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  1. The reason why you cannot accept 539 BCE as the only secular date which is truly verified is because you use mainly Babylonian sources to try to verify the date and their dates are all over the place - not reliable (reigns which are too long and impossible to correlate etc.) The Persian and Greek sources gets us to the truth. Please look up when the battle of OPIS took place and between who....? This took place before Cyrus went right into Babylon. This will give you a good idea why 537 BCE is correct for the return of the Jews to Jerusalem - which in turn proves that 607 BCE and 1914 is accurate. The reason for the 'myopia' is an inability to accept that the slave (very imperfect and uneducated though they may be) may just have made a big mistake and accidentally got it RIGHT - because Jehovah was guiding them. The problems came when someone's ego got the better of them and they abused their power and were removed.... All the knowledge in the world cannot fight against the knowledge of Jehovah... and he can use his spirit to assist who he wants? When a "mistake" (some people used their influence to say it is a mistake) turns out to be spot on later - as more historical facts were opened up - is it not quite revealing? Don't you agree? Even if you feel you have "special insight" this does not mean that you have. The ability to show the 'fruits' is cooperation, to subject your free will to Jehovah and help with the preaching work - become a slave of Jehovah and help the rest of his "slave". (A slave has no personal power but has to do as he is told - the preaching). Personally I would refuse to go out with someone who does not accept that Jehovah is guiding his people or "recognize" the 'slave' because we have to "help" our brothers with the commission they were given. ANOTHER important question: How would you run such a large organization as ours when you have no special business training and you are responsible for the management and written content which goes out into the entire world; massive operations on a large scale and all on donations.....You have to try to manage other problems in congregations too - on top of millions of laws in every different country etc etc. Did they fail in some aspects or re-act instead of being pro-active? Of course they did. CEOs do not even get it right... CEOs which earn literally millions of dollars per year do not get it right and move around from company to company (we know what is going on in the banking industry and many Fortune 500 companies - don't we?) and.......they do not have to cope with Satan's focus on them, trying to undermine the smooth daily operations set in place. Some upstart - which you trusted and put in a trusted position - comes and wants to disrupt everything and starts a little group because he now has superior insight and becomes rebellious. (Satan did the same thing to Jehovah because Jehovah is mild tempered and kind). I think those put in place of responsibility would be hurt and shocked but in the end would guard the heritage of Jehovah - put this first. Would you not? And there will be some who will be taken in by this rebellion - will they not? Our history was not clean from the start - we recognize that completely. And while they Russel and friends fumbled in the dark they accepted teachings from other religions which were in line with scripture. In their ignorance they were determined to be guided to bring the truth to others. The immortality of the soul was one of the first teachings they rejected and we all know the reason why Russel stopped publishing with his associates and went out on his own to create the watchtower. It was only after some cleansing of their teachings (Jehovah inspected them - where does that fit in with your dates?) that Jehovah appointed them as the slave. They will guard the heritage they have received and try to keep the organization clean from anyone who tries to destroy it. Has everything gone perfect in its management - NO. Was there injustices - maybe? But the main focus should be the preaching and the vindication of the true name of god and his promises. I suspect we will see many more actions by Satan to discredit Jehovah and his organization (run by uneducated, imperfect men) before the final end - and he will use brothers with the spirit of Judas to do this. If anyone in this circle does not think that we are going to have a terrible time of it - think again. The forces of Satan is stacking up against us and the world has become a very violent place - and it is escalating. When they finally lash out at us they will be happy to find some soft target to vent all their anger against. LAST THOUGHT: Is there any other Christian organization on earth which is unitedly preaching the good news of the kingdom as indicated in prophecy about the time of the end in Matt 24:14. The proof is there! To me it is a miracle! There are so many secret organizations with most of the worlds money in their pockets, who want the world to be united in ONE government. There are many religions who want to rule the world and are prepared to use the sword to obtain it. There are forces moving in the EU and the UN which is trying to bring in laws to control all people. When this happens - we will be told to stop preaching.... and our neutrality will also become an issue........ it will be an attack.... but we will see great apostasy before this.
  2. As I said earlier - the ONLY secular date that is without question is when Cyrus sent the Jews back to Jerusalem. Read the Persian dynasty regarding the kings, their dates; as well as the number of years they reigned. The organization's chronology makes sense as the kings and their number of years on the throne have to fit in with the beginning of the 70 weeks prophecy. ..... and we all know that Jesus came exactly oon time..... .
