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  1. I have often found myself out of wack with American humour.... - I also think I watch too little American movies. .... or maybe because English is not my first language...... lol. If you do not seek peace with your brothers and allow ego to intrude...... will you get everlasting life? One can bluff yourself but the instructions in the bible are clear....... you can choose to obey or not.
  2. While I agree with you on this, I feel it is unimportant. It does not affect our survival at Armageddon. Building unity and preparing for spiritual survival is what we should be focussing on right now .... and doing as much preaching as possible so we do not have blood guilt. This reminds me of the disciples of Jesus who did not understand the most important issues while walking with Jesus..... due to their immaturity. They were arguing about who would be the greatest in the kingdom with Jesus.... being kings or princes. Similar power struggles like this seem to be still going on - a great lack of humility. Please do not shove a few hundred more scriptures at us because I understand clearly that this is a "power" or "acknowledgement " issue with you personally. You want to be acknowledged right now and not wait on Jah to do so. This is subversive and breaks down the unity of the "princes" by constantly searching for and feeling hurt because credits from humans are not given at this time. A wrong spirit can develop in the most biblically educated of Jahs people. Let these devisive leanings alone. For me- I cooperate as far as possible - because that is an instruction from jehovah and is the unified and loving thing to do. I would never dream of stumbling others by severe criticism - no matter if one uses 1000 bible verses. The spirit of this is to sow discontent and is divisive and above all - seeking self elevation. Whether you accept it or not - you do not want to be found working against your brothers in christ...... unless you do not acknowledge them...... Maybe that is the problem...... you do not acknowledge them....... and feel as an individual you understand better than the collective body of christ - who work together in unity for the sake of receiving jah's spirit - despite personal preferences or understandings. How can Jehovahs spirit work when one tries to dominate the narrative? Is the Christian teaching of self-sacrifice not the most important in order to preserve peace! We are constantly reminded in the new testament to search and promote "peace".
  3. People take their self-righteousness so seriously! ....or is it virtue signalling. ... showing off their purity. I have had people half-naked open the door on me... women and men. I just give them a brochure (i always gave one ready in my hand) ; try to focus on the face and not the dangling bits or underwear; and move on. I got a very good return visit once by keeping my cool on a Palestinian woman who opened a door in her bra and panty. She was a big woman. That was really unexpected because they usually make sure they have on a hijab before opening a door! I do take it seriously though when someone threatens my life! That is serious stuff. Offensive appearance... I keep my cool and do not feel offended too quickly. Values differ. In Sweden individuals will get totally naked and jump in water or the sea. Their clothing is exceptionally tight and revealing. What will you poor people do if they put you in prison and take all your clothes off to shame you? It is a possibility you know! Hitler, from a most cultured civilization, did that to his prisoners. It is a well-known KGB etc. tactic to break people's morale and dignity. I come from Africa. I have seen dangling bits in public since a child, even murder. So when westerners, who live cushioned lives and live in a world of unreality (because they have never really seen shocking poverty or absolute lawlessness) get all superfine-apostle on me .... I shrug it off. Who will have the bigger shock when Armageddon arrives and there is no law and order..... I wonder....
  4. We call it a private pension fund in SA but it is similar to a 401k. He is almost 43...... but he wants to leave. They are planning to force private pension funds in SA to invest in governments projects- which will land up in the pockets of corrupt officials. This is just symptomatic of what is waiting for the rest of the world when lawlessness takes over....
