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  1. Actually it is also taught in communism.... so this social engineering into a form of collectivism is not called cultural communism for nothing. The greater good of all is more important than the individual. So a central government can force any law on you for the greater good of society. I believe in self-sacrificing love but natural law says - I must give it willingly. Willingly give up my material stuff and willingly sacrifice myself for the greater good of all. It must not be forced on me by someone who thinks they have a higher morality than God himself. Our natural rights come from Jehovah. Just being born gives it to you. The right to own your own body and choose what goes into it and the freedom to choose whom you will serve (spiritually) in your home. I will obey the government whatever they ask (even share my stuff) but I will not allow them to put blood or any other substance which could change my mental capacity into my body. No-one will force me to vote or show allegiance to a political party or its symbolism. This, I think will become an issue under UN and its allies.
  2. The root cause of everything is wickedness. Wickedness always goes hand in hand with control, dominance. Listened to an interview with the author of the two books " I was an economic hitman". He worked for NSA and other organizations linked to CIA which made predatory loans to countries which had resources such as oil etc... which USA wanted the control of. It is easier to fight an economic war with bribery than send in an army, he says. America was doing this since the fall of the Iranian government and putting the Shah in his place. ….CIA did this everywhere....also in countries they did not have cooperative regimes. The author talks of two presidents that were assassinated, which he dealt with, because they refused to play ball. Collateral for the building projects (which only the rich and ruling class benefit from) is the resources in the earth of the poor country..... they usually receive the help to develop the infrastructure to get the benefit of the resources but these are owned by very cooperative oligarchs who also cooperate with international decisions. So- predatory loans receive lot of publicity because they look so good while it is detrimental for the people because it actually impoverishes the people of the poor country. South America and Africa has been taken over by these loans with Chinese direct loans...… BUT, the people in these countries prefer to have Chinese masters because they can treat their people with oppression (no human rights) and the Chinese do not care. It is part of the business deal.… "you leave my internal affairs alone and I do not mix in yours "(i.e. Iran and Chinese get along fabulously because of this kind of agreement). Also, USA used to have military bases in many countries. ….. the Chinese only want to dominate economically (Daniel 11 - want the riches of the earth). I agree that USA now makes China the new boogieman because the Chinese are now much better predator than the USA predators ever were. (USA cloaked itself as a "prophet" of democracy and human rights while acting as a dragon). USA has itself has been victim to secret predatory practices of the Chinese for the last 20 years with most of their intellectual property stolen as well as military secrets. We are in a new era where totalitarian regimes are taking over and working with each other on non-human rights basis. I see here so much apologetics for the brutality of the Chinese in Hong Kong - but like all communistic states, the enemies of the state will be liquidated. It seems like the gulags in Russia have become imaginary figments of the past. People are being gaslighted in the press to think it was not really so bad; or it really did not happen as some writers said, or the numbers of people were much less than the number of people that Hitler killed..... all these excuses do not take away the fact that the King of the North is brutal and he is on the rise...….As Christians we watch it - sit still and do nothing..... but it does not mean that we do not understand what is going on! Exactly!.... and they are gaining more and more positions in the UN due to bribery! (WHO leader is a good example - chosen because he is an Chinese activist not because he is a good doctor, who cares about people. He has done what many communist leaders in Africa have done - starved the geographical area of people who do not vote for them.) And according to bible prophecy - this totally corrupt organization (image of the beast with its allies) will be the eighth king. Life is going to get a lot harder soon! Well said! The CCP has taken China over completely! While there is always infighting - they eliminate their enemies very quickly - Stalin style.… so that the atrocities do not get out into the West. They have their own press under complete state control..... people here do not understand the concept of having the press under control. Your life is worth nothing if you expose anything the government is doing. Hong Kong atrocities will now be silenced due to Chinese control of press. This press control - propaganda - is prevalent in USA. the truth about many things are now being suppressed because those who are the owners of the press are part of the secular NWO which truly believe that the "image of the beast" can bring peace and security. conclusion: My interest in this is not to argue over which government is the worst..... they all are part of the 'beast". Many western governments assassinate the characters of those who do not cooperate with them … even to eliminate people who are whistleblowers (such as the policeman who fled to Russia because he knew he would be killed like many other of his colleagues who tried to expose the extreme wealth and extent of child trafficking in Florida). The west is already under control of rich gangsters (a thugocracy like Russia and China just with a veneer of freedom). Many people believe they still have human rights under a more free system but soon they will wake up to more control. The Patriot Act can put you in prison for a long time without the help of a lawyer. I watch for totalitarian inclinations in governments. Like Rutherford, I think that the final government of the world will be totalitarian, (although he believed it will come sooner - with Germany) and pro-communist ideas and communist means of control is now infiltrating everywhere! A 'central control' which could eliminate all religion and force a new morality of loyalty to the new state philosophy (which through UNESCO is now being put in all schools) and those who do not comply will not be able to buy or sell. My friend in Sweden is a pioneer and French teacher - she is thinking of leaving the profession but will try to circumvent the new curricula..... which is installed everywhere. Ps: I am learning a new language and it has sentences such as : the woman and her partner (female gender) - this is everywhere in language curricula etc. Children are learning this as school - part of the new cultural communism or socialistic engineering - or whatever you want to call it.
