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  1. I read recently that China was taking Christians into custody that were regularly using zoom. I think the platform will allow for this type of government abuse. In the end it could make all of us more vulnerable. I do not know what is the solution because the JW app has now been banned in Russia. So a JW meeting app may not work either. I think we are reaching a time where we all will have to be ready to stand up for our faith and even go to "re-education camps" for it..... it is this serious. I have also heard of kingdom halls that were successfully sold. There is a boom in
  2. There are some good videos online that deal with this. I answered Dawkins on his video with the long neck of the giraffe many years ago. Gave a long spiel. The artery that goes up the long neck and the nerves indicate the opposite of what he was saying. He is a nasty piece - as are most militant atheists I have come across.
  3. I have the same type of mindset. I also listened to a few podcasts featuring the high priest of Evolution (dawkins) and some other debates. One learns a lot.
  4. Thank you. I referred to this kind of study when speaking to AlanF on this forum and he continuously called me an idiot. There have been other studies as well which prove that the number of mutations at the steady level of degeneration of DNA - the math of it - implies that if mankind were as old as they say we are (billion years)....... the number of DNA mutations (because they are overwhelmingly negative and not positive) would have seen the extinction of humankind a long time ago.
  5. Have you ever done an analyses of the main theme of the bible and follow the golden thread as it runs right throughout the bible? I guarantee you, one does not need to argue with anyone over evolution when you understand how consistent and realistic this theme is and how the continuity of it runs throughout every book if the bible. Most of these prophets lived in different centuries and were not living at the same time or in the same place to influence each other. One comes to the conclusion that the bible is " reality" - the bible is powerful in its consistency and Jehovah is all powerfu
  6. This is why I always look at the historical context. The truth was very different then. The entire human society was also much more strict and more authoritarian than the present day. This is why it is not good to look back... look only at the present time. My husband and I often discuss our parents.... so strict..... post world war 2 discipline. Women also more submissive to husbands. The mindset was different then. Our books also went into the historical aspects much more. A good example is Babylon the great has Fallen... also the blue truth book - not as simplified as today.
  7. I think you are mixing up the word inspired with being a spirit being. Not the same
  8. If any kind of " inspired expression" is a miracle - which is what you infer - then I feel sorry for you.... because Satan can "inspire many things too.
  9. Incorrect - I have spoken to people from these ' inspired churches' who make up a lot of things as they go along and say they are inspired by god's spirit. Usually these inspired things are closer to spiritism than the Bible. The Bible is our "inspired" source.
  10. When a miracle is an unexplained event which is beneficial then....sure I do believe in miracles.
  11. Do you know what is a master copy? Do you know which master copy was used to translate the NWT?
  12. There is such as thing a justified criticism. But it should always be done in a Christian way.
  13. There is a difference: to pray directly to Jesus and different to pray to Jehovah through Jesus who paid the ransom. I am sure this is what he meant.
  14. john 8:7 "7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
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