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    Home made pizza

    I remember my mother and I used to make pizzas often together.... although she would have added hamburger on top of this .... 😁
  2. admin

    Home made pizza

    I used some very soft mozzarella for 60% of the cheese slices... and then sprinkled four other Italian cheeses, Parmesan, Romano, Asiago ...etc... on top of that... Some high end pepperoni tasted good .. but I actually had to remove some salami that I bought since it didn't mix flavors well. The onions brought out the taste of everything.. The Italian sausage was perfect... not too hot. Mangia Mangia everyone....
  3. admin

    Home made pizza

    I made a home made pizza that turned out wonderful.... however it was quite expensive .. ($45) for all the ingredients.
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  5. something doesn’t “feel” right about this. 🙂
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