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  1. I don't believe Jesus was referring to 2034 when he said this generation. The goalposts have moved many times on this subject and the GB have not been infused by the Holy Spirit regarding the 1914 and has become a problematic .
  2. We in NewZeland as of today from 12 miday are returning to Lock down 4 as for new outbreak of COvid 19, we be in for a longer haul .The video meeting has increased atanded and from local and cross section of congregations.
  3. That's it, they are simply dictating what they want you to hear or do and not what Jehovah has written through his inspired writers.
  4. We also reminded of our personal choice during our baptism and Jehovah knows those who belongs to him. Number 16.5, 2Tim,2.19.
  5. We are all imperfect that also includes the governing body util Jesus himself serender all things back to Jehovah's hand.Jehovah,Jehovah,a God merciful and compassionate in love and abundant in loyal love and truth 7 showing loyal love to thousands, pardoning error and transgression and sin, but he will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, bringing punishment for the error of fathers upon sons and upon sons and upon grandsons, upon the third generation and upon the fourth generation. Ex.34.6,7.also look at Jer.30.11 and 46.27,28.
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