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  1. You throw everyone under one banner. There are many different beliefs under young earth category.
  2. I listened to a talk by klaus Schwab and Elon musk. I also listened to a podcast. These people believe in scientism - a religion.
  3. He said it more than once during debates........ I do not have to lie about this... he was quite a laughing stock. The does not debate any longer but has llong discussions with other atheists.
  4. And the reality is: you think this is goofy....... but this is what scientists are talking about and doing the research for. What do you think the company " neurolink" is about? Just about wiring the brain to be able to walk again after an accident or .........some goal which is much more darker than this? When the WeF talks openly about everlasting life in a machine? I agree, it sound just as goofy as Dawkins talking about alliens seeding our planet with life. But this is the level of science these days..... the good things they discover is being wasted on stupid and unattainable g
  5. Yes - at the height of human discovery they will be using technology to dominate others. Terrible inequality and atrocities coming. Not this alone - they are now engineering birth defects to mix humans with animals i.e humanoid mice etc. Many of these scientists have no consciences. They playing with DNA to re-invent the specie.... crossing inbuilt natural barriers with synthetic DNA and animal DNA. China is at the forefront of this and both Bezos and Elon Musk says we will live forever in a computer - what they call the "internet of things" the 'singularity'. Trans-humanism and scientism i
  6. That is an empty taunt - lol. I do believe the earth itself was created when the heavens were created and it is very old - that is why one should be careful that animal fossils are not contaminated with rock that is much older. The animals only appeared when the earth had cooled down and after god started preparing the earth for inhabitation such as proper light, balancing the gasses in the atmosphere, plants and water and then only humans...... These epochs only began when the earth was ready to prepare for habitation... so yes young earth means the earth was prepared much later than th
  7. Yes - Insider does the same. I call that political correct. I believe one believes the bible or not - one cannot be a fence sitter. ... political correctness is not acceptable. One takes sides with Jehovah or not. You believe the slave is in existence and accept them or not. You believe Jehovah has a nation on this earth or not. ..... the alternative is to trust only in yourself and ignore the scriptures you do not like.
  8. The moment Adam became obedient to Satan he became a slave of satan and his desires. romans 6: "Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey," Those who by CHOICE put themselves under Jehovah could flee from satan's influence over the entire earth. (satan offered the kings of earth to jesus , remember?) When Jesus came to earth in flesh, he paid the ransom and his disciples are by choice under his authority. Since 1914 he started ruling amid his enemies on earth over his nation which is being collected from amongst
  9. Well Jehovah says - if we look at nature and we do not understand that HE exists we have no excuse (Rom1): the fool says in his heart there is no god. However, we are living in an era where Alan F- types exist...... So we must make sure for ourselves what we believe. We must also be able to answer people. I did a lot of this in Sweden where most people do not believe in God because they have been indoctrinated in the school system. When one enquires from them with a few questions - one discovers that they just accept what they do not understand. I therefore asked some pertinent quest
  10. Yes - these people think a chastisement is the same as hate. The bible says we must chastise but not hate. We must be honest with each other not hypocritical. This is the new progressive way of thinking - it is hate-speech if one disagrees with them.
  11. No - you do not understand the ransom sacrifice. If there was other perfect creatures living in another part of the universe than Jehovah would not have a need for a legal precedent here on earth to play out namely,: that no other creature / government can rule independent from Jehovah. I foresee the govt. releasing so-called allien information (propaganda ) to get many to leave their faith........ be careful.
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