  3. Sometimes we have to clean out the puss before a wound can heal. Cleaning the wound is painful..... but the results are so much better! Thanks M'dear!
  4. Just would like to mention: "The Soncino Press also published the Soncino Talmud (1935–1952), the Soncino Midrash Rabbah and the Soncino Zohar (1934) all of which were translations of the Talmud, Midrash Rabbah, and Zohar, respectively. Another publication is the Soncino Haggadah, a translation and commentary on the Haggadah by Cecil Roth." While it is good to look at Josephus and other historians when one looks at Jewish tradition - be very careful of the Talmud, Kabbalah and Zohar and people who associate these rabbinical writings with the Torah (books of Moses). Just type into Google "Talmud and Jesus" and you will get the shock of your life. The Kabbalah and Zohar in my mind is pure spiritism. Today the Talmud is called the 'holy book' and the kabbalah the most holy book. Most Rabbis study the kabbalah. I understand why the Quran is so hateful to all non-believers because the Jews were believing in the 'oral tradition' which Jesusrejected. These were first written down in the Mishnah and further in the Talmud which has commentaries on the commentaries. Muhammad stole his ideas from these extreme laws. After the temple was destroyed the Jews had no temple to worship at. The Rabbis devised a system of traditions, rituals and superiority teachings which keep the Jewish nation separate from all other nations. Ever tried to talk to a Jew about the Truth? You will see how quickly you are rebuffed. The Muslims have a similar system whereby the leaders have total control over the people and their word is like the word of God. Be careful of the mindset of these books! That is all I have to say....
  5. More to come! The problem with some of these are that when they do not fit in anywhere they want to go directly to heaven...... this means they have to kill to enter paradise immediately and all the delights it promises! It is the ideology that it deadly - not the people.
  6. Apologies if I sounded sexist..... but for a woman in a man's world I saw the male ego in action too often. So I learnt to distinguish its manifestations very quickly..... having the word of Jehovah to measure it by.... After working as a reporter for many years I worked in PR and publicity for many years. 1) For an umbrella organization which managed 9 museums: Board meetings and PHDs doing research in various fields. I saw the infighting, the egos and the academic "integrity" first hand. So this is why I am skeptical of academics ..... just as our dear friend is skeptical about the "slave." History is always written by the victors - remember that. After the infighting ends - it is the view of the victors that are presented.... 2) After this I worked for an umbrella organization which managed 15 technical universities. Learnt a tremendous amount there and could put my hands on rare books from the library. So what has this to do with our thread? The male ego-itis (females also have this sickness but is displays in other ways) unexpectedly rears its ugly head ... as I said earlier. I have seen individual brothers display this quality (not often - but it is often those with high secular positions/education who have the boardroom skills to play good servers in meetings) because they are still imperfect human beings. It will not be stamped out completely until the end of 1000 years... and all too often witnesses still respect people too much who have worldly skills instead of the humble spiritual brothers . People are people..... and hopefully they gradually put on the new personality and learn to distinguish godly qualities. I can see a good dose of male - ego-itis and OCD here in this thread and the fact that only SECULAR dates are accepted by certain bloggers.... and this takes precedence over the Bible and the slave. I happen to know the history of Archeology as a science. It started exactly 200 years ago when Napoleon went into Egypt and the entire world "woke up" to the fact that there are cities under mounds which can prove the Bible correct. Unfortunately the "science" was not there and for many years they damaged the "basis of the history" by their unscientific methods. They also made very UNscientific 'assumptions' about dates. One mistake is the Egyptology dating - which is contested heavily today by "renegade" scientists with the result: they are not allowed on digs in Egypt because there are powers/academics in control that do not allow this. So much for the "science" of it. Contrary to assurances that Babylonian chronology is accurate - it is NOT. Babylonian chronology has to fit in with Pharaoh Necho's dates among others - so this is corroborated (they know the dynasty lines and years of rule) but the dates fit in with Egyptology........ this is why the dates do not give a full 70 year period for the exiled Jews. (the bible says 70 years). However! The ONE secular date which is scientifically agreed upon by most scholars is the date of the announcement for the return of the Jews from Babylon (give a year) as discussed above. To my mind - if you are a good scientist and you are a good Biblical scholar - you would adjust all Biblical dates according to THIS date because it is the MOST accurate ancient secular date.... and this is what the organization has done! So - to continually go back to the maze of OTHER secular dates and the slave's "incompetence" ? .......this is someone who does not accept the slave and does not really want to adjust their thinking and accept there is dodgy secular evidence out there. If we accept the secular date of 538 BCE (give one or two years for them getting ready and travel to return to Jerusalem) then the 70th year before this falls on 607 BCE and also gives one 1914 - which is proved by undeniable evidence on the ground. If you want to put your faith in secular dates and in their processes and in this action deny the invisible KINGdom establishment in 1914 - do so. The analysis of 'words' to try to fit another theory is interesting - but it is merely a major hurricane in a tea-cup- because it has not convincing at all! .... especially because the real evidence is already on ground zero!
