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  1. The Foresight Found in the Bible Gives Comfort
    to whom do you belong

    As you see on the news, there is distress in religion at this time. Unnatural sexual conduct is being revealed in one religion after another, bringing reproach on the God they serve if Christian. Yes it has happened, men and women, who had great faith and determination to follow Jesus example of moral integrity, did not turn away from bad thoughts fast enough. Even before Christ there have been improprieties, see 2 Sam.11:1-13. How is it different today? For the last 100 plus years, moral decay has progressed to where it is today. What was once not even spoken in public is now mainstream and demanding acceptance. The churches have watered down God’s moral standard to make themselves more inviting to the public, thus keeping donations coming in. Even at that, church attendance is waning. Historians will be quick to point out that religion has been an agitating force in the history of man, the catalyst in many wars. Churches have made alliances with heads of state to align the masses with their thinking. Today men use religion to enslave the inhabitants of entire countries, whereas others try to remove all worship or all but the one that they benefit from. As world leaders lose faith, they no doubt see that “Religion is a Snare and a Racket.” as brought out by Judge J.F. Rutherford in 1938.

    We have seen the many facets of the sign of the Last Days given by Jesus Christ to his apostles, the fulfillment of the last prophesies pertaining to the conclusion of this world order have begun. The term world order is here used to describe the Earth fragmented into different governments and countries, led by men of different philosophies, a commerce system using varying values of currency to buy and sell goods and services and a religious system worshiping many different gods. All three divisions of this world order are under the influence of a spirit in opposition to God Himself, as seen in the Bible. Mtt. 4:1-11.

    In Jesus description of events that will mark the Last Days, right after he stated “And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come” at Mtt.24:14, he then said “Therefore, when YOU catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,)” at verse 15. Jehovah’s Witnesses have encircled the globe preaching the Good News of God’s Kingdom. Knowing the end is near; they are escalating their efforts to reach all they can with God’s message of Hope. As for verse 15, do we see any evidence that something or someone could try to take God’s place? Why are Jehovah’s Witnesses being persecuted and labelled as Extremists in Russia? Why are Russian brothers and sisters suffering torture at the hands of Russian officials along with forms of demented sexual abuse? Because of being singled out they encounter opposition at work and their children experience it at school and in their neighborhoods as their homes are searched for Bibles, while rifles are pointed at their children’s heads? How are Jehovah’s Witnesses different from the Orthodox Church that is allowed to worship?

    Jehovah’s Witnesses choose to obey Jesus’ last command to his followers as he was being taken away at Mtt.28:19,20 “Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.” The apostles and disciples of the 1st century did the same work. The resurrected Jesus confronted an opposer of this way of worship, Saul of Tarsus, afterwards he too joined in the proselytizing work. Many books of the Bible would not have been written if it were not for the preaching and disciple making of those early Christians. They went from door to door and witnessed on the streets and where people gathered about Jesus and how God’s Kingdom will remove all human pain and suffering. Jesus foretold that this work would continue to take place during the Last Days of this World Order.

    Too, Jehovah’s Witnesses hope in God’s Kingdom to restore Peace and Security to the entire Earth. How will God’s Kingdom do this? God’s Kingdom will remove every vestige of this world order. The Kingdom is an extension of God’s Universal Sovereignty where Jesus and 144,000 others will govern the Earth from Heaven with an eagle’s vision and foresight. They will remove all nationality and borders along with language barriers. They will remove all need of money and the enslavement it causes. Using God’s Holy Spirit they will restore the health of all Earth’s inhabitants and remove all sickness and diseases. They will educate those on Earth to live forever while worshiping the Only Almighty God in the way He has prescribed. The Kingdom will rule in Justice and true Equality, this will comfort every citizen.

    Though the persecution is very painful for them and for us looking on, we know Jehovah feels the same way and has stated He will stand up for those calling upon His name. Joel 2:31,32, Acts 2:21, Roman 10:13. What is a comfort for them, all though they suffer today, like Jesus, the joy they have of pleasing God through their obedience to Him and knowing that whether they live or die, He will remember them and resurrect them to enjoy life again in that new world order. See Romans 8:38,39 .Too, they see that these acts of the King, though vile, are proof that God’s intervention is near.