  3. No - I am referring to all the students that were taken into custody and all the leaders of organizations standing for freedom of speech..... While the united stated states pretends to be a lamb and its CIA is involved with the overthrowing of many regimes in the world especially at present in South America, (this fact is known and is obvious by bible prophecy), China has seriously violated all the agreements made when Hong Kong was handed back to her..... and more. She has totally infiltrated the Hong Kong government and already has her strangled grip at Hong Kong's throat. Hon Kong's people will now live in the same fear as ordinary people in China. I wish the CCP was a specific group. My issue is not with the Chinese people as I have said many times here on this forum. The CCP is bringing suffering on its own people. My issue is with the King of the North (which includes the CCP) which is incarcerating humans who have a right to choose there own religion by the natural right given us by God. When any government has the right to dictate that you cannot practice religion in your own HOME and can be taken into custody and life-long jail or death as a traitor for this, they are taking away the natural law given you by god - the CHOICE of your own religion. This is why I do not condone the Central Communist Party of China - for NO other reason. I know that ALL governments are totally corrupt - especially the USA. I am in complete sympathy for the ordinary people of CHINA. You choose to be apologetic for a government (CCP) which is severely oppressing freedom of religion. This is my only beef with them. It is prophesied that king of North and its allies will push with king of south and gain control of the "riches of the world" (DANIEL 11: 36- END) Frankly I do not care who runs the world but I do care about freedom of religion and I will point out these atrocities until I drop dead. God gave us this CHOICE by our merely being born in this world. And I know that our freedom of religion will soon be curtailed. But I am not going to sit down without speaking out against it when I am taken into custody for practicing my religion. They can take away ALL my rights but this is ONE right I refuse to be apologetic about! I will not riot or demonstrate or get political about it but I do show here on this forum that the CCP is not a victim of propaganda as it is purported to be. It is a serious threat as indicated by Daniel 11, especially as I can see that the West is enamored of China's "control" over her people. It is as though the world has gone mad and have become inclined to take away this right of freedom of religion (this prophecy will come to fruition when Jehovah allows it at the right time)…… but antipathy to religion is growing. ANTIFA was burning bibles while they were rioting - it was caught on camera and received some publicity. This is where the world is going. I am merely bringing attention to this phenomenon that atheist totalitarianism is on the rise (which has its origins in cultural communism) and will soon lead to the worst tribulation the world has ever seen. Especially because the UN is working with the CCP. The CCP have important positions on the Human Rights council and veto rights in security council etc. which they use to promote predatory behavior on the globe - including predatory loans to gain territory. Open warfare is no longer the way to rule the world - predatory loans are. Not just China and Russia do this... Predatory loans is something which the world banks (UN banks) are now also busy with. The UN world banks IMF etc are lending billions to poor countries at present during Corona shutdown to carry their economies through this - but all of these loans have predatory conditions attached. These countries are now bought and paid for. They have to cooperate with UN in all matters - basically giving over their autonomy to the UN. Interesting do you not think? I watch for predatory behavior in regimes and banks... to see where we are in the stream of the time leading to Armageddon. I believe we are in this time right now. These countries will be forced to work with the UN in future or will not receive help again. I warned about China before Trump started his rhetoric. I said that USA have been sleeping for the last 20 years. I also think that USA is financially broken so this cold war between them will lead to some sort of conflict or a severe aggravation and food shortages in both countries. While China will suppress this information of getting out into the greater world. America's food shortages will be blasted out for all to see. Since you do not believe to watch for any signs for the time of the end..... I can understand your stance that you do not see anything wrong with the moral behavior of China as part of the King of the North Alliance... it is just the boogieman making propaganda about china and life will go back to normal after this - just like before. China has not acted aggressively at all? When China is putting the fear into Australia, Japan, Phillipines, Malaysia - encroaching into the seas of all the smaller countries and claiming its waters as belonging to China. Predatory loans and bribery of the leaders in Indonesia - and the list goes on. This is not propaganda. Building islands and enforcing its seas with military ports on them and stacking them with military airplanes and boats. is this the actions of a pacifist or an aggressor to say - I am ruling here! Definitely - on this I agree with you. This is a propaganda war. ….. until they start a conflict. But both sides know it will be costly (MAD) - they need support for their posturing...…. but it is too late for USA. China has already stolen everything it needs (military and digital secrets etc) to grow into a superpower. It also has great financial wows but because it has a totalitarian regime, it does not need permission of its people to take the country in a new direction. In western democracies it is different - one needs consent. In these matters totalitarianism is an advantage.
