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  1. They did not have remorse..... the bible does not show this. Neither does Satan have remorse. ..... so you are working from a misconception and blaming God for putting them out of the paradise where everything was easy. God does not bring evil over anyone..... but they bring it over themselves by selfishly putting their own desires first - before God! God is not unjust James 1: 13-15
  2. I explained quite some time back that a generation consists of many people of different ages. I explained it by using the pre-flood generation and post flood generation.... but you all prefer to stick to your guns. Reasonableness does not exist if you just want to shoot.
  3. As the womb opens up the woman has severe pains..... a young woman may find it frightening. These pains intensify and get closer as the birthing itself is near..... then the pains stop when the canal is open and a tremendous pushing of all muscles appears. This is not painful but the whole body is involved in involuntary pushing motions. Problems occur when she is not open and pushing starts. The period of actual pain is compared to last days as pain intensifies and the problems get closer until Armageddon. I think it is an illustration so all details not necessary.
  4. . There is mitochondrial DNA and the number of generations can be counted. It is from this they determine that all people on earth are related through one woman. Pudgy, evolutionist theorists always give big numbers for hunter gatherer epochs - without much evidence. Then they also put the start of agriculture in a long period - whatever suits their theory. However, urbanization (meaning cities and civilization) goes back only 6000 years, some say 8000 at most. This is much in line with the start of city- states next to large rivers and canals to plant food such as Sumerian culture, Babylon and Harappa cultures. Even Egypt existed next to a large river which gave food to cities and transport. Close to cities one found diversity of jobs such as a priest class, scribes, and those who manufactured pottery, textiles and of course animal husbandry. Cities brought wealth. We see in time of Lot that 5 kings from the east came and carried Lott and his family away..... Abraham took his 300 slaves and went after them in war. To get them back. Cities brought large wars and eventually empires.. . After the flood, in Abraham's time there were many cities but the nomadic lifestyle was still viable with abundant free open land. Later it became more crowded as isaac experienced some problems with the wells his father had built. Groups of people were encroaching on each other. After abraham left Ur it was destroyed. Early history is filled with war and peoples taken captive as slaves. Pottery and items in trash is still a good way to identify civilizations and how they traded with each other.
  5. Your opinion. A heavenly barren woman..... and then she has birth pains to bring forth a mighty BIG event! Do you understand picture language at all? ..... what would you suggest John should have written down to indicate eminent birth in this illustration? Knowing birth myself - the actual birthing pains are not pains but a form of pushing...... but that is too technical....... it is getting away from the image that was created by using this analogy.
  6. I guess you did not notice that the scripture starts with "AFTER THAT". As a person who has learnt other languages this is one of the first thing I learn. It gives time frame. So it is NOT the same time! But I guess you also forgot about Revelation 20.
  7. If you read Mal 3:1-3 it talks about the messenger. Before Christ came there was a messenger called John. The movement that existed before 1919 and was headed by Russel is the modern day messenger. We see the appointment of the slave only in 1919 - AFTER the cleansing which is spoken of in Malachi 3 as lye or refinement with fire. We have a history - but outsiders lump it all together. We understand that this group of bible students (among them Russel) were not the slave but the messenger who prepared the way - as indicated by scripture.
  8. I wanted to tell you before that I agree with you that the ridiculers on this forum must wait until the time has passed after 2034. I have in the past (before you came) said exactly the same thing on this forum. The UN' s Agenda is called 2030..... and although they already have plans for 2050, I am quite confident that most of the old people around now will be dead by then, as this virus was weaponized in a lab with synthetic material (they can now write digital material on cells). I comes back like flu and weakens the person until they die. Retro viruses start to kick in i.e. shingles etc. For the young people it will take a little longer to allow for a certain number of cell divisions. I am certain- if jehovah does not step in, no flesh will be saved. Humans have used science against humankind. The vaccine accumulates in the ovaries and spinal cord bringing umpteen serious diseases and infertility........ The vaccine sheds nano particles so even people who have not taken it could get particles of the vaccine in their body that could replicate. Before the flood humans would have eventually died out. Hybrids (Nephilim) usually cannot produce offspring and their violence would have killed men.. Jehovah stepped in at the right time. We are in the final runway..... heading for the situation called Armageddon. The propaganda to get us all herded into the UN Agenda is working. Soon we will understand more....... Lightning is fast but it serves to light up the entire area (whether night or day). When Jesus started ruling we had a flash of lightning which lighted up east to west. Now we are heading for the time of serious distress - the great tribulation- biggest- than ever before. We are all in this together... we should be leaving dissent behind as serve jehovah with wholesome hearts. Those who already have knowledge - it would take small adjustments for them to serve wholeheartedly again........ so I appeal to those who have become ridiculers to judge themselves..... not others, We should be looking at ourselves to see if we display the qualities of christ. Christ did not sow dissent. He did not search out the dissenters. They came to Him!... to try to catch him. If you are a sower of weeds ..... think again.....
