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  1. No, you love this, that's why you're always trolling on here
  2. Grrrrr, that is so sad, and I would say unnecessary. But of course we are not masters of an other's conscience, so no one can judge him for that (I am not saying you are ) and say it was totally unnecessary. But, the ironic thing is, how was his conscience formed? Was it through the Bible, or was it through the interpretation and understanding of some men who have erred in the past over a number of things? It's obviously the latter, and that's the sad frustrating, and unnecessary part. I know, I know....I'm preaching to the choir...
  3. I feel the same. I am completely convinced there is a creator and that he has revealed things he wants us to know in the Bible. I believe that some of the things that we cannot seem to reconcile at the moment (pertaining to creation and scientific evidence, such as carbon dating, the supposed age of man and civilization, predators....etc.) will be revealed, and we will have that face palm moment as in "duh, of course"! Ummm.....say no more. I have been wrapping my head around it for some time now, with the help of JWI. I still owe him a reply, actually, it will be more questions....
  4. Whenever I get a pang of conscience, I think; it's ok, Tom's on here! 😂🥳🤪💃
  5. Yes that is true, but it doesn't mean someone can't raise a question regarding something that appears not as serious as those things you mention. I think it is a fair question though since the Bible clearly condems gluttony. I merely gave my opinion. Now I have found this article in a Question from readers in the 2004 WT:
  6. @xeroCezar Chavez is just a trouble maker who delights in calling people names, I would say he is a bit of a troll....
  7. “Both official reports and media often confuse ‘institutional’ abuse in religious settings and abuse happening in families that happen to be religious.” HF "Next move will be to hold Walmart responsible for abuse that has occurred among their shoppers"- True Tom Yes, I would say that is the crux of the matter.
  8. And as everyone knows, calling for harm to anyone is against all internet rules globally.
  9. That's utter rubbish. Please @The Librariantell us, why was @JOHN BUTLER removed?
  10. What are you talking about? Nobody is saying anyone should avoid the anointed. You can accept the anointed without inquiring about their anointing surely? Or do you need them to talk to you about their anointing before you accept them? As for talking to them about how they feel about the truth, why on earth should you not be able to do that?
  11. It didn't used to be like that though. We had a sweet old anointed couple in our congregation back in England, in fact we were in their book study group and he was the conductor. Anyway, if one were to think of a perfect example of what one imagines the anointed to be, he and his wife were it. They were no different from any other faithful and spiritual brother or sister. But things were different back then, there wasn't the taboo surrounding anointed ones like there seems to be today. Everyone just accepted they were anointed and that was it. We could talk about it. In fact my mum asked
  12. I have noticed they are getting a little chubby, that does tend to happen with age. I would by no means call them obese though. Plus, as I mentioned, you don't know people's circumstances. In any case, I am wondering why, if you have such an aversion to them, you even know what they look like lately. Do you have an unhealthy obsession with them?
  13. Oh dear, surely you don't still believe that God chooses the Elders. You are missing the point. Whether God does or doesn't, the assumption is that he does in the sense that the person qualifies as per the qualifications for an elder as stated in Timothy. And yet some elders may rely too much on their own biases in selecting elders, instead of looking to the qualifications in the Bible. For example they could frown on the fact that the person's shoes aren't shiny enough. So they are judging the man from a man's point of view. So by saying "because Jehovah hasn't decided yet" you are
  14. I agree. It is a sin against your body if you fill it with unhealthy food and eat to excess. Why? Because you clog your arteries, get diabetes, ruin your joints and a host of other ailments directly associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, one of which is gluttony. I would say it's tantamount to smoking, unfortunately it's hard to define. How fat is too fat? How much food is too much food? Where would one draw the line? What would be the criterion for counseling someone and for forming a judicial committee? So unfortunately, it is impossible and will never happen. Unfortunately too though, thes
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