  4. Met a young guy in field service here which believed that we are in a nasty computer game. I said to him that God does not play nasty games but there are very nasty humans involved who are playing us all. Yes, they built wires into peoples heads in the 1950 and 60s already during MKULTRA experiments.... burn half of their brains without their permissions and made them into zombies. Others they controlled so they committed crimes. Behavior science is now at the point far beyond this, where they can control crowds with propaganda. Some believe we should be cyborgs and become part of the "singularity" which they are now creating with machines which are teaching themselves. Our fleshly brains have been downgraded to mere computers.... consequently there are highly educated and rich nutcases out there that believe we must all be connected to the 'singularity' to reach our top potential and "everlasting" life in a machine..... This is the crazy future that people really believe in. The world is getting nuttier and nuttier. It will be hard to distinguish fact from fiction soon. Thanks to Jehovah we can keep a measure of a reality check. Unfortunately the youth are the most vulnerable because these things together with sexual depraved habits are now taught in the curricula.
  5. Well - they just took all the student activists for democracy into custody in Hong Kong and all the leaders of organizations who want freedom of speech. Journalists etc. They face treason charges which could lead to death or very long imprisonments. How much needs to happen for you guys to realize these people are dedicated god-haters and have no morality because of this. They are officially now doing more than that which Russia is doing to JWs. I read an article where humans rights organizations are alerting to what the Chinese are now doing to JWs. If your sympathies lie with the CCP in the name of not takes sides in politics - mine does not lie with any political system - it lies with Jehovah's people. I understood long ago that these CCP Chinese are part of king of the north. I watched a Chinese propaganda cartoon-video which is circling in Iran today. Totally anti western and spreading of disinformation - something which totalitarian states are very good at - especially when combined with curbing of freedom of religion. This is the direction whereto USA is evolving and the entire west if one looks at the freedom of religion and freedom of speech markers. Yes they do - I watched a documentary about the ancient Chinese culture.. a professor talking about what is left. Very little of the true Chinese culture is left - it has been eradicated and replaced with worship of the state. So it does not surprise me that they also see the Islamic religion and different culture as a threat to state worship... only allegiance to the state is allowed. These people are suffering and you do not recognize it! This is politically correct behavior. It is similar to the people who have left islam - when they talk against Islam because they have suffered, they are totally ignored because it is no longer the political correct thing to do. It is not possible in the minds of people that someone would do this - hence the islamophobia label are put on these people who almost died when they left Islam in Islamic countries. They are the true victims of oppression but get NO acknowledgement. Same happening now in China and the same will happen in Hong Kong. It is not politically correct to speak the truth any longer - propaganda wins every time. I guess the suffering does not matter - one must be reasonable and give a totalitarian state a break. Those stories coming out of Russia about the horrible beatings of JWs - that is just the media playing on the easy sympathies of people! One must give the state the benefit of the doubt!