  9. Just because you happen to agree with her? That should be a red flag - for sure!
  10. Yes - I can imagine them in cute little doctor uniforms or space uniforms like they do in Hollywood! They flash their eyelashes or their beamers and look so handsome and desirable! LOL..... You are so ridiculous!
  11. I do not trust any earthly organization any longer. Propaganda is now running the earth and leading to armageddon as Revelation 16:14-16 says. I realized this when they removed all articles from internet which suggested in came from a lab more than 14 months ago. I also realized something was amiss when certain medicines which are safe (which I use for my RA and have been safe for 70 years! ) saved my own life .... that something is seriously amiss with science and that science (fauci kind) is rogue science. I will not go into detail because these things are still banned. All I know is the rulers who are now ruling - they made an agreement with the UN two years ago. They are the most powerful pharmaceutical, energy, food etc companies in the world. WEF. When the dr who developed the MRNA tech was silenced and other virus researchers and bat researchers were silenced by big pharma and tech and their material removed by internet - I knew something serious was amiss. People do not really believe that the world is now run by psychopaths who have a transgender and trans-humanist agenda. Read up about the WEF and the 4th industrial revolution..... that is all I will say. Most cannot believe that humans can be so evil - but jehovah warned us that the world is run by Satan. When the world is now mostly atheist etc we are seeing that science is not used for the benefit of mankind but for more sinister agendas. The world does has had many conspiracies! Since ancient times there have been conspiracies. Banks conspire behind the scenes about rates - some have been caught! Caesar was killed by a conspiracy etc etc. We have conspiracies! This is a clever ploy to get people to accept what they are told and not think for themselves or to be branded different! There was a conspiracy to silence those who said that Corona came from a lab! Who was responsible for that conspiracy ..... some nutcases.... or the stable part of society we always trusted! I remember a time when most Germans were afraid to be different and went along with the narrative ... and we all know what that led to! The time of testing is here!
      Hello guest!
    in June%2C the agreement,the UN and the WEF.&text=“This agreement between the UN,corporate capture of the UN.
  12. Do not despair - I have been in the Truth since 1973 when I was 21 years old. I have investigated Darwinism and the main theme of the Bible ( as JWs understand it). I did my own research on early world history and contemporary happenings. I am a bit of a skeptic. I think you guys are going to be highly disappointed because you expect the "true anointed" to arrive with herald of reflationary trumpets and halos on their heads to identify them with exceptional qualities and knowledge! Something like the shamins of ancient times! LOL. You really think that they would be more than Jesus who was THE true anointed Messiah and was killed by his opposers and hated or ridiculed by them. I feel sorry for you lot...... and I feel this in a humble way because you have not been reading your bible regularly but just quoting from it. Anyone can use the words of God to mislead. I recall the words of Satan to Jesus and to Eve: Did God say you are not allowed to eat from ALL the trees in the garden? I have seen a lot of misleading going on here.....
  13. I do know how to read it! I also spend time analyzing and looking at what is happening in real time and to what I have been taught. I am convinced they have identified the slave, the image of the beast, King of the North, the beast, Babylon the Great and many more, correctly!
  14. Who can prove that you and your friends who agree with you are NOT following your own desires.
  15. So has the catholic church....... but ...One first has to identify the time period we are living in according to Daniel 11. And Revelation 13 and 18, 19. One has to identify the Image of the beast and how close it has come to rule. Then one can identify where we are in stream of time and who is the king of the North in this time.
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