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  1. What is your Dream of Paradise? 🌅🎑🏞🗺

    Just to be alive! All other things are a bonus!
  2. Just a Smile 😊😊😊

    Strangers smile back at you when you smile! A smile is contagious!
  3. Truth book - 1972. Baptized 1973.
  4. Absolute capitalism exploits the poor. In the end absolute capitalism is equivalent to communism - a few on the top with the control and the rests are plebs. The idea of trickle down economics worked for Raegan because there were no powerful global companies yet, which had the capacity to take over large parts of the global economy. Trickle down economics and less regulation was started by Milton Friedman - an atheist who believed that one must not put any altruism (care of the poor) into economics. Raegan followed him and so did Maggie Thatcher. Raegan is treated like a god because of this.... but Under cover they orchestrated who revolutions in South America where many people lost their lives to test this... It was a failure. Today, most universities still teach Milton Friedman's ideas and most of the president's advisors come from the best universities where these ideas are taught. Both democrats and Republicans have had these advisors in the past (Clinton, Bush) and they deregulated the financial system to the extent where banks were gambling with our money ..... which brought the severe economic down turn and the fall of banks just before the Obama take-over. Obama tries to put in fixes and these are now again being removed. The health care system is a business (not care of anyone) and they need to show their stock holders an increase in value. This is built on the health of the plebs who have to pay but get no value for their money. ( I personally would not pay for health care where my pre-existing conditions are not covered because this may lead to my death. I could then rather enjoy my money until a die from my condition). To make profits on the health of anyone is not just unchristian it is criminal..... but this is where this world and its leaders are going.... looking after those with influence and power and the rest of mankind is dispensable. This is the reason why Jehovah has to step in and remove wicked mankind who oppress others without a second thought. NOT in God we trust but "in the dollar we trust".
  5. I have thought about these additional questions that were resolved by Jesus' faithfulness until death: 1) Satan could have made the allegation that the first and direct creation of Jehovah would not be faithful and would do the same as he did if under pressure, which made this a "universal" issue.... in heaven and earth. 2) Satan could make the allegation that Adam and he himself were not created "perfect" as Jehovah said they were! Jesus proved that Adam was perfectly made because Jesus came down to earth as a man (like Adam), was put under greater temptations and stress than Adam, and remained faithful to Jehovah until death. His concience was fully functional- knowing right from wrong- and he followed Jehovahs directions perfectly and did not bow to any selfish desires. By coming down to earth with less power than an angel - having been an angel before- Jesus proved that Satan could have remained faithful to Jehovah .... and hence, Jesus provided the legal basis for the destruction of Satan and any other angel who rebelled against Jehovah as well as humans who followed their deceitful way of thinking and the shifting of blame. False accusations were now proven to be false and provided a legal guarantee for Jehovah's future actions. Do you not love the cohesion and logic in the Bible !
  6. Nelson H. Barbour

    Thanks for this item. I met a Seven Day adventist in the field and spent an hour there. Very hard to talk to because reasoning very one dimentional - only focussed on Sabath part of Ten Commandments. This has refreshed my memory.
  7. This happens so much! A knife against guns? Overkill! Investigations do not bring the lives back...Yes, only Jehovah's government will bring true justice and he will compensate in righteousness! We wait on Jehovah and do not take matters in our own hands no matter how angry we may be at the system..... as this week's study taught us. I often wonder- if they have to use a gun- why not shoot the legs!
  8. It is "sedition". When a useless piece of jewelery is dressed up with cheap stones to make it look sparkley. Mohammad also said that fitna is worse than killing.. after hIs followers killed unbelievers/pagan Mecca. This was in the time when he was continuously attacking the caravans bringing goods to Mecca ( because he wanted to take control of Mmecca and was weakening it) This eventually led to the first attack against Medina -where Mohammad was living at the time. He won the battle and the rest is history. Islam does not allow the preaching of other religions in its area of control. This is an offense which carries the death penalty, the same as blasphemy.
  9. Thanks for the article - a good reminder! Lately i have been receiving redicule or opposition and i suspect it will get worse! The last time I had a man lstening very well and his friend interupting with. "Fitnah" fitnah... I pretended i did not know the word and went on preaching to the one who listened... and he wanted to listen... but I think his friend was uncomfortable because it was revealing something he did not like! It was in the open marketplace where i do regular streetwork. I liked the example of Paul.
  10. Far-left and far-right both fascist. Propaganda by Satan creating a greater divide and people are starting to show their true, violent nature. This gives us more incentive to work on developing the nature of Christ - to be mild and humble (be neutral) and show a waiting attitude on Jehovah to bring true justice.... as our Watchtower this week taught us.
  11. Interesting .... may contribute to the eventual call of "peace and security" 1 Tess 5: It will come like a thief in the night. 3 People will be saying that everything is peaceful and safe. Then suddenly they will be destroyed. It will happen like birth pains coming on a pregnant woman. None of the people will escape. (International Readers translation)
  12. Read a little of the introduction of the book - it is likely that this behavior by the public may repeated in future.... Good to know what may be waiting for us! We have fought a hard fight and not given up but the final justice will have to come from Jehovah. Read about Paul the other day - how he was beaten , stoned etc.... and through it all he remained faithful.
  13. False religion is 'riding' the beast as we speak and the world is drunk with her fornication.... And the shedding of the blood of the holy ones at her hands. Rev 17. The world is blind to the power of false religion and what it is doing to our societies.... Propaganda of satan behind all of this (Rev 16: 14-16)
  14. Will There Be Snakes In Paradise?

    Most people who pretend to be experts are arrogant. Truly great thinkers are humble and recognize that they do not know everything.