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  1. No, but I bet you have- because you have a HUGE ego that cannot be quenched and therefore manifests in OCD hate and bitterness ....... over and over.
  2. I speak a form of Dutch as my first language.... I understand the culture well...... and I also understand communism....which they are proponents of. ........ and I am older than they are. So what is your point?
  3. This phrase is a way of rephrasing what the other person has said to give it a personal and nasty twist.... Race does not matter... period.... but the way you present yourself - this does matter. I always present myself in a neat way. RASTA does not look neat...... it always looks asif your hair has not been washed for 6 months and it "may " have some fleas lurking somewhere. That is YOUR opinion. Jesus did not own a house or have a prestigious worldly job...... but the soldiers threw lots for his garment. Why? Because it was of good quality. Jesus must have looked decent and properly dressed for the preaching work. Again: not racist clothing but fit for the job at hand.....
  4. Most people notice appearance. Ever looked for a job as a truck driver? No job if you look like a pot smoker..... Get real. When on field service we want to look decent and clean cut so as to not bring reproach on Jehovah. No Rasta T-shirts, dreadlocks to create impression that you smoke pot for religious experiences. Nothing to do with race - but appearance does matter.
  5. Sounds like a presumptuous youth speaking.... Reminds me of the African elders in the African tribes..... they have acquired a mildness and wisdom with age - not so judgmental. When young Africans overthrow the elders and run the elder courts themselves - gross injustices occur. Elders do make mistakes too..... but the presumptiousness of youth have far worse results. A lesson can be learnt from this.... of course these traditions are fast disappearing.
  6. Two scriptures: 1 Sam 15: "for rebelliousness is the same as the sin of divination, and pushing ahead presumptuously the same as using magical power and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of Jehovah, he has rejected you from being king.” The words "pushing ahead " indicates that we should show caution..... 2john :"Everyone who pushes ahead and does not remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God. This indicates that self regulation is important. We should be aware so that we do not become presumptuous when it comes to the things pertaining to God. Srecko: true freedom comes with serving Jehovah because it frees one from being a slave to yourself , money, government power, or any other human philosophy. One is always a slave - either of God or satan. You are deceived if you think you are free when you reject Jehovah. One is free of law if you show royal love. When one breaks or rejects law then you come to be under law and judged by it. The children under Jerusalem above are truly free - Can you direct me to any other world-wide organization which promotes worship of Jehovah, teaches about his future kingdom, are politically neutral and stick to the morality of the bible?
  7. True, but I do not go beyond what is written in the bible. NEVER! If we are to meditate on things in the bible, we definitely will come up with insights that are not broadly accepted but this does not mean it is wrong to speculate. .... or wrong to see a new insight. Even Angel's wish to peer into these things. I see what is in the bible and what is in the world and make a connection. I see what is in the bible about scientific subjects and make a connection with what I know or have read.... it has enriched my thinking and love for the truth. I have prayed about this..... that jehovah chastize me if I am moving in a wrong way...... I am ready to be corrected. ...... running ahead can be like spiritism.... so it is something to be careful of...... show caution..... on the other hand I do think things are moving in certain directions in the world and I think think things are moving fast. I do not "bend" scriptures as I have seen some do here.
  8. Let me make it clear - I do not explain to those with permanent OCD hate of JWs. I do not waste my time. I am tired of same old, same old..........
  9. Now I kindly want you to understand the subject above. This is about JWs who cannot wear these hairstyles in field service...... and it is slyly called racism..... the new victim badge. I grew up in a country in Africa where marjuana grows on every street corner - wild just about everywhere. People smoke it all the time....... but Rastas use it as part of the religious experience and wear the gear and the hairstyles to identify themselves. They WANT to be identified as Rasta. When I see a rasta I treat them no different than any other person even though I immediately recognize the visible signs (some people like the look and do not know what it represents). I had a bible study who was a Rasta. .... so I do not see it as a race but as an alternative lifestyle choice. To say that it is racist when a JW cannot wear this hairstyle in field service is misleading and untrue..... it has nothing to do with race but everything about projecting a lifestyle choice or another religion.
  10. I do identify myself as a Witness and proud of it. I do preach as much as I can and beg Jehovah to keep me in his loving fold. I am a bit unconventional due to being raised in an African household to 2 very unconventional parents (who were not witnesses) but argued about ..... just about everything one possibly can argue about. In worldly training, my father paid for opera classes and I was destined to be a great star but I had to fight a hidden egotism for the rest of my life after falling from grace when I became a JW. Life was not easy - my husband died unexpectedly and I had a daughter with cancer..... I can go on about the hard lessons I learnt in life after becoming a JW, the interesting jobs I held, the interesting countries I worked and lived in but my focus now is only to remain faithful - that is all. I am content and very comfortable serving Jehovah...... that is why I just pop in now and then here. I always have been interested in world events and history.... and very interested in proving the absolute reality of the bible. I also love science..... so I keep busy listening to debates while doing household chores. My thanks goes to jehovah for keeping me compus mentus and I hope to make him proud when the time comes that I am thrown in prison or have to prove my love for him - if I do not die from disease or other nasty coincidence before this. I agree with you - one cannot accomplish much here....... one can only sharpen your perception of other people's aberrations from truth.... and how deceitful people with a nice disposition can be....and how OCD persistence manifests in hardened apostates. I have learnt something about myself here......too. . I am not as kind as I thought I was...... so I have some work to do........ to stay kind under lying and deceitful circumstances....
