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  1. Best chili cheese dog I’ve ever had. Hands down.
  2. It wasn't "dead" like some malls out there.... I went in for Visionworks..... but I did notice the food court and theatre's appeared dead compared to previous decades. Seeing the demise of malls in general causes a certain sadness considering how important a part of everyday life it was back in the 80's and 90's
  3. One female truck driver, she said, told her how she'd been unloading at a facility for six hours without being allowed to use the facilities — and when she asked a third time, was given a roll of toilet paper and told to go behind the building.
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    Why can't she just work from home like me instead of
  4. I've been surviving throughout all of 2020... one day at a time. Thanks for asking. 😀

  5. Men are a misunderstood lot, which all in all is probably for the best. Women are better off not knowing that we eat with our hands the minute they leave the room or that we use their nail clippers to trim our nose hair. Better for them, better for us. Still, it's annoying that women spend more time and money trying to understand the minds of cats than they do wondering about what makes men tick. Which is why they'll never understand...Our consuming need to own the biggest and most expensive version of just about everything.Our compulsive desire to drive off-road vehicles in cities and use cor
  6. Something interesting: This is why, in Menni et al. [1] // (
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    ) //, their formula for predicting COVID-19 infection based on subjective patient symptoms has a sex multiplier of 0.44 if patient is male. [1] C. Menni, A. Valdes and M. Freidin, "Real-time tracking of self-reported symptoms to predict p
  7. admin

    Covid-19 + USA

    US coronavirus deaths surpass 300,000
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    ---------------------------------------------------- And men are significantly more likely than women to be vitamin D deficient. Smoking gun?
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