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  1. Jehovah allows many testing situations to happen. He will only intervene in this wicked world when the time is ready. Satan is in control of this world and many bad things may still come to pass before Jehovah steps in. We can pray for our brothers and sisters to remain faithful and be wise so as to avoid problems which it is possible to sidestep. If they are discreet (which we know they are), they will survive this oppressive regime.
  2. Women are oppressed all over the world. Any form of oppression is a Satanic quality. Jehovah told Adam after his fall that he would dominate his wife. In different cultures is just depends upon the degree. Husbands who lovingly care for their wives are much happier - hence the instruction from Jehovah to love your wife. Wives on the other hand should show deep respect. This is not hard when a husband is kind.
  3. The realities of the mess human governance is making on earth - interventions in the end are helping all the wrong people. The egg is scrambled and cannot be unscrambled!
  4. Thanks - great - I shared on FB
  5. Great to know - love cheese!
  6. One cannot take sides - but I would rather end up in an Israel prison than under Palestinian authority - their torture seems to be a notch higher in cruelty.
  7. Wow - this has great possibilities!
  8. I thank Jehovah that he has allowed me to reach the age I have and somehow, with a lot of issues, I managed to stick to Jehovah (there was a short time I also lost my faith) because now I can look back with more mature eyes and see society and life for what it really is and how we JWs fit into it. The mistakes/sins of others and how it can affect our spiritual lives. I have also at times been disappointed by others (lost one of my friends whom I loved like a son, and my own fleshly brother who is 21 years younger than me and like a child to me, who is the gentlest soul, to apostasy). It hurts and it does not go away. Putting my life in Jehovah's hands and giving generously of myself to others has helped me to cope with all the upheavals. Changing congregations and countries like I have is a major change but somehow I am managing and yes the spiritual blessings - the floodgates have opened up - in a field that is hard, I find people to talk with every day... and it keeps me going. Is everything perfect? No it never can be in this life! but I find joy in learning about Jehovah (new little things that stimulate me) and joy in appreciating other people - warts and all. Jehovah always provides at least one reliable soul who can support you. I also find a lot of comfort in helping the elderly and the weak. When I bless others I feel blessed. You are so right about kind people (even those in the world) and in the congregation. Everyone is so hard pressed in the critical conditions - they just need a little bit of TLC and unconditional acceptance! In stead of a critical attitude we should be loving and kind and spread it around because so many need a little piece of it - and it is contagious.... a good laugh is also contagious... we all need it. Thanks for the little articles - I read many of them. How long we have until the end - we do not know - but the clouds are gathering for the storm. May all of us make it. Pray for our brothers who are in countries where they are not even allowed to talk to others. Yesterday, at the Arabic meeting, a brother from one of these countries visited us. He told me they are NOT allowed to talk to Muslims at all but in this major city there are 22 congregations. They discreetly preach - how much we should value our freedom to preach while we still have it! I always feel that we should talk to as many as possible. If they have the right heart condition - they will find us again. All need the warning - a witness. I feel that the number of studies one has is not an indication of the impact one is having in the neighborhood. I like to know that when they see us walking they must know ..... "Ah, there goes those nice people who are different to everyone else.....and they teach the bible"
  9. It was about Jehovah's name and then he asked me why I said what I said about Russel as the preparation messenger. I think this person is not a Witness so I thought I will take the time to answer it. I think the Russians just got me too ... or maybe North Korea nuked me!
  10. Many of us carry severe pain or baggage but we cannot blame Jehovah when people do bad things. It is the people who are acting on their own desires like Satan originally did. Unfortunately these bad deeds go right to the core of our trusting others and can damage us spiritually and mentally - so that it is almost too hard to heal. The pain makes it so hard that we want to hit back at someone - and then turn against the organization or Jehovah. We may even think we are not good enough to serve Jehovah! The organization - the people are not perfect. They do make unintentional mistakes because of imperfect attitudes. The only thing they are doing perfectly is the management of the preaching work - which was the commission which they received from Jehovah. Jehovah is providing the rest of the support - the spiritual insight at the right time. People who expect perfection are really unrealistic. Jehovah has always used imperfect people - think of David. But he also cared for David because David always returned to Jehovah. If one becomes bitter or disappointed, to then only focus on that one evil apple in a sea of people who are trying hard to stick to Jehovah and prove their loyalty, we lose sight of the blessings and insight we have received from Jehovah. Jehovah really supports those who have suffered but we should always pour our hearts out to him - then he can give us aid. In future Jehovah will compensate us perfectly for the sufferings. We will never again think back on the things that happened before. Persons who do not show repentance for the secret things they did which are incompatible with Jehovah's principles will be spat out first. Jehovah will come to inspect the congregation first! We cannot be hypocritical and think we can get a way with it.... all secrets will be revealed. The organization is really managing a world-wide organization and every country has it own laws and cultures. They are actually doing a good job if one ponders on all the aspects of the issues they have to manage. Have all local organizations understood the instructions and have they got beyond some of the cultural barriers to perfect justice? - most probably not. Have their been inconsistencies - I definitely expect so. When the organization gives guidelines - there are always those people who love rules and they will be the first to turn a guideline into a rule. There are those who grew up in a harsh environment and must learn to be more gentle. Then there are those who have never had any respect for authority in any form. They find it hard to conform to a simple request ...... and all these various kinds of people have to put on the new personality. But unfortunately this does not happen in a day! No wonder the Bible says we have to put up with one another if we have a reason to complain. So I can only admire those who are still in the congregation, who have gone through some bad experience and have learnt to deal with it and despite left-over pains - have remained faithful to Jehovah and not blamed him for the injustice perpetrated against them. Humans are humans and many can turn bad after being good.... this is a reality that we must always remember. Even some of the anointed are being lost because they are not remaining faithful - and they are being replaced.