    Today there is great distress caused by the King of Russia. His government has written laws that contend with God. When a government writes a law ordering a people not to worship Jehovah God in the same manner as His son instructed people everywhere to follow, are they saying they are a god greater than the Almighty? What will he and other kings ask when God does nothing? If they are God’s people, why does God not save them? Mark.15:36. Their conclusion may be, God does not exist or does not care. Many people around the Earth have tired of the divisions religion brings. They do not want to hear that someone is judging their way of life. Many seek a separation of church and state on the pettiest of conflicts. This attitude of the populace will certainly embolden world leaders to expand their evil works and tear religion from the Earth. Many will run and hide or jockey for a position of favor in the coalition against God. When this question is asked of you, whom will you obey? We know a Great Crowd will answer this question resoundingly “It is Jehovah We Will Obey”. Listen to Jesus foretell religions end at Revelation 18

    This will set the hook, the king and many like him will not be satisfied with the local lands of decoration; they will look toward the mountain of Decoration! They will line up in battle formation, taking their stand against Jehovah of Armies. See Ps. 2 and Rev.11:18. This has happened in in the past in a smaller scale, nations have come against the Israelite’s and against their God, Jehovah. See 2 Chronicles 20. Others have taken a stand against His direction as recorded in the Bible. Remember the account of King Hezekiah who was confronted by the Assyrian army, how God’s angel was sent to show His power in defense of His people, that angel killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night! On a more individual level, remember Joshua and Caleb who crossed the Jordan River with 10 others to spy out the land of which God was to give them. When they returned, the other 10 instilled fear and uncertainty into what may have been 3 million people. Joshua and Caleb tried to influence the people to just do what God has commanded. It may have appeared as the whole world was against them, like clouds that are covering the land, yet by their faith and obedience, they were prepared to do what God had commanded. God blessed them later for their integrity and will again as He resurrects them to the Earth under Jesus’ kingship. May we be comforted seeing that the world is moving God to the back and seeing themselves as the Supreme authority. May we be as courageous as Joshua and Caleb were, though we are seen as different, let us always obey God. Though the whole world has disowned the faith, May we always be comforted and strengthened when we are reminded: to Him We Do Belong . Isaiah 43:10 , See Acts 5:29

  2. Was Jesus a god or man?

    1.Jesus was born from a Woman; he was not an angel or superhuman man, nor did he have any special powers of his own.  Mtt.1:18 Mary’s pregnant before marriage  Luke 1:34 Mary’s question

    2. At Death; Jesus was dependent on Jehovah God to raise him from the dead, just as we are.

    3. God freely communicated with the first man Adam while he was Sinless. In the same Sinless condition (perfect in thought and flesh) God willingly communicated with Jesus. God has the ability to read hearts,our innermost thoughts,He communicated those to Jesus while he was speaking with individuals , those present could not hear or get the sense of it, to their amazement. John 4:15-18

    4. How did Jesus make wine from water, heal the lame, the blind and raise the dead? God’s Powerful Holy Spirit was interacting with Jesus thoughts in real-time. The power going out of Jesus was God’s. The Apostles were sinful men, yet by God’s powerful spirit they were able to perform the same miraculous acts.

    5. The First Man Adam disobeyed God’s requirement of obedience. Adam was a Sinless Perfect man (perfect in thought and flesh) He understood he was intentionally disobeying the one law God had placed upon him in the Garden of Eden. He knew that doing so would bring his death. Gen.2:15-17

    6. God’s Justice needed to be satisfied on the Earth before all the hundreds of millions of spirit lives watching from Heaven, however Adam had not produced any offspring before his disobedient act, so there were not any other Sinless men available to replace the perfect sinless life Adam threw away by disobeying Jehovah Gods one law for that time.

    7. At that time Jehovah God foretold how He would in time satisfy Justice, end the rebellion that had been started and fulfill His desire to have the Earth full of perfect human beings who would enjoy increasing joy in daily life and a spiritual relationship with Him. See Genesis 3:15.

    8. This is why Jesus had to be the same as Adam, a perfect human man, not a god or angel in the flesh. That way God’s Principle of Justice “Eye for Eye” would be satisfied. If Jesus were anything more than a perfect human being, divine justice would not be satisfied and mankind could not be delivered from their condemnation to Sin and Death as Adams offspring.         Exodus 21:24

    9. Jesus being born from a woman and living in accord with God’s Principles will serve as a touchstone for those who live after God restores men to that same perfection Jesus had, they will be able to follow Jesus obedient course, and not make the same mistake the first perfect man Adam made.