  7. It was with sadness that I read a certain comment above. In the end - if Jehovah is truly a reality - then he is the one who will dispense justice and will judge those who use their positions of trust for in-fighting etc. Has there been injustices perpetrated ? I do not doubt it at all! - but some things we cannot resolve now. Let it go, Jehovah will compensate all people for whatever they lost. Will some of the anointed beat up their brothers? - Yes! Jesus predicted the possibility. Can worldly courts sort this out? NO. Some CEOs (even of Fortune500 companies) mess up a company and then quickly leave with a golden handshake and then move on to the next company to go and mess it up too! I have seen this in the world and yes - I knew a soft-spoken elder who did this.....and got away with it - it happens- rarely - but it does happen. I am fortunately a sister so I do not have to deal with male egos but I am savvy enough to know that a definite sign of the spirit of the world or Satan is a love to control others - not necessarily openly.... but subtly. I am very aware that not all have left their egos behind (as instructed by scripture) and hence to not handle all matters in kindness and love....... Jehovah will take all mitigating factors into account. Jehovah deeply cares for victims of injustice..... I personally think injustice does hurt any victim very deeply.
  8. LOL. Poetry got me through my husband's sudden death and a daughter with cancer..... so it had its function...... and I had to go back to work to keep food on the table...and in the process I learnt a few more lessons about life. Particularly - when to let go. There is a time for everything.... also to let go. We all have ego's and want to be heard but I honestly believe that if you have been through severe problems where you only are grateful to have a life.... you realize how precious your gift of life is ..... to have an opinion, to be seen and heard or have influence - all that other jazz -is just the trimmings. The substance of your life is what is in yourself and what is between you and Jehovah. We will soon face the most dire threats to our lives. We are now facing the beginning of the escalation of anarchy. Our lives is the only precious thing we have and this is all that Jehovah promised us - our lives. So let GO of the unimportant grievances, unimportant hurt feelings and all the unimportant ideas. Let GO of the ego and the traps and snares it brings to our lives. Time is running out. Like the illustration of the 10 virgins - make sure you are one of those who have enough oil to shine your lamp while waiting for the groom to arrive.
  9. Thanks Anna for reaching out to me. I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech. My character is also known for being a free spirit...but not too free! I am extremely friendly, always smiling and always caring and helpful - at least that is what I strive to be. There is always something that is crazy happening around me... I like to stimulate people and get feedback (in field service - we usually have a blast!) I like organized chaos - the artistic side of me. I did not grow up as a Witness but in a home with two smart parents (I was exposed to extreme freedom of thought) but life was also extremely organized. Everything took place by the clock a smooth running business. I was not a difficult child but inside I rebelled against any form of rigidity. So I understand the idea of breaking out and being free and looking at new ideas or new ways of doing things. I am always ready to read about new things going on in the world and undercurrents most people are not aware of - but I am careful to stick to limits. There are barriers I do not pass. I studied Islam - the dark sinister part of it - but realized that I must not delve too deep into satanic things.... Usually, when people (even brothers) do or say stupid things I do not take it seriously - people are just people and they can come up with some wild ideas or be too rigid. I will even give it a thought........ BUT I do not dwell on bad things ...and try to stay away from things that I perceive to be disruptive, counter productive, unkind or misleading. I usually speak my mind.... no hypocrisy! I also believe there are lines one does not cross - self-control very important to serve Jehovah successfully! When I worked for the newspaper - the best thing I learnt was to edit my own writings and cut out the ideas I liked the most....I often had to re-write.... I also wrote poetry and songs.... and this teaches one to cut unnecessary flowery ideas/words - 'self-control' in art. What this taught me is: many people self-indulge in a passion with no self-control and then cannot understand why it is not presentable to others. Self-indulgence in anything is usually not good. One can go on and on.....with it - it will bring personal satisfaction - but in the end it is not perfect because it does not "share" well with others. This is why I now prefer to study some thoughts I can share with others or say something to stimulate others - especially in the Truth. I often teach Muslims that the law of Jesus is more powerful than the 'Sharia' - (law of Moses or the law in islam). How? Self-control. Jews and Muslims just have to obey the law and there is not much thinking involved. Jesus made us personally responsible to think about everything -before we do it. We have to think how to apply the principles. We have to think things through, before we do. Looking at a women too much is adultery in the heart....self-control. I