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    Jack Ryan reacted to Arauna for a status update, You seem to be bitter, unhappy and have a hate for the Witnesses - hence the constant   
    You seem to be bitter, unhappy and have a hate for the Witnesses - hence the constant criticism.  You seem to presume I do not read other materials .....For your information, I am not a spring chicken who has only lived in America.  I was a reporter for many years (not in English) and I therefore DO look at other materials so as to inform myself of what they say - and they seem to have similar stories. Most believe in Hell fire, Immortality of the soul and hence do not understand that Jesus' really died (his soul died),  are not neutral in wars, take blood, and believe Jesus is coming back in the flesh...  etc.
    I am actually on my way to live in Scandinavia - my husband and I are packing up.... I have lived in Africa, Europe and America.... so I have 'lived' in many cultures, I have seen many different ways of life and how people react to their environments.... and Yes - I have experienced the association with Witnesses in all of these countries.  I have learnt one gets out of it what you put in.  Nothing one does well comes easy - and one must be prepared to sacrifice things - then you get more back -  like Jesus did. 
    I also read Arabic (taught myself) and preach to mainly Muslims.... I have read the Qur'an, Hadith,  the Siri and much more.  Have you investigated all of this?   Have you really sincerely sat down and study what the Witnesses believe? ...And how this fits in with what is happening on earth today?  As a loving fellow here on earth, I refuse to tell you what to believe  - I can only encourage you to not to be a smarty-pants.  I have met many apostates/opposers - and they all trust in their own brilliance...and seem to have an all consuming hate of the Witnesses. It takes up their whole lives.
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