    10. As we see, Jesus was a Man very similar to us, So Why Do Some Worship Him? Jesus did all he could to direct people to worship the source of his life and ours, Jehovah God. As we see from the scriptures Satan the Devil was the one who wanted to usurp that position as God, not Jesus.  Mtt.4:10

    11. The Will of God is for each of us to become like Jesus ,a Perfect Human Being. This is what God spent hundreds of millions of years preparing the Earth for, a planet, maybe a universe full of Perfect Human Beings. Gen. 1:28

    12. Perfect in Flesh means we would never get sick; lose our eyesight, hearing, teeth or hair. Perfect flesh will never age, wrinkle or die; each cell will perfectly replace itself forever sustaining the body of a 30-year-old forever. Isaiah 33:24     Isaiah 25:8 , Job 33:25

    13. Perfect in Mind or thought may include increasing the percentage of our brain being used, being able to control our thoughts and an increasing reasoning ability and unity; it may include much more that has not been revealed to us. We know that Jesus did not make any mistakes or fail, lust after sex or drink until he passed out. He never engaged in an argument that ended in violence. A planet of such people will be peaceful.      Psalms 37:11  ,  Psalms 37:29

    14. We do know that this will open greater communication with Jehovah God and our experiencing His Holy Spirit operate in ways we have not yet imagined, Spiritual Perfection.

    15. There are so many deeply entrenched falsehoods about Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and What the Future of Man and the Earth will be. Jesus stated that his true followers would be set apart by Truth. There can only be one Truth, one acceptable way before God to live and worship Him. In order to find truth you must do what Jesus stated at John 17:3 , John 17:17. Set Apart by Truth

    Who is Jesus Today?

    Jesus today is King of God’s Kingdom, a subsidiary of Jehovah’s Universal sovereignty. God has selected 144,000 other humans who dedicated their life to closely following Jesus example of dedication to doing Jehovah’s will of spreading the Good News of God’s Kingdom.Their all having lived as humans will aid them greatly in the coming days when they govern the Earth and those who have shown faith and interest in coming to know Jesus and his Father Jehovah God better.

    As we see around us instability is in every corner of the globe. This will continue until the work that Jesus began 1991 years ago is accomplished in Gods Eyes. The statistics shown at JW.ORGshow that this work as encompassing the Earth, soon Matthew 24:14, Mark 13:10 and Daniel 2:44 and 12:1 will be fulfilled.Our Greatest Hope is that You will come to know Jesus as a Savior and King.

    Learn More About the Hope Jesus Gave Us

  3. The Ark must of been rectangular, like a shoe box the size of a football field. Many depictions of a large ship with a bow would have compromised the inner cubic footage.The ark in Kentucky,USA is an example of this error. The ark was covered in black tar, they had no machinery to plane the timbers they used in the construction, the tar would fill the gaps in the timbers. There were no baby dinosaurs on the ark as some depict it.The event took place in 2370 B.C.E., the dinosaurs had died off long before then. The ark was a great witness to the people,but what was their attitude? God Loves Us and won't destroy us? Why did God speak to you Noah? Did Jehovah Know there would be apathy towards the Ark? Was there room for another 1000 people? The correlation of the people's attitude then and today, as Jesus brought out at Mathew 24:36-40, is accurate.
  4. With Verses like this we can always ask "How are we different today than they were then?" They were unfaithful the most in two ways, they bowed to false gods and often relied on their own thinking and solutions when problems arose. Our false gods may be different, but they are what the world around us give their time and attention to, Wealth, Possessions, Immorality, Fleshly Pleasures and Entertainment. What Common ways do we rely on our own thinking instead of His? Interfaith marriages, bad association from work or school after hours, entertainment, pornography and dress. We have many advantages in seeing how their conduct turned out ,along with the Psalms and Proverbs, Jesus' and the Apostles experiences and teachings. So what is the danger we face? There may be a sudden moment where we might take a false step. We need to remember the times we have felt a fog between us and Him, the times when prayer was difficult, and the sorrow we felt. We know that a flame will burn our skin and cause us pain; our past experiences help us not to get to close to the fire. Remembering how we pained Him in the past, can help us act wisely today and from now on.
  5. They All look so Happy and Well Dressed, bringing Praise to their God, Jehovah. A verse comes to mind, Revelation 4:11 “You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive the glory and the honor and the power, because you created all things,and because of your will they came into existence and were created.” Even deep into the Last Days, Critical Times Hard to Deal With, Our God Created Us to Be Happy, How Much More So In the Near Future.
  6. As I see it, We are soft,molded into useful objects for Jehovah's Service, the Hard would be those who are or were in prison or in the concentration camps or stood before the firing squads simply because they worshipped the only True God, only the Satanic would view that as a crime. Those Fighting Gallantly may be those who are pursuing Justice for the friends in Russia and So. Korea and many we hear little about. Often we face lose of life from health or age,at such times we may want to be alone, that we might reflect and be remembered by the zeal we had for the truth and for the Sanctity of Jehovah's name.I'm sure Jehovah views each of us as a Jewel, each with a different Splender and Fire.
  7. Who is among the Gods is like Jah, though Satan would mock Him by attacking first, Jehovah draws hearts from the persecutors.Will this enrage Satan? Reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar's day, when they commanded everyone to bow to the image, 3 didn't. When Jehovah saved them in the furnace, everyone came to know who the True God Is !
  8. Beauty can come by accident, Yet the bigger picture shows design. If one pattern brings thoughts of design, you can overlook it as chance. However, there is a multitude of patterns, beginning with the atom. Some of perfect patterns on Earth are in the distance from the Sun to sustain life, the perfect placement of the planet on its axis, the perfect rotation on that axis. The perfect mixture of the atmosphere to sustain life and the different layers of it protect life. The perfect weight of that atmosphere allows water to form from the compression. That water is collected in oceans, it returns to the sky, moves over land then falls again, nourishing the life then returning to the oceans. The food chain has been established for millions of years. The pattern of life is written in a genetic code which holds volumes of information and governs trillions of cells. Every pattern gives evidence of design, a designer with incredible intelligence and wisdom. He is only hidden from those not searching.
  9. The U.N. amasses against the U.S. designation

