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  1. Jack Ryan I used to like reading your positive comments but now you swear and are so negative about the truth what happened to you Jack , You`re getting to be like the apostates on this web site, What happened to you Jack you need to get a grip of the life to come, May I see better comments come from you in the future. All the best.

  2. All our stories are so similar. How dare we question or think outside the box. They say 'make the truth your own' but they mean their truth, anything else is grounds for shunning.
  3. When CTR personally refused to pay the increased alimony (not because he couldn’t afford it....but because he had disdain for Maria and thought she didn’t deserve it), a number of other Bible Students close to Russell (including Rutherford) ended up paying the alimony difference for him which effectively ended the legal issues.
  4. The original source of the information is CTR's own writing in Zion's Watchtower (July 1st, 1909): "Then followed another surprise and blessing. Brother Rutherford placed in our hands a bundle of papers, explaining that during our absence a number of other friends had concluded that it would be the Lord's will that we should be relieved of certain burdens and annoyances which have been our portion for some time, in connection with Mrs. Russell's request that the monthly allowance be increased from $40 to $100, which was allowed by the Court, but which we were unable to comply with, because all of our property, except that which brought the income of $40 per month (which Mrs. Russell had been receiving), had been donated to the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY. The dear friends concluded to surprise us on the return home by clearing off these obligations. They handed us receipts aggregating over $9,000, showing a payment of Mrs. Russell's alimony into 1913, with Court costs, attorneys' fees, etc."
  5. For proof, you can view the newspaper clipping about it directly from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle's archive (May 3, 1909). ============ PASTOR RUSSELL'S TROUBLES A telegram from Pittsburg states that an attachment for the arrest of Pastor Charles T. Russell has been issued in that city for failure to pay alimony to his wife. Pastor Russell recently moved to Brooklyn, taking over the old Plymouth Bethel in Hicks street as a place of worship. He also moved to this city [Brooklyn] the headquarters of the Millennial Dawn and Watch Tower Society of which he is the head. Pastor Russell -- he does not want to be called doctor or reverend -- was divorced by his wife on a charge of cruelty. She was at first awarded $40 a month alimony, but this was later raised to $100. The pastor refused to pay more than $40 and proceedings were started to have him arrested for contempt of court. The telegram from Pittsburg indicates that the wife was victorious in this action. Pastor Russell cannot be arrested here on the Pittsburg court's order, it is said, but will be taken into custody if he returns to Pittsburg.
  6. The Dutch Parliament has accepted a motion in which is called on the Dutch government to ensure proper care and guidance for apostates. I wonder how the Dutch governement is going to act on this motion. MOTION BY THE MEMBER OF KOOTEN-ARISSEN Proposed 26 September 2019 The Chamber, having heard the deliberations, noting that people from orthodox religious communities may encounter a great deal of resistance from their environment if they choose to abandon certain precepts or their faith; whereas feelings of loneliness, exclusion and sadness for what is lost can cause a grieving process that people need help with; whereas feelings of loneliness, exclusion and sorrow for what has been lost can cause a process of mourning, which people need help with; calls on the government to ensure proper care and guidance of apostates, and moves on to the order of the day. Van Kooten-Arissen
  7. Former U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-Texas, said during CNN's Equality Town Hall with Democratic presidential candidates that religious churches, colleges, and organizations should lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same sex marriage.
  8. As a born-in black JW in the US, Watchtower tried to teach me to be ashamed of my natural body and black features. There would always be talks about how dreads, braids, and afros are dirty, unclean, and unprofessional. According to JWs, being seen with them out in the ministry would bring reproach on Jehovah or judgement from the householders (as if the householder wouldn't see my skin and still be racist if they so choose). In the Watchtower's eyes, just naturally the way our hair grows and is culturally handled is a sin apparently. I noticed many black men that convert to Da Troof shave their heads. Before I finally escaped and became POMO, I remember a young dude who converted recently. He had a beautiful high top afro that must've taken so time and energy to grow! But afros are bad. So he shaved his hair off. My own father shaved his afro, and said he would never grow it because he doesn't see any other black men in the hall have afros. Women are pressured into putting chemicals that can literally BURN the skin off their scalps, to be accepted by Jehoover. I only got a perm for a few months of my life, but it was excruciatingly painful. I had huge scabs and wounds all over my scalp. Racism that we face because of our hair is a broad problem in the US at large that's been getting better in recent years, but it just shows that the bORG isn't the racial sanctuary they try to say they are - despite their incredibly vile racist past. Has anyone else noticed this or been faced this? - faerykid
  9. "Goodbye my daughter!" Is so fucking melodramatic. I swear they relish in this experience. It's more about them ~making the tough decision~ than it is about doing what's best for their child.

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