  5. Law and order has been deteriorating but has reached fearful proportions of instability in South Africa. The criminal element is rampant and police stand by and do nothing. Transportation trucks are being burnt and looted on highways and black foreign workers are murdered daily in xenophobia while farm owners are seen as fair game for torture and murder due to them being viewed as "colonizers". The infrastructure, which has not been maintained for 20 years, is soon to collapse. It is said that soon there will only be 4 hours of electricity per day. Most water sources are now contaminated by sewerage. This will affect all business. Rioting is already rampant and it is not a safe country any more, especially if you are a white tourist. Most of the ANC leaders have stolen the wealth if the country and put it in foreign off-shore accounts. Individuals in government are constantly exposed for theft of hundreds of millions but no court cases ensue, and if they do, the perpetrators get away with it. Who has suffered the most in all of this? The poor who cannot get jobs. Whites cannot get jobs because of BEE (black economic empowerment). And blacks cannot get jobs because of BEE. Whites who start a business with staff must have a black partner who (by law) has to own 51% of the business and the staff must reflect an inordinately high quota of black people. Hence very little new businesses are started because the business is not your own and you cannot choose skilled workers because of the color quota. With so much rioting at universities where students pass with 30%..... the accreditation is non-existent and one cannot employ a worker knowing they have the skills for the job. South Africa is in chaos yet the news in the West is censored to downplay the bad news about SA (South Africa). China is buying up a lot of the key resources in Africa and may buy the electricity grid in SA. The ANC leaders will pocket the money (as with all underground mineral rights) and China will annex and protect their assets with Chinese police on the ground - as they have done also in other African countries. My son got a job offer in New Zealand but the new (anti-emigration) laws cause terrible delay for leaving the country. He has not received his last month's salary and must wait 8 weeks for it. His pension which should pay out (hopefully he will get it) is so highly taxed that it will be hard to make up for the loss in a new country...... and to crown it all..... if he does manage to keep the job offer and leave the country - he will have to pay taxes in SA until he becomes a citizen of the new country. Have you seen any of this in the foreign press?
  6. The congres under obama (globalists on both sides of the isle) voted for the dollar to eventually be replaced by digital currency ( world digital currency). It was sneaked in in 2015. This means the petro- dollar will disappear and adjustments will be made to cover debt internationally. .... the american economy will not be as strong as before. There is talk of a fedcoin.... but all digital money will be intigrated internationally... they are planning a federation of blocks of nations. Euro is one and Canada, mexico and US together.... So the new world order will be a technocracy / oligarchy / plutocracy where digital companies will be doing the bidding of UN ( they are already doing the bidding of China and see China as the model to go forward)!. All humans will have to buy food with digital money - so they will know everything about you. What you buy and sell. What your opinions are etc. in Europe people are being sent to jail for saying things agains islam online and there are 2 cases where a person wrongfully called a transgender man a man - 2 years imprisonment. In sweden JWs picked up problems from EU for the convention clip which indicated we will have opposition from LGBT activists. I do not know the outcome of this. The world order is using google etc for tighter restrictions on speech. It is already Sharia compliant in many countries and transgender compliant in many countries. If they do not comply - massive fines are given by EU EU is good example of what is coming- UN behind the scenes and EU and operating in same way. Verhofstad and Junker openly say that stalin and mao se Tung were efficient leaders..... first they remove trade borders, then financial borders. And then political borders (possible without war) How are capitalists and communists working together towards one world order? Super capitalistic companies are global companies such as Monsanto, google etc. together with bankers and oligarchs. Communism and super capitalism both have super rich people with the rest of the subjects as pleps. These super rich are yearly meeting to facilitate the progress of the plan and most olugarchs are now vying for positions in the new dispensation. Who will do banking, provide food Monsanto) water etc. NGOs are already operating in USA at local levels to implement local laws in line with the UN s "Agenda 21" . They work under the guise to be "sustainable planet" companies... there is more... but i think this gives idea of how they are doing it. china is buying up large parts of the earth , especially the minerals because it will give higher value to their digital money. The bible indicates that the seven headed beast will be replaced by eighth king. Governments willingly give it its power. This has been going on behind the scenes and at the right time they will go in full power. The image of the beast is different to the previous 7 empires - do not think it has no teeth. It is already behind this loss of free speech, the suppression of news regarding migrant crimes as agreed upon last year in UN Migrant compact 2018 - signed in december by most nations ( except trump, hungary, poland, Austria ) and behind the one digital maneuvering of currency, the destruction of borders and legal autonomy etc.