     of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Does the Bible speak of such things? The majority of these at the U.N. have no freedom of religion, they only tolerate a select few they are in bed with, that they may control the message to the masses. Could this be where it begins? A foretold king has no love for God. One land is force to worship it's leaders family, another has attacked the word of God and those loving it. O'Gog when will you stand up?

    Who is Gog of Magog mentioned in the book of Ezekiel?

  10. The Relationship

    The Relationship Begins. Meeting someone, they appeal to you. You want to learn more, when you do they appeal even more. Many of their thoughts are yours and you feel the same way, yet they define you. They add meaning to your life, purpose. You want so much to please them and be loved by them.


    As you grow to love them more they affect your daily life. You avoid actions that would displease them. You wish everyone could enjoy what you have found, so you tell them, but they don’t really listen. You tell all your family and friends, but they just don’t feel as you do.

    You feel responsible for them, you pour out your heart that they might see the importance of seeking a relationship with who has lifted you so high. You admit it does take time learning about Him, but it’s so satisfying. You can’t express enough, how this Love has changed your life.


    The Relationship: This is what we are to Jehovah God. He enjoys relationships with His Spirit Sons. It’s the most valuable item we can attain. Much like spirits, our relationship is not physical. We are not a race or class, we are not male or female, we are not rich or poor, we are a Relationship or lack thereof. He see’s us by what we ask for and what we really want, by what we believe on the inside and live on the outside. He see’s us by our efforts to really know Him or our attempts to ignore Him. Do we view life as a gift or an accident of evolution? Do we recognize His value on truth or do we prefer not to think about it? Do we abstain from practices solely because of our respect for Him or do we eagerly participate with no remorse? Is the person we are with Him different from the one we are when were away?

    What should your relationship be like? In many ways it is just like a marriage. When you meet your mate and fall in love, you fall in love with one person, not many. God is One, One Mind, One Person, One God, Jehovah is His Name.

    In marriage you speak with one another every day, God has written you many letters that will endear you to Him, as you empty yourself of pains and worry, because you know He hears you.

    In Marriage, you dedicate your love to your mate for all your life, In your relationship with Jehovah God, you dedicate your life to Him for eternity, He will never leave you nor forsake you. He desires as much from you when they speak bad of Him.

    In marriage the two share intimate details with each other, with Jehovah you will share things He already knows and by His Spirit He will share thoughts with you.

    In marriage the two of you look forward to ever-increasing Happiness, Peace and Contentment, with Jehovah, He will share with you His Hopes for you and share images of your future life together.

    In your marriage there will times where communication is hindered, this is true with God too. You may remember where you did or said something that may have offended Him. Just as you would ask your mate for forgiveness, you must ask God for forgiveness, while not returning to the error again.

