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  1. Would we just drop dead? Would it be painful? Would we suffer? Would we know? If we die wouldn’t our sins be forgiven anyways cause if not that makes god a liar. No one ever talked About how we would all die Arrow to the chest by Jesus on a mighty steed?
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    Raymond Franz

    Jehovahs Witnesses Elders try to talk to the Governing Body about Ray Franz
  3. Pray tell, tell us of these EXCITING improvements! They used to be at the end of the article years ago. So, another flip-flop. Ok...but not really exciting. Because of a few minor typographical tweaks? Wow, they are really reaching
  4. Well the new simplified iPad larger font friendly (less content) edition of the watchtower is out. Ok so here is the table of contents in bold, and my thoughts added after: “Do Not Be Anxious, for I Am Your God” [Sit still do noting, FEAR GOD] They don't waste any time the two pictures are pretty scary, the first one here (LINK) show an aging family going through the flood waters with images of evil bosses, opposing family and pressure for blood. The second image (LINK) is sadly a scene we are seeing to much with the Police braking into a bible study group, now i feel this is a direct reminder about Russia, I say this because home bible study groups no longer happen, so this is a secret meeting where the work is banned. The summary of the article is they are training witnesses to expect attack and when the authorities come is "do not panic" "endure" remain calm" Praise Jehovah in the Congregation [Kids and adult Study for meetings] A reminder meeting on what we need do at the hall, "Commenting at meetings" "Pre-study for meetings" "Use JW Library ® app (funny they need to include the ®) This article is really ensuring young ones pre-study as they link to one of this kid videos Lesson 14: Prepare Your Comment How Can You Safeguard Your Heart? [Close your external concerns like a gate] Well here we are, this article is about how to "protect" the heart and mind from how SATAN try to infect us, here are some quotes that they like to warn about: " To keep ourselves in good spiritual condition, we must choose a healthy diet of spiritual food and regularly exercise our faith in Jehovah" "Based on our theocratic routine, we may think that our faith is strong, but wrong desires could be growing in us." (This one is classic i'm not good enough quote we may think we are fine but we can be wrong haha) [Satan] "surrounds us with people who are already corrupted by him." "Satan uses movies and television shows to spread his way of thinking." "Parents, you have a special responsibility".... "protect your children from movies, TV shows, electronic games, and websites" "set household rules that are based on Bible standards. Tell your young children what they can and cannot watch" (This does not need much explaining) " To safeguard our heart, we must not only close it to wrong influences but also open it to positive influences. Think again about the illustration of a walled city. A gatekeeper closed the gates of the city to stop an enemy invasion, but at other times he opened the gates to allow food and other supplies to be brought in. If the gates were never open, the inhabitants of the city would starve " This really shows how witnesses are taught where every they hear to close off their feelings like a gate. "Another way we allow God’s thinking to influence us is by watching the material available on JW Broadcasting®." Plug Plug Plug only use is safe. What a Simple Meal Teaches Us About a Heavenly King [Go to the memorial] Focus on the importance of the Memorial and they like to highlight that during the great tribulation the memorial is no longer observed. What Our Attendance at Meetings Says About Us [Not enough regularly attending meeting, guilt them] They must be having issues people attending regularly and focus on 3 things they say should move you to go all the time like "Humility" "Courage" and "Love" and a little plug the memorial on April Friday the 19th this year. A New Member of the Governing Body [Another JW media star] Kenneth E. Cook, Jr story about his GB position in Jan 2017 to the Writing Committee of the Governing Body. And now we have 8 GB men in NY they list out: K. E. Cook, Jr. S. F. Herd G. W. Jackson M. S. Lett G. Lösch A. Morris III D. M. Sanderson D. H. Splane Very different from when i was a kid not even knowing who they even where, which i thought was better as i felt it made them more humble, very different from now.
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    Fixed that for you

    Once upon a time
  6. Can you add an example of a JW Cultural Rule from YOUR area? Example Trimmed moustaches are not ok in certain areas.....and WHERE are you located? Oh it’s sorta like when you want to grow a beard, but there’s no Biblical basis for not being able to grow one, but the elders say NO simply because it’s “cultural”. You mean like that?
  7. Oh it’s sorta like when you want to grow a beard, but there’s no Biblical basis for not being able to grow one, but the elders say NO simply because it’s “cultural”. You mean like that?
  8. Song of Sol 4:13, Luke 23:39-43, 2 Cor 12:1-7, Rev 2:5-7; Insight pg. 576. These verses when read with context all show a heavenly paradise Heavenly reward for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Matt 8:11 Those who are persecuted, the kingdom of HEAVEN belongs to; Matt 5:10-12 One Hope; Eph 4:4 All scriptures point to the future hope being Heavenly; Matt 6:20-21; 7:21; 19:21; John 14:2-4; 3:3; Luke 20:34-38; Romans 6:3-5; 1 Cor 15:42-50; 2 Cor 5:6-8; 1 Pet 1:3-5 Rev 19:1 talks about the great crowd being in heaven The Earth will pass away; psalm 102:25-25; Isaiah 51:6; Matt 24:34-35; Hebrews 1:10-12 Gen 8:22: all other translations say “while the earth remains/endures”. This implies that the Earth has a end date. New Earth talked about: Isaiah 65:17-18; 2 Peter 3:10-13; Rev 21:1-2 Psalm 37:29: The majority of translations show this verse to say “then righteous shall inherit the LAND”, referring to the promised land. Talks of the earth or land remaining forever all come from Pslams or Ecclesiastes which are songs and poems using figurative language which are hard to prove to be literal.
  9. Jack Ryan

    Cave Art

    http://humanorigins.si.edu/research/whats-hot-human-origins/new-dates-old-cave-art-spain How did the cave art survive a global flood that had the power to create the grand canyon and push up mountains? Why is there no break in the Egyptian history as a result of a worldwide flood that would have wiped them out?

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