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  1. How high could the price of bitcoin reach?

    If your head is not spinning already, consider the amount of narrow money that is held in banks and wallets, under mattresses and in piggy-banks around the world: $31 trillion. 'Narrow' money is defined as physical money: the coins and notes that used to be the standard form of currency before the rise of more derivative forms of payment, such as checks and electronic forms of money. 'Broad' money also includes the deposits in easily accessible bank accounts that can be converted into cash relatively quickly. The sum of money under this definition is $83.6 trillion. .... The total market value of publicly traded shares at stock exchanges around the world is $66.8 trillion. Not only is that a fabulously large amount of money, it is also subject to the laws of supply and demand, and highly fiduciary. A run towards or away from stocks would thoroughly deregulate the global economy, and nothing more dramatic than a minus sign in front of that amount would lead to the collapse of global civilization. Does that sound overly dramatic? If the see-sawing rise of Bitcoin tells us anything, it is that people are losing their trust in money, and other traditional measures of wealth. Let's talk again when the total value of all cryptocurrencies surpasses that of the world's supply of gold...
  2. "For Strong Evangelicals This Is Part Of The Biblical Prescription That JERUSALEM SHALL RETURN!"
  3. Senator Al Franken accused of misconduct

    Senator Al Franken "I Will Be Resigning As A Member Of The U.S. Senate"
  4. Apple’s macOS High Sierra

    Apple’s macOS High Sierra is having a rotten week. First, an update featured a bug that let anyone create a root account on a Mac without a root password (if you don’t speak geek, it made it easy for anyone to gain admin rights to your computer). Turns out the patch to fix the bug introduced an entirely new bug. Luckily, there’s a quick fix...for now.
  5. Cracking Facebook's Code

    Figure out Facebook’s algorithms, and you too can rule the Newsfeed. It’s a strategy executed to perfection by Bored Panda, a digital publisher that’s amassed more than 30 million likes, shares, reactions, and comments on its FB page just this past month (far more than BuzzFeed, CNN, and NYT). Even more remarkable? This isn’t some Silicon Valley unicorn. The 41-person team operates out of Vilnius, Lithuania.
  6. Instagram

    25 million businesses now use Instagram...that’s up from 15 million in July
  7. Barnes & Noble

    Harry Potter must’ve used his remaining PTO for the holiday season, as Barnes & Noble (-11.54%) blamed an 8% sales drop on the absence of a new book from the popular series. And despite promises of a rebound from CEO Demos Parneros, investors couldn’t overlook the glaring $30 million loss. It’s nothing new for the struggling book chain, which watched shares fall 37% this year. But this could mean its final chapter in the public markets. Barnes & Noble is already attracting suitors to take it private, with Sandell Asset Management writing up a deal for $650 million. It declined...primarily because the deal meant taking on $500 million in debt. But how long can it keep stiff-arming fate? As it stands, Barnes & Noble lost $345 million since 2010, nearly 120 store leases are set to expire each year moving forward, and non-book inventory has been sitting on shelves, gathering dust. Moving forward, Barnes & Noble has decided to “place a greater emphasis on books.” Certainly a compelling strategy for a bookstore. Source
  8. President Trump and China President Xi Jinping were one belly-bump shy of a bromance during last month’s trade talks. But now, U.S. and China are back at each other’s throats. U.S. hits first The Trump administration voted against recognizing China as a “market economy” in the WTO—a status that would allow China to export goods around the world at cheaper prices than competing countries. What allows China to sell at cheaper prices? For one, government-backed subsidies that enable Chinese companies to trim expenses from their operations. But China’s up in arms about the U.S.’ opposition. That’s because after joining the WTO in 2001, it was guaranteed market economy status 15 years later. So naturally, Xi kicked back As the world’s steelmakers gathered Thursday to discuss a global oversupply, China crossed its arms and refused to slow down production (or at least, to be the only one slowing down production). And that’s an issue, considering the country controls~50% of the world’s supply.
  9. Alexa for Business

    This must mean that Amazon will launch it's own browser, operating system soon..... hardware soon thereafter? Will the Amazon phone relaunch?
  10. Alexa for Business

    Coming soon to an office near you: Alexa for Business. Amazon’s virtual assistant is entering the workplace as a new tool for booking conference rooms, launching meetings, and maybe eventually getting your coffee order right. A leader in the voice-recognition field with the Echo, Amazon’s making professional waves—WeWork is already on board with the service. New Alexa “skills” will give workers the ability to dim lights, adjust room temperature, and send a notification to refill the printer (this will only get confusing for the office intern, Alexa). The effort to bring Alexa to work comes as the service is flanked by competitors Google, Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. But that shouldn’t hamper growth too much. Alexa device usage could reach 128 million by 2020. It’s still up in the air whether companies will be comfortable having a smart-speaker listening in on sensitive conversations, but Amazon insists nothing is sent to the cloud until a user says “Alexa.” “Alexa, please don’t share our company secrets.”
  11. With the passion over Catalan independence having apparently cooled off, Madrid is taking precautions to ensure things stay that way. The Spanish government has introduced an unusual ban in Barcelona - targeting the city's fountains.
  12. And they wonder why the deadly prison riots happen so often down there?
  13. Brazilian prosecutors have opened an investigation into three penitentiaries in Goias state after videos surfaced showing what seem to be prison guards torturing inmates. In videos believed to have been shot between 2014 and 2015, but only obtained this week by prosecutors, several guards can be seen repeatedly using stun guns on inmates who were already under control. Violence is rife in Brazil's overcrowded prison system. Earlier this year several prison riots left dozens of inmates dead.
  14. Supermoon