    In any marriage today, it may be awkward in the beginning, even if you don’t have the words, He understands. He has many longtime friends that have enjoyed a relationship for scores of years that answer many questions.

    His Greatest Hope is that you will find eternal happiness, no matter your age, we are all children, looking for the best outcome amid a troubled and painful world. The Greatest Peace and Happiness can be had after these awkward days if we seek a relationship with He who has Loved Us So Much.

    He has made you a promise 3 times that you may believe “…everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved”

    Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21, Romans 10:13

    For a preview start Here


  11. I'm sure you know, but I will entertain you. Many would say God punished all living things(except fish and some ducks maybe) solely because of the violence of human men. No, Jehovah could have destroyed all the evil men with one angel or like He did to Ananias and Sapphira, just recall the spirit of life. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah comes to mind as another example of what could have been done. No, it seems that Jehovah was forced to act because of the number of rebel angels, those that came to Earth and those that didn't. There had to be some reason that loyal angels could not confront rebel angels on Earth, since they were able to capture them after they fled the Flood. The Insight Book at wol.jw.org states: "God did not hold back from punishing the angels that sinned, but, by throwing them into Tartarus, delivered them to pits of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment." If the rebel angels that put on flesh prior to the deluge are held until judgement, those that followed Satans rebellion, without pursuing unnatural sexual relations like those reserved for judgment, were not evicted from the Heavens until God's Kingdom began ruling in Heaven in 1914. So these at Revelation 12:4,9 must include every other angel that acted on their desire to fall away from Jehovah's loyal Sons. Jehovah promises a return to universal stability. Nahum 1:9 states 'What will you plot against Jehovah? He is causing a complete extermination. Distress will not arise a second time'.
  12. The fathering angels were following Satan’s lead in leaving Jehovah God’s organization of angels and decided that they wanted to choose what is good and bad for themselves, like Adam and Eve did. They made their own manly bodies.They could now experience fleshly things that they could never experience before. They took women and began having sexual relations with them, any woman they wanted. The fathering angels could not be defeated by fleshly mortal men, because these Men really did have a separate spirit body that religions erroneously teach human men today have. The human women bore them male children which were called the Nephilim. The Nephilim were sons of angels from a human mother. We don't know how many angels left the Heavens, fathering Nephilim, however it may have been a considerable number judging by the means of removing them Jehovah took. If God had not flooded the Earth, drowning the Nephilim and forcing their angelic fathers to flee their fleshly bodies and the planet, the Earth could have become like the worst horror movie that men have ever thought of, with angels culling the human race for young women to feed their debased appetite.We are spared the details of the sons (the giant Nephilim) sexual desires. After the angels fled the planet, they were captured and kept in dense darkness. At Great Expense, Jehovah God Lovingly enacted measures to restore the human race and the planet back to His Original purpose.
  13. Those destroyed may include many people that are seen as good people in the world. Why are they in danger? For one reason or another they would not give attention to the pleas of those trying to warn them that a person must be actively honoring Jehovah God . This is brought 3 times in the Bible for emphasis. Joel 2:32 'And everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved''. Today what hinders many is they were raised in families that celebrated Christmas or Easter. Treasured family memories that are filled with falsehoods about Jesus. A person must spend time studying the Bible to root out these falsehoods. It's important to know the God you worship accurately that you do not inadvertently offend Him over and over, thus closing the door open to you. The phrase 'all roads lead to the SAME God' adds many to the list of who Jesus stated 'would take no note until the flood came and swept them all away'. Satan has plugged the ears of many, the World sees as good people, yet on the Great and Fear Inspiring Day of Jehovah 'good people' will not be acknowledged. This fact may awaken some to pray 'Please Jehovah God show me the way. In Jesus name I pray.' Churches, Temples and Shrines are full of good people, yet they have not come to know the Only Almighty God. Often reading modern translations of the original texts, a person with no religious training can better understand the Bible than someone who was raised Catholic, Protestant or Baptist poisoned by Dogma. The Hebrew text is clear that there is One Almighty who would give a Messiah. Genesis 3:15. What is Armageddon? Just as you described. The End of God's patience with the World's Religions and Human Governments. He will at that time Stand Up in behalf of a People Called by His Name as seen in Israel’s history and at 2 Chronicles 7:14 'if my people on whom my name has been called humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn away from their evil ways, then I will hear from the heavens and forgive their sin and heal their land'.

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