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  1. So a bad flu came along... scared the world and stopped the "constant feature" of our Kingdom service.....Hmmm I remember so many examples of righteous and brave brothers doing "underground" work in scary countries ... risking and sometimes losing their lives just so that some green bibles and watchtowers could make it to x country under ban. Fast forward to 2020.... JW's turn into Televangelists conveniently in the mid 2010's and all it takes is a bad flu to stop "the constant feature" "The sacrificial smoke" pleasing to Jehovah himself. The territories became so scary they had to stand with carts instead of actually approaching random people and knocking on doors. Fast forward and now we don't see anything going on anywhere..... If only the brothers back in the 70's and earlier knew that phone call witnessing once a week would be enough to garner eternal life.... no need to smuggle watchtowers or risk walking long driveways with dogs. So many lives wasted...... And now you can be JW's by just subscribing to JW.org via your Roku and look presentable, repeat the same mantras that they tell you... and voila! You'll be part of the "meek" inheriting the Earth while your neighbors will be "weeping and gnashing their teeth"..... Except that part where you eventually get ill, need medical care, a job and have no money because you don't have a vocation.... why? Because getting an education was considered "worldly".... (while Televangelism isn't?) That was the very definition of worldliness back in the 1989. (maybe heavy metal music was worse... slightly) Enjoy your exclusive and supposedly elite club.... it is disintegrating in front of our eyes.... it isn't even recognizable as the same JW's as yesteryear.... except for the judgmental, holier than thou, we will survive while everyone else dies mentality..... that is as strong as ever.
  2. This could be said about anything..... And considering that time slows / stops in and on the event horizon of known black holes.... it isn't universally true. Maybe the time left is "circular" and you just don't know it yet. Time is like slices of a loaf of bread... depending on the angle and the observers perspective. Time is relative. All the people who I remember using this phrase back in 1981 are now dead. I remember one sister watching Reagan in front of the UN and she practically declared the END HAD ARRIVED..... And here I am in 2021.... while she is sleeping in the grave.
  3. Let's ask the Gomez family if they feel that Jehovah's Witnesses promote a healthy and happy family life. What a tragedy that this organization is allowed to publish hate literature toward people who are "promiscuous" or "gay" or don't fit into their version of what some 5,000 year old book written by desert nomads has to say about God. Heck they have even destroyed couples for enjoying themselves in their own bedrooms in years past. Jehovah's Witnesses have become the largest cyberbullies on the planet.
  4. Jehovah's Witnesses now using "call centers"! wow!... just Wow! I look forward to hearing from their defense when called before the judges for running a large "Spam calling" network.
  5. I like how they ended their letter with "we beg you to please call us"..... LOL Jehovah's Witness elders are like polite executioners. Save yourselves and your families and have nothing to do with this cruel cult who respect the opinions of old well-fed and protected "leaders" in NY (Gov. Body) over their own family members and loved ones. How? Stop sending them $ immediately. Does anyone know the elders who were on this Judicial Committee in Puerto Rico? What Congregation?
  6. @Melinda Mills How can you say that Jehovah didn't send the Four Horsemen when Jesus Christ himself is on the white horse? Is he not by very definition 'sent by God' himself? What about the "inspired word of God?" .... is it somehow flawed?
  7. @Emma Rose & @Melinda Mills Didn't Jehovah cause fire and sulphur to rain down and "nuke" Sodom? If Lot had said that Jehovah rained down fire and sulphur on Sodom and Gomorrah would he have spoken a lie? No. So the questioner is now (like Lot) saying Jehovah is creating and sending the pesitlence and Death as one of the four horsemen along with his son Jesus. Is that not "Truth"?
  8. His Dutch mother Eugenia from Holland hated Jehovah’s Witnesses and was scared to death of them.
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