients who had had their colons removed and pouches created. For one group, of 17 patients, this surgery was to treat ulcerative colitis whereas for the other group, of seven patients, it was because of a different condition that does not involve inflammation. Certain bacteria in the gut are known to convert bile acids, produced by the liver, into other substances, called secondary bile acids – these substances have recently been suggested to have an anti-inflammatory role.
  10. Funny how they are publicly seen as being controlled by the Chinese...... Explain away for weeks in front of incontrovertible evidence of a pandemic happening.... WHY it isn't a Pandemic.... Get criticized for allowing the lazy attitude toward containment..... all in the name of economy over health.... And when they get publicly CAUGHT.... decide to react this way.... "We don't have a pandemic level anymore"..... OOPS.
  11. Talk about an experience of a lifetime right there..... they will be talking about that with their grandchildren one day.
  12. @JW Insider @KevinM I unlocked your other thread. Not sure how it got locked. Sorry. In the future send me a pm.

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