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  1. Anna

    Let us Appreciate Brother Lett

    Just chiming in with a couple of thoughts. The fact that you (Tom) felt the need to encourage others to appreciate br. Lett indicates that you think some do not appreciate him, and the reason for that is because he is a little different, there is no denying that. So you felt the need to defend him. When I first saw him speaking on jw broadcasting I had to look away, because I couldn't stand looking at his "crazy" gestures. And I know I'm not the only one. But I think we all got used to them now. What did irritate me a little was his pre-school type delivery, but as I said in my comment to you on fb, it is not a big deal as I believe he is genuine, and doesn't mean to sound condescending. What I still can't wrap my head around though is this "need to listen to some type of survival instructions". It may follow a Biblical pattern in the past, but I cant see any indication in scripture that talks about the great tribulation/Armageddon that anything like that will be necessary then. I get suspicious of the kind of statements which urge obedience now, the reason being that we will need to obey later to survive...
  2. Anna

    Have we actually had a DECREASE in Jehovah's Witnesses ?

    You are most likely being sarcastic, but there seem to be a number of "couples" like this who evidently have nothing better to do than make these types of videos. These two look like they may be retired (and inebriated), but there are others who do this in their spare time? It must be a form of therapeutic exercise. I guess whatever works for them....
  3. Ooooh, I bet that was a smack in the face. Our publications have long informed its readers about how to best address child abuse, way before this organization was even set up. Going on their website and reading their education packets....there is nothing new there that we haven't already been taught. It's a pity that these elders gave the impression that they knew nothing about how to handle this issue.
  4. The problem with this is that the state considers the age of consent to be over 16. Not only that but according to a legal website: "Delaware considers having sex with someone under 16 rape. Having sex with someone under 18, if the offender is over 30, is also considered rape. Compared to some other states, the penalties for violating Delaware's age of consent laws are very harsh". So in view of that, the fact that the 14 year old boy is considered a "consensual participant" by Jehovah's Witnesses, isn't going to go down too well.....
  5. It looks like you are getting hung up on specifics rather than understanding the spirit or principle behind the way a Christian should live.
  6. This reminds me of an episode of only fools and horses ( @Gone Away will probably know what I'm talking about) where Del Boy and Rodney arrive at one of these funeral parties (wake) dressed up as Batman and Robbin, making a grand entrance busting through the door singing the "dadadada batman" theme song and spraying all the guests (dressed in mourning attire) with funny string. One of the characters forgot to tell them the guy had actually died the day before and so the fancy dress party had been cancelled.. I wish I could find the scene on youtube, it is really very funny, but I don't think it's there... The best of British humour in my opinion....
  7. Sorry to be a pain but could you (briefly) outline the differences between WT conclusions and Gerard's conclusions?
  8. The name "Jehovah" on the dome of the Old Catholic St. Martinskirche in Olten, Switzerland, 1521 (wikipedia)
  9. I haven't had a chance to look at Gerard's paper yet, as I need to settle down properly for that, with a cup of coffee or something, but I was wondering why the pronunciation should be so important... I took a quick peek at what wikipedia had to say about the topic of Jehovah, and with regard to the pronunciation, one of the quotes mentions a scholar named Francis B Dennio who in the Journal of Biblical Literature, said: "Jehovah misrepresents Yahweh no more than Jeremiah misrepresents Yirmeyahu. The settled connotations of Isaiah and Jeremiah forbid questioning their right." Dennio argued that the form "Jehovah" is not a barbarism, but is the best English form available, being that it has for centuries gathered the necessary connotations and associations for valid use in English".
  10. Thanks @JW Insider, it should be a good discussion. I have already got a few of Gerard's papers downloaded from the academia website when we were discussing the controversial "desolation of Jerusalem 587/607" subject. But that's another topic..... I will take a look at this paper
  11. Jack Ryan is getting a little carried away, perhaps he needs to go for a jog or take up some kind of sports...?
  12. Isn't there a big difference between active condemnation or criticism of the LGBT community and a mere non support of it? Isn't being forced to support that movement or being criticized/ostracized for not supporting it actually interfering with human rights?
  13. I guess she is talking from personal experience or the "testimony" from others who have left? She makes it sound like JW parents revel in the idea that their children are going to personally witness and suffer persecution. "There is no comfort" ? Of course there is comfort, and I would hope parents of young children who show concern and fear over the videos would be sensible enough to put their child's mind at ease with age appropriate explanations. A good topic for family worship no doubt. I have read a few "life stories" of ex witnesses who say that as children they were traumatized by images of Armageddon in the earlier publications. The scene with the little boy in the video perhaps illustrates that very instance. Parents however are shown clearly a suggestion of how to deal with that kind of concern a child might have. I would say the video alerts parents to keep an eye out and be proactive in addressing great tribulation and Armageddon related issues....Just my thoughts anyway, but since I no longer have young children, out of interest I will ask a few of the moms who do.
  14. I am not too comfortable with this idea either, only because of the simple fact that Jehovah gave the Bible to everyone, and he gives holy spirit to anyone asking, so that they can understand the Bible. From experience I have known spiritually mature brothers and sisters express some ideas which were not at the time "officially" taught, but did become so later on. It seems like they had divine insight? Or was it just that they were very good Bible students and reasoned on things logically? Even ones who had not known what Jehovah's Witnesses taught, like @Gone Away were able to work some things out that were contrary to popular belief in Christendom. I believe it is the capacity of every good Bible student, whether of the anointed or not, to have insight. The important thing is though to have the wisdom to wait if we have reasoned out something which is not an "official" teaching. Are we going to get upset about the 1% or more that we think is not right, and forget about the bigger percentage that has benefited our lives as one of Jehovah's Witnesses? I have know people who had previously been involved in all kinds of religions who upon reading one of JW publications have declared "this is the Truth". One studious lady (a staunch Catholic) who became a very good friend of mine, even flung the "Truth Book" across the room because she could see that what she read made perfect sense and that what she had previously believed was wrong, and that upset her so much. My own mother in-law, who had always been God fearing, after reading the "Truth Book" , said all those unanswered questions she had were answered, and all the pieces of the puzzle came together. There are many, many more examples I could cite, and I am sure you have read the many experiences of people who have benefited from learning from a small group of anointed Christians who collected their perception of what the Bible "really" teaches into publications, which helped them understand the Bible's message more clearly. I think when we start doubting the "exclusive group" it is good to focus on the positive things we have gained from our "associating" with them.
  15. I think its a cultural thing too. Some countries do this, others don't so much.
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