  6. Well lets see if these experiences were …….scripted. I have seen tons of these videos with personal experiences (there are more online than you seem to realize). This one (below) is from a another reputable news company and has a good insight into what is going on. (Since I found out who owns Wikileaks and who checks their information I go there to learn about film stars - not about history. ) These "scripted people" give their own experiences (please watch link below) - there are many of these videos online...… Some look bewildered... and the hopelessness shines through - this always touches my feelings. One doctor gave her experience in the camp - she was forced to do hand labor for 18 hours and she was away from her children - she said she does not need re-training. She has a good profession. She said she wanted to commit suicide many times. Sleep deprived and the system is brutal.... and there is beatings when you do not comply. She has a profession...This was in another video..… The labor is forced and the CCP makes money from it. They assemble two kinds of computers and the women make clothes for big western companies. The money goes into the government pocket. If anyone thinks this is ok for a government to do to anyone because they have a religion it does not like......then you are a totalitarian at heart. I do not like islam and I know their hate for "unbelievers" will come to roost at Armageddon when many will kill unbelievers. We know we will stand still and watch as these people kill each other...… but I cannot approve of this kind of treatment or even condone it. Torture is coming back big time! Mind control through drugs remind me of MKULTRA experiments in USA.... yes this world is becoming EVIL. The research that has been done in china (google and other tech companies) on mind control, merging human minds with computers etc, is frightening. I recognize the evil everywhere as Satan is getting his grip on this system. I was in a model (slightly militarized) school in south Africa. I hated it. We were a "show school and had many visits from journalists." This reminds me of the one beautiful Chinese camp that they allow journalists to see with beautiful amenities to learn art and national dancing - what if you hate both? - the other camps will not be seen by journalists. It just so happens that China was so afraid the Uighur want independence due to being different from the Han. They are now settling in Han into the region (as they have done in Tibet) The reason? This province provides many of the rare earth metals and ground resources they need for their manufacturing sector. These videos are everywhere - If one compares the different videos one sees the same incidents and stories are coming up. In this video they tortured those who refuse to sing the national songs before they get food or they skipped a meal (I would refuse to sing national songs - so I would have been tortured and died of hunger if I were there.) The children are taken away - in this video it also comes out.... I just found this video by chance this morning and put it on here. The same repetitive stories come out - just with different reasons for being interred. children are "socially engineered". I did the same with the body parts videos...…watched many videos and compared the statistics and the secret interviews. Chinese researchers (doctors) have done research on the numbers and the hospitals doing these (The Chinese government kill those who work against the government or intern them for long periods in torturous confinement so that news cannot get out ...…… true communism. Stalin killed all the people who previously worked with him so no records of evil deeds will be left - no-one to recount.... it is as if it never existed.... no one to tell tales.
  7. Yes we do that but it does not mean we must deliberately keep ourselves in the dark. Jesus himself was executed as a political prisoner because he had offended the religious rulers. All they could pin on him was the fact that he said he had a "kingdom". Similarly, we are only loyal to jehovah's kingdom. Soon we will also be hunted down as political radicals because we refuse the mark of the beast. Do you know what is the mark of the beast?
  8. It seems they have removed True Tom Hartley's last comment to another thread? Like any conversation, it does deviate a bit and then come back...to the main subject...... so What is the purpose of the strict enforcement of draconian rules?
    • Hello guest!
    You will see here in this testimony above it speaks of forced abortions. I have listened and read many over the past two years. I listened to secret interviews (translated) of husbands who testified that the government suddenly came to pick up their wives when they were just about full term - ready to give birth with a second child. They sterilized them - took their children (probably used the body parts because it is valuable) and threw the women out on the street far away from home! Most of them had severe mental issues after this happened to them - what they did to them I do not know but most of them lost their will to live... I rarely cry when I listen to these kind of testimonies - but these made me cry. The woman all could not go back to the life they had before. One husband said he is poor and his wife cannot work hard and support him and look after her living child. He said he loved her but he may have to divorce her because he needs a partner that can work. His wife was just sitting there like a zombie. He found her wandering after her forced abortion.
  9. It was for the "greater good" - a popular phrase in this kind of ideology. It reminds me of the Pharisees who said that one man must die to save many …… Yes - there are many ways one can justify deliberate murder and killing.
  10. China: King of the North together with Russia and other totalitarian states - its allies: One can use all the information from publications that whitewash China's atheist hate of religion and its atrocities that is now going on. Investigate the communist manifesto and you will know what a totalitarian state looks like and its goals. It can easy become a tool of Satan. We know that the West is part of the beast ….. but what makes this kind of system so handy to turn against all religion and be the inspiration to the UN for one world order ……. and become the King of the North?
      Hello guest!