usually feel sorry for people who seriously overstep any boundaries.... they have not learnt the lessons which I call Social Studies 101. Jehovah created us to live together as social animals.... there are boundaries one does not cross if you want to live and work together in peace and harmony..... because one infringes on the happiness and freedoms of others. This why I must mention here that I have respect for some of the people on this blog - who really kept their cool when I was criticizing them. Thanks for that! I do sometimes test boundaries. I go on field service and say something to test my Muslim friends to see what their boundaries are. When I see that their minds are very closed - I work with what I have available to me.... So - I never talk about others - only if it is positive! Yes, some kinds of people are sometimes uncomfortable around me when I push the boundaries...... but I am watchful for body language and immediately have self-control when I see it makes another uncomfortable. I err as well and I do sometimes come across as rigid in my writing. I do. But I think that Adam was thinking too much about a 'new idea' and should have curbed it - before it got out of hand. I believe in personal freedom curbed by personal self-control and social responsibility. However, the level of personal censorship now being promoted in the world is closer to fascist ideas (in some places one can now be jailed for saying of even 'thinking' something) which is going to lead to totalitarian states. In future, to curb the extreme ideologies floating around (which is threatening the "security" of the people and the state) - they will come down hard freedom of thought. Especially on JWs because we have learnt to think differently to the rest of mankind. We obey the governments but stay neutral to politics and refuse all interfaith. We are also loyal to Jehovah's government and will not refrain from preaching.
  10. When one gets one brother with control over the other they psychologically hype each other up! Sad.... Racist views have undoubtedly been the cause of many "justified" deaths. The ideology (which can be anything from Islam, Zionism, Nazism etc.) gives the "justification" for atrocious treatment of other humans - which usually are viewed as unbelievers, animals or lesser humans. I guess you are shocked because I mentioned Zionism too! But read up about the Talmud - Islam stole many of its human philosophies from it - and you will see why some nations feel they are religiously superior. Nazism was also influenced by Darwinism and Eugenics.
  11. The war in Yemen is taking a terrible toll - mostly on the children. It is not just Houthi's (which are backed by Iran) it is al Qaida also. The people in Yemen are starving and dying and now the water...... Saudi Arabia regularly bombing the Yemenites..... situation is critical........ Muslim killing Muslim......
  12. True tom: A brother gave a talk about preaching, and he said that Jesus took his disciples apart and explained the parables to them. Yet Jesus avoided to answer the Pharisees, who were always trying to trick him, except when there were people present who could benefit by his reply. I thought it was a neat point. To add to what you said so well: we have a saying in my language....literally translated it means : the clever one is trapped by his own cleverness.
  13. My sister (who is not a Witness) painted a beautiful painting of all the vices on earth. And there was a very thick book on the table...... I asked her what it meant...... and she said to me: "knowledge is a gross sin when it is idolatrous - when knowledge is self-serving." I totally agreed. Knowledge (as I said before) is an ego-trip when it does not serve others. One makes yourself an idol. The bible says: "knowledge puffs up." Knowledge in itself puffs up..... it must be combined with the fruitages of the Spirit to produce humility, modesty and the other qualities one needs to truly be benevolent and motivate one to serve others, such as preaching! Wisdom - is knowledge put to use to serve others and benefit others. Jehovah in all his knowledge uses this only to benefit others. Jesus, kept his own opinions to himself and used his wisdom to benefit others .....and only spoke the words which Jehovah gave him to speak.... Perfect obedience - not like humans who like to be on the forefront of included..... I have to pummel myself and stamp out that ego sometimes. All this bla-bla about being sophisticated and discuss all matters like intelligent adults, is just a front to self-serve personal ideas and create doubt or division among brothers. Other churches who visit this website are doing so - not because they want to learn something - but merely to sow doubt......They oppose the slave and their ideas. They do not care if their ideas are only from one person - in contrast with our organization which now has committees which approve what goes into every publication.. They are pretending to be angels of light....or maybe believe themselves zealots with 'special insights' from God? Even if you offer biblical scriptures or even good secular sources - forget it- they are here to teach - not to learn! They are here with other motives! The thrill is in the fight... or to sow doubt! By the way - all these terrorist attacks is an escalation - intensifying of the sign. 'Security' of citizens will again be the main subject on lawgiver's minds until the next strikes - I think ...... lol..... Russia, Finland, USA, Spain all in a matter of a few days....
