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  1. Beware everyone. Especially those with young children. These are in public toilets everywhere at the moment but not many people realise the menace they represent. They appear to be safe enough but it's only when you start to use them the danger is apparent. I fell victim to one today and felt I should let people know. The problem is when you start urinating into it a fan starts and blows the wee everywhere. I got it on my shoes and trousers and in my face. The fans are really powerful.!!Completely unfit for purpose. Don't be caught out.!!
  2. Don't eat tilapia.. very informative
  3. Share if you see the green dot:


    1. Queen Esther

      Queen Esther

      Hahaaaa,  I see the green dot - but its not for sharing, bec. its a fake xDTell us one person, which could share the green dot and how??

      PS. I'm SO waiting, to post again with pictures !  It  doesn't  work since  yesterday,  the  most  are  all  away :(  Anyone  knows,  how  long  time  the  new  technology  "Migrating to Amazon S3 servers"  needs?

    2. ARchiv@L


      @Queen Esther I think if you see that green dot, :D seems things are getting back to normal, since we saw some photos "missing" due to a recent update of these pages.... thank you !

  4. The photos should begin to show up soon. Just bear with us during the transition of storage.
  5. How do you think Trump will make Mexico pay for his "wall" despite their promising they won't? Will he tax all Mexicans wanting to enter the USA $1? More Mexicans come this way than Americans going their way. Will he use the confiscated drug money from Border Patrol?
  6. My low beam headlight bulb went out today in my 2008 Cadillac CTS. I should have known already.... but the replacement cost is going to be $500. Is it just me? or is $500 to replace a headlight EGREGIOUS?!?!?!? Evidently the genius engineers at Cadillac decided the entire front bumper must be removed in order to replace the bulb. Sigh... Here is an example of what I can expect..... Ridiculous. Tesla wouldn't do this to me.... I'm sure of it.
  7. Just send me a message with the type of category you want .... and what to call it in your language.
  8. Please see the site guidelines above. Not sure what religion you are... however can you see where the Catholics on here would also want me to ban their apostates? That could get endless... Facebook for example doesn't ban Catholic apostates (aka Protestants) and neither do I.
  9. Congratulations! Your post has been shared to other social media sites more than 3.6 thousand times! That is a LOT of people. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Comlux’s 767 Boeing Business Jet is typically chartered by heads of state, royal families, business leaders, or sports teams. The aircraft includes a private bedroom with en suite bathroom, office, dining and living room, plus room for entourage and staff. It has cargo space for over 250 bags, and can even transport multiple automobiles.
  11. Where can I download old publications in pdf file... please help! Thank you so much for the assistance, it will be very much appreciated...

  12. Florida Airport Shooter Is Believed To Be Iraq War Veteran
  13. Florida Airport Shooter Told FBI Agents MONTHS AGO Voices In His Head Are Telling Him To Join ISIS!