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  1. This is about traditions which are spiritistic and cruel which people cling to. Many caucamsian tribe used to practice cannibalism, spiritism etc. a long time ago but christianity changed it. It is the judeo-christian traditions which gave us human rights in the west...... but it took a long time for traditions of slavery and other cruel traditions to be abolished..... and unjust practices persisted. Female mutilation and child marriage is still prevalent and a blind eye given to it.......which Jehovahs people do not allow - just as we do not allow for racism and bias in our congregations. Yes, spiritual maturity has helped us to see the error of our ways..... but many people who are so-called Christian's are still racist....... it just depends on the degree. As I said before: our brothers in Africa are doing a fine job as elders and servants in the congregations.
  2. Do not put words in my mouth. You know ...... societies changes all the time and their values also. Soo wrong attitudes should be corrected so people can use their lives to worship God. A person who is preaching and living a clean life will not try to shy away from dedicating himself to God.
  3. Probably the most superficial posting here on this forum because there is no concept of historical context. Always placing old articles and using modern laws and attitudes to defame Jws In South Africa the JW brothers had to constantly ask permission from the government for assemblies to allow different colours of people to mingle...... and this was in the 70s and 80s.... When a white person wanted to preach in a black suburb he would face personal danger and visa versa - when a black person wanted to preach in a white area he would be thrown out and the npolice called. It was society attitudes (and in case of SA - enforced by laws) which dictated what values one could hold. I grew up in the 50s in Africa. From young age I saw black women with breasts uncovered in the streets.... I saw a murder of a black man killing another before I was ten. I knew about Muti- murders (witch-doctor medicine from body parts) and I thought it was depraved...even as a child. . How depraved must voodoo, witch doctors etc not bave seemed to those people living in 1902 when colonists went to Africa. British soldiers who underestimated the black " impi" were slaughtered in war. Read up about it on Google - isandlwana. The movie "zulu" was the stand of a small group of engineers against a portion of this army. In 1902 JWs definitely held the wrong view of Canaans/Ham's offspring but this was corrected afterwards. Today, JWs in the entire world are one United nation while many other religions remain separate. I saw many churches in USA 5 years ago where only black people attended, and many where only whites attend. Most white churches still believe that these are the offspring of Ham because they have not been taught the truth about the bible. We have matured and hold Jehovahs views on race. I joined a forum recently as a JW. The group wanted my views as a JW. I was shocked to learn how racially divided USA is now and how many people hate whites just for their skin color and perceived past inustices. Black Israelites took over the conversation and i wish to add - this is a growing trend in USA. USA has a lot of problems to deal with because they have not corrected the historical problems. JWs have corrected historical errors. If you want to know more about the superstitions in Africa- even amongst the educated..... I can inform you. Latin America also have many superstitions which Catholicism has not removed. These practices are not tolerated by JWs when members revert back to old spiritistic practices. These JWs are corrected and unrepentent ones removed. There was a special booklet, against all forms of spiritism, written which I used extensively in Africa...... and it is also used in the Caribean and south America. The muslims are also very superstitious about the evil eye etc. This is realities....in the world .... not fallacies. JWs now preach to anyone who has an ear to listen in over 1000 printed languages. The bible is not bias but in 1902 ..... the JWs were..........which proves this point: if one allows jehovah to correct you and you follow the bible's guidance - you will get it right in the end .......and after all.... it is not the beginning that counts but the end of the race.
  4. Since girls can now get married at age of nine or ten I guess these views will soon change. Why am I making this statement? Because society changes and the age of a man (when he is viewed as mature enough for highly important decisions by free will) ) or when a woman is viewed as mature is constantly changing. .... our current circumstances are in the process of changing.
  5. No surprise there! What I do NOT understand is the logic of the men who hate JWs. They try to prove that we are impure and allow homeosexuality (when we clearly do not) and in the next breath critisize us when we shun unrepentant homxosexuals and fornicators in cases where we DO have sufficient evidence.. They neglect to remember that experts find it hard to gather evidence. We are too harsh for our detractors when we shun when we have sufficient evidence and too compassionate when we do not have enough proof. We are too compassionate when someone has confessed (the law protects lawyers and spiritual leaders from disclosure of confessions - especially if this can be used against them in court - and the government has not removed this law but wants JWs to act against the law of the land. The police must do their own investigation and come up with the evidence or the congress must change the law...... but I doubt this will ever happen because many high officials are child molesters) ) and JWs are too compassionate to allow people off the street to attend our meetings not knowing if they have been molesters. So the best is to do the best possible we can do and leave the rest to Jehovah. Our detractors are angry because we DO follow the bible and its principles and the majority DO try to live clean lives ..... they hate it because they want to feel more pure while not caring for bible principals at all or still adhering to impure teachings such as trinity, immortality of the soul etc. That is a blanket statement and that usually is an indication of bitterness and resentment.......
