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  1. Good Morning TWYLA. Thank you for your spiritual contributions to next weeks meetings.
  2. Good Day Thank you my spiritual sister.
  3. Thank you TWYLA. You have a good excuse. TWYLA is imperfect !!! ☺️
  4. Good Day TWYLA Thank you. Please remember what the Watchtower has repeatedly said in recent months : Maintaining a regular spiritual routine will help you to cope with life's difficulties and challenges.
  5. Good Day TWYLA By publishing these spiritual helps gives evidence that TWYLA thinks of others before herself. This is a Christ like quality. ( Remember : What did Jesus do when he was tired ? )( JOHN 4:6 ) Make sure you are on the " BALCONY" when your mother is returns !

    It's just me TB.

    Sorry to hear this sad news. Please remember what Jehovah says about your situation. ( 1 TIM 5:8 ). You are doing the correct thing.

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