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  1. This is my personal opinion as I am not a doctor. This virus is a RNA virus - similar to AIDs - it is a retrovirus. I think it will definitely become endemic and will come back year after year as soon as a person's resistance is low. It will eventually give you a disease of the lungs or severe lung damage that you may end up with COPD or 'clots ' and die of "related" causes. Most AIDS patients, after infected, do not have a disease but eventually develop all kinds of illnesses (full-blown disease because the immunity cannot fight) before death - and die of aids-related causes. This has the same mechanism, it will keep infecting the lungs and other related organs. I think the medical establishment have been reluctant to talk about these type of implications. I saw an article which showed that one cannot become a soldier (I think it was China or USA) if you have the virus. After 40 years of aids there is still no vaccination for RNA retroviruses. Any vaccination they may develop now will not be a cure but merely ward off full blown disease. The implication of this is that nations will realize they have to work together and cannot trust their armies to be stable. Though some nations are now using this pandemic to further consolidate their power, they may soon realize they need the UN. They will then willingly let the UN decide policies (such as they are now doing with WHO). The "image of the beast" will start its rule. At present, they have started to remove all news against WHO policies (whether correct or incorrect, valid or invalid) from the internet. The "image " of the beast is a "reflection" of all other governments. It will start to implement central monetary policies to deal with the financial disaster awaiting the world, food shortages, supply chains, etc. We may be entering the final phase of the end. They will eventually work together and set the stage to call peace and security.
  2. I have a clear skin but got skin patches and even herpes simplex on the lip..... something I only had only once before in my life. I agree with the article. I do not know if it was the medication I took or not..... Those chicken pox rashes mentioned in your article above could also mimic shingles. It seems the corona virus may mimic the herpes infections you have had before in your life. I think the HIV piece of information (a herpes piece of info) on the SARS 2 (corona19) may be responsible for it (my hypothesis). Watch out! This virus latches onto the T-cells and breaks down your immune system. It could hide there (similar to any herpes virus) and wait until your immunity is weak and come out again. I got the same illness twice.... so be warned.......
  3. Vitamin D is so important for immunity health, as a resistance to cancer, and many other diseases and immunity disorders. It is a sure sign that Jehovah created us to be outside working in a garden and getting dirt on our hands. Unfortunately, after the flood we now get too much damaging UV rays when we remain in the sun too long. After the flood the ages of humans also drastically became less as the UV built up in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, I am sure that 15 minutes of sun per day can keep one healthy and provide the needed vitamin D. Skin cancer in Scandinavian countries are just as high as countries with dangerous sunlight. The reason: Scandinavians are not getting enough vitamin D.
  4. The only ingredient in common in these foods are lectins. Lectins are deadly to some humans too! They will do well to do research on dog's sensitivity to lectins. Lectins cause agglutination (blood cells stick to each other)
  5. I may add that vitamin D3 is the best form to use and one should always use it with vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 counteracts any hardening of the arteries which can come with use of vit D. I write this from memory...... so research he vit K2 connection to D3.
  6. It costs a lot to make a historical movie....... You also need exceptional script writers. These days the public prefers movies which are full of special effects. Many people are also not interested in true unadulterated history. These days they add fictitious love interests to have a sex scene etc . A true historical story will not bring money in at the box office because the costs to produce it are so great. Those great epics of the past are also history. Thanks for the list. That is why I sometimes watch documentaries about characters in history.
  7. Inflation will become so high that money becomes worthless. We already have a fiat currency so they can print as much as they like. I suspect we will all soon be on a digital currency.... that is where we are heading......
  8. The music is beautiful. Look up on internet.
  9. The original "white guys" Caucasians, come from this area. Armenia (neighbour) was part of ancient kingdom of Urartu. Turkey took mount Ararat from Armenia during the genocide period I believe but one can still see it from the Armenian capital city, Yerevan In the museum, I saw a massive cauldron which was taken from Assyria in time of Sargon 2. Georgian language and Armenians see themselves as related peoples. Of course throughout the history they were taken over by Turks, arabs, Russians etc which influenced the culture. These two countries are strong orthodox Christians and managed to retain this. I think the mountains assisted them to fight back invaders successfully. Mountains everywhere....... even modern warfare has problems with mountains (as in Afghanistan).
  10. A lot of culture here and many of the tribes can tell you stories where they come from. They drink beer too - a lot...... but wine is their forte.. it is a 4000 year tradition and they have approx 525 different grape varieties!
  11. I do field service regularly on the glass bridge - seen in the beginning. Went to a wedding recently - the entire day. Brothers and sisters did these dances (old brothers too!) They love singing and dancing. They sing without music - beautiful in harmony. The city Tbilisi is one of the newest tourist attractions of the world as the nature with north and south Caucuses mountains is breathtaking. The city has very old buildings. Unique style balconies in wood which looks like lace. The wine industry originated in this area..... I think Noah drank too much of this wine! They mature it in the ground in large pots! It goes down real SMOOTH!!!!!!
  12. I have often sang songs where I change a word here or there. This one does need so e work.... I like more poetic writing..... I was surprised at the subject .though.... but always good to have a person love dancing with his wife for a change.

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