  7. I saw his tomb in England.... he was killed in South Africa in a skirmish.... Sad to lose his life this way for a war that was not his. Here is some info on him: from Wikipedia: Napoléon Bonaparte, was the only child of Emperor Napoleon III and his Empress consort, Eugénie de Montijo. After his father was dethroned in 1870, he relocated with his family to England. On his father's death in January 1873, he was proclaimed by the Bonapartist faction as Napoleon IV, Emperor of the French. In England, he trained as a soldier. Keen to see action, he successfully put pressure on the British to allow him to participate in the Anglo-Zulu War. In 1879, serving with British forces, he was killed in a skirmish with a group of Zulus. His early death sent shockwaves throughout Europe, as he was the last serious dynastic hope for the restoration of the House of Bonaparte to the throne of France.
  8. Saw such toilets in Italy and in Portugal..... drain systems were quite advanced with water flowing. They washed the sponges in the little pools in front of them. I am not sure if people kept their own sponges or it was public sponges because public sponges could lead to the spread of disease. Must have been hard to come down from a 3 or 4 storey building (your rooms) to go to the toilet at night with a little oil lamp.... Thanks for modern conveniences! Yes, privacy was not cherished. The poor all had public facilities and the rich had slaves which could gape at all your private events going on.... We cannot imagine the life style...
  9. Arauna


    The transfat one is cute - sent it to my friends!
  10. This thing that has set itself up in God's temple has been around since the second century - Read matt 13 to see who sowed the weeds and when they would be pulled out....in time of end- when their fruits are fully visible. Read up about the Greek influence in the 2nd century congregation and how this philosophy influenced the congregation. While the apostles were alive they kept it in control but after john died is quickly spread until Constantine the great made it an empire who controlled kings. The one sitting in the temple of God with great power has been around for centuries not a hundred years. Babylon the Great is teaching the exact same teachings which took hold after the flood. They are not proclaiming the Kingdom as the solution for mankinds problems - and I guess neither are you because you do not belong to that nation which learns war no more in the last days.... Babylon the great teachings is the trinity and immortality of the soul etc etc. Tell me - where did you learn these teachings were false? From the very hand you are biting now? You are deluding yourself.... and I am being kind to show you this. I am not superior but I understand the scriptures and Jehovah's purpose. My confidence comes from Jehovah's Spirit. Your comments show your acidity with the GB because you have not got a special spot to shed your special light on everyone. But is it really a light/lamp from Jehovah ...or your own ideas..... You seem to have the same OCD I see with some of the others here..... always back to the same old song..... to get recognition as a true anointed but without the "land" or the holy nation..... ......Not sowing seeds of the kingdom but of division. By your fruits I know you....
  11. Oh dear - So the events of 1914 and the history just gets thrown out by an expert who is not truly an expert. Sorry.... I am not arguing about this. I know the history too well to be impressed by your aberrations. What you guys do not realize is that the image of the beast has already started ruling behind the scenes and the devastation will soon be upon us when the UN (the image of the beast) openly does what it wants. Will all the virgins have their lamps filled with Jehovah's spirit oil or will they have their own oil which does not burn and give light to them....... and death dealing to those who listen to them. (5 virgins are the anointed who were not ready) and war mongering because they cannot have the cake and devour it? Thanks - but no thanks..... I do not agree with you... I think a generation can be 120 years. The last generation in Noahs day was 120 years. ... and Jehovah compares the flood to the last days of this system..... Soon we will see the true face of Satan when his people openly start ruling the world. Everything is already in place while 5 virgins are sleeping....
  12. . I am sure that period did not occure during the Second world war as the WT explains. You please provide evidence to the contrary!
  13. I think you have made up your own version of what is in the bible - that is why you are at odds with the GB. The root cause of mankind's problems was the choosing of independence from Jehovah. The inability to cooperate and be part of his people we see many examples of - like Corah. He was so sure he had God's blessing! poor man. Luckily Jehovah did not put him in Gehenna - only Sheol. I understand the scriptures - so I ask you the same question..... Who has hold over you? .... the heart is treacherous and always wants to be independent....

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