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  1. Wow! So Russian defense hardware versus American missiles. Sort of a "proxy war" going on as we speak.
  2. He played football, tennis, and squash while enrolled at the New York Military Academy and at Wharton.
  3. admin

    Overdramatic Weather Reporters

    I will never believe weather reporters ever again.
  4. admin

    Hurricane Florence

    How is this affecting you @James Thomas Rook Jr.? Aren't you in the Carolinas?
  5. admin

    Hurricane Florence

    Via The Weather Channel Hurricane Florence could be the "storm of a lifetime" when it barrels into the Carolinas this week. What you need to know: Florence is a slow-moving hurricane, bringing with it "life-threatening" storm surge and flash flooding, the National Hurricane Center said yesterday. What they're saying: "This is not going to be a glancing blow...this is going to be a Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast."—FEMA's Jeff Byard. "My message is clear: disaster is at the doorstep."—North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper. "They haven't seen anything like what's coming at us in 25, 30 years, maybe ever. It's tremendously big and tremendously wet."—President Trump. What it'll cost: Potentially $30 billion, per AccuWeather's Joel Myers. A few ways it'll impact business: The Port of Charleston will be closed through at least Saturday, and Smithfield Foods will shut its North Carolina hog slaughter plant (the world's largest) through the end of the week. Airlines have canceled hundreds of flights. As for insurers? Covered losses could come in between $15 billion to $20 billion.
  6. ‘60 Minutes’ Producer Heads for the Exit Jeff Fager, executive producer of 60 Minutes, is leaving CBS amid accusations of inappropriate touching. But that's not the whole story: Fager was named in the recent New Yorker exposé accusing (now former) CBS chief exec Les Moonves of sexual misconduct. Six former CBS employees claimed Fager touched them in a way that made them uncomfortable, and one alleged he groped her at a work party, accusations emblematic of a broader company culture problem at CBS... But, Fager denied that claim. According to him, CBS terminated his contract because of a "harsh" text he sent a CBS reporter covering the Moonves story. CBS News said Fager "violated company policy and it is [their] commitment to uphold those policies at every level," but didn't elaborate. Zoom out: Still unconvinced of the #MeToo movement's influence? Just take a look at CBS. Via @AmyJBrittain
  7. The FDA Drops the Hammer on E-Cigs "Oh that? That's just a thumb drive, mom." Some of those e-cigarettes that have taken off in America's high schools could soon be banned for everyone...precisely because they've taken off in America's high schools. "The number of teenagers we believe are now using these products...has reached an epidemic proportion," FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said yesterday. Per the CDC, of the 3.6 million middle- and high-schoolers who identify as tobacco users, 2.1 million (or ~58%) used e-cigs. So here's what Gottlieb's doing: The FDA told major e-cig manufacturers (Juul, Logic, MarkTen, blu, and Vuse) they have 60 days to come up with strategies to address use among teenagers. And if they don't...regulators could force e-cig companies to drop all flavored tobacco products that appeal to kids (say goodbye to crème brûlée or fruit medley e-cigs). Juul, which has captured ~72% of the $2.3 billion e-cig market, says it advertises to adults looking to quit smoking. But Gottlieb's take? "I am willing to narrow the off-ramp for adults to close the on-ramp for kids."
  8. admin


    So they could only provide 5g for outdoor unobstructured coverage similar to some satellite phones now? So marginal usage overall? Like ships etc.
  9. admin


    This companies stock has been appreciating in the last couple of months because of the FCC's approval of it's C Band wavelength spectrum to be used in the upcoming 5G wireless rollout. Can anyone explain to me briefly why C Band is so special? Just curious as to exactly how a satellite company could offer anything of value to terrestrial cell tower companies.
  10. admin

    Hurricane Florence

    I just read that there are two others in the Atlantic and one barreling toward Hawaii (in another thread) Scary reports of flooding expected. Anything interesting from where you are?
  11. I'm not sure I like some French Judge in a small town deciding what Google can show me in the Pacific Northwest.
  12. @Space Merchant Yes.... voting everywhere in the digital age seems so pointless now. Algorithims are so easily rigged and manipulated. OF COURSE it is all rigged ... everywhere.

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