  11. I do not trust Wikipedia or the fact checkers... follow the money trail and you know who they represent.... A lot of rewriting of history is going on..... But say it was not 40 million of their own citizens that they killed. Say it was only 10 million ……starved to death both in Russia and China. Does that make it OK? Just asking the questions that need to be asked..... I am not going to argue over the numbers though (although enough information is currently trickling out of china) because history has been rewritten over the past 2 decades. I am talking about the philosophy and the ideologies of these governments that inevitably lead to death of citizens because the life of citizens become cheap in a totalitarian society. The zeal is great - almost like a religion...…just more emotion with no logic attached to it. This is what most people do not get - they think these crazy people are just passionate about equality... For example: have a look at ANTIFA. They want police disbanded, prisons closed and all the other social justices they believe in to be implemented by a revolution and destruction. Look at the leaders who started Black Lives Matter - you will discover it has little to do with black lives but a lot to do with ideology. Their zeal for their new religion is great! They listen to no-one and not to common sense. This is the type of people who follow propaganda which leads to Armageddon... those who easily fall for propaganda because this replaces belief in a god. It gives them a reason to live, the social justice part of it. And who of us do not want social justice. We all agree that there is injustice. But these people do not think like logical people about justice...…. it is a rewriting of what is good and bad from a new secular - religious cum philosophy standpoint. In current times it is no longer the bourgeois. Bourgeois has been replaced by 'oppressors / colonizers' and all the victim groups - the different groups that have been victims of the oppression. The oppressors must be removed and social justice be brought in. UN Agenda 2030 is about collectivizing properties and equalizing all peoples - no matter what their culture - even if they HATE western culture (i.e Mu.sl.im.s - hence the Islama.pho.bia on naming the names of the killers). Yes - just as crazy as the killing of the birds and the murdering of second babies were (during one child policy) in China, there is worse to come...... taking over of property. We are heading down the rabbit hole with these new philosophies. And yet people are apologetic for this kind of system...…… where these kind of raving lunatics run countries. Russia now has a president for life, XI ping is also lifelong in office...…. Usually, where there is instability in a country, dictators rise up and take over and we know what happened to Argentina after oil was nationalized. The orthodox church in Russia is so powerful - training young people to fight with weapons so they can protect their ' families' and nation...…. it reminds me of the national socialism of Germany. Yes - the next few years will be interesting - how many there will be we do not know - but this scenario will play out so that Jehovah will have to step in to save us. That is for sure.
  12. These protesters want to throw away the constitution and everything it used to stand for in the past. All past history must be eradicated and a new start must be given through revolution and the building of a new socially equalizing society and government. Do not underestimate the power of these atheist, post modernist, cultural Marxists...… the constitution can easily be abandoned. There is much talk of it already....They want police to be abandoned at local level so that they can force a centralized police oversight in federal government.. This is similar to communism. Police was always locally appointed so the central government cannot control it. Trump is setting a dangerous precedent...but he is being forced into it by the riots which governors are refusing to address. They want anarchy.... For example, gun rights are protected and freedom of speech are protected by constitution...and property rights...… but in reality, freedom of speech is already curtailed, next, all will have to give in their guns.... and property rights are already being eroded at local level by "sustainable development NGOs" which were brought in by the Council on Foreign Relations after adoption of UN Agenda 21. The constitution is easy to change or abandon. The constitution is only regarded as untouchable mostly by conservatives. America will not be what it was before...…its constitution will not protect the individual and his rights any longer - USA will be come collectivist. How quick this will happen in future depends on the outcome of the next election. Does not matter who wins the next election - the acrimony will be worse than before the election, with disputes about vote counting, because both sides are being set up by propaganda that their side will win and both sides believe the other side is ready to steal the election. USA will still stand when Armageddon comes but not like before. An eighth king will take its place - the disgusting thing. Equality sounds wonderful - I agree it is a Christian principle. But when equality is 'forced' on all humans and administered by a central government consisting of people only loyal to a central party and these party officials are not as equal as all the rest - it always becomes oppressive and dangerous. The nature of atheism and totalitarian central government lends itself to disrespect life. (injustice is in all human systems but some kinds of governments liquidate their own population easier than others. When humans are asked to spy on their neighbors because their loyalty to the party is suspicious...