  11. I see my comment and the question someone asked me is not longer here? Where can I find it so I can answer the person?
  12. Russia has ignored previous rulings by the EU court on its human rights. Yes, each country starting to do as they please in total independence of each other and from god. This is not a recipe for world peace even as some make loving overtures to each other or posture with others. Things are going to get more interesting and I agree, we are entering a time of regression regarding human rights. Going back to the time when people acted like barbarians. The human condition is really sick and so-called advancement in advanced philosophy and human rights did not last long. Jehovah's people will just have to suck up the injustices against them. The world will become more wicked and in comparison to them - we will really shine like a bright light - even though we are so very imperfect. Satan has been ruling all along but somehow the goodness of some peoples and a measure of Christian principles had kept the total wickedness at bay. Now with advancing secularism, spiritism, diabolic ideologies and other philosophies that is replacing Christian values, the world is really becoming evil.
  13. What about the quotes in the Greek scriptures from the Hebrew scriptures.... must Jehovah's name be taken out there too? I am merely following through on your thoughts and criticisms. One either accepts the name Jehovah and give it the honor it deserves (wherever and whenever you can) or one does not. One can get mired down in little details and lose sight of the big picture: - that it is important to acknowledge the true god's name whenever you can. In my studies of the Bible I have found that many humans equate Jehovah on a level with Jesus (because of his death and ransom) but this is very wrong because Jehovah is supreme and all else are merely his 'creations'. Jesus is the firstborn of all creation (Col1:15). Jehovah was the one who sent Jesus to the earth and it was ultimately Jehovah's kindness that made it possible for Jesus to come. "for god (Jehovah) so much loved the world that he sent his only begotten son." he loved us while we were sinners and prepared a body for Christ that would be sacrificed. Jehovah used his spirit to put the life of Jesus in the womb of Mary. (phil: 2) This is why the name he chose for himself and the meaning of the name is so important. When one studies the bible one sees that he is in reality so high that we cannot fathom anything about him except what our human frailty allows us to see and what he has allowed to be written about himself as well as the restoration of his purpose concerning the earth. The entire Hebrew scriptures is dedicated to Jehovah and his plans (purpose for mankind's future) and Israel was chosen to bring forth the messiah (Jesus has a genealogy of 2025 years). Israel was a nation dedicated to Jehovah and were severely punished because they brought other gods before Jehovah. They were a dedicated nation to Jehovah and were supposed to love Jehovah with their whole heart (as Jesus said). Jesus did not come to criticize the scholars of his time and their actions to remove Gods name... The bible shows in John 17 that he had made the name of god known everywhere he went... He knew the scholars were white washed graves - so he did not answer the Pharisees at all - unless there were others present who could benefit by his answer. Jesus taught about the future Kingdom and Jehovah gave him holy spirit to heal people as a sign that God has sent him. The Pharisees turned against Jesus when he called himself the 'son" of God. Do you acknowledge the name Jehovah, Jahweh or Jehwah or any of the acceptable forms of the name or do you throw out the cat with the bathwater and sit with the empty dish? The Bible is one entity - one cannot throw the Hebrew scriptures away - because this is the "timeline" of how Jehovah has been working throughout the ages toward his purpose of appointing a future government that would rectify all the problems on earth - which also included the ransom sacrifice that came exactly when Jehovah predicted it in the prophecies in Daniel. Jesus is going to hand his Kingdom back to god/father (Jehovah) when he has completed the job he was anointed for, namely to bring mankind back to perfection and make the earth into a beautiful paradise like Jehovah originally intended. 1 Cor 15:24. Eph 1:9 Jesus is the guarantee that Jehovah's plans are going to be fulfilled. The honor and glory ultimately belong to Jehovah the creator. Rev 4:11 By the way in the New World translation there is a segment which shows that there are fragments of the Septuagint (translation of the Hebrew scriptures into Greek) which were found in the 20th century - which was available during the time of Jesus - which contained the Tetramagrammaton -JHWH- written in Hebrew letters. So when Jesus quoted from this he definitely used the name Jehovah.