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  1. Thanks for honesty! I am South African - we always come over strong-like. I do not get emotional about anything at all ( it may look that way), when he and those with hate-OCD say untrue things or accuse. I recognize it for what it is - a useless exercise against Jehovah and his people!
  2. What is wrong with me? please say honestly. I will not take offence..... I unfortunately do not have patience with those who have PROVEN themselves enemies of God. These are not innocent people who have been misled. They promote disobedience to God... their sin seems to be equal to that of Adam!
  3. I do field service regularly - just like before .... so we have turned to digital preaching.
  4. Ha- - are those the only scriptures you can up with? lol. I can show you the real ones but I do not waste my time... you have proven you are not sincere.
  5. The premier sign of hate - OCD........is the following symptom.: no matter what the subject ..... you shall find a way to push your hate agenda - related to the subject or not. The subject is irrelevant -it is the overpowering desire of hate that always wins and its repetitive nature of the disorder.
  6. I agree with sustainable development goals. Which person who loves the earth do not want this to take place? However, the global rich (show have an agreement with the UN) want an inventory of all animals, persons, food, water, energy, (all resources) so they can allocate to you food etc. according to your carbon record which they will measure (a carbon credit system etc.) Unfortunately the very people who want to control all people are the very same corporations/billionaires, who are responsible for all the environmental damage in the first place. The databases they will have on each person will take up tremendous energy to ,maintain... their own plans are not sustainable...... and they have a plan to get rid of a lot of people too! One of their old videos ( promoting agenda 2021) basically says - there are too many people on earth vying for resources.....
  7. I think there are 6 scriptures referring to the disgusting thing of destruction standing in the holy place.... Rome first decimated all surrounding cities before it came for Jerusalem. Similarly today the modern day disgusting thing will decimate before it turns on the people of Jehovah. The UN is this destructive force. They are destroying fresh water dams in USA - letting fresh water run into the sea and soon to remove dams. Farmers will not have water.... supply chains of meat are decimated etc. .... all for their Agenda 2030 plan. Much decimation and suffering lies ahead. Jehovah will judge these elites pushing this new secular world order.
  8. Exactly - I now live in a country where only one letter is changed to indicate if it is a definite article or not. This changes the meaning. It is NOT the same..... no matter how technical you try to get! ! Aranic is the same. AL-kalb - means the....dog AL- in front of a word. No AL means it is "a" dog Meaning? Different......
  9. What you do not seem to know is that Russel was NOT part of the slave. His group of bible students were like John the Baptist - they prepared the way. So there your argument flies out of the window even before we start to talk about the subject if he was "inspired' or not. .
  10. Theo-n and theo-s. See the difference? These are the two words in the scripture discussed above. One means God and the other "a god"
  11. As I have mentioned on this forum before - during the 18th century there was a new craze in Europe regarding pyramids and papyri from Egypt. many Christian denominations tried to see something prophetic in the pyramids. The founder of the Mormon religion bought a papyri and pretended it was a letter from Abraham when it was a portion of a Book of the Dead which came with a mummy.. He pretended to translate the papyrus and the 'Book of Abraham' was born. many people were fascinated and listened to him. it has now been proven to be a fabrication and yet many people still believe it. Why? because the science of Egyptology only opened up when Napoleon went to Egypt - so the craze for anything Egyptian was the craze of the age. It was the new science. The Egyptian script was translated by Champollion. So if you know this history - you will see all of the above history in its historical context.......... but alas! there is a short-sightedness that no-one will be able to cure!
  12. True - I do not take you guys seriously at all. I like to learn new things all the time but for a reasonable time now there are only OCD echo's and very little to really think or talk about or learn.
  13. Of course - and it is spot-on. Most apostates suffer from this compulsive behaviour of hate for everything to do with JWs. It is totally irrational and all answers are the same.... motivated by hate.
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