  6. Yes, the first to control navy, airforce and ground forces. But i doubt if he could have been such a good diplomat in the "critical times " we are living in now.
  7. I have often sang songs where I change a word here or there. This one does need so e work.... I like more poetic writing..... I was surprised at the subject .though.... but always good to have a person love dancing with his wife for a change.
  8. Of course he would have to work on his personality....... but then he would not provide the reason for the derangement syndrome in the first place..... the high school level of emotional triggering. His paying off prostitutes will have to permanently stop.... don't you think? In meantime the Russia /China alliance is getting stronger (pipeline for oil completed) - so China in stronger position and Petro-dollar not used during transactions. Erdogan making alliences in Meditiranean in hope of new caliphate...... and the show goes on.... I think Darth A has given up on me. The extra blood pressure medications I took and the moronic answers I gave tired him out. Lol
  9. I know, I wrote poetry when I was younger and I wrote a few classical music pieces (art songs). Hard work. Now I just use the art of other people. Writing songs (with good words) is not as easy as it seems. Structure to everything.
  10. But I am a singer..... I like words.... can you write some?
  11. The wicked world will not answer to God? So it is ok if they do bad things? Same with christendom..... they teach many untruths BUT you expect us to be perfect IN EVERY way. Christ died for us too you know! We are very imperfect but at least we try to live lives that honour God..... and try to stick to His principles. There are always a few Judas' wherever you go.... even Jesus did not stop Judas. So there are a few JWs who bring dishonor on gods name and when they are dealt with - we get critisized for that too. We cannot please everyone - only God. In comparison to others - we are trying.... but nothing is good enough for you. So let God be the judge. We are only too aware that God will judge us first.... e ven the 144000 will be judged before they are sealed.
  12. No it never had words.... but I would like it in German, English, Italian or Russian or French.
  13. Lift up a large bucket of water and see what it weighs..... and the power it can wield. Small little floods are devastating An isolated tremor high on the Richter scale could bring a tsunami to Japan that devastated much - crushing and mauling everything in it's way. Now think of water on the entire earth - covering mountains and its weight.......pressing down and forming instant sediment layers. Carrying vast amounts of trees and animals as it moved, depositing them where there were obstacles (next to gullies while the animals were still intact) and then moving on - later swaying to and fro. (The mountains where I live now in Tbilisi look like they were formed by water swaying to and fro creating wave-like patterns. When water pulls back it creates more movement. Teutonic plates moved throughout this process - not inches but moved inches per second. New mountains pushed up and new depths in the sea. Volcanos erupted. It was violent not a peaceful little flood. The calm after the flood must have been wonderful. Since the same sedimentary layers are found all over the earth..... it is a glaring tell-tale sign of a catastrophe. The massive deposits if animals in gully graves that are hundreds of miles give proof of world-wide flood that was powerful (not local floods) Some animals survived the flood such as saber tooth tiger, large sloth, etc because they have been found with human remains and other animals in bitchumen pits. They must have died out by other means. Coal and oil is formed where there is no oxygen. Heavy water , pressing down on buried animals and tons of vegetation and trees, removed the oxygen. We find vast coal reserves and oil all over the earth.
  14. No proof of goldilocks conditions on earth .... evolution can only happen in a lab.... there are natural disasters in real nature such as flooding etc. Food sources disappear or change - remember Darwin? His little birdies changed their diet.... and back again when the food source changed. Not the plants we have today .......... and don't even try and say - where is the evidence that different plants existed or that plants did not grow more lush before the flood. There was much more water and the earth must have been like an ideal hothouse why? The dinosaurs which ate plants must have had an abundance (tons) of plant food per day to feed those massive bodies. Usually large animals are plant eating such as elephants, rhino, hippo's...... and this us from my own scientific "observation " by looking at what is around me right now! Lions, wolves are not as large as elephants. So yes, T-rex could have used those teeth to eat fibrous plant material...... maybe even holding it with those little claws. Now there is postulation for you but based on evidence around us today!

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