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  1. I think zero and lemniscate are my two favorite numbers now. 😉
  2. Maybe seeing this for a 2nd time may make me remember this term? I was updating a thread on infinity and noticed this earlier post tagged appropriately. This is the power of note taking / documentation.
  3. Zero is the opening act of Creation (the Big Bang?) One is where I started at conception. (thanks Mom & Dad) Infinity is where I'm going. (...thanks to all of you I meet on this journey)
  4. The twin polarities of zero and infinity are akin to yin and yang — as Charles Seife, author of Zero: Biography of a Dangerous Idea, describes them:
  5. Turns out they are seriously planning on defending Taiwan / US from Chinese aggression. "Rising from the ashes" might be true after all.
  6. Japan has the planes necessary to defend Taiwan already.
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