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  1. This is not the first time I’ve heard this from trump. And yes only Jehovah knows and he will succeed we must keep on the watch! ?
  2. We love you dear ones! We put our arms around you with great affection. It is a great and true brother hood love conquers all!!?
  3. Thank you Nichole I am also thankful for this site to bring more spirituality into their home they only get these 4 walls and with this site I can bring brothers and sisters world wide into there home it's very upbuilding for them too.!!!
  4. Love this!! We too use technology not for the same circumstance. But I care for home bound brother and sister and I put the words to the songs and play all videos for meetings at the same time the Kingdom Hall does so that they feel more a part of the congregation. They absolutely thank Jehovah for the provision. ?
  5. Hello brothers and sisters. We pray that you all are well and may Jehovah bless all your efforts. Agape!!? From Springfield Missouri
  6. Yes thank you so much. I'm sure we had a brother in a talk or something like that. Say That there was close to 9 million now and thought maybe a watchtower mentioned it not sure. Thank you though! ?
  7. I don't need to know before it's published. It's not like that at all. Myself and another sister were just wondering we thought it had been mentioned by a bother in a talk or maybe at the convention or other and could not rememver. Just couriosity. That's all and that was the first thing we did was to look in the year book and seen it was not up to date. We thought it might had been mentioned in a watchtower too.
  8. How many publishers are there currently and where can I find it??
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