  11. Falon Gong gong - are not allowed to do it in their own home...... privately. I am listening to those who come from China... and Russia (Russians come to assemblies in Georgia), Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan etc..... people with feet on the ground.... and I know the communist history..... The Perestroika and the capitalist aberrations in China are OVER..... past tense. Chinese imperialism is HERE and they mean business according to the state propaganda and the new level of surveillance on their citizens. Comply with the totalitarian government or feel the pain. (I can see when drone footage comes from Indonesia or not. I am not as naive as you surmise.) I know Islam better than most people..... and I know its terrible dangers..... but injustice is something I hate - even if it is on my religious enemy. I can never condone separation of children from their parents for state re-education. Read the latest UN Migration compact 2018..... and you will see that media now ALL have guidelines to adhere to and most are silent on neo-communism. Journalists are re-trained to not write about certain subjects..... or become unemployable. The Pope and heads if abrahamic religions is signing a new compact in may 2020 - to unite these religions in purpose. JESUS HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM IT. A new religion and value system will soon also be here. The true conditions under Islam is not reported, the Christian murders in Africa and middle east is not reported, the take-over of African assets by Chinese is not reported..... even the harbours in USA that are run by Chinese and Russians are not reported - even when they have military connections to their motherland. I do not argue with people who believe the lame news media about the non-threatening stance of communism. I have read how it has spread though philosophy into the west and is now infiltrated everywhere...... in a brilliant subversion move.... the old communist tactic. I also do not believe that majority rule (democracy) or capitalism is the answer to mankind"s problems. Super- Capitalism looks like communism and it is busy importing a form of technocratic communism into the entire Western world. Junker and Van der Hoffstadt in EU meetings openly claim that China is the future model to follow.... . Human governments do not work.... and America is as rotten to the core in the upper echelons of society....as UK is. One just needs to look at the millions they are making in poor countries such as Ukraine and the elite collaborations with China,(sitting on company boards) and human trafficking- especially children. I am not so naive as to believe that both sides if the political isle in USA still has honest people left. Most are rotten to the core and corrupt - in it for influence and money...... not the benefit of the people. The Epstein cover ups have proved that the judicial system is totally rotten. The few decent persons cannot fight against the tsunami of injustice, cover-up and wickedness much longer. So, while I pull apart communism I also realize the wickedness and futility in the west..... That is why I am a JW - I realize that the world system from all sides is so corrupt that only jehovah can fix it..... The money powers behind this new oppressive government will be so powerful that the usual government methods of voting cannot fix it - jehovah will have to step in to remove the rulers of this world and their invisible coordinator.
  12. I am fully aware of my inadequacies and the futility of wasting my time here..... also another kind of OCD ? Lol
  13. I agree with you. ...... Unfortunately, to want control other humans is morally wrong. Most apostates here do not like any form of control over them - even when it comes from God...... who actually is the only one who has the right to prescribe one set of principles for all. We are all meant to be equal under God. If every person sets their own rules there will never be peace and unity. When a human wants to control anything about another human - he is showing satanic qualities. We never should try to control anything which belongs to, or is part of another human. Total freedom and equality under God - this is the goal. This is respect for another human's free will to choose what they want. Unfortunately, some Witnesses are imperfect in their love and still tend to like to control others without respect for their free will. Jehovah even allows those who oppose him to express their free will. In future in paradise, all people will willingly subject themselves to Jehovah and his standards in free will. They will never try to tell another person what to do because all will be totally free and equal under God. Society will then function perfectly because the law of love will prevail. No laws are necessary if one truly loves others. One will not covet anything which is another's or take anything from them or dominate them in an way by being egotistical, selfish or greedy. Jehovah will step into mankind"s affairs when humans have reached a point of totalitarian domination - soon they will use our modern technology (our arrogant achievements) to dominate mankind in a most unjust way....... history of mankind (estranged from god) repeating itself. By the way, I watch China and Russia (allies) as fulfillment of the prophecies in Daniel 11 :40 onward. Soon we will see the worst domination on earth mankind has ever experienced...... if jehovah does not step in ...no flesh will be saved. We have reached the apex of our tech achievements and like everything else .... our tendency to dominate (imperfection) will bring this dire situation about.
  14. You do not know anything about them. I lived in Africa and this movement comes from Africa. It has NOTHING to do with race but about the symbols of a false religion which smokes pot to be closer to God....... So get clued up...... The above headline tries to make it about race but shows ignorance of this movement and its practices. When I see ' white' or black people with these hair styles (dreadlocks) I associate them with the Rasta movement...... and smoking pot.

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