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  1. Well yes, of course, that is evident. This is a case of trying to make prophesy fit after the prophesy has happened (if it had already happened, lol). Because it was when the "last days" started?
  2. I can understand why she would say that. It's a kind of knee jerk reaction because 1914 is so significant in JW doctrine and probably even more so to the average publisher since many haven't even bothered researching it properly and just "believe".
  3. No, it's based on trying to make sense of prophecy. All knowledge is progressive. If you argue that, then you might as well argue with the medical field, for example. Why didn't they know everything about the human body immediately, and why did they have to find out facts about it through trial and error? And they're still learning. And so are we.
  4. Well no, not if you believe 1914 was the year Christ was enthroned. I was just recently reading one of the older publications (on line) about this and if memory serves right the gist was that this happened more from a spiritual point of view. That the gentiles no longer had a hold on God's people, that they were no longer held in "captivity". As you know, it was paralleling the captivity of the Jews in Babylon, and so when the gentile times were over, the Jews were free. This was obviously meant literally when Russell wrote about it, as he believed the Jews would literally go back to
  5. What reason would he have to sow doubt? What personal benefit would he derive from it? It is obvious that he is just trying to find the truth. I think it would be better to try to challenge his arguments rather than ascribe bad motives.
  6. Do you know if Russell was familiar with his writings, or did he get the idea mainly from Barbour? Just wondering... I wondered about that too. But didn't WT then adjust the meaning to the gentiles basically ruling on borrowed time after 1914...or something like that, now that God's kingdom was in place, Gentile rule was over in the sense that the kingdom could take power over the earth any time from then on (although as we know that wasn't recognized in 1914 but adjusted at a much later date by Rutherford).
  7. I think it was Russell (or was it Rutherford) who interpreted earthquakes not to be literal but to mean the turmoil of mankind. (If you need a reference I will provide one later).
  8. I realized that I should at least have put a link in here so that what I said made more sense, so here is:
      Hello guest!
  9. If that were the case, then they would not discourage the job. No job means less money and therefor less contributions.....
  10. As skeptical as I am about a lot of things, I cannot agree with you there. There are a lot of things going wrong that I have not seen before. For example just when I go shopping. I want to make bread....I can't get the flour, and haven't been able to for months. This is only one thing. There are many others I won't get into, but once the supply chain is broken somewhere, it's like a domino effect, it affects a lot of other things. In the long run it affects people's livelihoods, and when people don't have money, they get up to all kinds of weird and dangerous things to get it. In my opinion, w
  11. I was just browsing this topic and was wondering if you had the reference for this. Thanks! 🙂
  12. That's what I wondered 😄. Hey, by the way I think you should witness to "the Saker"....he sounds like he needs it. And I would definitely count my time. If you don't want to do it then somebody should. Like @Outta Here or @JW Insider
  13. It sure seems like 2020 is quite distinct from any other. It even looks distinct on paper: 2020, an interesting number. When it passes by and in a few more years nothing happens I will refer you to this page and laugh at you.. When something does happen, I will eat humble pie and you will have the right to laugh at me. Not that any of us will be really laughing at the other, we are too nice for that right?
  14. Interesting read for sure (you could have written it). I am always a little skeptical of "deep state" stuff, but I do believe that money is ultimately behind every decision most people or organizations make. Not sure about the coronavirus being developed to bring on economic collapse though. But anything is possible...
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