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  1. Hello dear MeekspaceNG,  I am having trouble finding your weekly postings for Digging for Spiritual Gems.  Please advise.


    MEmber - Diana Mickle


  2. Hello dear MeekspaceNG, what will i need to do to download your transcripts.  It is not allowing me to do so when I click on the link.  I get message you to not have authorization to view this, etc.  Something like that.   Not understanding why I am unable to download as I am following you.

  3. Thanks so much. I very much needed these talks. You are the best, my brother.
  4. Yes, yes, Queen Esther. I too saw this youtube video of Momma Gorilla and thought to myself how animals treat their families so much better than some human families do. In fact, they treat each other better than some humans do in general . Truly speaks to how we need God's Kingdom, for only IT can reverse the sad, lack of love in the world today. Best to you for an enjoyable 'rest of the week.' Very best, Sis "D" (USA, East Coast)
  5. Here is the transcript to the video "Preaching in the Most Distant Part of the Earth." Preaching in “the Most Distant Part of the Earth.”- Video Transcript.pdf
  6. Does anyone ever make tran scripts of the videos for the mid-week meetings under the portion Living as Christians? I would like to receive tthe transcripts. Really like to have for this week What is true love. Please inform at your earliest response. thank you.
  7. Does anyone have the 2014 fully accomplish your ministry pioneer textbook electronic version and the accompanying references as well to send me. I go to m pioneer school in 2 weeks. Hoping some good sis or Bro can help me. Agape' Sis Diana M.
  8. My USA circuit overseer would like to know if some one can send me more details on the siamese twins baptized in the Phillipines. Age of twins? When they got baptized? Thank you.
  9. How awesome our Great God Jehovah is with his mighty holy spirit and what it can accomplish!!!!!
  10. Hello librarian,  i sure do miss your old platform.  still trying to get used to the new site.  i am looking for the composite list of WT publications.  you had it on your old site and when i visited it, it says "moved here.'  But when I click on "moved here" i get something saying problem loading page.  Stressing me out.  lol.  i"m too old for this.  lol, lol.   Help!!!!

    1. Saint-Jacques Pierre Cheelton

      Saint-Jacques Pierre Cheelton

      At my Regional assembly : Remain Loyal to Jehovah " 2016 with my spiritual mentor and spiritual mother(Bro and Sis Tatlot), and a Brother in their congregation.They are missionaries of Guilead. They work very hard in Haiti.Really Grateful to this Gallaad couple!?




    2. The Librarian

      The Librarian

      Here is the old archive list you are talking about:

      Notice it is now under JW Publications in the Jehovah's Witnesses Publications category in the JW section of this forum

      I had to join this platform to save on costs. Sorry



    3. a-dmickle@comcast.net


      Thank you Librarian.  You are the Best!  Keep up the good work.  I apprecise all your hard work.  

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