… Equality, as taught by Jehovah, comes from the heart - a true personal belief that we should not view ourselves as better than others and should treat others with justice because Jehovah is watching. A true belief that we all must be self-controlling, self-sacrificing...…and just, kind, good, merciful etc. This is a true equality when all humans apply these principles from conviction. When all willingly have a self-sacrificing personality which comes from WILLING obedience to a set of standards of justice (good and bad) which comes from Jehovah. Human laws (human good and bad), enforced by humans over other humans, does not work because humans always protect their own interests and enforce laws unjustly. Satan has tried to set up counterfeit utopias, both by means of religion and philosophy. Communism promises an utopian government where all are equal. Islam promises an utopian government which is religious - where the rulers are religious and all must be loyal to the religious leaders..... similar to Zionism..... Zionism, the communist manifesto and islam have this in common …… they believe in a human government that should rule the entire world and bring in the future utopia..... but all under human rule - whether religious or secular. In all these forms of government, the person has to divide loyalty to Jehovah and give a form of state worship. As in capitalism and democracy, where money or the self is worshipped, very little worship goes to Jehovah. As you know I am NOT a fan of Islam... and I can understand why Russia had wars against the Chechnians and subdued them because they were a threat to the stability of the nation with terrorist attacks. Two girls in my congregation here in Georgia both have referred to the school that was taken over by the terrorists.... it was in the territory they lived in. Uighurs are not much different...… but my sense of right and wrong was outraged when I heard that they take children away from parents and re-train them in boarding schools where state propaganda is spoon-fed day and night. I realized that they can do this to Witnesses. This is the nature of a totalitarian regimes whether religious or secular, atheist. Most Chinese now have their phones checked when they come back from abroad - to see if any religious etc. searches were done on the phone. They do not like the ideas of freedom or rights to contaminate their citizens. This is similar to extreme Muslim countries where they also check citizen's phones when they come back from abroad. I met many of them here in Georgia because I worked a minimum of 2 hours most days just in tourism - street work. I met wonderful and sweet Chinese people.....but they are forced to comply at peril of their life or a system that can take all their social credit away in one swoop. This new social credit system is terrible and may soon come to the west... as Google and other global tech companies cooperated with the Chinese Central party to institute this system. Facial recognition will be the method of social credit system in future..... in the west as well - by 2025.
  13. Americans are, for sure, but you forget I grew up in Africa and basically am a refugee myself. Moving from country to country. I saw what the communalist way of thinking did in Africa. I do not have the American mindset and thankfully did not go to an American school. While I worked in USA, I saw the mindset of people I worked with and realized their vulnerabilities. One of them is that America is the greatest - with the result that they allowed capitalism to blindfold them. To make a dollar they allowed subversive countries into US to buy large companies, take over and originate so-called "human rights organizations" (the clay of Daniel) and did not see all the undermining philosophies coming in (through Frankfort school of thought) to break down family and true Christian morality. The result of this new phenomenon in the streets of US today with the millennials all "emotion" and no thinking ability. Yes - these philosophies started in the west and exported to the east as You clearly indicated. Yes - the new sanctions are unloving because the CCP is hard on their population. The Chinese people are sitting ducks. Once one is under a communist system you cannot get out from under it. You are powerless. The power and money lies in the hands of the few. Most of the large corporations are owned by the state or the state has a large share of its profits. Some are even owned by the military - which do not swear allegiance to the Chinese people - but to the CCP. China has taken over the south china sea. Vietnam cannot drill in its own waters.... china threatens... and so they have to pay compensation to the middle eastern company that was going to do the drilling. Philippines took china to international court because of its abuses. They have taken over all their fishing waters. China ignored the verdict in Philippines' favor. The Pilipino president says he cannot enforce the verdict because he will have to go to war and he cannot afford war against china. China is on the Indian border, there is talk that the pressure in Nepal is high - it may be the next Tibet. Tibet was full of monestaries when china took over...….. the entire spiritual way of life of the people, that went on for centuries, came to an abrupt end. I am highlighting this to show that once one has a system like this one cannot get out from under it - it is destructive and all consuming...….. just as Satan wants it. If you stand against the state and keep your religion - you are expendable…. So far, in the west a person had freedom of religion - but this will be taken away in a flash under a new world system where we are social engineered to be 'equal' in all things (including your religion) - which is now in the making. I see signs that it is coming to the west. Satan will use it to compromise the integrity of all - we will have to stand the test of our faith. Who will be able to stand?

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