  14. All visions and dreams in Daniel are prophetic and have to do with the future as I recall - but there is only ONE (according to you), only ONE vision that was only contemporary (7 times) and has no future fulfillment?? ...........very inconsistent .... of Jehovah! Daniel 12:4 says: But you, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the TIME OF THE END: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (Seal ALL books and then people will search to understand these prophecies closer to the time of fulfillment.) We are going in circles - I quote a few scriptures where it gives a 30 day month and then you say this is not so. You give LONG, complicated explanations - to circumvent what is plainly stated in the Bible - it is starting to sound more and more like a MYSTERY which only a few can understand - a teaching which Christendom loves so much.. I think all the friends on this blog would not even understand what the sacred secret of the Kingdom is (which Daniel talks about in several verses (Daniel 2:44; Daniel 7:13 + 14) if it was not for the slave distributing this knowledge free of charge. 30 years ago most of Christendom did not accept that the Kingdom is a government but believed that it was a CONDITION of the heart.... and therefore would not accept any calculation of its timing ..... or contemplate when it would start ruling INVISIBLY. They still do not have an idea when the first resurrection takes place , and who these people are who have the first resurrection.... they do not give the "least of Christ's brothers" a drink or a kindness BUT rather oppose them. They think they will all go to heaven..... and earth will be DESTROYED. They do not have a clue of the true purpose of God.... I spoke to them regularly until recently..... Well, CHRISTENDOM AND MUSLIMS BELIEVE MANY OF THE SAME THINGS - EVEN THEIR GOD IS JUST CALLED GOD OR LORD. Their prophecies say that Jesus is coming back in the FLESH, it gives the place where he will descend and what he is going to look like.... He has a sword with which he is going to fight a literal battle - kill the anti-Christ. It may satisfy your FLESHLY desire to see his flesh.... in the sky - with literal lightning ....and they also believe in immortality of the soul and they are all going to heaven.....and a literal war on the earth which will be lead by Jesus........Matt 24: 23 and 24 tells us there will be false Christs BUT they will not mislead the chosen ones. Further look at REV 19: Rev 19: Also, the armies that were in HEAVEN were following him on white horses, and they were clothed in white, clean, fine linen. 15 And out of his mouth there protrudes a sharp long sword,+ that he may strike the nations with it, and he will shepherd them with a rod of iron.+ He treads too the winepress+ of the anger of the wrath of God+ the Almighty. 16 And upon his outer garment, even upon his thigh, he has a name written, King of* kings and Lord of lords.+ 17 I saw also an angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with a loud voice and said to all the birds+ that fly in mid heaven: “Come here, be gathered together to the great evening meal of God, 18 that YOU may eat the fleshy+ parts of kings and the fleshy parts of military commanders* and the fleshy parts of strong men+ and the fleshy parts of horses+ and of those seated upon them, and the fleshy parts of all, of freemen as well as of slaves and of small ones and great.” 19 And I saw the wild beast+ and the kings+ of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage the war+ with the one seated on the horse+ and with his army. 20 And the wild beast+ was caught, and along with it the false prophet+ that performed in front of it the signs+ with which he misled those who received the mark+ of the wild beast and those who render worship to its image.+ While still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with Sulphur To me - these are heavenly armies behind Jesus..... and the 'wild beast and false prophet' are symbols which represent parts of fleshly, worldly humankind. This WAR takes place AFTER Revelation 12: 7-12 (the birth of the Kingdom and authority given to Christ) and satan is thrown out of heaven. ..... and it happens AFTER a short time left is declared. I cannot eat your scroll - it is bitter in my mouth - in fact its flavor is false.