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  1. In another 10 years you will still feel that Bitcoin is in its early days.
  2. Bitcoin para llegar a 100k solo debe subir 198% pero la gente sigue en negación o te llaman estafador, que rápido han olvidado que subió 1.500% en los últimos 12 meses.
  3. “So what do you do?” “I work in bitcoin mining” “Oh cool. So what coins should I buy?”
  4. What happens when Texas owns most of the bitcoin hash power instead of China?
  5. Correct: When measured in fiat, Bitcoin price will rise infinitely. I will NEVER sell my Bitcoin for printed-to-infinity IOU's, the same as somebody who bought a block in Manhattan on the 1800's will never sell it no matter how high the price goes when measured in ever-worth-less USD. You earn in value appreciation/equity against USD as well as in the expensive rents your tenants are paying. If you need even more fiat you borrow against it, and pass the prime real estate to your children and grand children... for many generations, and they don't ever sell it for fiat either.
  6. BTC no es para crear riqueza, es para conservarla, así como el oro y plata.
  7. Bitcoin es una buena forma de diversificar tu portafolio de inversión y creo que cualquier inversionista debería ponerse a estudiar sobre las cryptomonedas y su futuro.
  8. When people are mining they're tying a bunch of numbers together + a "nonce" (aka number used once) and they are attempting to produce a number with a certain number of leading 0's in front. So you mine like so, assuming looking for number with three zeroes in front. Take inputs of 123, 456, and ABC, + my nonce of 1. Output is 12345.., not a valid Take same inputs as above, but nonce of 2. Output is 012345... Close but still not 3 zeroes in front Take same inputs but nonce of 3. Output is now 00000012345, wooo! Difficulty is based on how many 0s in front of a randomly generated number.
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